Koda smart app motion-activated flood light camera review

Koda smart app motion-activated flood light camera review

Smart floodlights that incorporate
motion lighting and video cameras have started to appear in the marketplace
Koda has provided me with their latest motion activated light for review today
so first let’s see what the features are of this Koda lightcam then unbox it to
see what hardware is included so the Koda light cam is app controlled and includes a
camera and motion sensor and what appears to be a very large very bright
LED the box claims 1,300 lumens one of the interesting features is that if you
don’t want to hardwire it and you have a plug nearby it can be plugged in so
we’ll explore that it offers two-way video chat Full HD recording and of
course the security cameras in there one of the unique features that Kodabuilt
provides is that the motion sensor is supposed to be a little bit better than
a traditional photo infrared or PIR sensor the motion sensor on the Koda
light cam is supposed to offer something called ultrasense which is supposed to
cut down on false positives from blowing wind and things like that
and when it detects motion it’s supposed to alert you on your phone on the back
of the box the Koda app controlled motion activated light with camera says
that you can monitor your home from anywhere here’s a view of the quota app
it takes normal US house voltage at 120 VAC 60 Hertz it’s rated at 20 watts the
official dimensions of the Koda light cam is 4.8 inches by 7 point 59 inches
by 7 point 91 inches light output at 1300 lumens rated at a 4000K natural
white color temperature I would say 5000K is considered daylight 3000 tends to
be a little bit on the more orange side so this is somewhere in between 1080p
full HD video resolution and a 106 degree field of view which is how wide
of an angle you’re gonna get so how much you’re gonna be able to see 106 should
be a good and field of vision there without getting too fish-eyed the night
vision is supposed to extend almost 10 feet at 9.8 feet or 3 meters and it will
connect it to be G or N networks at 2.4ghz there’s no mention of 5ghz some other neat things here that I wasn’t expecting was the
two-way audio which is really a premium feature in a lot of these cameras
It actually has a siren it’s ip65 weather rated which is really
important because it will be going outside and I live in Florida where we
get some pretty heavy rains and it should operate between temperatures of
below 4 degrees Fahrenheit all the way up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit so included
in the box we have the light itself mounting plate comes with a screwdriver
ever an S hook which is nice touch so you don’t have to be on a ladder holding
three things at once mounting screws drywall anchors junction box screws
power box screw a rubber cover waterproof cap instruction manual and
quick installation guide see if there’s any other interesting points on the
other sides of the box up at the top we have a gentleman here regretting his
life choices in your driveway here’s that same gentleman caught on the live
view of the Koda app it says here that you can monitor your home from anywhere
and speak with your visitors from your smartphone with live video and two-way
voice chat with the coda app and here it goes into a little bit about that ultrasense advanced motion detection technology it has advanced dual tech PIR
and smart sensors which alert you of any human activity detected in the
adjustable zones outside your home’s perimeter and motion-triggered
activities automatically turn on the floodlight at night and send
notifications to your smartphone we can enable a flashing red light and audible
siren to warn trespassers and alert nearby neighbors of a disturbance so
that’s something I really haven’t seen in a lot of these other cameras so
that’s that’s a cool feature can’t wait to try that out and it includes 30 free
days of cloud recording and at this time Kodabuilt says they do not offer the
ability to record directly to your NVR but it’s something they’re considering
in the future uses a p2p connection the peer-to-peer connection or p2p
connection should allow you to more simply set up your router configuration
so that you don’t have to use explicit port forwarding and on this side of the
box we have the claims around superior range for the hundred and six degrees
field of vision crisp video at 1080p powerful illumination at 1,300 lumens
which if true is very bright so I’ll give that a test later so we have this
very visible red warning ring that goes around the camera when motion is
detected so can’t wait to give that a shot and see how that looks
worth noting Koda built actually spent the time and money to get a underwriters
lab UL certification and a three year warranty which is better than any of the
normal floodlights I have all right so let’s see what’s in the box okay to start us off we have a
registration card instructions quick user guide I would like to say all the
packaging and materials here are very like beefy that’s very nice so before
you do anything go ahead and download the Koda smart app by searching the
Koda smart home keyword in the App Store
Google Play Store and then you have to create a code smart home account and use
the power outlet for initial setup guess that would make more sense before
installing it on the side of your house inside here we have some really nice
protective foam packaging this guy’s really packed quite well this has some
weight to it it’s not a toy gasket feels real good
