Jimmy Kimmel Proves Mike Pence is an Alien

Jimmy Kimmel Proves Mike Pence is an Alien

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  1. DUMP the RUMP !!! DUMP the RUMP !!! DUMP the RUMP !!! DUMP the RUMP !!! DUMP the RUMP !!! DUMP the RUMP !!! DUMP the RUMP !!! DUMP the RUMP !!! DUMP the RUMP !!! DUMP the RUMP !!!

  2. IF Pence is replaced on the ticket, it won't be with a woman. Trump can't handle strong women and esp those who might get more attention than he does.

  3. The Bible says if you believe, you are an ailian. So you are correct. We are just passing through until we be home. If you don't believe then you are of the world and the world loves you because you go after worldly things. Do you really want to be from this hell hole or do you want to go to a Much better place?

  4. Do you think Pence just sits at the edge of his bed in his pajamas and stares into the darkness for hours and then lays down waiting for the sun to rise? “ Father?…. please come back to bed…Mother……I am troubled……. “

  5. I used to really enjoy all the late nite shows but I can't watch a show that's supposed to be entertaining … Or what used to be w Letterman being turned into a political propaganda machine … They All suck

  6. “Have you decreased in mass?”
    Kudos from the Simpsons, just before he impregnates Marge.
    It’s also the way Pence chatted up his wife. True story.

  7. And I just thought that Mike Pence had never figured out how to masturbate.
    Trump's problem is that he does nothing but "mental masturbation", which leaves no time for any real thoughts and especially no time for thoughts about anyone outside his little fantasy world.

  8. dyskover had an interesting comment……"Pence has two facial expressions. The first is a satisfied: "I farted" look. The second is: "Who farted?" "……However, I think his two expressions are "certainly I understand what you are saying, oh gawd I hope they think I understand whatever it is that they are saying" …and his confused condescension look where he shakes his head and repeats their name a few times..

  9. Aliens are not homophobic BIGOTS! (White human males (mostly American Republicans) are the primary carrier of this level of the disease called Fear.)

  10. But I thought all beings were welcome in the United States!?
    Even aliens …even ILLEGAL aliens!
    Isn't that what you Marxist-Liberals keep shoving down the throats of the American people!??
    Are you being bigoted towards aliens now!?
    And what about the Kenyan, Hussein Obama!?
    He became President…..TWICE!!!
    Hypocrite much, Jimmy and his Kimmel!?

  11. As a hybrid alien myself I can tell you Pence is one of us. We come to observe and try to fit in, but it isn’t easy. We are always uncomfortable and wanting to go “home”. We speak very little because we have nothing to say. We really don’t want to talk or even listen. We just observe and process what we experience via our fluid energy channels.

  12. Now that Trump has stated directly that Pence will be on the Republican ticket, it is only a matter of time before he is replaced.

  13. He's so robotocized, that the change in a social situation the equivalent of a grain of sand is an apocalypse to him. Doesn't know what to do. He thinks, "WWJD?" but he doesn't know because he isn't a Christian. He's made up his own religion and just calls it Christianity for legitimacy and status.

  14. Pence says … OK Mr. Happy …. please work so I can satisfy Mrs. Pence …. darn…. I'll need to watch some Porn first but God will forgive me

  15. I agree…there is something wrong with this guy that make not sense at all…we are invaded by aliens but mike pence is a new species

  16. Jeremiah 5

    7“Why should I forgive you?
    Your children have forsaken me
    and sworn by gods that are not gods.
    I supplied all their needs,
    yet they committed adultery
    and thronged to the houses of prostitutes.
    8They are well-fed, lusty stallions,
    each neighing for another man’s wife.
    9Should I not punish them for this?”
    declares the Lord.
    “Should I not avenge myself
    on such a nation as this?
    10“Go through her vineyards and ravage them,
    but do not destroy them completely.
    Strip off her branches,
    for these people do not belong to the Lord.
    11The people of Israel and the people of Judah
    have been utterly unfaithful to me,”
    declares the Lord.
    12They have lied about the Lord;
    they said, “He will do nothing!
    No harm will come to us;
    we will never see sword or famine.
    13The prophets are but wind
    and the word is not in them;
    so let what they say be done to them.”

  17. No Mike Pence is no alien mike pence is a religious bigot who pushes his racism around in the name of his religion. May GOD forgive him. The children mike pence the children what about the children GOD is watching mike pence

  18. Mike's agenda is to take over our society and force us all to live according to his Islamist version of Christianity. No thanks Mike.

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