Joseph Prince – Psalms 91 Prayer Of Protection

Joseph Prince – Psalms 91 Prayer Of Protection

Lift your hands all across this place. Say,
“Father in heaven…” Now for you and I, we will say this “this coming day” but because
we are praying the prayer for this coming week, we’ll just pray “this coming week” ok?
Say, “Heavenly Father, this coming week, I thank you that you have gone before me, prepared
the way for me and my family. You have removed the obstacles, closed some doors, and opened
some doors. Thank you for making the crooked places straight. Heavenly Father, You are
my Refuge, and my family’s. Our Fortress, our Hiding Place. In You we trust. Surely
all week today. All week surely You deliver my family and I from every deadly disease
from every sickness from every danger from accidents from harm from terror from evil
people from all the powers of darkness from all the power of the evil one. And You have
crowned my family and I with divine favor and your favor goes before us this day, this
week and prepares the way. Thank you Father in Jesus’ name. Amen! And go out there with
confidence in your God and face life without fear. God bless you! See you again

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  1. Amen so be it❗️ In Jesus name. Psalms 91‼️ I wait to hear Pastor JP preach on this Psalm he is sound and annointed to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ‼️ Preach Pastor JP‼️

  2. Thank you Joseph. And I pray this prayer for my brothers and sisters in the Middle East and Africa. That they may one day have the freedom I cherish. In Jesus name, Amen.

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