Jurassic World Evolution Tutorial Guide (Beginner)

Jurassic World Evolution Tutorial Guide (Beginner)

hello everybody and welcome so today I
want to make a tutorial video talking about the game
Jurassic world evolution now I’ve had already a few hours into this game I’ve
built a couple of the theme parks already and there’s some mistakes I made
along the way and I want to help you guys avoid those mistakes and show you
how this game works so we’re going to start a new game and once I’ve got
taking you through the basics I will show you the progress I personally made
and the decision that I made and so on so let’s do a new game existed ever Buer
that’s fine I already saved it so the beginning of the game that you will find
it’s a lot of say well to toriel’s you know it will take you through some
of the basics but I wanted to give you a bit more advanced knowledge so that you
can really get the most out of this game I would say this game is fantastic man
I’ve been having a ton of fun with it if you can and I really want people who
play the game to get the most out of it this game is available on the seam on
PlayStation 4 and on Xbox one ok so we’re loading in ok this is as good a
place as any right so let me take you through some of the basics of the game
I’ll just reduce the audio of the game itself right so you can rotate the
camera by holding the middle mouse button if you want to move around hold
the right click if you want to select items left click it and you can also
move around with W a s and D and you can rotate the camera with Q and E now
there’s some things to take note of so during the tutorial for example it will
tell you what you need to do so the first thing we need to do is build this
Hammond creation lab what this does essentially is this is where you create
dinosaurs ok so you essentially use this you click on this and you can incubate
dinosaurs but you need to make sure that it goes into
to an enclosure so you can see that an occlusion has already been made for us
and it’s got water it doesn’t have really any food for them so I’ll show
you how to do that in a sec now one thing I would recommend is do not mix
carnivores with herbivores but if you want to have carnivores set up a
separate pin just for that now first things first you’re gonna need to make
sure that any building is connected to the pass so click on here the pass
button that we only have one type of path available right now the cheap path
and connect it to the pavement that’s it so it’s now connected to the pavement it
just means that people can walk to it it’s required in this game now also as
well it has to be within the power grid but we’ll come to that in a moment okay
so we’re going to incubate our first thing that’s also to do that you click
on the hammond center you have two spots initially to incubate so incubate here
and we’re gonna incubate this one because it’s the highest chance to
incubate when it’s below a certain number it has a chance to fail during
incubation whereas this one’s got sixty five we can’t modify genome but I’ll
come back to that later so let’s incubate now keep an eye on
your money initially you have 2.7 million and we have to make sure as well
that our income for the game is good so that we can keep operating the park
properly so at the beginning of the game like I said you’ll have a lot of talking
it just takes you through sets up the environment of the game and so on
now one thing I have discovered when playing this game is that you have very
limited space to be honest if you want to get the park to a maximum so do you
consider that when building everything okay so it’s finished hundred percent no
problem let’s release it so now it’s released this dinosaur into the wild you
can right-click to skip the cutscene but otherwise you can see it okay so now the
things to notice here we have here a fossil center we have here the power
plan and we have the research lab initially the research lab
allows you to research more advanced buildings more advanced dinosaurs things
like that the power plant obviously self-descriptive it gives power to the
facility and also the fossil Depot allows you to analyze fossils
now one thing you can do is you can set it up so that you’d go on expeditions
those expeditions will take a team around the world and it will allow them
to dig up fossils which you can use to find out new species of dinosaurs or it
might just give you really rare and expensive materials which you can sell
which you need for funding for your base now while this talk is still going on if
you click on how you code it’s all disabled for now you can click on the
money to see where your revenue source is coming from this is your current
rating of your food park now perfect timing
you have different missions you can do these missions will pop up during the
game and what they are for you can see that for the Security Division
entertainment or science and you should accept and do the missions as they pop
up as long as you as much as you can some of the missions you won’t actually
be able to do until you’ve gone on to other other islands because it might be
a species of dinosaur that you have no way to develop in this park
for example until you go to somewhere else but the nice thing about this game
you can have four or five different parks running all the same time and
while you upgrade other species of dinosaurs in a future park you can then
