Ken Starr says what James Comey did was ‘self-righteous’

Ken Starr says what James Comey did was ‘self-righteous’

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  1. They lied and tried to frame a sitting president, how is that not TREASON 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  2. Ha Ha fox is going to go blastic this is going to be headline news for days that the DOJ didn't charge comey with something haha lol

  3. Crap, Crap, Crap. We The People still want equal justice under the law. We will have it. We, as a united people, believe in the principles that this country was founded on.

  4. Bill Barr is the one that allowed the Iran Contra players to get off without a hook. So now he is still protecting the same players today. Sad state of affairs. Barr is letting them all get away with it. Again. Iran Contra…Awan Contra today. America for sale. We lost our Country.

  5. sTARR is dead wrong Comey friends (MSM), and in business and DC, WILL GET A NEW JOB,AND WORK AGAINSt President TRUMP!

  6. Why do you have this cover-up artist, Ken Starr, cover-up another one, Comey? Fox News, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  7. Lol and he keeps raking in millions with book deals and what not while bill barr sits on his own thumb. Were all suckers when it comes down to it

  8. The sailor on that sub that took a photo did even less and was convicted. If swamp creatures do not start going to Cuba for long vacations all rule of law is gone in this country. James is guilty of lying several times and he should go to prison for life X10.

  9. So he got grounded for treason errr I mean “misconduct”. No proof, not even when he testified he did it in front of congress. Oh okay.

  10. Comey should be executed for his crimes and so the FBI can be trusted again. Do it this month or justice will never be done.

  11. Ken Starr said that Peter Strzok was disappointed to hear that Comey leaked info. and believes it. Peter Strzok was in on it. Sounds like a set up for Strzok to be the next person with a get out of jail card. And no one challenges this guy.

  12. Comey has ruined his reputation on one news channel… Oh no. He is devistated. Nobody will ever do this again. The millions and all other news sources making him into the paragon of virtu won't help him at all. Take that deep state…. Who is this moron with this delusional analysis?

  13. What about all the money he took from us …..he gets to keep THAT though right? I'm sure he is heartbroken about his reputation but I bet those millions he gets to keep is a great comforter

  14. What about his retirement pay //// He violated FBI Rules … Hell I have seen Military loose retirement over lesser violations … there needs to be loose of $$$ for these politicians and Agency SCUB BAGS … Why keep paying law breakers and policy violators our TAX DOLLARS !!!!! It's PUBLIC Dollars not private dollars … Fine the heck out of them … Pull Security Clearances "PERMANENT"

  15. Comey might be walking free but not with his head held high. Clintons will keep him on a speaking tour after his book sales go south and writes a few while in jail 2020. TRUMP 2020 bring back GOD & " for the people by the people".

  16. This country is gone! The power that the bureaucratic deep state is so entrenched any hope of honest patriotic Americans “draining the swamp” is a dream. We might well have beloved DJT for four more years but what follows that is tyranny for sure.

  17. This crooked criminal gets away with what he did, we have no justice in this country only for us poor slobs. Trump you need to take action and get the military and arrest these bastards.

  18. This is treasonous. Drain the swamp by any means necessary President Trump!! Trump Republicans for Congress and Senate in 2020.

  19. FBI is totally corrupt, they allow the sale of firearms to felons then they come back on gun store and fine the crap out of them until they run them out of business. This happened to a place by my home a few years back, been in business 75 years plus. This also happened to 2 other gun stores I know off. 10 miles away.

  20. But he was a CAREFUL leaker and payed with his reputation (and book deals). So no prison for the great and noble Comey. But [email protected] you and everyone else he's sent to prison for even less! He should be hung! Thats how to stop this 🤡🌎💩.

  21. What a reasonable conversation. No opinions about any certain people only discussion talk of the actions of the public servants

  22. If this is justice …then all the rest will get off the hook..Comey is a big fish ..NO JUSTICE IN AMERICA ITS ONE SCARY PLACE

  23. Why is Starr trying to make it appear like Comey didn't break laws. He calls them rules and protocols etc. STEALING IS ROBBERY IS THEFT IS TAKING PROPERTY THAT BELONGS TO ANOTHER.
    Comey is a thief of FBI Files, for the purpose of extortion and did try to extort. These are high crimes for laws broken. Why would Starr not say the same thing.


  25. They are all in on it. They cant touch comey like hillary because these scumbags know where all of the bodies are buried.
    This proves that the American justice system is dead and long gone.
    Its every man for themselves now. Molon Labe
    tyranny has gained the inner Sanctum Sanctorum

  26. Jame Comey leaked the confidence information , to start the Russian collusion with Donald Trump his attention is over throw the president or the cold coup . He knows all about the phony dossier which is not the truth .Robert was just a puppet and confusing old man and he hired all Democrat lawyers and Hillary Clinton people. But too bad the coup failed. If in other countries, the people who attempted the failed coup will be in prison or executed.

  27. I think comey should be go to jail.  He was trying to upset our president!  I thought that was against the law! Comey has lied the whole time and caused a great problem for all.  I don't care about his reputation!  he hurt Presidents Trump's reputation who is far more important to this country then comey!  None of these players will be prosecuted! How sad that our judicial system has fallen so low!

  28. BS. What will happen when some other agent decides to frame a Dem Pres? I bet the rules change then. Comey has set a truly dangerous precedent. it is a clear and present danger to the U.S. in that anyone can overthrow the will of the people and commit a coup attempt without legal consequences. My bet, Comey will be a CNN contributor next.

