Is Judge Greg Mathis Telling The Truth?

Is Judge Greg Mathis Telling The Truth?

today is the greatest day I’ve ever
known can’t live for 2 Mile Road Marla’s much
too long hey good evening this is the storm report but you might have to call
me old Aggie half-breed tonight yeah it’s just
it’s one of those nights I’m not in a bad place but I’m not in a good place
all right let me get everything situated and set up my mic sounds nice one two
all right all right live chat she’d be working come on in my beautiful troll
babies let’s get down for the get-down tonight everybody can get it hashtag no
fucks given on a Friday all right um I’m gonna talk about some things I don’t
have a lot of notes tonight I just want to go up to top top of my head and I
want to tell you about why I’m now the old Aggie half-breed this morning I woke
up and everything was poppin I went to the gym I’m on that gym rat shit you
know I can’t say I’m an official gym rat but I went to the gym in spite of the
fact that my new trainer canceled on me my very first appointment with a trainer
slash body sculpt sculpting or sculpturer sup my dad he cancelled to
his credit he cancelled an hour before our appointment I’m supposed to meet him
at 8 a.m. I was up at 6:30 you know just low weights you know
oh I’m sorry by the way welcome to the gun show bang bang bang niggas hatin and
and then I had a conference call the conference called rain the fuck out of
me for two hours and then took a nap laid my dumb ass down did some other
things and then later on this evening after handled a lot of business earlier
I wound up at Bojangles now usually I don’t like to name names of food chains
or restaurants but what’s going on with Bojangles my food tastes like shit I
threw it out I was in the fucking drive-through
minutes I thought I would avoid Popeyes long line and that the the greens the
biscuit and pure shit threw it out didn’t even go back with the receipt at
you know my usual going back you know just on some petty shit trying to get a
refund I threw this shit out and Here I am okay old Aggie half-breed that’s me
this evening right on the screen let’s get right to the business uh judge Greg
Mathis oh it’s shines I’m on this nigga huh
he’s from Detroit I pulled myself up by the bootstraps yadda yadda yadda you
know celebrity judge by the way he’s got a television show this pen pop it for
how many years judge Greg Mathis number of seasons 20 seasons getting that bag
ahead you know did you see the video if you have not please go to tell
me if you think he spit on the valet parked up a loogie oh they got the video
hmm what’s going that monkey shit tonight oh and by the way folks no
co-host tonight because I’m I’m just going there and I’m sure this well I’m
not sure but this particular show I’m probably going to delete the file so I
don’t want any females to you know to co-host to cosign my bullshit snipe
anyway um yeah did you see the video judge Greg Mathis look like to me he
spit on the valet now the valet at some downtown grill in Detroit I think that’s
what he’s from he um he had to wait 40 minutes for his car 40 minutes huh some
of us have had to wait an hour and change for our car he had to wait 40
minutes on his Rolls Royce got into some type of dispute and you can see him up
on TMZ you know talking to Harvey yeah yeah you know no it was uh you know it
wasn’t what they say it is I got witnesses well he didn’t he didn’t know
that there’s video footage what say you also ojos
Jigga man Jigga man hang on a second throw the diamond up look on the screen
folks in case you’re not the speed Meek Mill and Rhapsody to perform an NFL
kickoff Colin who September the 5th in Chicago’s Grant Park before the Bears
face off against the Green Bay Packers Meek Mill and Rhapsody will perform live
whoa Jake a man already putting his mac down
are you up to speed what are your thoughts I want your your honest opinion
tonight and didn’t I see Colin Kaepernick somewhere with that that that
big-ass bun shit with the fucking uh what do you call that with the AB your
thing over his forehead and hair all out you know that real Fugazi all that shit
some tennis match didn’t he what wasn’t he there phone lines open
right now just give me a second and let me just say uh good evening to a high CB
this is a super chat that came in today earlier I wasn’t doing a show yet Thank
You Man hi see be from Bridgeton New Jersey on the check-in damn Buckwald
done went missing an action Wow salute and respect yeah man you know buck his
buck man but thank you for your own super chat hi CB yeah well I mean I
don’t want it you know tell bucks situation but uh if there was ever a
reality show that needs to be put on reality TV it’s it’s the storm buck
wildlife and we’ll talk about that later all right let’s get the phone lines yeah
and judge Greg Mathis hmm did you see him up on TMZ talking to Harvey talk
what yeah I know the UH the lawyer for the guy and in the owner yada yada yada
we don’t give a fuck about that if you spit on somebody we want an apology and
some type of restitution huh yeah get to break in some money off its go to area
code 707 good evening this is uh yeah Aggie
half-breed whatever it is I just said give me how are you hey what’s up man
hey what’s up hey I’ve seen the video and you know he’s from Detroit yeah
several judge method between the video and you gotta remember in Detroit niggas
grinding its luck tonight well it’s no question and one thing I