come back to the previous one and then bring them to the previous one so if we
click on here let’s do the security mission first
so it says build and connect your expedition Center and this will increase
his security reputation and it’ll give us cash reward 250,000 so and the
expedition Center is really good to have anyway so click on here operations click
on here expedition Center and place it down now to rotate you can press Z or X
on the keyboard that’s what allows you to rotate now even though it says it
highlights as green as if you have to place it in this green area you really
don’t you can place it anywhere where this space so but initially let’s just
keep everything separate so we want to rotate it so we’re gonna keep the path
you can see the path indicator at the bottom next to the hit here now
one thing I would recommend as well when you build buildings make sure you have
some space next to the path because later on you can upgrade the paths you
can make them a lot thicker denser to allow more people to walk and it’s a
good idea to have some space in case you decide to to do that so let’s put this
let’s put it here for example okay so this is building as before you need to
build it and connect it as a path to the main path and that symbol there shows
you that you need to do that okay now when this is finished building we
will get this reward and we’ll get some money and so on and then I’ll show you
how this works now I know that a lot of the game will take you for a lot of this
these items anyway but I really wanted to explain to you important things to
consider when doing this and when I when we’ve gone through the basics I’ll show
you the rest when I I’ll show you the decisions I made with building my own
parks okay right so you have the expedition Center so what the
expectation is is that like I said before it will allow you to send
expeditions all around the world now this cost money
but the reward can be great so click here expedition map and you have all
these points these yellow points or places you are available but haven’t
been to yet and each one will tell you which dinosaurs can be researched from
them so we’re gonna go for here because 60,000 for the Edmontosaurus okay we’re
getting a transmission okay so it says a mission has popped up conveniently
saying acquire the Edmontosaurus so perfect and if
we do that then we’ll get a reward of 1 million dollars so let’s start this
mission best not to avoid the missions because you need the money especially at
the beginning so click here edmontosaurus and that’s it so now it’s
researching it it will take probably 2 minutes 3 minutes to finish the
expedition so to exit press escape now in the meantime if we look at the
Hammond Center incubator dinosaur you can see for example here they say 44% 0%
lots of dinosaurs that will be available in the future but if you want to
increase this all the way to 100% then you need to do more expeditions and get
more of the fossils – and it will increase the amount of this percentage
eventually can go all the way to 100% at that point when it’s a hundred percent
anymore fossils that you’ll related to that dinosaur you can just sell them
they’ll have no value anymore so good there’s no harm in getting access
because you know for the money ok so now you can always click anytime you can go
back to the expedition map or you can click here on the control room and you
have all the different tabs so here it shows you all the different islands
which become available you can see that these are the islands we’re working
working towards and then this is the sandbox mode and then here expedition
map we can see the time of the expedition that we have left here we
have fossils ok so you can see that we already have some fossils available so
what I would recommend this is just my recommendation enough to do this but the
higher the star value of each fossil the more percentage you will get what I’ve
done personally is that anyone that is two-star or higher I extract the DNA
anyone that’s one-star I sell them for the money so that’s just how I’ve done
it it seems to work really well so I’m going to do it so for each one you can
select them all you can extract the DNA and this will increase our DNA
thankfully each one won’t take that long at
you see the probably like 30 seconds each now if we look at the research tab
this is from the Research Center we can see different items are available for
different categories and they will increase as time goes on so as you go
along you can then get better buildings more site attractions for your audience
more secure e upgrades for existing buildings such as increased power from
the power plant and that’s a really good one to get initially so here improved
output we’re gonna research that first and that will take about three minutes
okay and then this one just gives you some law some information about the
different areas if you want them okay so now we can see just in time that the
expedition has come back so let’s go to our fossil center again so you see we
got some good items back from the expedition so we’ve got this free star
so I’m gonna extract it sorry have then you have another one let’s extract that
now this one is just valuable it has no dinosaur DNA at all but you can sell it
for a hundred thousand dollars so hell yeah you know why not so we sell that
because we always need money coming in and we have all these coming in as well
so all of these are being currently researched as well in the meantime let
