Kids’ Self-Defense Attacks : Kids’ Self-Defense: Eye Attack

Kids’ Self-Defense Attacks : Kids’ Self-Defense: Eye Attack

Now self defense for kids you may be in a
situation where you have to go to a last resort type technique. And that would be what I call
a life saving technique, an extreme technique if you will. An eye gouge is an example of
that. If you feel that your life is threatened or you will die if you don’t do anything else;
then this may be something that you have to resort to. Know that when you do, deal with
the eyes you’re going to have; most likely you going to have blood and other body fluids
that are going to be a production of this. And that is just one of those things that
just happen because of the area that you’re working with. But in essence the eye gouge
is what I’ll call it, is simply you’re going to put your hands on the side of their head;
using their ears almost as a handle. And if they have glasses you just put your thumbs
up underneath the glasses right at the corner of the eyes. Now face us. You put your thumbs
in and then you would just rake them across. And that’s where you’re going to get possible
fluids that would be produced. And knowing that ahead of time might take a little bit
of that shock away. So you’re going to hold the side of my head. The thumbs go into the
corners of eyes, you insert and then you pull them across. And then you’re going to have
some time to, to escape. The person may loose their sight that might just be a temporary
thing. But at this point that’s not your main concern. Your main concern is to escape with
your life and to get away with possibly having to do an extreme technique like the eye gouge.

5 Replies to “Kids’ Self-Defense Attacks : Kids’ Self-Defense: Eye Attack”

  1. well… this is… extreme… and u didnt even demonstrate it right…(u r supposed to use the tips of the fingers… or nails preferably…) all that kid is going to do is just piss her attacker off….
    good idea for the vids… but noting is a substitute for a living trainer…

  2. @0toSixty nothing sadistic about it! the technique is flawed, but the idea is spot on. do you have a kid? i want mine to know how to disable an attacker if she's in a life or death situation. kick to the nuts, eye gouge, biting, whatever it takes. your child will be fumbling to reach her cell phone to call 911 and wait, whereas mine will be getting the h3ll out of there!

  3. I have seen a few of this "expert"'s videos and this is the closest to a useful technique that she has posted. This is not sadistic. This is reality. The idea that this is sadistic is the reason why there are so many useless self-defense books, videos, seminars etc that people in the U.S. flock to because they cannot handle the reality of self-defense.

  4. Looks pretty effective to me.  The same instructor's other videos are also good.  Mainstream martial artists seem to hate these 'dirty' techniques, but it's a lot easier for an attack victim (especially if much smaller than the attacker) to twist the attacker's ears, etc, than to use an arm lock or some other fancy martial arts technique.

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