Lady Gaga: Dr. Ford Spoke Up To Protect Us

Lady Gaga: Dr. Ford Spoke Up To Protect Us

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  1. Viewing the Kavanaugh hearings was one of the "most traumatic things I've ever witnessed", was a BIT overstated, unless she saw a different hearing than I did. I'm a "survivor" of severe repeated childhood trauma, and yes, it has caused a lot of anxiety and issues in my life. I wouldn't even compare that to Christine Blasi-Ford testimony, which sounded very insincere to me. and I listened to her with an open heart and mind. The woman was obviously acting and, even if she wasn't, she was just threatened…not raped or beaten (and not by Kavanaugh, IMO). I'm sure that would have been traumatic, but not as much as this woman claims. Her teary sounding, little girl voice did not sound like that of a real victim. No tears or true anxiety. So many inconsistencies in her story and mannerisms. She most certainly did not sound like a professional psychologist or professor. Her body language, fake voice, and the vague story in general did not ring true.

  2. I saw A Star Is Born Tonight and came across this video tonight. HUGE respect for Lady Gaga and her comments about how people survive abuse is spot on! My respect for her grew by leaps and bounds after seeing the moving and seeing her interviews. Words can't describe….

  3. Я конечно, понимаю, грим макияж все такое, но мать вашу дери, леди Гага – Красотка.

  4. Bless Dr Ford and Lady Gaga – for speaking for us. We've come out of hiding and now have our own voices. Historic times.

  5. I can't get over the fact Hollywood…including Corbet, are so SOCIALIST LEANING, I don't agree with many things Republican…BUT SOCIALISM IS AGAINST OUR CONSTITUTION, THEREFORE TREASONOUS!

  6. I find it incredible that Lady Ga Ga who is a bright although compromised women, doesn't know Blasey Ford is a CIA operative. Her family is embedded in the Agency, and she runs psy-op training and including polygraph training. It has been proven she did not have any event as per her terribly contrived portrayal in front of the senate judiciary dorks. Steve col bert knows but he is of course compromised, it is so sad to see what has happened to America. Bazza Soetoro has asked Trump for leniency as Trump was updated re: Soetoro past prior to election by NSA. Ga Ga I am sure has a name which she should be proud of, and very movingly spoke about an issue that means very much to those to all people that have been assaulted / raped. Many young women have been raped, many young men have been raped just so they can make it big in the music / acting industry. I suspect Ga Ga knows a lot about that. I just really wished she decided to discuss matters in a forum with someone that gives a f'k. Col bert is not a conduit to be giving serious subject matter the light of day, Col bert is known as disinformation agent for elites, she must know this, so that concerns me about the information.

  7. For anyone who has never experienced trauma of any kind, we don’t have the right to judge others that were unlucky to having gone through it.we don’t have to believe their individual stories, but the least we can do is to acknowledge their pain, because we are human! I bet you don’t want to imagine how a 13-15 years old kid feel or react in this case? at least have some compassion and respect!

  8. I love Lady Gaga. You go girl! and thanks for explaining to the morons about PTSD, assault survivor issues, etc.. I am a child abuse survivor, but never sexually assaulted. I was beaten by my father to the point where he would chase me into a corner and beat me until he was sweating and out of breath. Hence, my distrust of authority figures. What she says about the trauma and the (mind) putting it away so WE CAN SURVIVE. PTSD anxiety is horrendous. We share the same brain wave lengths of those military with PTSD. It's an anxiety that keeps you on your toes and aware at all times cuz you never knew when you would be beaten (fearing for ones life) or killed. Clonazepam sucks. I discovered a medical marijuana strain that addresses the PTSD anxiety (without the drowsiness of the clons). It is called (AJ Sour Diesel.) For me, it seems to quiet the voices (my own) and reduce the anxiety so one can focus adn function. (I swear the names they give to pot gives it a bad name, h aha ) I highly recommend it. (no pun int)

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  10. Unbelievably insightful the courage to relay the message personally detailing experiences that relate to abuse survivors to the audience and the way Colbert sheepishly goes on to rap up the show… comedy is usually reserved for joking about that happening and reinforces the label as being double ended.. it’s at the forefront of conversation when speaking to anyone they know and you know they know and to go and say as a victim she sacrifices her own status to elevate one of the most despicably treated person for having the audacity to do the same for the American people

    I cannot begin to imagine how life is for her and how the personal justification before she decided to give evidence would be the most harrowing part – for others I don’t want a rapist in the Supreme Court – even republicans wouldn’t want a rapist on the Supreme Court… but in reality they don’t give a fuck about your behaviour before hand because they see the political advantage, Machiavelli reincarnate

    There is no sensitivity or decorum or time for people because everyone thinks everyone is taking advantage of someone and weighs in in this individualised world.

    Couldn’t live with myself for having a go at anyone who felt strongly enough to accuse someone of something so grevious as this. She knew that she would be tarred with the most visually powerful noun – molested..

