Isharon Ishaaron Mein – Ep 159 – Full Episode – 20th February, 2020

Isharon Ishaaron Mein – Ep 159 – Full Episode – 20th February, 2020

Rani, it’s me. Relax. Get a hold of yourself. I can’t see you like this. What can I
do about it, Vivek? I just can’t forget
about that incident. Just forget about it. How can I do that? That incident has made
news in today’s newspaper. The police in
search of the murderers. He is in a very
critical condition. If something bad
happens to him then.. Nothing will
go bad with that low clown. If we both are
visible in the CCTV I’m sure even his acts
are recorded in it, right? Yes, he has
to be alive, right? I’ll talk to grandpa
in the morning.. If nothing works out I’ll go to the police station. I’ll tell the police
about everything. What if he dies? Hello. We both
don’t know each other. But you’re
a very useful person to me. Look how bad
they’ve beaten you up. I think you
must avenge them. And to make that happen you have to give me one little
thing which belongs to you. You must
give me your life. Well, I’m doing all
this only for your sake. I will serve you justice. Excuse me.. That’s good. Thank you
for your cooperation. Inform everyone he is
dead after exactly two hours. Mr. Vishal. May you rest in peace. This brings an
end to your story and a beginning
of the end for the Srivatsav family. Yogi.. Hey, Yogi! I wonder if someone
knows he has woken up yet. What brings you here
so early in the morning? Sir..
– Yes. Yogi has to go the Visa office and he has
not woken up yet. Well, Yogi is ready. Are you serious? Looks like you’re
really set to go. You’ve got used
to screaming now. Don’t say that.. Wow, my son is ready! Here, have
some curd and sugar. Wait, what are you doing? Don’t stress
yourself, Son. Slowdown.. – You’re not
supposed to eat all of it.. Yogi, listen.. This is your file. This has all your documents.
Keep it safe. Think before
you say something. Or write it down. It’s very hard
to get a visa to America. If you get a visa
you’ll be the first person to visit America
from the Srivatsav family. Yogi, don’t be nervous. Yogi will never get nervous. Yogi, listen to me. Talk to them respectfully as this is America’s visa,
those people are very strict. Just a minute. Don’t you want
to be there on time? Gunjan, I wish
everything goes just fine. I wish all
your dreams come true. Fine, he has thanked everyone.
Let’s go. Or we’ll get late.
Let’s go.. Yes.. Sir, they’ve
been looking for Yogi. Who is Yogesh Srivatsav? This is Yogesh. What happened? We have an arrest
warrant against you. He’s accused of a murder. What! Are you out of your mind? The person whom
you had beaten up in the mall had died in the hospital. Mr. Prabhakar Mishra. Constable?
– Yes, sir. Take him with us. Hey..
– Let him go! You better
get out of the way or I might
arrest you as well. Get back now! Stop being arrogant. Or I’ll end this right here. Come with us
to the police station. You may say whatever
you want to in the court. Sir, my friend is innocent. Sir, my grandson
has not killed anyone. Ma’am, you may
say that in the court now. For now, we have to take
him to the police station. Inspector, I agree.
– Yogi.. There was a fight. But he didn’t hurt anyone. I am the one who did. Listen, right now
we have a warrant against him. If you want, then I can
make one for you as well. Just let us do our job.
Arrest him. Let’s go.
– Hold on. First show us the warrant. Oh I see! All right.
Here it is. Take him. Hey, Inspector.
Where are you taking him? Hey..
Mind your tongue. Singh, let them speak. Well, he can’t speak.
So they speak for him. Move away. We won’t let you take him. What proof do you have
against Yogi for this murder? If you want proof
then come to the police station. We will show you there. Don’t interrupt us or else,
you all will pay for it. We won’t let you go.
Yogi is innocent. Surjit and Bablu,
don’t step back. Let’s see what they can do..
– Prakash.. Listen, dear, don’t do this. There’s no need to do this. It’s the police.
They are just doing their job. We will hire a lawyer
and deal with it. No, sir, Yogi is innocent.
We won’t let them take him away. Listen, everyone.
Don’t go against law. You will regret for it. Listen, there’s no use
of doing this. Yogi will get into trouble. Inspector, you can take him. Please..
– Let’s go. Move.
– Move away. Yogi..
– Yogi.. What do you mean
he didn’t reach the embassy? Okay, I am looking into it. Seema!
– Yes. Now don’t start yelling at me.
I am ready. Listen.. Shambhu, check the door. Why Yogi didn’t reach
the embassy? Don’t worry,
he will reach there. I called him in the morning.
He was getting ready. Hello, sir! Hello, Ma’am!
How are you? Didn’t I tell you
not to come to my house? I am sorry, sir. What to do? I was missing you a lot. So, I had to pay a visit. Well, I am here to share an information
with you. Yogi got arrested by the police. What rubbish is this? I swear, sir.
I am telling you the truth. Your son-in-law Yogi
is now in police custody. Come on, sir. At least you should trust
