Jeh Johnson: Whistleblower Protection Is Fundamental | MSNBC

Jeh Johnson: Whistleblower Protection Is Fundamental | MSNBC

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  1. For anyone still making the "we can vote him out" argument You've got a huge caveat now.
    We can try to vote him out but he's already invited interference on national TV, admitted to trying to extort interference from foreign powers, and the only election frauds to be found in the last 3 years have been by Republicans deliberately skewing elections.
    Gerrymandering 40% votes yielding 65% victories, voter suppression, closing and moving and deliberately misinforming about voting locations, voter roll purges, hiring people who publicly admit to stealing ballots so they can steal and forge ballots, running elections you're particpating in, forging signatures to manufacture third party spoiler candidates, attempts at census tampering.
    And those are just the examples i can come with off the top of my head of criminal and unethical actions Republicans have taken to make sure only the "right" people are voting and only certain votes count.
    The next election will not be easy or fair, the Republicans wont let it be.
    If we want to vote out Republicans and start fixing the government it will need to be vote margins which can overwhelm the roadblocks and dirty tricks and illegal laws and foreign attacks and internal subterfuge that will be levied against our democracy.

  2. the 2 weeks resist is totally not necessary at this time :/ impeach him first then we all can rest … i feel its gonna have bad effect on impeachment :/

  3. HIs comments in front of an audience are despicable—- The people he describes are not spies, obviously, They are patriots who were extremely concerned over what they were witnessing in the WH—- The obvious “SpY” is the ugly Russian blow buddy Donald Trump.

  4. From across the pond it's a great show to watch , both sides are so sure they will win , but there can only be one . It would be nice to read some comments that are factual and not just based on bias and hate , I have never before seen such an inflamed divide in the USA before . Just remember you are all Americans and violence or foul language is not a solution . There are smart and intelligent people on both sides but also a lot of idiots. I have posted the same on channels on both sides of the aisle.


  6. WE ARE AT WAR !…against the rabid radicalized socialist democrat party and the fake news media alias the USA MAFIA !
    Impeachment ain't gonna happen .The rabid radicalized socialists democrats and the fake news are going to cry like "little girls" when president Trump gets reelected in 2020
    Trump 2020!
    America never ,ever,will be a socialist country !

  7. Global art is evil world hate propaganda dead as a doornail. They shall eventually run out of concert love drugs and then the "meat is murder" green machine mongoloids must return to the cult of childish emotional instability rage rage rage. There simply is not enough DNC open border's medication to calm the draconian mongoloid children down.

  8. The far left is out of their minds. With every good trump does for our country the dems refuse to work with him. It saddens me that these blind idiots cant see the truth. FACT: THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION OR ANY CRIME FOR THAT MATTER that warrants impeachment.
    We The People are behind you Trump!!!
    #MAGA #KAG

  9. MSNBC is such a homer echo chamber. These people dont have any idea how small their sector is . The 2020 election is going to be hilarious just to see them react.

  10. Wow what a joke, this is second hand BS, the crooked Dems are going down and there running like scared rats! Second term will put them all behind bars, maybe even you lying pos media hacks, sure are a lot of stupid sheep following you idiots🐑🙈😆

  11. Not much fun being a Republican in the coming months. Every single day new criminal activity could be revealed, every day trump goes more unhinged. Time is not on his side.

  12. Joe Biden used and abused his Vice Presidency to get his son Contracts or no Govt. aid . Basically Our Vice President Biden was for Hire to the Highest bidder for Contracts in exchange for petsonal Contracts for his son.

  13. At 2% of the polls Robert Francis is worth spit. Someone should tell him no one is listening except for the enemy of the people … the media

  14. Biden', Biden's kid's foreign dealings so obviously graft. Ignoring it is media graft. Wallace like his father gladly sell out Americans. and the integrity of their professions. Disgusting obvious excrement should be hung with Moscow Mad Cow, Fredo, Lemonhead, Up the Pooper Anderson Cooper, they knowingly lie with malice. That is against the law. Did the law change like whistle blower law was changed 2 weeks before this charge made against our President? Second hand hearsay is suddenly admissible. Investigate who and why that change was made. It is 1984 if that is new standard in courts. any court.

  15. The law change like whistle blower law was changed 2 weeks before this charge made against our President? Second hand hearsay is suddenly admissible. Investigate who and why that change was made. It is 1984 if that is new standard in courts. any court.