    The conversation should have moved on to how much emotion and strength dr Ford has and reinforced her worth in doing that, even if it came back that they couldn’t prosecute with lack of evidence. There is no side to take on this, no laughs… it comes down to the only statement that should have been said about it being a serious issue that should be looked at with sensitivity and not broadcasted like a week of eastenders.

  11. ha ha, I have been voting since the 70s. Jimmy Carter was the first president I voted for! He is now more than 90 yrs old and he is still building Habitat for Humanity and he also says to republicans/Trump that "if you don't want your tax dollars to be used to help the poor the elderly and the sick, then STOP calling yourself a Christian! Touche!!!!!

  12. Lady Gaga is right. The mind reacts just like she described to trauma. There are tons of research and proof of this.

  13. Idk why but Gaga is not someone you should look up to when it comes to rape she is not strong she is only a survivor she literally now has a permanent disease because she made herself the victim to that point and allowed this one incident to own her life that much like I’m very close w someone who has been raped as a child and as an adult but they deciders to move on and not let it own them now they are someone to look up to Gaga is just caught up in pittying herself and it’s just sad

  14. Lady Gaga, I am glads you became famous, because your integrity and spiritual moral center needs to be visible to the world… Thank you, when you tlk, I want to hear what you have to say… thank you

  15. Movie was excellent this woman can do anything.  I will say on the down side this movie will not win for costuming. Awful clothes

  16. I have fortunately never experienced sexual assault, but I am absolutely disgusted by people who seem to think that sexual assault survivors are not trustworthy. I hope that I live to see the day where sexual predators are not in the highest echelons of power. I hope that we can teach kids that it is not okay to sexually assault people so that the next generation does not have the massive problem that we have now. I am not optimistic though. For now, I will do my best to believe survivors, and help them as best I can if/when they tell me their story.

  17. I agree with what she said being a survivor of a seriously violent attack myself. Why do people have to criticize how she said it. But I don't have any respect for anyone who is involved with the Illuminati. Therefore I don't care for her other than to pray she and everyone else who doesn't know Jesus is our only hope for salvation . That's more important than how anyone talks.

  18. Why are ivory tower celebrities aloud to give their strong views on issues without being challenged in the obvious way politicians and members of the public would. While lady gags speaks strongly and with conviction and there is truth in what she says, why isn’t the very obvious point and question made, ie so we should convict people without trial or proof? She seems to advocate if a woman accuses a man we must believe her without evidence. Woman in such positions should be helped and encouraged to come forward but it is dangerous and scared to imply that a man is then guilty to proven innocent. Instead we get the usual left wing Hollywood bull of audience cheers and chinking of glasses. In the same way Trump is a bully who wants his version of facts to always win, this is no different. It’s not about feminism or emasculation it’s about balancing the rights of allowing and encouraging victims to come forward against the age old principle of innocent till proven guilty. Otherwise we go to a vigilante tar and feather politically correct society. One where it appears progressive but in effect is a step backwards. Maybe we should have dunked the judge in a river tied to a chair? If he drowned he is innocent if he survives he’s guilty

  19. You got the real Lady Gaga when you aksed her about politics, then she got really earnest and sincer. What is this mania with the real you, I know it comes from turning into a super serious, catholic, idiot but still.
    What exactly do you rmean by being real? The idea that we should be real can confuse people, after all as an adult we often have to behave ourselves, we ca'n't look after children and throw ourselves on the floor like a child with a temper fit everytime they insult us, unless we think they are getting a bit nasty and we ought to complain. Nor can you get fits of the giggles in court if you are a judge. Also the black and white minstrel show whose only job seems to be to applaud you using a good musician to do so, goes on making me squirm. Please become the more complex Colbert again.

  20. Lady Gaga is truly a legend.  Her achievements are incredible.  Her composure in this interview with Colbert was nothing short of inspirational.  Thank you, Lady Gaga, for being YOU. ♥

  21. Every aspect of what she spoke about is true . Being an assault survivor myself, I can validate that this is exactly what happens with the mind. Irreversible damage causing a complete change in persona.

  22. To anyone who says "there's no proof, it happened too long ago" all you have to do is think back to hurtful/harmful events in your own life. Which do you remember clearly? Are there any pieces of your childhood that you can't remember but you know something negative happened? Have you ever been in a car accident? If yes, can you remember every detail of every accident you've ever been in? Just explore the nature of your own memory for maybe 15 minutes or so. I believe you'll be able to empathize a little more after realizing how many different flavors of memory we humans retain.

    Sometimes it takes a significant, similar event to recall a past memory in detail – for example, you're in a car accident that hurts your back, while in the ER you suddenly remember you were in a car accident as a kid in the back seat and it hurt your back then, too. That's just normal. There was no reason to remember the childhood trauma until the new hurt brought it up. We all have countless "hidden" memories stored within us, otherwise we'd go insane from processing all the data, all the time.

    On a final note, it's well-known to psychologists and counselors who work with sexual assault survivors that if they've buried and/or gone into heavy denial about an incident, they will tend to lash out at other survivors who share their stories openly – because it makes them feel bad about their own experience. "I can shut up about it, why can't they?" or "How dare they bring something like that into the public, how shameful!" That's all normal. However, those who yell the loudest in opposition are usually sexual assault perpetrators – they have the most to gain from silencing the victims.

