JVC KY-PZ100 Pan/Tilt/Zoom IP Camera Details

JVC KY-PZ100 Pan/Tilt/Zoom IP Camera Details

Hi, I’m John Basile, the product specialist
at JVC Professional Video. In the next few minutes, I would like to discuss
with you an incredible new professional PTZ network video production camera, the KY-PZ100. JVC is always thinking ahead and always bringing
quality technology forward to make production simple and affordable. Now, JVC brings to the market a PTZ camera
that has some of the most desirable application features in the marketplace with the KY-PZ100. Production-quality video and audio
Camera operation and IP Control Live Streaming over IP networks
Power over Ethernet for Single Cable Solutions And Internal Recording and Remote FTP Delivery
You can get all these benefits from one camera, the KY-PZ100. Each of these features, in different combinations,
provide benefits for different applications to suit your distinctive needs. To better understand these new features and
how they can help enhance your application, let’s take a closer look. The KY-PZ100 provides better performance in
difficult lighting and shooting situations than previous generations of cameras and from
those on the market today. A good way to check a camera’s image quality
is to see how well it captures video in low light situations. The amount of light is defined by it’s LUX
rating which is the amount of light cast by one candle within a distance of one meter. The lower the LUX rating, the stronger the
low light performance it has. The KY-PZ100 has a high sensitivity mode down
to .02 lux in color and .003 lux in night mode This makes it an excellent for low light conditions. Cameras with 15x to 20x lenses usually sacrifice
either extreme wide angle or long telephoto capabilities The KY-PZ100 has an exceptional quality 30x
zoom lens with a reasonable balance between wide-angle and telephoto fields of view. Additionally, the camera has an autofocus
and image stabilization built-in. This helps to maintain production-quality
video by keeping up with the speed of the pan and tilt system without the image shifting
out of focus. Until recently, professional compact PTZ cameras
had little or no audio capabilities. With the increasing importance of embedded
audio in remote production, we made sure this was not overlooked. The KY-PZ100 provides balanced audio. By providing a balanced input, we can reduce
noise and interference which can be a particular problem when using small microphones with
long, thin connecting wires. When considering a PTZ camera, operation and
control require thought and planning. Here are a few things to consider:
Smooth and accurate pan/tilt/zoom control and performance
IP Control capability to control using a web-browser interface Available Control functions including presets Compatibility to use a controller that connects
to your network and provides complete IP control of cameras at your location or anywhere in
the world via the internet The KY-PZ100 features JVC’s highly accurate
direct drive mechanism for smooth, quiet, and precise positioning with up to 100 preset
positions. Positioning can be performed at a range of
speeds from an extremely slow .1° per second to a very fast 480° per second while retaining
pin-point accuracy. Let’s talk about camera control and how
it was designed an d how it works with the KY-PZ100. This PTZ camera has multiple ways to control
functionality. You can control the camera with your smartphone,
tablet, or a dedicated remote. With IP control and web-based live preview,
camera control is possible from a web browser, or with the dedicated IP touch panel system
of the RM-LP100 remote control unit. IP control works as well as those using conventional
serial connections, but it’s much easier and less expensive to install. The benefit to you is that there are no longer
giant rolls of serial cables to deploy. This saves time and reduces the cost of installation. Typically, you only need to plug into the
nearest LAN outlet, re-establish communication between the camera and controller, and you
are ready to shoot. When using IP control over most wired and
wireless data networks, there is virtually no distance limitations as was the case with
serial controls because there are no longer limits for the maximum distance between the
camera and the controller. This allows you to remotely preview, setup,
monitor, and even control remote recordings and FTP functions giving you the ability to
separate the shooting location from the camera location and support without the need for
expensive baseband monitoring systems. You can live stream or record-and-forward
production quality video and audio while the engineer or producer is observing from another
place. For instance, your producer can be in New
York viewing the production stream in Hawaii. Or they could be in Hawaii viewing a production
in New York. That’s what I would do at least. So what is the difference between the JVC
controller and a simple web browser control? The RM-LP100 has a 7-inch touch screen and
gives you control of camera groups, presets, PTZ speed, and basic CCU control camera settings. Simply put, for the cost, it provides you
with more capability and functionality. The touch screen allows you to configure function
keys. At the touch of a button, you can easily switch
between all of your preset conditions including white balance, exposure, and focus on up to
100 cameras and even remotely start recording. It’s joystick and zoom rocker provides smooth
and precise camera movements giving you total control. The KY-PZ100 makes it easy and affordable
to capture and deliver high quality live video and audio from a remote location without the
need for complex and expensive streaming systems. Uniquely, it’s the first PTZ camera that
features JVC’s IP communications engine providing network connection via Wi-Fi, 4G/LTE,
or wired LAN. Streaming works when data is moved from one
location to another, but instead of one big file, they are broken up into little bits,
or packets. Instead of waiting for everything to be downloaded,
streaming begins almost immediately as soon as enough packets have arrived. During this transmission though, some packets
are lost and this causes pixelation or degradation in quality. With the KY-PZ100’s advanced IP communications
capabilities including SMPTE 2022 forward error correction and advanced ZiXi protocols,
lost packets are immediately corrected so that the viewer has an uninterrupted, error-free
reception. With adaptive bitrate control and low latency
streaming, viewers are also ensured consistent high-quality playback. Using RTMP which delivers high-performance
transmission of audio and video, you can stream directly to content delivery networks such
as YouTube, Ustream, and the free JVC Videocloud. You can even go wireless. Just provide power to the camera, plug in
a WiFi adapter, and place it anywhere. There’s no need to run new LAN cables which
makes upgrading dramatically more affordable. Imagine you have an impromptu shoot in Grand
Central Terminal with a huge crowd and you only have power at the camera location. How do you connect the camera to your network? It wouldn’t be efficient nor practical to
run wires everywhere but, with the WiFi adapter, you now have a solution. You could set all your presets and remotely
control your camera using the web interface or the RM-LP100 with no cables. Your options are now virtually limitless with
JVC. Being PoE+ equipped means the KY-PZ100’s
LAN cable enables simultaneous streaming, camera control, and power supply eliminating
the need to provide power outlets at every camera position. Just one LAN cable is all that’s necessary. This is particularly useful for remote applications,
such as events or sports, and for installations, especially in architecturally sensitive spaces
like churches or museums. This enables what is called a “single cable
solution.” The KY-PZ100 also includes on-board HD recording
at up to 50Mbps to a micro SDHC or SDXC memory card with remote FTP capabilities. The ease of operation makes it simpler and
more cost-effective to retrieve and deploy high-quality footage. There is no longer a need to return to the
location. You can retrieve the footage remotely. This also gives you the ability to record
the entire production, retrieve the footage, and edit it without ever going to the location. In addition, this also provides insurance
to ensure against lost content due to network problems. The flexibility provided by the KY-PZ100 which
is capable of live 3G/HD-SDI output, live streaming, in-camera recording, FTP content
delivery, and even 4G-LTE communication enables extraordinary opportunities to improve the
efficient use of skilled staff, and optimize workflow to maximize productivity and creative
possibilities. With no lost time for setup, moving equipment,
or retrieval of content, even a small staff will be able to output maximum quality content
with minimum delay. Thank you for watching our in depth video
on the KY-PZ100. We’ll see you next time.

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