want to point to is this show that he was on with Wendy Williams when he
started fused with her but you know what I heard it I heard the audio come on
bark come on he tried he tried to pull her car and you know he brought out his
Detroit that Detroit grimy ass he-hey he said I’m fan sir he did pull her car
let’s let’s keep it real he pulled the car he said he said I are you high on
coke or something you’re high on that shit he knew those who are who are who
are that lights out he he grimy you’re grimy judge but my last question
for you star my nigga I’m your half nigger certain item your half nipple go
ahead my half nigga my half nigger my yellow-legged yesterday can’t he be
disbarred and is he still a judge considering that this show is not under
some judicial branch Bay County you talking my type of talk tonight listen I
don’t know the man personally but you’ll be just awesome hatin shit I would love
to see him in shackles right around his way right so you know you know to be
honest I ain’t got no love for the next be honest with you because the way he
performed as a judge is behavior that is under coming of the of the bench in
general by any state encounter so me so so when he when he go about as an
entertainer is nothing but like related to what they want to steal the Negro is
this type of song and dance and shucking and jiving 40 minutes waiting on a Rolls
Royce so what right so what right had a Puerto Rican
take my cl600 one time he was gone for two hours I couldn’t get that
motherfucking carb fucking Valley a Porto Rican valet and down downtown
Manhattan down anybody on a seaport or some shit like that I want to see judge
Mathis with the steel bracelet so you know just just to bring him down a few
notches I’ll let you finish up finish up right well hey hey
with that said man I was hoping I can get some smoke in today and judge Mathis
had to get it yeah you go though i’ma go ahead and pay my I think my boots back
soon and I’m looking for them white boy Jay compete yes it’s okay all right old
Aggie half-breed folks that’s me tonight I spoke to boss chick Ronnie I said hey
you don’t want to co-sign this tonight you know and and I didn’t reach out to
Dana or anybody else I just I just feel like black in the fuck out and I have
the Meek Mill roc Nation’s story as well for those of you who care and what are
your thoughts hmm javis home huh shit is going down
NFL kickoff Green Bay Packers Bears do you care and let’s get an update a hole
in a second I’m just flipping through all this stuff right now I just I was
really just fucking heated after that whole Bojangles thing and holds this
nigga who is this fool ass nigga uh Samoa is it Simone biles as I hates her
name her brother charged in a triple murder Lord Jesus this is the little
princess wasn’t she with the Olympics did you do something mm-hmm
triple murder yeah I’m fucking up her life somewhere out in Columbus Ohio 24
years of age I held his dumb ass as they should score
phone lines folks I’m little reckless tonight it’s good a recode two of one
hey – oh one did you see the video with judge Greg Mathis allegedly spitting on
the valet hello do one thing yeah hey you stop hey first of all huge
huge fan we go way back around your age I just won’t let you know got you
oh yes just thought I got no fans but okay come on I shut up anywho I saw the
video so let’s talk about judgment first of all and his hope gangster gangster
whole persona that he does okay you gotta pay for that all these old-ass
people that’s been spitting all this shit this oh shit the Bill Cosby yes the
Paul Mooney all them old tools okay become a few girl don’t don’t go nowhere
miss moaning miss Mooney got to get it everybody got it
shut up Agarwal Galaga pardon me I’m one important guy you saying hey you know
what he’s gonna eat that cuz check this out that camera powers position it was
meant to do exactly what it’s supposed to do everybody’s getting set up now
everybody pay up on that camera was perfect y’all you got to know that they
wanted that they set that shit up and he’s gonna pay you fell for the trap
before for the banana in the tailpipe you fell for the banana in the tailpipe
saw when I hang up no stay there don’t go anywhere I’m enjoying the
conversation okay so now you saw judge Mathis he stuck his head in the window
and then came back out real quick you know what you look to me as if he’s fuck
with you tonight but then I kept looking at the video and I was like fuck and
then when the you came up and pulled him away like nah
gotta give him a good talking through the pull of a wire yeah he’s fucked up
he’s fucked up we fucked a judge Mathis hang on a second stay with me stay with
me did you see judge Mathis up on TMZ you know shucking and Jochen you know
buck dancing and doing a hucklebuck in the bus stop talking to uh Harvey I know
the lawyer no I mean he didn’t even know that the goddamn police are now
conducting the investigation he didn’t know no yeah it’s not gonna work for him
and they wanted that to Kimsey people don’t know they should run run from Tim
TMZ from any interview first of all okay that’s just always a fucking setup
number one he shouldn’t even said the rebut that was and he’s smarter than
that too he spoke I see his arrogance takes over because he is a smart man but
he’s arrogant as fuck and that’s what fucks him up well hang on a second uh
because you know intelligence does not always equal you know rational behavior
