100 Replies to “Jussie Smollett attack: Surveillance video shows potential persons of interest in attack, police say”

  1. Where are the bleach stain clothes? Everybody knows if you throw bleach are you splashed bleach on clothes of anything but wait you’re going to get a stain. I’d like to know where the clothes are that he was wearing when you got splashed bleach thrown in his face. Just saying 🤷🏼‍♀️

  2. This new day and age people believe any and everything without a stick of evidence. But you have a hard time believing your neighbors when they tell you your dog 💩 in their yards.What makes this dude credible? Because he's a actor? Stop it people. Use your brains don't be so gullible. He said they where wearing MAGA hats.I see all black and hoodies.Miss me with that..Theres a saying "Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear". #staywoke

  3. I really hope those two ppl of interest come forward and say they had nothing to do with this attack. Not many ppl outside at 2am in below zero degree weather. If you were outside at that time you’ll remember.

  4. Tactics used for social engineering nothing happened this is constructed to sway minds socialy and politically don't believe the hype.

  5. Hey Rahm Emanuel is this one of those GOOD crisis that your not gonna let go to waste??? You know the ones where you can accomplish things that you couldn't have done other wise??? So did people actually vote for this elite piece of child raping shit??? Lol what dumbasses you voted for your own enslavement or lol extermination one??? My god are the people in chicago that damn stupid???

  6. Take this shit down Your accusing people of a crime that not only was probably never committed , but have no proof at all these people have anything to do with shit.

  7. This dude was looking for man meat at -20 degree weather and probably got robbed by the person he was meeting. Now he wants to make up a story because he’s embarrassed. He’s clearly lying

  8. Funny how the mayor speaks on this because this dude is a so called celebrity but ain’t do nothing about the city being broke and the crime rate to the roof…. now that is unacceptable

  9. I'm sorry I'm not waking in 20 below for a sandwich I'm going to sleep and will get food in the morning something ain't right. You and your lover got into it and he probably threw the bleach under your kitchen cabinet at you and left. To get back at him you make a bootleg noose call the police do your nails while you wait for the police. While you're waiting you get a "I'm sorry boo please forgive me call" and decided you no longer want to press charges so when the cops finally show up you give them that dumb story knowing you and Trump just had an exachage so it would throw the detectives off the lovers quarrel trail. No worries sir you're going to jail you'll have a new set of lovers there 👌

  10. It’s weird like it he was in frame on the phone then steps out then comes on frame again with a rope in his neck tf. Then he doesn’t give them his phone knowing how important this case is like do you have something private on your phone you don’t wanna show like porn or something???😪

  11. He made this whole thing up the two black guys worked on set with him what an idiot racist he is but the left will pretend it never happened and move on

  12. Well abc . Your so called victim is a liar and you spread false news. This guy is a racist and so are you. Anything to promote his album. You people make me sick

  13. I wouldn't have pourd bleach on him because it won't clean his ass from what he's done trying to destroy a nice kind fantastic human being like Trump and his supporters shame on him! If it had been real they would've pourd acid and shouved a maga flag pole in his ass while on the ground because Arians don't turn nothing down but lil black boys and they turn them face down 😂 😂😂

  14. If they saying what he doing on camera why they won’t show the video … exactly no mf proof they know damn well Jussie was attacked

  15. He still had his sub in his hand hahahaha oh my lawd!!! who takes a beat down and keeps his food in his hand hahahahaha im falling off my chair hahahaha

  16. Just checking in from two and a half weeks in the future. Update: Jussie Smollett appears to have hired two black guys to have beaten him up.

  17. Making it hard for a brother to be believed. It's all a lie. Publicity stunt. Lock him up with ms13, then we will see brutally beaten. Hope you lose your job over this.

  18. Jussie this didn't go anything like you'd thought… your up a creek, your reputation is ruined and maybe your career… now you may live out your life in the back of a gay bar smoking 305's and drinking colt 45's


  20. Jussie Smollet is genius in my opinion

    He didn’t give them his phone and used black lives matter as an excuse

    And he used homosexuality as a defense very very interesting.

    Listen to the reporter saying that jussie supposedly heard homosexual slurs lol

    Very very inteligent move to evade a possible criminal charge.

    Sure he tried to fabricate an elaborate story.

    But he didn’t cover all grounds

    Thanks to political correctness his ass was saved

  21. Hahaha what a douche! The charges against him for lying about this was a slick move tho
    – Buuhu, I was attacked by Traump-supporters!
    – I believe you're making it up..
    – Well, can you PROVE that I am LYING?
    – Well no, but-

  22. Its fraud. He told them he was attacked BUT LIED. Fraudulent. Activity. Pay them back for the costs you ran up. On your fictitious " film project hate crime "scam
    Youre not helping to make america great again….youre scamming america smollett.

  23. ABC and all mainstream media is Fake News. This has since been proven to be a lie. He got away with it too. Quit watching and listening to the mainstream media propaganda machine.

  24. this man is an idiot that seeks attention …PATHETIC …not a good singer either so maybe thats why he seeks attention !

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