Kids’ Self-Defense Attacks : Kids’ Self-Defense: Groin Strike

Kids’ Self-Defense Attacks : Kids’ Self-Defense: Groin Strike

In self defense for kids, you might have a
reason to attack the groin area. That’s one area that many people think of when they think
of self defense, and that’s also one are that is easily protected, so there’s a couple things
that you can do. First, you can use the knee as a striking implement to that area, which
can be very effective. You just have to watch for the right opportunity. The other one is
a little traditional and I would like to show that to you now. From a frontal choke, she’s
attacking here. I?m going to use my hands right here as a holding point. I can use my
knees, a striking implement, and I?m going to go right up into the groin area. She may
protect it, she may not. If the opportunity presents itself, you can get in a very good
strike at that point. If that’s not going to work, then you can use your hands as a
tool as well. What you’re going to do is you’re going to right up underneath and you’re going
to grab whatever you can. You’re going to grab tight, you’re going to twist, and you’re
going to pull it out. That’s going to be a real effective tool in order to get away from
a strike or grab if you ever have the opportunity. If the groin area presents itself, it can
be an extremely effective way to escape.

24 Replies to “Kids’ Self-Defense Attacks : Kids’ Self-Defense: Groin Strike”

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  2. Basically, this shows you how to grab a guys balls, and for a kid to try this on a pedophile, it would just be a dream for him.Besides, this fact chick couldn't fight her way out of a paper bad even if there was an all you can eat buffett on the other side.

  3. this video is bloody hillarious! grab some paedophile by the balls? oh god he's really going to love that…

  4. We are all tired of these overdone, samey, same vids on groin strikes.
    Yeah we women do fantasize about kicking some guy in the nuts just for fun and feeling superior about downing the deserved wretched man.
    Groin kicks are essentially temporary castrations.
    Ooooo the love.

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