18 Replies to “Judge: NSA phone surveillance unconstitutional”

  1. i guess it really depends on how they use this info,
    there are really bad people in this world who really needs to be watch, they better have intentions! that protects the good will of the peoples, regardless of their beliefs and have a balance of our ecosystem, religious aspects. after all this is our world and none of us can escape it! if the nsa wants to watch the people they better watch big corporations too!. it is not profits over people anymore, its about right and wrong.. think about it

  2. You ignorant fools that think that it's ok for the government to spy on us to protect us from the terrorist that they fund are fools. Someone please tell me when about the real bad guys this shit stop? You can't because their isn't. This is nothing more than an government that knows its fucked up so it spy's on its people to blackmail them into their corrupt system. I don't understand how people want privacy from their neighbors but not from the prying eye of big corrupt brother.

  3. As great as this is we all know the supreme court is just as fucked as the rest of the government. They're as likely to find it unconstitutional as they are to sprout wings from their asses and fly around the country giving children sombreros made of candy.

  4. We KNOW from months and months of reporting on Edward Snowden that they are collecting a hell of a lot more than "metadata." That was just the government's initial story when they were trying to talk the programs down.

  5. The judge's original wording was "This is unconstitutional." NSA added "But Imma stay this ruling until appeal." Nice.

  6. Imagine if the government had this kind of power about 60 years ago and what that might have meant for the Civil Rights movement.

  7. A Judge appointed by George W Bush is giving a thumbs down to a program, under the watch of President Obama? Interesting…

  8. Well here we go again, this is proof of the Control Media that we Americans are suffering, and I wonder how can others countries like Ukraine and in the Middle East are revolting to get a Police State like the one we have. Wake up Ukraine, Middle East and the rest of the World, The West is a State of Lies.

  9. So noting new, same old, I did read a commentary about all this News Agencies being a Front for the CIA, Mossad and M16. How interesting now wonder they have so much control over the freedom of Speech and Press, So we are leaving in a World of just Fantasies and Lies. And still people in Ukraine and the Middle East are revolting to get into our Police State. I wonder.

  10. A search is either legal under the 4th Amendment or it is not. The remedy for an illegal search is to suppress the evidence at trial. Thus, without a prosection, a person lacks a claim under the 4th Amendment. The person illegally searched could seek redress only if a statute let him sue.

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