Joe Walsh Smashes ‘Scared’ RNC For Protecting ‘Con Man’ Trump | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Joe Walsh Smashes ‘Scared’ RNC For Protecting ‘Con Man’ Trump | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

100 Replies to “Joe Walsh Smashes ‘Scared’ RNC For Protecting ‘Con Man’ Trump | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC”

  1. SORRY REPUBLICANS,… TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE ! ,.. you all were too silent , FAR too long , you ALL should go DOWN WIYH THE SHIP !

  2. TraitorTrump is not above the law! Big fat narcissistic liar.He is a spoiled psychopath! Our world is fkd up! We need to fix it. Do not spend another second of your time listening to this MAD MAN DONALD TRUMP!!!!!! He wants to illuminate primary elections of Republicans.

  3. Lol they dont want the challengers to call trump out on Fox news debates lol what a joke the RNC IS THATS NOT THE DEMOCRATIC PROCESS MIGHT AS WELL BE NORTH KOREA

  4. I laugh at the HYPOCRISY of any Anti-American Republican. Pretending to have morals when Republican's Ship is sinking.
    There is not such a thing as a good Nazi, just like there is not such a thing as a good Republican.

  5. White nationalist want to keep there offspring Kkk man in place not thinking about everybody but only themselves.

    This also shows HOW the white nationalist make the laws, pass the laws and which one's are above the LAWS.
    Destroying America from within, with ALL the criminal and Russia friends. LOL

  6. Joe Walsh is crying wolf about the Republicans canceling primaries but his party is all about voter suppression it's just he's getting a taste of his own medicine.

  7. Hey joe blow what would you do as potus ya cAN'T JUST SAY tRUMP bad man what would you do ?????? that's what I thought nothing go away trouble maker !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hilarious! One bigot knocking another one. You'd think they'd all like each other. Thanks Ari for extending that priceless media coverage that got Trump elected to yet another xenophobe, racist bigot. Thanks for respecting and loving the American peeps! You ROCK!

  9. Stfu!! Voting for him would be like voting for a slightly younger Trump. Provocative? More like racist. He was wed, had children, divorced and wouldn't support his kids. Sounds like a hypocrite to me. Like most GOPs.

  10. Donald Trump has a limited vocabulary it’s always fantastic the best the greatest when all reality it’s the worst so whenever he says everything is the greatest just think of it is the worse he tries to use reverse psychology he thinks Americans are stupid and if you keep believing this radical insane pathetic Donald Trump then you deserve what’s coming but I don’t see the innocence having to suffer for Trump supporters Idiocracy but this man nails and everything Trump is doing he’s doing it right in front of the American people without any consequences

  11. Let him run and the electorate will decide. ALSO, open the filed to other candidates, other republicans. They wanted small taxes and jobs….everyone assumed Trump would fall in line.

  12. Black is just a color. And anyone of any color should be able to say any color in conversation. Just like any other word. The color shouldn't matter. It should have never mattered. I'd love to hear real debates, not just this nonsence about politically correct speech. What's wrong with Black? Nothing. If I can say black when ordering coffee, you can say it for any other reason too. Its like they're trying to pretend ppl of different colors don't exist at all. Let alone help them save fix issues which happen to affect them more, specifically because of racism. #takeBack_urColor #colorProud :))

  13. So Msnbc, has a man on who used the N-Word in a tweet and owes over 100,000 dollars in back child support. Such class at this liberal network

  14. Joe Walsh is the gang of 8 … Flake others corrupted republicans that rolled in the Stink with dirty democrats of past decades. Real democrats that have stayed away are going to have there day as we all know Pelosi, Feinstein are the head Stink queens that hold Stink on those that cross their line…..interfering with their personal big $$$$ investments that soon will be gone…. gang of 8 plus will not be history, wiped away from being anything but gutter Rats ….retired in shame for the negative that they instigated for there bosses on the American people.

  15. Can republicans challenging trump in those states that are not having primaries still get on the general election ballot if they declare themselves as New Republicans?