and I mean no disrespect to the man but he could be a well he is a judge pardon
me but you know he could be clever as opposed to you know intelligent you know
a lot of a lot of clever niggas that he know that they know what to do when to
do it you know when to be aggressive when to play passive you know but in my
opinion I think he’s spit on the ballot so low to me that’s worse than a punch
in the face that’s so bitchy to me that spitting in
the face of sole humanely low he should have his teeth knocked out the two front
teeth knocked out check it out though valet didn’t do that and ballet coulda
did that that guy who got out was not no to me he look like someone would’ve gave
it to you I feel like I still feel like it wasn’t set up I feel like they wanted
that I’m feeling stay with me stay with me now
he’s from Detroit to my knowledge I’m looking here on the Wikipedia and he’s
in down downtown Detroit so you know valet of
course recognized him valet said hey yo judge Mathis is inside I’m gonna take
the whip I’m gonna go live you know I mean yo I’m in Gemma I mean Judge
Matthew’s shit y’all yeah this is what the baby this is what the babies do know
so howhow are you now upset and spitting on somebody because they wanted to stunt
in your motherfucking rolls the Millennials you know but he knows better
that was so that was I do I can I ask your daughter how old you were you
calling from respectfully 49 I am from Teaneck New Jersey I’m a Jersey girl
seizing the coochie okay yeah very season season I’m only a loved
one and you know listen to listen to you and as you should be like I got you are
you mad no you married are you with your do you have a significant other I got a
ring pop for you on a you know what I heard I heard
disrespectful bitch you didn’t even want your damn green pot you know they don’t
even know I’ll fucking sucks when they see it is fucking raggedy ass I got you
though they’re not smart they’re not smart you know like take the fucking
ring you dumb bitch what the fuck is candy and then maybe you can get the
other shit I got it I’m feeling you okay hang on hang on now I’m sipping I’m
sipping I’m walking out if you find the time within the next five days shoot me
an email let’s let’s talk about it okay thank you
well okay yeah season coochie huh I’ve always been scared of season coochie in
case you’re new to the show you know girls will have season couch
they know how to contract and expand the vagina contract and expand see the young
girls haven’t learned that trick yet but the older girls they know how to
contract expand and you have to be careful when you smash them because it
if they contract it at the right time and they you you blast off you start talking reckless okay give me a second guys
Friday night Bojangles threw that shit out the fucking window
hey good evening – uh justice Savior one thank you for the cash app sir salute to
you huh yeah thank you sir uh uh who is this here I don’t see a
name I am tired of this nigga Meek Mill okay I don’t see a name but thank you so
much for your cash absolute to you yeah Meek Mill with some type of rock nation
you know advisor now performing along with Rob City jiggaman hitting you
niggas below the belt he pulled out Rob see if she signed to rock nation let me
look in the live chat hey my beautiful troll babies is rancid he’s signed to
rock nation or did Jigga man just bring her in you know to shut all that all
that all that walk shit down you know mmm
chicken man playing dirty el Edwards hey baby I see you she says no idea star hey
let me just go back up see how see how she’s looking ll worse you know cuz I’m
in high pursuit of a new prostitute okay okay let me just bookmark that okay all
right let’s go back to the phone lines and then I’m coming in super chat I’m
just something I’m gonna I’m on that Fugazi shit tonight just bear with me
bear with me area code 9 zero for good evening this is the Aggie
old Aggie half-breed show good evening good evening what’s
going on big niggas hey what’s up man this is support for
the notochord man Jacksonville Florida man I’m just hearing getting hotter hey
man we got this big-ass category 4 hurricane now I get four-day weekend man
done so we talking about never mind judge Mathis you where are
you again you’re in Florida where okay okay you guys get ready to get hit by
some type of tornado or did that pass over you yet oh no we got the hurricane
to come right for it okay now respectfully do you have some some
goggles do you have some bolt cutters and some flashlights because you know
it’s gonna be time it’s gonna be time to get to getting while the getting is good
no I’m talking about right all right we got so we got a generator a couple of
couples if it is could we don’t be okay no no sir no sir how old are you how old
are you I’ll tweet six I’ll lift you hurricane
okay I’m talking about it’s gonna be time for the getting the getting’s gonna
be good yeah do you understand what I’m saying I understand you saying getting
the getting light getting the cutter so you know things don’t be floating around
we gonna be abandoning things if it really hit Whitney it’s going to be time
to get up in people’s shit we can’t talk too much let’s go let’s go me stop it
man first of all man you know put your car your head that far in the window if
you don’t attend so you know somebody can you are already heard loud enough
you stuck your head in there to think that only he knew I Spit on them to