  16. The greatest SCAM in American politics was having a life-long criminal fraud. a pathological liar, pervert, admitted sexual assaulter, a philandering cheat, turned Russian Asset rig the election with help from the Israelis, Russia, and Saudi Arabia. The name of that conman is traitor-trump…, and he is CAUGHT and will go down in history as the single most corrupt, greed-driven, mentally deranged, RACIST, criminal ever to sit his double-wide backside in the White House.

  17. Trump has been at war against the American people since he joined office. He called Baltimore a dump. How do you demean a whole city. He devalues the intelligence departments. He draws on the maps of the National Weather Service and total disrespect. In the law of respect he has violated multiple loss of love. And this is in God's law he's already violated. In man's law he has violated obstruction of justice an abuse of power. As well as he's declared war against the American people. He's projecting how he is upon others because he's sick. Trump is sick

  18. he's talking about finding the Whistleblower and assassinating The Whistleblower. This is a direct threat to the life of The Whistleblower. So he's referring to the old days where they would do witness tampering in the mob. That's what he remember those are old days of Donald Trump. Let's look at his reference when he say things

  19. In the old days, this what Donald Trump said and this is how you put a contract hit on a rival. Trump has directly threatened this whistleblowers life with his comment. On the streets we all would take this as a direct threat of a contract killing that's being placed on somebody head.

  20. It's too late the house will not be able to to take him out. There's to many blockers in the way. Just wait and you will see him get away.

  21. Trump’s every excuse always starts with someone, somewhere has done something similar before…so he thinks that makes what he does ok?? He has obviously never studied in philosophy… or law… or psychology… that grandiose opinion of himself (“no one else ever could “) puts his lack of information on front street.

  22. National security trumps the awkward appearance of political benefit. Biden and Son deserve a backgound check. These two could be Manchurian Candidates, for Christ's sake! Burisma was paying Biden's Son $50,000/month, apparently, just TO SHOW UP! There's a flag on that play! No need for a fake dossier. BTW, 70% of America makes less than $50,000 for working all year long.!!!! Biden and Son may not be dirty, but they sure stink.

  23. GEE S. A United Federal German Republican (like to keep ours)

    AMERICANS, do me a FAVOR.

    Turn to your streets. From the EAST COAST the WEST

    Go out and shout:


    OD will love you. 'Cause everytime doing so, you'll be citing him.


  24. The whistle blower has a problem with hear say. I heard it from . I can recall it from . It's a hoax . Inthe meantime Congress needs to work on a great America not this B. S.

  25. Emperor Trump has made it absolutely clear – there is no place for whistle blowers that report against the Trumpublicans. Different if they report a Democrat though. Doubtful that whistle blowers will be keen to report after all this.

  26. I wanted impeachment the night he was elected. He is not legitimate president. Violated emollients clause minute he was sworn in. He was a con man running for president., everyone ignored this. He is worse than I could even imagine.

  27. Excuse me, up until they changed the rules this guy was not a whistleblower. He is a plant and trust me those idiots aren't s smart as they think they are. Biden blew the whistle on himself. And Trump's attorney has every right to investigate what went down in Ukraine in the 2016 election. Can you say Manafort.

  28. These Americans are INSANE!!! What is wrong with these Democrats!! Completely delusional and the whole world is seeing it

  29. Put up or shut up! If you don't want it to apply to Edward Snowden, then shut your mouth. Talk is cheap. Those who do, act. Those who don't, talk.

  30. What I want to know is since the Dems can subpoenae witnesses, do the Republicans have the same power because the first person I want the Republicans to subpoena is Joe Biden… The first question… You said in the recording that you dared the Ukainian govt. to '…call the President (Obama)… Did anyone in Ukraine call President Obama? I REALLY want the transcript of THAT call….

  31. It's inexcusable that this is being given so much non-stop coverage while the Bravest, most Reliably Accurate Whistleblowers in history, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and Chelsea Manning have yet to be freed.

  32. Go for it National Socialists of America. My Grandfather's party has bee infiltrated by NAZIS. You're walking into a trap and you'll get all you deserve. wwg1wga

  33. Well Beto, maybe some republican senators are supporting impeachment but are they willing to do so openly or just in that secret vote? If it's not publicly, they're still looking out for themselves & not for the ppl they work for

  34. “It seems pretty clear to me that Adam Schiff and the Intelligence Committee Democrats knew about this. That makes me think that Democrat's attorneys with that committee were working with this whistleblower.
    “Concerning the complaint, it looked like it was written by a team of attorneys. I was an intelligence analyst for 19 years. We don’t write that way. We see the very detailed legal footnotes to this. This, I think, was a setup job that included others, probably attorneys with the House Democrats Intelligence Committee.”