  23. Actually is wasn't Cavanaugh vs. Dr Ford. It was Cavanaugh handcuffed, kicked, gagged and humiliated vs every low life character like Avenatti, Senate Democrats and Hillary Clinton out to pay back the country for electing Trump. I'm not buying this pseudo-psychiatric diagnosis from a person without credentials and without peer verification and without analysis. It could be true but it is still as made up as Dr. Ford's story. As made up as the part in her story where she testified that she heard the boys and others talking downstairs after and that she knew she was going to have to walk past them to get out of the house when on simple questioning she heard nothing of this and made it up. But this created a great deal of drama and heft to her story. To have to pass by her attacker alone and terrified. It could have been an honest mistake because as Gaga says, people change, memory changes as well. But to block out the entire event except for a few moments of it is not believable. It defies common sense that all of her memory could have been that buried that she would remember nothing of it but the "Assault" after the amount of thought and preparation that she must have put into it in order to get it to the Senate hearings.

  24. One of Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh’s accusers admitted this week that she made up her lurid tale of a backseat car rape, saying it “was a tactic” to try to derail the judge’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. LOL its all over the papers……

    Evidence plays a vital role.

    Can she be sued ? Its a loss of reputation for Brett Kavanaugh

  25. So because Lady Gaga is a sexual assault survivor that means Judge Kavanaugh is guilty? Really? She sounds like a nutjob in this interview and today she sounds even more crazy with 2 of the accusers saying they lied about the assaults! Then again this is typical of the left!

  26. Blasey-Ford is Brett Kavanaugh, one and the same person, putting on a show for the sheep, a man using woman's apparel, abominable before God, and, the transvestite Lady Goop-Goop, sticky-fingers full of goop, seeking sexual pleasure from dressing in the clothes of the opposite sex, is an abomination.

  27. "There can be 100 people in a room and 99 of them don't believe in you but all it takes is one and that was him"

  28. What does she have to say now we found out all those women were lying ? Bewwee all womxn . Women never lie. Listen to all the idiots cheer perversion. Dr FRAUD was lying and got rich off it . She should go to jail for lying to the Senate.. biology ??? Biology says there are TWO GENDERS ONLY

  29. Yes she suffered MK Ultra and Monarch Project………………….
    Watch her one eye Illuminati and Masons pampered Video Messages.
    And here is what the Masterbrain behind the depraved Masses say:
    Edward Brenay, quote:
    The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. …In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.[28]

    So wake up ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Now I hate lady Gaga. Fully for trump. Sorry stupid liberals but he is our president weather you like it or not… get over it and move on and stop talking crap…

  31. I can remember abuse that i was subject to as a child from age 4 to 7… i remember it like watching a movie, the anxiety, the fear, the dread, the sense of being used. There's no mistaking your innocence, your sense of self taken, destroyed forever more… random flashbacks out of the blue, even now in my fifties.

  32. I don't get people being shocked at her acting and intelligence. I generally think people who write, compose, sing and play their own songs are intelligent and she plays so many different characters when when sings…

  33. The moment when you invite a Hollywood star or a half-naked and modern pop singer to ask on a glass of wine to talk about politics

  34. 5:00 a look of barely concealed rage. Understandable so. She's right…trauma changes the brain…I was never a victim of sexual assault, but had a two month coma and died during a surgical mishap. Your brain does change…your awareness goes up, you become hypervigilant..anxiety…all of it..that aside, there are a lot of people on the comments relating personal stories of sexual assault. You are all brave, and my very best wishes to you all.

  35. Aw, Doctor Ford spoke up because she saw an opportunity for herself and her bank account, and her corrupt dirty political party. I am so glad Kavanaugh is a life time Supreme Court Judge…Eat your heart out

  36. I am 43 years old I was sexually assaulted at 7 years old, I can tell you who, when and where. I told no one, but I lived with it everyday. I did not believe Dr. Ford simply because every survivor I have ever spoken to was able to in detail recall everything. Dr. Ford presented no evidence, and any witnesses did not recall or remember the place or party. And every celebrity is screaming believe her. Fast forward to today. Joe Biden has bean accused of sexual harassment by multiple women, he has been filmed in the act, with children cringing. The celebrities and media are screaming believe Joe!!! What a bunch of bull shit.

  37. When Liberal Hollywood isn't scamming people out of their money or molesting each other, they're lecturing us about high morals. Unbelievable hypocrisy.

  38. Brilliant description of how PTSD manifests after trauma. June is PTSD Awareness Month. If you know or love anyone who has experienced trauma, please be sure they get treatment. It can lay dormant for years, making you ill and it can explode from under the surface and devastate you. Safe people, safe places. Kindness and validation.

  39. yet she voted for Hillary who helped a rapist get out of jail and laughed at the victim. Such a strange world we live in. She is fake as everyone is.

  40. Do any of you now feel like fools? Do you even care that you were so wrong? Do you care that you were used as tools? Do you care that someone lied to you about rape?

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