Latest!!! Secret Superstar Chinese Media CCTV 6: Aamir Khan Wins Heart Of China .

A whole lot of movies have released today Now let’s talk about the business perspective Of those films released on this weekend Among the eight Films premiered This weekend One Is an Indian Inspirational Film Mysterious Superstar , A China-Australia Co Production Fantasy Film 7 Guardian Of Tomb Another Is a Chinese’ Action Hero Film 2018 Of All Mysterious Superstar Has Secured 19% Showtimes And seated at the top of all the new release Let’s See How Audience are Receiving these newly Released Films With Different Style And Different Content Mysterious Superstar is a new release. Our occupancy rate for mysterious superstar For Today is around 30% Because it was originally said to be Very popular on the last summer before coming here
It has a very famous Indian movie star Aamir Khan Like Last year’s Wrestling Dad , It Is to a sure success at the box office And the audience is also buying it and it’s really a good motivational film. What social topics does Mysterious Superstar reflect ? The one that is spoken is in their local area The topic is that the discrimination against girl child Girl child has no status quo in society I think it’s still very educational Really have to live in the moment Very Motivating Film This film also fully embodies the female sex That is the status of women in society It must be improved That is to say women without knowledge She also has Other strong side to relay on . Mysterious superstar ) What about this movie? The degree of attention given here is high on The role of mother and all the tears are concentrated on her It also pays more attention to social reality It is also in line with the other Indian movie’s and closer to real life Did Amir Khan break through the acting again? Aamir Khan in this movie I Really Like this role of Him , I think This role with pervious performance I Think It is completely in contrast With His roles in other film He is a more diverse actor. From stupid to the last severe father It not like that this singer is such an exaggeration of characters But it way more exaggerated than actual Aamir Considered to be an Important aspect in the play A real male god , I like him very much In this film , He turned into a humours and funny guy The film focuses on social reality Amir Khan again breaks through acting skills

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