Kids’ Self-Defense Attacks : Kids’ Self-Defense: Mouth Attack

Kids’ Self-Defense Attacks : Kids’ Self-Defense: Mouth Attack

Talking about self defense for kids. We have
some extreme techniques that you would need to share with your kids as you see appropriate.
If their life is threatened; if they feel like their life is in danger, they may need
to resort to doing something a little more drastic than what normally they would think
of. The mouth attack is one such technique. If being attacked by someone grabbing your
shirt. You would need to take your thumb inside their mouth, right in front of their teeth.
It’s almost like you’re just pulling part of the cheek. You get your thumb on the inside.
You’re just literally going to tear it off to the side. You could actually do both at
the same time and tear in the opposite direction. This is something that you need to maybe share
with your children. If they’re being grabbed in such a way, they can do a mouth tear and
help them escape. Again. A mouth tear like this can be a difference between escaping
and not escaping. When you have the attack happening, you may have to resort to something
as extreme as a mouth tear to help escape alive and keep yourself safe.

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  1. I actually never thought of that, shows my self-defense knowledge… finally a good series from Expert Village

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