your close ones. But no issues. You can talk to them
and get confirmed. Hello, Mr. Prakash! Yogi.. Please don’t worry.
We will be there soon. Ma’am, are you confirm now? Okay, please make
a special tea on this occasion. Get up.
I said, get up. Get out of here. Seema, let’s go. That’s right.
You should go. After all you are family.
You should be present there. No worries about the tea.
We can have it later. Well, before you go,
do listen to a deal. It’s for your benefit. You won’t have to do much.
It’s a small task. Remove all the charges
against Roshan. I assure you, I will get
Yogi out of jail. Get up..
Get out of here. But..
– Get out. How dare you
talk to me like that? Forget about the charges. You can’t even see
your son anymore. No matter where you have
hidden him. Sir, calm down
and think about it. Yogi is charged for murder. But he’s not a murderer.
– Listen, Ma’am. Yogi will rot in jail. Also, don’t forget
Gunjan is pregnant. Pradeep.. Don’t cross the limit, sir. You have already
insulted me enough. I don’t need anymore. Sharma, your son-in-law Yogi
will rot in jail for the rest of his life. Think again. Just one decision
can save my son Roshan and your son-in-law Yogi.
Think about it. Pradeep Chauhan, your son
will have to rot in jail. And don’t worry, I will anyhow
get Yogi out of jail. Now get lost.
Get out. Shambhu, throw him
out of the house. Leave me.. Sharma.. Seema.. Seema, control yourself. I won’t let anything
happen to Yogi. Right now we should be there
for support. Gunjan needs our support. Go.
Go inside. Come on, go inside. I don’t want any noise. Just keep your mouth shut
and sit over there. Got it? Make a habit of it.
It’s not going to end soon. Go and sit over there. Looks like he’s from
a prominent family. Check out his cloths.
– Simply fabulous. Hey!
What’s up, buddy? Hello!
What are you in for? Did you beat up somebody? Hey!
I’m talking to you! Can’t you speak? Hey!
Leave him alone. He’s deaf and mute. Don’t make any trouble. You will talk. When the police start
thrashing you, you will talk. Got it? I told you, Vivek, this
is all my fault. I’m responsible. Stop it, Rani.
That’s enough. What… Drink some water.
– Yes, drink water. Vivek, you’ll turn up
in the CCTV footage. They’ll take you too. Oh, Rani.. Yes, he’s dead.
Yes, we thrashed him. You’re going to cry
your whole life? The police have
arrested my brother and here you are,
making things worse. Don’t shout at her. She’s in shock. Yelling at her
is not going to help. You didn’t inform us despite of everything
that happened yesterday. Why did you have
to assault him? That rascal entered
in to Rani’s changing room.. Enough!
You don’t need to repeat that. I agree with Vivek We can’t just let it slide
when someone tries to misbehave
with our family. I’d have done exactly
the same thing. Oh, my Yogi.. Kusum..
Look, right now we should focus on Yogi. My son..
My Yogi.. Prakash.
Gunjan That sounds like Mr. Shiv. Yogi would never
murder anyone. I know. Yogi is being set up. What do you mean?
– Yogi is innocent, ma’am. V-Vivek just said that they
thrashed the man at the mall. That’s true, but I think Pradeep Chauhan is
responsible for his death. Pradeep? We’ll deal with that later. First, we need secure
Yogi’s bail to bring him out. Prakash. Ma’am.
Sir. Mrs. Kusum.
Do not worry. I will hire the best lawyer. I’ll leave no stones unturned
to save Yogi. Look, sir, they’ve
just arrived. I’ll take care of them. Leave everything to me, sir. Right, okay, sir. Who do you think you are? We’ve been here
for two hours and you haven’t answered if we can meet
Yogesh Srivasthav. Don’t take that tone
with me, miss. This is a police station,
not your house. Constable.
Take them away. Yes, sir.
Hey, let’s go. No.
– Come on. Just a minute. Look, we want to meet Yogi
and talk to him. He is innocent. You see, Prabhakar Mishra
committed a despicable act
on my sister-in-law. That’s right, sir.
She is Yogi’s wife She’s pregnant.
At least think about her. Yes, sir.
If not all of us, then at least let them meet Yogi.
Please, sir. Look, you can meet him
in court. Currently he’s being
interrogated. Hey, start talking. You’re not making any sense. You entered the hospital
and killed Mishra, right? He was already
is a poor condition. How do you summon
that kind of rage? All right, tell us why
you thrashed him in the mall? Hurry up.
I have to write the report. You and your brother
assaulted him? That means you both
are involved in this murder. Come on, talk.
And stop eyeballing us. You, along with your brother
assaulted Prabhakar Mishra. He is dead now. Now you and your brother
are going to rot in prison. What kind of a person
are you? Don’t you have empathy? Listen,
he committed murder. He is no innocent child. No one is allowed
to meet him apart from me.

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  2. Pradeep had evil intentions but he did one right thing in his whole lifetime …i dont worry bcz m positive that yogi will be proven not guilty..

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