Judo Skills Stop the Threat | Active Self Protection

Judo Skills Stop the Threat | Active Self Protection

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  1. Hi! Im new to this channel. Why asking for cash to get subscribed? Its something about monetization? The videos didnt get you enough money?

  2. By putting up a hand to ward this guy off is going to start the fracas anyhow, so this should give the the good guy some time to decide what course of action he's going to follow. An aggressor is going to react in some manner to a defensive move – so think what the next move on your part is going to be.

  3. He let himself be hit way too many times. He waited to be headbutt AND slapped before he finally defends himself.
    Jot to mention he let the guy get up in his face like 3 times.
    If the guy assaulting him wasnt such a skinny faggot, the kid in the jacket would have been out cold on the floor…

  4. Black shirt weighs about 135lbs soaking wet 😂 black shirts lucky the other kid was also a feather weight who let him Get away with that slap

  5. I hate the fight-as-a-last-resort mentality. If someone is in your space it means they are within striking distance. Unseen blows can cause serious damage or death. So why the hell should you take headbuts and slaps before deciding to defend yourself? If you're threatened just attack first and make sure you come off better. Worry about the inevitable legal shit later. In the UK obviously it's a crime to fight back.

  6. In all honesty being that close of distance with a Judoka is the most dangerous spot you could be, soon as dude came in the guy should’ve taken him down

  7. What has this world become? where we need to self protect, people are so Devil, feels like wanna leave this Earth soon…….

  8. If you cross my bubble, I will break a bone from your skeleton
    ( no more legs or arms) . If life
    Threaten I will use your own weapon
    To kill you. And brand you on my body.
    As a trophy…….

  9. This is not judo, The guy in the blue has no experience because you never take someone down with an over hook because you’re exposing your back, you always want an under hook when you hip toss someone or take them down

  10. Is that really Judo skills or is he maybe just smart, I mean he only did one move and that couldve been one move taught to him

  11. Doesn't looks like Osoto Gari to me, but in the same time judoka does a lot unexpected ways of throwing.

  12. "defensive fence" hahaha this video has taught me how to use a defensive fence and have mid to high level judo, awesome thanks.

  13. I was head- butted into unconsciousness. When I awoke, I was In my apartment being raped. Screamed first, got jaw broken and nose. Second scream I screamed my apartment number and police! Got choked. No one called police even though the windows were all open! That was my moment of true Change, anger. No one had a right to do that to me! But they did!! Depended on myself ever since. Head butting is brutal! Why doesn't it knock out the person doing it is my question?

  14. the throw was a kind of harai goshie, almost but not quite, still effective though, the hold down was the basic kesa katame which all judo students learn from the very beginning–put the squeeze on then game over

  15. judo is a sport intended for one on one, if the guy in the video was surrounded by other guys then he'd be wide open to attack during the hold down, judo comes from the martial art of jujitsu which is truly pretty nasty, judo is jujitsu with the nasty bits taken out although arm locks and strangles are allowed but only for 16yo's and above

  16. Make him stay right there with you dominating him until the cops show up the arrest this asshat. Really bruise his fragile ego.

  17. I hate when people say a martial art isnt viable. For instance Taekwondo might not be the most practical self defense technique, but Taekwondo masters who have been doing it for decades could soccer kick your head off of your shoulders. There is no such thing as an ineffective martial art, only an ineffective martial artist.

  18. I would of taught that thug a lesson. Slap me with your hand, I'll slap you with some fmj's bitch

  19. I got uscca ad before this. Pisses me off that they literally talk about getting life for defending youre family. America wants you to be in prison.

  20. Got eeeeem lol, guy has more patience than me, I'd have undertaker pile drived him since he's finally an aggressive opponent of the correct body size.😂

  21. Man they must be sissies in Holland. That was a shit takedown but it didn’t even matter cause the aggressor was such a pussy

  22. man i would have pounded this guys face into the floor until someone pulled me off him. big ass puddle of blood

  23. Or perhaps it was a trip with the leg. Most learned this is 2nd grade.

    Yes, clearly a expert practitioner, clearly.

  24. You miss something here! If the guy in the green shirt would have been the buddy of the attacker it would be a bad idea to go on the ground.

  25. F*ckin Europeans love to headbutt. Ever face off with an English Soccer hooligan, keep your distance. LOL.

  26. I wish I had that education in my country, now I have a scar in my eyebrows because of head aggression (during soccer game). But now I am in Canada, I doubt it could happen the same to me here. Anyways I hope to teach my kids (If I have one in the future), self-defense. Is a so basic thing that anyone should learn in this world.

  27. that Guy with a blue 🙋‍♂️short thinks his future after he know he can get a Problem at here like that guy 🤞🏽❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍

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