me take you through the upgrades so if look for example at power power become a
big problem major especially when you start building lots of new buildings so
if you click on the power station it will take you through and it will show
you these areas that the power station covers so for example you can see here
this yellow area means that this substation from the power station is
providing power within this circle so you need to make sure that there are
substations set up and that this power nearby to each of the places the
substations matter so the yellow area covers where power is given so if you
make a new bill if I made a new building for example way out here
it will have the power symbol over it and what that means is that you need to
bring a substation to it in order to provide power for it okay so and to do
that simply click on power click on substation and you can place
you can see the substation shows where the region is for the sake of this video
I’m going to show you so you let’s let’s say I want to do power over here so we
do that we made a substation but we need to connect it to the network otherwise
it has no value so connect connect and connect and then connected to the lip to
the network and then now we have power way over here so yeah now we can see as
well that the inverter Soros is still not finished so what you need to do you
do the expedition again you can I have a click again on the expedition Center got
expedition map or the quick way Control Center expedition map and then send it
again there’s literally no reason at all you can’t do the same one again
eventually some of the expedition zones might deplete and then you can’t go to
them again but generally most of them you can just go over and over again to
increase percentages and it’s a good idea to do that but always be mindful of
your money so as I said before right now we’re not making any money we’re losing
money in fact we’re losing six seven thousand dollars a minute because we
don’t have any reason for the for the part to fill up with visitors ok now
there was also the research we were doing on the power plant of Quaid so you
see that’s about to finish now ok so it’s about to finish done so that’s we
have improved power output so let’s load it for each building if if upgrades are
available click on the building click this up symbol and then we can apply
upgrades to it so we have here improved output let’s attach it now there’s no
reason you can’t put it over and over again in every slot so we’re going to
put it in both slots so we’ve improved output twice ok so now we have a lot
more power coming out of this station eventually you can research upgrades to
the great so for example there is such a
thing is output 2.0 output 3.0 and so on reduced upkeep and stuff like that and
if you are building a base in a hazardous zone which is subject to
storms or whatever you can put these items like out out teacher protection
okay so the goal of the game is to build a successful park obviously and is a lot
of facilities so operations is obviously operations things that you need to run
the base and research and get more dinosaurs and so on the enclosures are
what you need to like contain the dinosaurs research and release some so
if you click on enclosures let’s set up some food for the dinosaurs so here we
go so now we play some food so that it will the dinosaur will be fed now also
within enclosures later on you have different types of feeding so this is
for tall dinosaurs these are for the carnivores is a viewing gallery so this
increases the amount of fun let’s say for the visitors if they can view the
dinosaurs in a viewing area of the enclosure and again so we built a new
building we need to make sure that we connect it to the path so let me show
you let’s connect up so we connected it to
the path but as you can see there’s no power so as we discussed before let’s do
a substation right here that will cover this whole region and then let’s connect
it to the network there you go so now this building will have power okay now
the way it works so every time as well things to keep an eye out
now that the helicopter is back we know the expedition has come back so click on
fossils so what did it bring four stars excellent
so let’s extract the DNA and three stars extract the DNA and I would recommend
you always if you can afford it send expeditions out but you want the
experts go out as often as you can but I guess I’d always be mindful of
your money now so so far for the guess we have a viewing gallery
so literally all they can do in this park is come here and look at stuff
essentially so now you have this half here called guess this is what gives
attractions to the park things I would recommend I would
recommend setting up an emergency shelter because in case a dinosaur
breaks out the enclosure you don’t want any danger to life and then you can
enable them and something but I’ll show you that in my other park you can set up
a hotel gift shop fast-food out there and then later on you can unlock these
other facilities you can have a monorail system an arcade a toy shop a fossils
own a bar a clothes shop and so on but this is
part of the research so the more advanced your Center becomes the better
now always keep in mind to do all these missions so you see here there’s a
mission the bottom right says incubate and release an enema to Saurus construct