  16. At a recent meeting of the promotional staff of a print magazine, it was noticed not to have any meaningful representation on the many panels on the Sunday morning chat shows. It was suggested a woman would be nice, which raised the question, whom already on staff is attractive enough to represent the publication? and if one cannot be found, whom can be faked-up with blond hair dye and make-up that would be able to pass that attractive test in this age of appearance journalism? As this problem is being pondered, I’ll get back to you with how this publication solved their Sunday morning television dilemma, meanwhile, please enjoy all those pretty young faces that have already been approved for viewing…even on some of those old weather-beaten and worn-out ladies of media…

  17. With all the whites on welfare what do u call them? There is an entire mining town that voted for Trump that are all white and on welfare what's ur dream for them? Where is ur negativity about whites? Are they all perfect because last read pedophiles that are white are not getting jail time…what's your dream for them? Whites have over 100 hate groups in the USA, what's your dream for that? Whites are killing people in mass shootings Malls, Concerts, Theaters, Movies, Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, Work, Schools, Amish and more deaths….wats ur dream for that? Stop acting like whites are perfect fix your evil race before you judge us especially when you burned down Black Wall Street and u don't want to see it happen again! U r spewing hate!

  18. I miss normal Republicans. The crazy ones in the house, are off their rocker, and the Senate ones don't do anything constructive.

  19. Republikkklans represent the white supremacists, neo nazi's, skinheads, kkk, Russians, Confederate flag waving traitors and fake Christians.

  20. Fantastic. A man with a thick skin running for president. He is aware that he is a target of this kind of opposition. He is also where he has done the same thing to others such as Obama. I expect nothing less, But a thick skin.

  21. Trump is playing the imbecilic old man to avoid all responsibility for his crimes and treason followed by the electric chair.

  22. I don't like Walsh because of the vicious lies he spread about Obama trying to make a name for himself (e.g. Obama is a muslim). Let this dirtbag go after the dirtbag in the white house. It will be fun to watch.
    And as far as blacks being on welfare, have you forgotten about the Appalachians?? How about the whining coal miners who lost their jobs due to technology, and refusing to see that the world is moving away from coal. Look at how many of those losers are on heroin and opioids. Conveniently left that out, didn't you?

  23. Joe Walsh? Really ? With zero support,,, just a big mouth
    Democrats are racists,  traitors, 
    America haters,  they hate all minorities they just want power.  Biden likes children like his friend Epstein and Clintons,  this creep cant be a serious contender from dems
    Biden likes children
    Warren likes beer
    Kamala likes Willie
    Booker likes bathrooms
    Beto needs new diaper
    Bernie is a coward
    Democrats does NOT EQUAL democracy . Joe walsh,,,,he needs a new job.

  24. This Is Anti-Democrary Republicans Party Doesn't Like Or Care About Democracy Trump Sycophants Who Are Authoritarians Fascist Cult Members At Heart

  25. Joe Walsh is garbage and every repubelickkklan who try to clean donald T. Rump's orange buttcleft deposits from their orange motorboating jaws to suddenly look as if they are any different from him .
    In 2008 They were already prefering Vladimir Putin Over Obama or any democrat before "R-ange Kelly" even jumped on the birth certificate band wagon of hate.

  26. What policies did he name? I didn't hear anything. And nobody is capable of lying all the time not logically consistent.

  27. Democrats can take some lessons from Walsh on how to aggressively attack Trump. Other than that–he's still the type of republican that ensures I would never vote for a republican.

  28. Good luck don’t like anyone of them – at lease he is saying truth about trump- majority of people on government assistance is white then blacks and other minorities. Get white people working again-GWPWA

  29. The Pedo RNC party is moronic and dying a slow Traitor trump death! Good news!!!!! RNC is lawless and the Party of Putin shoe Lickers!!!

  30. The Republicans True colors are in Our Face, they worship the Snake. If Trump is the Best GOP can do they are Evil & Are ungodly, for every word out of hisouth is of an Anti- Christ Spirit. He used the Christians for an evil agenda & a vote while using God for corruption, hate, bigotry, filling his Pockets, abuse of power while claiming he alone can fix it , he feels No need for God and he believes he's the chosen one!!

  31. America is Compromised! That is why GOP fear him even Pelosi because when Trump asked Russia to find Hilaries E-mails, they also got dirt on Everyone of our Government Officials & there undertable Money schema here at home & abroad!! That's the "Only reason they Are Quite, The sooner America & the Media Opens there Eyes to what has happened the Sooner We can Save Our Country & put differences aside!!

  32. The US should not be struggling with a President for their rights. The USA is sinking into a morass of corruption and immorality. when will the people say enough is enough!

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