Liberty NightEye Wireless Pump Alarm Product Highlight

Liberty NightEye  Wireless Pump Alarm Product Highlight

Hi, i’m Matt from Pump Products and today we will be showcasing Liberty’s NightEye wireless-enabled alarm system. We will talk about the features and benefits of the device and how to get started using the NIghtEye to monitor your pump anywhere in the world from your smartphone. The Liberty NightEye is a cloud-based intelligent pump monitoring system with an alarm and float that attaches to your pump and allows you to control and monitor your device on an Android or Apple iOS compatible device. The way it works is when the alarm is tripped the NightEye application will send out immediate notifications to your smart device via text, email or push notification for up to four contacts. An audible and visual 86 decibel led alarm option is also available. The device is NEMA 1-rated meaning it is intended for indoor use. There are two float options available: a compact snap-on switch for some applications and a wide-angle float for sewage applications. The wide angle is available in 10 and 20 foot options On the topside the alarm has five LED indicator lights to tell you the status of your device. From left to right a green power on LED, a low battery LED to status indicator LEDs and Wi-Fi connectivity LED. Additionally a button on the bottom left allows you to toggle between silent and audible modes. There’s a super bright red LED alarm ring around the device’s face that lights up when the alarm activates. On the bottom there are four contact ports from left to right: a hundred 20 volt power connector, a 9-volt battery contact, a float connection and an auxiliary contact for connection to other home security systems. To control the device, the Liberty NightEye app can be downloaded in the Google Play or Apple Store. Let’s take a look at what we can do in this app. On the home screen you have a list of all the devices you’re monitoring and their statuses. The app allows multiple devices to be monitored from one location and adding one is simple: just tap the add device button on the bottom of the home screen and it will guide you through the process. Moreover at the top left you have a nikon represented by three vertical lines that allows you to see and adjust the general app setting. On the home screen you will see all the alarms that are connected. To view device details and settings simply tap on the alarm of your choice. Inside the alarm menu you can test or activate your alarm and you can see the status of your device’s power, Wi-Fi connectivity, water level, battery level and water temperature. Below you can view and change whatever temperature triggers your alarm scrolling down further will take you to a contact section to view and edit all the people that receive alerts. You can add up to four contacts that receive alerts and adjust if each person receives text, email or both notifications. Next an alerts history allows you to view and manage history details. Additionally the app provides instant access to the manual and an FAQ section to help you get the most out of your device. On the bottom is a reblogged button which is a blinkup technology that automatically synchronizes your alarm and phone. To use it, first press the blinkup button then tap next. Choose your network, click “send blinkup now.” Place the phone screen down on the alarm face. Let it sit until you hear a beep indicating it is finished. Once complete the device has synchronized with your phone and your network. Both Liberty’s NightEye wireless-enabled alarm systems and the NightEye application are featured in a variety of packages with plans for more integration with Liberty’s catalog in the future. Visit us at or call our toll-free number today: 1-800-429-0800

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