just stand up to Florida pretty well ok so here’s your tools everything you need
so I’m going to start off by plugging this in after I get the app and setting
up an account alright now it’s time to plug in the Koda light cam alright so we
have a blue and red and white ring. Things from the future! On the Apple App
Store I’m gonna go to Koda smart home I’ll get that all right so we’re gonna
allow Koda to send me notifications I’m gonna sign up for an account go do that
offline and I’ll be right back sorry I was able to verify my email with
coda off-camera and now I’m in the Koda smart home app so I’ll click on light
cam nothing shows under device list currently so I’ll click on plus so
there’s a pairing button I’m gonna go ahead and push on the back of the camera so there’s a small button here on the
base of the camera and then you can push and hold for five seconds and that’s
supposed to cause a change in this indicator light on the outside which
indicates that the Koda light cam is in pairing mode so after you push and hold
that pairing button for five seconds the lights are supposed to eventually go
back to this red and blue flashing and we can come back to the Koda app here
okay says the status light will alternate between blue and red which it
is so next the camera itself is going to start broadcasting its own Wi-Fi network
so we’re gonna jump over to the Wi-Fi settings which it didn’t take us to
that’s a small bug and we’ll select the Kota-LM01 network
all right we have a connection timeout on the first attempt here you
double-check my Wi-Fi settings it still shows us as connected so I’m gonna try
that one more time all right we got another failure here so let’s go and
return so as you saw there the Koda app was not connecting to the
Koda Wi-Fi network the iPhone 8 was connected with I’m not sure if it was a
coincidence but unchecking the default adoption of using cell data got me past
that so now let’s continue the Koda app setup by giving this a new device name
I’m gonna call that south wall and now we’ll just click on next and
once the Koda app finishes scanning for Wi-Fi networks I’ll select my Wi-Fi from
the list and then after I just enter my password once it connects the code
alight cam will start to update the latest and greatest firmware during that
time the outer light ring will flash purple and now that the code app is
installed and paired we can try out the features of the Koda light cam now that
we’re in here you can see that it’s already sending me motion alerts and
capturing my camera rig here in the Koda app itself and if you push on the
captured image it’ll drill you further into the settings where you can turn on
the code of lights microphone or put sound on and off and you can use the
siren which is a neat feature I’ll activate that now so as you can see the
siren registers at about 86 to 87 decibels you can take still shots you
can start a manual recording and obviously you can turn on the light
which is very very bright have a Lux meter here that I’ll try and bring into
frame at a distance of about six inches away if I hold my Lux meter out I’m
getting a reading of about now would you call it about 30,000 Lux or so
alternating between twenty seven thousand and thirty thousand Lux so it’s
a very bright LED light that this Koda cam comes with and the camera settings
you can control things like the cameras contrast cam brightness it allows you to
adjust day vision night vision or auto so far I found the auto to be working
pretty well you can rotate the camera so if you have to mount it in a not
vertical direction you can flip it or invert the image so that it makes sense
you can adjust the motion detection range using the slider down at the
bottom so that wasn’t even the brightest light setting that I had it on just then
so let me crank that all the way up to high and over max don’t see how that
goes all right so that’s even brighter let’s bring out the lux meter again okay
so few inches away let’s call it 88,000 Lux or so
so very bright and the brightness is configurable if you’re not sure if it’s
gonna be too bright for your backyard again you can just go under camera
settings and adjust that which is a nice feature I don’t even know about
you can change the lighting period between 10 seconds 30 seconds 1 minute 2
minutes or 15 minutes so pretty good set of features here and if you have an
Apple watch I’m getting the motion notifications on my watch as well and
here is test footage I took outside using the Koda cam as you can see the
quality is nowhere near the claimed specs of 1080p full-hd resolution the
recorded video is only 1280×720 which is actually 720p so that seems
misleading so despite the low resolution the overall feature set would make the
Koda cam a good option for a light in your entryway closer to the subject in
part 2 I’ll be installing the Kota cam outside my house so be sure to click
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5 Replies to “Koda smart app motion-activated flood light camera review”

  1. 10seconds is kinda lame…. and it seems the 720p is what saves to the phone, to cloud its 1080. If the camera saved more to cloud I would keep it, with that I'll be returning.

  2. i would consider this if i could get free cloud storage or storage to a drive in my home. i hate hemorrhaging money.

  3. Koda, please update the firmware to record 15 to 30 seconds! Ten seconds is not enough! It takes 5 to 10 seconds to open the app and if the phone is not nearby, then you just missed whatever happened after the first 10 seconds. Come on!

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