  29. ADD  ALL the psychophants/radical communists in the MSM TO THE LIST OF traitors/criminals who scheme against America with lies /propaganda in every utterance!

  30. He is a disgrace to this country he should lose his citizenship and he should move to Russia I hope he loses his family and everything he got because he deserves it he's a liar I Trader and he needs to go to hell

  31. Don't worry… Comey WILL serve time in prision, and then in Hell… Karma always comes around…

    Remember, Mr Trump was the least damaged on Comey's fake witch hunt believe it or not… He's still the president, he's doing bussiness as usual, he's bringing the economy UP… but there is a lot of people that got messed up by this person… and a lot of resources wasted on his effort to damage Mr Trump's presidency… which did not even leave a scratch on the paint in my opinion…

    So I really think Karma will NOT pass this one out…


  32. Comey is a rat that clearly committed perjury
    Who are these fools on FOX trying to fool?
    Trump isnt stupid …..Comey will be indicted for larger crimes

  33. puleeze change the name of the fbi building… hoover was just as bad as comey and we should remove hoover's name from it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just call it the fbi building

  34. Why are you entitling what Ken Starr said with quotes around 'self-righteous'? He either said that Comey was self-righteous or he didn't, 'Democrat fox reporter assholes'

  35. Now that sotero's COUP has failed, WHEN do the trials for TREASON begin? The U.S. Constitution has a 'cure' for TREASON…! Love of country Trumps hate for Donald. MAGA LOL

  36. In 'The Man in the Iron Mask' Aramis, the smartest musketeer, thought he was the noble one, going to great lengths to overthrow the monarch and right what he thought was an egregious wrong. How wrong he was!

  37. Spare us, Mr . Starr the democratic party is full of tarnished reputations. It doesn't bother them a lick. They are only emboldened with every new  violation of rule of law and confidence of the American people. You sir are a moron. And the game ain't over yet. Someone can and will go to jail.

  38. Obama directed all of this and the alphabet soup of high level agents perpetrated the entire mess. No one should be surprised by that. Anyone that might compromise the Clinton's or Obama will be severely dealt with. Comey will be indicted on the next round of investigations and then he will disappear within a month. Never to be heard from again. Decapitated….the coroner will deem it natural causes. Those people are so evil. Clinton's, Bush's, Obama are all guilty as sin. And the intelligence agencies helped them in every way. It's despicable. Man. I'm out!

  39. Comey had 25 top secret documents in his safe and he's not going to jail but a United States sailor went to jail for a picture this is bs…. THIS IS A 2 TIERED SYSTEM… KEN STARR IS WRONG ABOUT THIS … HE 1 000 000 % DESERVES TO GO TO JAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS INSANITY!!!!!!!!!

  40. You must be joking that one of the Anointed will be punished ! Maybe the FBI can come up with their usual excuse, that those of us who are making alligations against these goodly creatures are only doing so to gain attention and to embarrass the presidency of the United States of America, like you did when you stole military building supplies in Europe to build your overseas homes ????

  41. Just a minute while U-Tube removes posts that do not fit their standards! Are you ready for this U-Tube??? The wife of Benedict Arnold who was busy giving all the secrets of general George Washington's troop movements to the British commander, walked free! Because the Good George was a Freemason! Under Masonic laws of the Deap State the responsibility to take care of his live stock, which included his wife, was none other then Benedict Arnold. Masonic LAW is clear that to See, Hear or speak evil of one of their own is not to be tolerated other than murdering his own brother, sister, mother or father! Sorry but the rest of you do not count! Now what do you none freemasons think what would happen if a FBI freemason was accused by you for anything ??????????

  42. "Rotten Mouth", Ken Starr is as bad as Comey! The whole system is ROTTEN! Comey started the FALSE investigation against the President. Total SCUM!

  43. Ken Star is full of it. Self righteous, arrogant, his reputation is destroyed. Who is he kidding. I don't think he even buys into what he's saying. He got away with it. He would do itagain in a New York minute.
    And then he paints Stork as anything but what he is a low life thug. Cut me a break Star.

  44. Barr let comey get away with it, if we did that we would be in prison if not hung. So BS . Comey broke the law and got away with it plane and simple

  45. Please explain to me why Comey won't go to jail? It was a violation of his role as a civil servant and representative of the people? Is this a message to us that we don't matter in the scape of our law manipulations? Wasn't the intent treasonous?

  46. Who said those leaked documents weren't classified oh yeah his buddies this is ridiculous he needs to be held accountable for what he's done

  47. Given the Obama administration's persecution of whistleblowers, from Manning to Snowden to John Kiriakou, Comey's skating by here is grotesque.

    Patriots go to prison or exile; political hacks get a pass. Welcome to our world. Sigh.

  48. We the people no longer trust the DOJ or the FBI. Comey and everybody involved should pay back every dime for this 2 1/2 year hoax. To all of the far left, mentally unstable democrats…….TAKE OUR GUNS? Those who are suppose to uphold the law are utterly lawless….we're keeping our guns.

  49. DOJ if you want the people of America to even consider trusting you again, THROW THE BOOK AT JAMES COMEY AND EVERYBODY INVOLVED. How is a regular person like me suppose to feel safe when you let someone who tried to set up the president slide?

  50. Oh c'mon! Ken Starr sounds like we could liken no charges as similar to electoral vs popular vote! All biz owners know that Janitorial uses a roll of pkg tape instead of a vac till they're caught!

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