an ACU Center research the item ACU reload speed 1.0 and these missions will
occasionally cop pop up which helps you just expand and learn so it says here on
earth a Decker X fossil that means do an expedition to get a Decker X fossil so
let’s accept that now that’s it that’s the basics so let me show you the park I
set up previously and I want to take you through the decisions I’ve made and so
on which might give you a help and this is basically obviously the fun of the
game is that your design your imagination your management skills are
all put to the test in this game but like I said I find the game extremely
fun so but this is for me of course you need to decide for yourself if this
looks like a game for you okay so now apparently there’s a dinosaur threat
so where is the dinosaur fret let me deal with that before people are put in
danger okay so this dinosaur is outside of the enclosure so one thing you can do
eventually if dinosaurs are a problem you can tranquilize them and then
put the back in their pen after you’ve repaired the walls now anyway let me
take you through the basics of here so this is my this is the same level that
we were doing and this is really obviously advanced I’ve got the power
station here I’ve upgraded it a lot so I’ve got improved output 2.0 to prove
output 2.0 cuz I need as much power as possible I’ve got a storm defense
station set up I have loads of dinosaurs set up here I’ve got a clothes shop a
restaurant a viewing gallery I want to viewing galleries actually for
the guess I’ve got here an emergency shelter so you see here there’s a
dinosaur running around so let’s open this shelter
let’s open all of them because the dinosaurs are a problem and when the
dinosaurs are broken out the enclosure you can get a helicopter add a task and
we want to tranquilize this dinosaur before he causes a problem now
thankfully this one is a hut to her before so he’s not a direct danger to
the guess but you don’t want dinosaurs running around your base and if any of
the carnivores break out so you can see that that person got trampled at least
now if you have a carnivore breakout you might actually witness the carnivores
eating humans if they don’t have an emergency shelter to run to so that’s
why they’re all running and the reason you want to open the emergency shelters
is because while this is going on a designer saws on the loose you want to
make sure that your reputation doesn’t go down too far if these dinosaurs
running around your park your reputation will go way down okay so that’s been
dealt with he’s been tranquilized so now we’re gonna transport him so we do the
transport team by pressing T and then selecting transport team and we’re going
to put him back in the enclosure and once the dinosaur safely to be honest
when the dinosaurs tranquilize you can probably just shut the amount emergency
shelters so just close them all and people are free to explore now it’s
raining at the moment that’s not a problem if it was a storm if you see
like a tornado symbol at the top then you should open the emergency shelters
as well because that is obviously a danger
to the residence now you can see here I’ve got free hotels I’ve got an
Innovation Center I’ve got obviously more power plants
gift multiple gift shops now this is the enclosure I set up for the carnivores
now carnivores are dangerous obviously they’re big big problem that’s why you
see I’ve double defenses and even with these fences I put electrical fences
now the reason I put two layers is that if they break out of one layer then
hopefully I’ll have the time to get them and tranquilize them before they break
out to the general public but if they break through the first layer then I’ll
immediately open the emergency shelters for the people and you can see the
monorail system is working as well and this is just to give people quick access
around the park it’s just a nice thing to have it looks it looks nice and now
the last thing I’ll talk about is the Ranger teams so if you just press on are
you have the range of teams you can have up to three teams you can purchase more
if you add tasks now these things to consider things you need to do one you
need to fill the deliveries especially see that one’s completely empty it’s red
and they’re the ones which are blue means they they could use some refilling
also as well the Rangers can repair like if for example let’s say a dinosaur
breaks a fence a ranger team can repair the fence for you and you can actually
drive the the team so let me take this team let me say drive vehicle and this
is what is really cool let’s go to the herbivore enclosure so right here so
we’re driving through or try not to run in anyone over obviously know where the
center is because I play this game a lot now you can see here all these blue
means that they need to be resupply so let’s resupply all of them and if you
want you can manually tranquilize the the dinosaurs you can manually do this
but what you can also do you can take pictures let’s say I’m interested to
take a picture this dinosaur and this is this is perfect timing there
is obviously the sad truth there’s life and there’s death
so eventually dinosaurs die so you want to remove their dinosaurs from your park
so what you do is you press t get your transport team and click here when it’s
it when it you click on the dead dinosaur it’s literally going to just
take it off the park ok fence is broken so where is a fence pro/con who’s