  35. Trump better watch himself, anything happens to whistleblower all the gloves will come off and he will be shot in front of a firing squad.

  36. You have to take the focus off of the whistleblower it is going to be turned into a meme and used to obscure the Realiity. This is about The Traitor Republican Party( it is that party- you better face it, every vote is still split in half-49% yes-48%- no; that is some of ours in with the traitors, think about that)and Trump Conspiring to Defraud the USA -AGAIN!

  37. If by any chance Trump wins, they have already begun re-writing history and all they need to do is have it look like well maybe it was Ukraine not Russia.Trump-“you dont believe Mueller about Russia interfering” his campaign manager is already using “ they did interfere in an Election. No! It must be called out everytime.Russia interfered in The USA’s election

  38. It wouldn't matter if the Whistleblower was a Deep State Operative placed their by Hillary Clinton herself. The report was filed and found credible and moved forward, motive is irrelevant. When you report a crime they don't make your identity public, Law Enforcement goes to great lengths to protect the identity of informants. In a law abiding society we want people to report things without fear. You would think "The Nations Top Law Enforcement Officer" would know of The Crime Stoppers Program? As far as logic is concerned the only relevance of the Whistleblowers Identity would be to allow for intimidation or vengeance,

  39. I am convinced that Dan Coats absolutely threw up a flare and likely is our Whistleblower that will surely impeach this treasonous president. Coats is an American Hero

  40. Hmmmm, whistleblower protocol was changed in Aug 2019. The blower came immediately after in Aug 2019. The blower never heard the call. We need to find the spy. The dems failed with the mueller dossier, so now comes this phony whistle blower. Insurance policy in effect.

  41. All the propaganda lies are sure going to be coming out for DRUMPH..protecting the LIAR!! IMPEACH THE Orange LYING Turd Now!!! The Hero Whistle Blower should be protected!! The whistle blower is THE True American Hero!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  42. it's crazy that GOP have started using the term "snitch" to deride the whistleblower. A Snitch is defined as a person that tells someone in authority about something wrong someone has done. So they are admitting trump did something wrong but trying to make it wrong that someone told on him. The number of movies and podcasts that are going to be made about these last 4 years will be insane.

  43. Pretty sad 😢 that Linsey is selling the country out for his free ⛳️ golfing with his buddy chump..👎🏻👎🏻 🤔💩🤡🐍🤥👁👀🧐

  44. Trump has gone full Louis XIV with his crude rendering of "L'etat, c'est moi" (the State, it's ME). So if an attack on the president is an attack on the nation as a whole .. could someone ask him to explain his thousands of verbal attacks on the previous president?

  45. Trump tweeting I had nothing to do with Russia helping me get elected,so Trump admitted he is a criminal,so sad ☹️ under the oath to America!!! Mueller said Russia is mediling in our election as we speak!!!

  46. Oh now you want to protect whistle blowers! When it comes to you hypocrite Democraps you want to protect. Well this President knows he has the the right to face his accuser. All you loser democraps want is to school this person not to say the truth! Right! Trump Train!

  47. Remember 95% of the NEWS MEDIA, DEMOCRATS, FBI, CIA, are corrupts to the bone. all of they are called the "Democrat party" The house Democrat changed the rules all the time with the intention of coup President Donald Trump. The senate Democrat changed the rules all the time when homosexual Obama was president. THE AMERICAN WORKER IS WHATCHING.

  48. Schiff And The Crew Are Grooming The Whitle Blower On What To Say…The Other Side Cant Even Challenge Him…What Kind Of Bull Is This.


    Democrats are 'panicking' as illegal spying is set to be revealed, says Dan Bongino


    BREAKING UPDATE: SPEAKER PELOSI AND ADAM SCHIFF Connected to Prominent Ukrainian Arms Dealer – PHOTOS

  51. It's really truly is a blessing to die & be brought back to life to all you Satanists & atheists that are out there! 🙏🏽 Those that are waiting to cheer & celebrate 7 death (Mercury) I got news for you Goeshe's, the kid coming back to reclaim victory! 🙏🏽😝 7 🥋🤙🏽

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