78 Replies to “Is this Smart Door Lock worth $165?”

  1. after seeing all the plastic Wheels on the inside and hearing how loud the mechanism is I would definitely not purchase it

  2. Huge security flaw right off the bat, get access to the lock add a new passcode owner never knows due to the allowance of too many codes, ie air B&B, get access to the lock via the code the owner gives you, add new code to the door I’m sure there are default codes out there that could work, not very safe and secure in my opinion.

  3. I will never use Lastpass

    4:44 Save a password once and it's instantly available on all your devices….
    So whats the point of this app? Cant I just write down the passwords on my nokia 3330?

  4. I have used the Kwikset – Kevo 2.0 for the last year. It connected to my phone (iphone) no problem and is super simple to use. You should test one of those. It also needs a hub to connect to the internet and it is sold as an extra. I like it , you should try it out.

  5. Bluetooth never connects in any device I have noticed in all products. I have trouble with my connection bluetooth on my nexcar dashcam device.

  6. If the LastPass server gets hacked, there goes all your passwords!
    Smart people would never ever put that kind of info onto an online server…. just sayin' 😉

  7. But for a ZWAVE lock it EXTREMELY great. Zwave allows you to hook it up to multiple systems not just Schlage's system. In my case I have it hooked up to my alarm system and with that I can remotely unlock my door from anywhere in the world, configure, change and put time limits on certain key codes from my online service I can even have it unlock my door automatically once I enter my geo fence. I even can log who unlocked the door at what time from my online service. If I wanted I can even have it turn on my zwave lights when I unlock my door. Don't knock this 165 dollar lock. It may not be the best peer to peer function but as a zwave lock this thing is phenomenal!

  8. I've also realized if you have poor Wi-Fi which we do in our area things turn off and on or function funny I wouldn't trust that with security

  9. Start by making your doors go OUTWARDS instead of INWARDS. That makes a door IMPOSSIBLE to kick in. Now add METAL and make your door made of it. Fucking locks. It's all about the door.

  10. I have a Face ID key lock to my door for my house what’s worth over $3 million. Also got security and cameras everywhere (ring)

  11. Hay Zack. I know this is an old video, but the problem here is that you bought the wrong lock. The Schlage Connect BE469 that you bought is clearly advertised as a ZWave lock. ZWave devices require a hub for connection and your cell phone does not have the proper radio to connect to it. It is great if you have a system like Wink, SmartThings, or Ring Alarm.
    The app you are attempting to use is for the WiFi version of the lock. The lock that you needed to try is the Schlage CONNECT BE479.

  12. I just want a lock that I can use my phone as a key card it doesn't need to have any kind of Bluetooth or anything just use the NFC having a number pad on the outside is great too

  13. Thanks for the review. Was something I was considering. Now I will be a little more aware of what I should be looking for.

  14. I feel super bad that I hadn't subscribed.. iwatch your vids all the time and have for years now. This was another great video! Even got me to download lastpass lol

  15. I've been running a Yale smart lock touch pad deadbolt for 4 years and been very satisfied with its performance. Hooks up to my smart home system flawlessly and can add/remove codes remotely.

  16. This should be marketed as a "digital" lock, rather than a smart lock. And why would you need your door lock to be able to be opened via a mobile anyway? You'd run into lots of cases of phone thefts and thieves then gaining entry to houses that way.

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