Keyless Doorknob for your SMART HOME

all right so this is Declan right here
and he’s joining us to show us what kind of a problem we actually have right here
so this is the type of doorknob that we had on a couple of our doors and you can
see it just has the little slot right in there that you would turn with you know
a key or coin or something and it worked for a little while with
these little kids and just like MacGyver they were able to figure it out Declan
do you not open that can you show us and just like that he’s in and so for things
like back here this is my office and so there’s some you know computers and
equipment in there and most important there is some food in there and these
little guys try to get in there and get to the snacks and so Declan let’s come
over here can you get into this one try to get into that one do you know the
code ah try to just push some numbers see if you can get in there yeah I like
that one yeah okay now try and open it is it open
yep oh man you can’t get in there no well asked you bad well that’s what
Jonny and I are gonna show you today is how to install this this door lock this
combination lock so the Jonny and I we’re just gonna show you a little bit
about you know installing one of these and just some pros and cons of you know
why you might want one in your home what we’re using it for and especially a blue
if you have little kids or if you want to use it on your front door it’s a it’s
a great option to have so let’s get into video so Bryce what are we doing here
buddy so what we’re doing here is I had a I
love this product I just had a slight issue where my code I started started to
have to put a a nine in front of my four-digit code which it’s not a big
deal but I then I reset it and it went back to needing the nine again in front
which is kind of in the owner’s manual says to add the nine in front of your
master code and that that can kind of bypass it
sometimes it gets hung up and so where happened twice nothing is necessarily
wrong with this one but I just want to make sure that it’s not gonna walk out
and not accept any codes at some point and lock me up completely so and I got
to work with the manufacturer and just see if they’ll give me a brand new one
but for this video we just we’ve got a couple different ones to show you to see
what it’s like so we actually have two of these products and they’re the smart
keyless and access entries that you know we just demonstrated that Declan
couldn’t get into and so we wanted to make sure that we had but there’s a
couple of companies out there that make these smart keyless entry and so we
wanted to see which ones are the best ones right so he went in and he
purchased a SoHoMill that’s just one of the companies that we went west and
what’s the one that you got Johnny and so I went with the turbo lock will be
better packaging and you can kind of tell what it is yeah
now this is what’s kind of really interesting we haven’t really played
with either one of them so you’re gonna see that for the first time on the
package together so you know we both have owner’s manuals
right off the bat but something I noticed right off the bat that I liked
with yours what you got with yours double or triple A batteries yeah mine
was a little bit cheaper than what yours were but I think overall it’s the pretty
similar products I notice the finish on years looks like it’s more like a I’m
just like a chrome finish yes it was this is actually pretty hefty I would
say it’s at least about two and a half maybe three pounds and then just to show
you the difference here Jonny’s is more of like a chrome finish
and then this one is more of like a almost like a brushed nickel and then
you can see the numbers are slightly different the numbers on the brushed
nickel one are kind of in delayed or kind of back behind the buttons a little
bit whereas these are kind of traditional you know the numbers right
on the front of the buttons so but overall I mean they’re almost like
they’ve got to be made in the same Factory it’s branded differently and a
different finish so absolutely so let’s get this thing installed and just roll
you know let’s do it so this is that if you notice that each
of them takes a four triple-a batteries right but what happens when those
batteries go out and they’re on the inside and you’re blocked on the outside
well that’s what they have this poor see I’ve needed this before this will
actually beep at you and do kind of like a tiki deep like right at the end of
entering your code when the battery’s running low and course I procrastinated
and let the battery is completely dive and I
was I couldn’t do anything wouldn’t take the code anymore light up so then yeah I
just powered it with this right on the bottom you’ll see right here there’s
just a little almost like a rubber grommet that’s kind of in there that
you’ll just pop out and then that’s where you plug the end of that in and
powers right up and it gives you the juice you need to get the code in there
and then on the backside on the inside of the doors where you’ll pull it apart
and replace the batteries what we’re just gonna do is just show you how
quickly it is to install one of these things those are long screws what’s nice
is that these are also weather resistant so if you want to use it on on your
front door you can actually do that and it was pretty common that people will do
that and they’ll just have a code and be able to get into their front door
without a key and these kind of auto lock once you shut the door but they do
have a passage code that you can enter in there then that way if you’re coming
in with groceries and you’re in and out you don’t want to like punch the code in
every time you hit the passage code one time yeah they’ll actually stay open for
a period of time while you’re in and out so I mean some of the cool features of
what they have is they have that feature where you can do up to eight pass codes
right so that you know you have your neighbor that’s gonna take care of
Cooper right yeah and you don’t necessarily want to give them the master
code you tell them hey here’s the code for your house you can get in and then
you can set it and even lock it at lock it out as soon as you’re done and you
come back from your vacation all right so this is what we I was still stuck in
yeah you keep on talking about anything it’s buddy
so this is what we already have in here from the one that that I’m replacing so
we won’t even worry about swapping that out and then Jonny’s got the main unit
here and again this is a brushed nickel finish and same exact one that I had in
there so we’re just gonna go ahead and throw that in here and here we go
so we’re just gonna feed that right through the middle so it’s just like
that then it’s got the little screw access holes for your screwdriver so
we’ll just get those screwed in real quick so this is what we’re guessing is
the brains of the operation are in here in this part and this does have a
circuit board but it’s literally just the batteries that feed back into this
part so I’m just gonna hook this up look at the batteries the triple A’s it takes
four triple-a batteries which were included with this one and got that
hooked up and there’s a little reset button there if you ever need to reset
it and then we’re gonna just install that just like right back in here then
this cap goes on there with the screws so we’re gonna do that and then program
real quick and just show you how easy it is to use that looks simple yeah it was
super simple so we’re just reading the instructions this literally put in this
zero one two three pound master code then it’ll do a beep but the light will
remain on and you do your new code at the star and it’ll beep twice so I just
didn’t you code star and it beeped twice and as I’m gonna see here and you can
see that that opens and after you close it though now no longer opens until you
put the code back in so now let’s show what it is when you’re adding okay vo
code so I’m gonna set up a code for Jonny so you can get into sweet always
one coming to your office there Bryce so let’s have Jonny do the honors here so
Jonny do your one I got it Mike yeah yeah is your tie got a head on it
that is but I don’t look at my master code okay and then I get to put in mine and it beeped twice and eat twice so now
try and see if it works then it opens Lindsey and now it automatically walks
it so as you guys can see pretty sweet that is pretty sweet and there’s a
passage code option we won’t get into that but you can program it so it has
that passage code that I talked about but just refer to the user manual when
in question absolutely don’t be don’t be a true man just an easy to use your man
Emile installations this is simple Andi so now I’m gonna be going and
installing this in my house like I said I bought mine so I am doing
the same thing and I’ll give you guys my feedback as well in the comments in this
one but if you guys haven’t subscribed to the channel please consider do so and
hit that notification bells that you can definitely see the new upcoming videos
that we do like it and comment tell us what you think thanks
well that’s it for two nerd-e families peace you

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