breaking out of the fences here so this fence is broken so this dinosaur has
broken out which means I’m gonna again set the ACU team after them so add tasks
tranquilize him because we don’t want it to break out in to the general public so
hopefully this will give us time see he’s trying to he’s trying to break out
I don’t know if if necessarily it what he will get out but let’s send a team to
repair that fence and just because it’s a kind of war I’m gonna open my
emergency chant shelters just until the dinosaur is enclosed so because I don’t
want any danger to any of the people and for the other team
ok this team that’s repairing fence you can click up to multiple tasks so this
fence I think this fence here repair here so
let’s repair this fence as well and why not let’s resupply now the dinosaurs can
really be motivated to break out their enclosures if there is no food if the
food supplies run out then okay so he’s been tranquilized
so the Ranger teams are coming to deal with it to repair the fences and so on
you’ll be tranquilized for a while this guy all these are just sheep these are
like food sheep for them to eat and stuff but that’s why you have to make
sure you keep an eye on on the amount of food because like I said they’re
motivated to go out if there’s no food now there’s still that dead dinosaur
okay another dinosaur site and again this is just this is life you know the
things died now the last thing I’m going to show you in this video is the
modifying genomes so if you want to incubate a dinosaur let’s say I want a
these are the dinosaurs available to me right now let’s say I want to get this
guy you can click on modify genome now this is part of the research we’ve done
previously so I’ve unlocked different stats for
different dinosaurs and it depends on the dinosaur but you can see the
different stats and what they bring so this will give it more resilience more
viability this will give it a more attack power I don’t know how you would
do that this will give it longer more defense but less lifespan and so on so
you can select which one you want by clicking on it or pressing enter and so
on and that’s it so at this point in the game your day-to-day management of the
facility is this if there’s any problems like how to deal with it okay so we have
another dinosaur who’s broken out so now the emergency shelters are still open so
let’s send again the AC you add tasks let’s tranquilize this guy and so on so
like I said they can be highly highly motivated to break out if there is no
food so just always make sure that they have food to eat and also as well make
sure that every enclosure I said has got water now one thing you can do if you
want to if there is no water where you built the thing you can do landscaping
so let’s say I want to add water you can just literally so let me do it somewhere
else let me add see if we’re gonna add to
hear something okay let’s open up open space let’s try here for example oh wow
there we go you see how we’re building water I mean I know it’s silly to do
this but that’s how you would do it you can also add trees so say add a tree
there add a tree here you can also hold the mouse key down if you want to add a
bunch and you can add grass you can also lower and raise the ground or you can
flatten it if you need to flatten it for buildings so that’s it now in this first
level there isn’t much many problems let’s say it’s like the occasional
dinosaur will break out but it’s not that big of a deal later on in other
levels you’ll see there’ll be a whole list of problems you’ll have tornados
you’ll have attacks and so on so returning to face a lot so this guy
can’t return to base because he’s enclosed in the outer fence that’s
actually funny so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna add a gate right here so
enclose yours so you have to react and respond okay
so now this guy it’s going to turn around and it’s got to use the gate to
to leave I think that’s a good I need to probably add a couple of gates just to
make sure so let’s see enclosures let’s have another gate there in case they
need to go in and out add their own free will so you see now they’re trying to
leave and so on oh that’s it and the good thing is with any of the teams you
can click on it and it says here drive vehicle at any time you can enter a
vehicle which is going and if you want to leave it just escape and they will do
what they need to do to add tasks let’s say unless let’s try and redo some of
the food for example if you’re obviously zoomed out too far
then it’s a problem now the shelters are still closed because I believe there’s
still dinosaurs out the enclosure but that’s it guys let’s just let’s just
leave it at that for for now it’s a case of manage it make sure you have a good
reputation that you have lots of money coming and obviously right right now my
reputation sucks because there’s been so many dinosaur escapes and so on
but that’s it make sure there’s a lot of variety get the most use out of your
space and as you go along keep doing the research and expeditions from your
control room and that’s it and you can have a park as good-looking as this or
even better so that’s it guys I hope you like this this video if you if you like
this video remember to give it a thumbs up you can watch around the video over
there you can watch the latest upload down there or you can click down here to
subscribe thank you guys bye bye

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