67 Replies to “Joseph Prince – Intimacy With The Father Brings Protection—Truths From Psalm 91 – 27 Jul 14”

  1. Once again, another powerful yet comforting Christ centered message! what got me is that God seeks intimacy with us and it is out of being under His wings and His feathers that we are protected. It is not about  just claiming Ps 91 as a lottery machine. This is so timely in this days of plane crashing missiles ( Arrows) or  Ebola virus plague ( Pestilence) I love it! love it ! love t! God bless you for us Pastor Prince.

  2. Joseph not only has GOD revealed HIMSELF to me through you but I've come to Trust HIM all the way! Your teachings and your church have impacted the U.S. and there rest of the world, JESUS is the same yesterday, today and forever!!! Love coming from our Heavenly Father! YAHWEH we love You!!!

  3. Pastor Prince,You are a blessing to this generation.Because you open our eyes to the but biblical truth about God.
    Your Anointing will never go dry IJN.

  4. I agree 100% I remember when I use to run from shop to shop looking 4 his tapes… and when I listen it takes me to the glorious realms… Maranatha band is next best to me!

  5. Father God, I thank you for Pastor Joseph Prince.
    Pastor Prince, thank you , for bringing the Word of God alive for me. 
    Since I have listened to your preaching, I have learned so much more about God our Father. Bless you , and your family. 

  6. I remember once I got lost at the zoo as a child and the police officer asked me what is your mothers name and being young child I answered- momma
    So as a child of the Living God, let us indeed call Him- Abba-Father-Daddy!!

  7. We never met in person even Once ….but the ONE in our beloved p.Prince Caused us ..to MEET &Greet HIM There!The throne Room of GRACE! amen so imp. to Cling to The One MAN JESUS CHRISt amen g

  8. May The Almighty God continue to bless you with your family, keep you and make His face shine upon you and to continue be gracious to you. The first time i lesson to your preaching on TV i was Wow  jumping, screaming Amen I Thank God for you.

  9. To whom truly search for the answer to the soul, can be fill and fullfill by listen to Joseph Prince sermons. You just have to listen and listen and listen over and over until the hear of your understanding been flooding with Our Heavenly Father light of life peace and full joy. AMEN. MAY THE PEACE OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JÉSUS CHRIST BE WITH YOU ALWAYS. AMEN

  10. My boyfriend introduced me to your ministry and I have not been the same since!  My bucket list #1 goal is to see you speak in person.  Thank you for your unending love and commitment to Gods work.  You are greatly loved.

  11. When is Joseph Prince coming to South Africa, I just love His teachings on grace. I will be among st the first to attend his sermon

  12. I had a nightmare tonight. when I have nightmares I repeat a verse my mom taught me, for the Lord didnt give me the spirit of fear but love, power, &a strong mind. I prayed it over & over again and I still didn't feel at rest so I went on pinterest & I looked up bible verses & I saw one picture that said something about bible verses for emergencies.&under the category of danger psalm 91 so I looked it up on here and Joseph Prince was the 1st video. I watched it& it brought me here& I thank u god

  13. Our Heavenly Father is where we find protection by drawing Him near. We need to have a close relationship with our Heavenly Father to know true love and true acceptance. Our Heavenly Father know us inside and outside because He made us in His image. But it is us that distance ourselves from Him and falling from His intended image given us.  Please don't lose that intended image!


  15. Thank you Pastor Joseph this really prove what I Think about before why Noah nd his famili saved only.. Thank Father Yeshua for always saving Mankind from evil beings as what fallen Father of darkness..

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