judge and you’re like you said intellect and being slick and knowing how to play
certain things in angles is two different things there’s not this
wheezing head in here to quit on that man and that’s when you
seen his homeboys allegedly come to get elected we couldn’t see News as control
all we know that stuff double the weight does math be talking like he got fooled
you know he was in judge Mathis is a old diva hungry
chugga-lugga and pardon me I’m wiling pardon me let me slow down folks
so you were saying yeah you thought he was oh he wanted all blame if you want
to he’s part of that type of claim right right stay on top of these old women
taking motherfuckers in the kneecap jay-z burnout Rhapsody yeah all you
won’t marry me cap right we get hurt selling out early they brought meat milk
and you gotta understand that no getting your record right now it came with a few
attachment that we’re now seeing that now date he has to be trotted out
anytime jay-z or these people need a negative dump but then since I’ve that’s
me they’re gonna call me no cookies no oh the NFL and jay-z anyone feeling
there’s a lot of debt for me Meek Mill owes jiggaman a debt his ass can’t repay
yes me that’s why you come like I was like what’s holding for jay-z saw his
deal anytime they need to have somebody the dreams and nightmares in the middle
of a buffalo building up can’t see a cheap game in Buffalo they gonna call me
milk they need to do a 2,000 feet ticket in Miami they’re going he’s they’re
gonna call me you don’t mean oh oh these niggas yeah okay you know that’s nothing
JB’s gonna be doing he already called it all he’s gonna do is throw concerts for
niggas and so the money Night Football ready-made
Dame Dash is so heated right now you can fry an egg on that nigga’s head I think
is needed right now we already know but he’s but he’s a we think we don’t want
to talk about that now let’s kick it nigga when he’s down let’s kick game –
when he damn – let’s kick Paul Mooney is Friday night it has taken no fucks given
last one let’s go Donald manager hi John I’m all got time
to sort and it sorta mean caller sure what the hell is wrong he had on the
short sleeve shirt with the long ass like what are you doing it just like he
type of schoolboys I could look you got going on and you card that lightning I’m
gonna say it nobody else is gonna say they’re scared to say it Dame played
himself the fuck out when he played himself out and the white boy pulled him
out to played him something even last one don’t worry
I hope they cancel a show I hope he gets back on soon be begging
right now for its job back you know agents pray for everybody doubt okay you
know we don’t do even though God so his hope everybody does if it comes down to
people getting a home but if you are no I’m getting up and we come with up okay
yeah young nigga from Jacksonville checking yeah you got the hurricane
coming down there time to get it streets got to eat let me
slow down guys um has anybody seen Jean Richmond aka number nine cuz somebody
please tag his punk ass on Twitter tell him I have the t-shirts coming next week
when the lights go out a mouth is just a mouth I’m not playing with these niggas
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somebody on Sunday not tomorrow because tomorrow I’m supposed to go with a slim
to God and possibly left handed here he didn’t contact me today what is this
thing called DragonCon anybody know about this in the live chat was Dragon
Con okay okay spider-man okay okay please somebody
call me and give me a snow Billy update snow Billy going hard in the paint
he’s got the boss report going ten toes down I have to respect it if you ask me
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murse platform I’m doing too much apartment give me a second mm okay Wow
yeah somebody call in and give me a UH snow
Billy update he’s one of the hottest niggas on YouTube right now he’s going
in I got a respected got it respect it hey al guerrillas Oh greetings sir I see
you’re super chat thank you he says star apparently you haven’t learned from your
time with the Latin Kings what happens when you keep feeding them them coyotes
will turn on you hey man in case you younger viewers don’t know King tone and
I worked in the MTV mail room together once upon a time a more dot a salute to
the Latin Kings I’ve always shown them respect last time he and I spoke was
2012 he called my show and he was he he wasn’t allowed to live in New York
anymore and yeah man I was never an official member of the Latin Kings but I
just I ran with those cats man back in their mid 80s after I got the fuck away
from the UM Jamaicans shower Posse
but thank you for your donation girl as oh all right
cane gleaming keen says I sent you an email on judge Mathis let’s ride on him
Savannah Georgia salute hater thank you sir okay I’m gonna get to that just bear
with me I’m moving slow tonight no coaster I just want a ramble honey it
was good evening sir he says fuck week mill fake Z and all them criminals
turned celebrity activists I just quit my job to sell beats and t-shirts
business talk coming soon thank you Hunter Acre Woods yeah man get that
skrilla Clement is what’s Clement is that clematis from time to heal
hey sugar if that’s you darling you are so appreciated she says salute to you
yeah Clement as’ who held my homie down Shampoo shammies a homey chamois and I
will always be friends if that’s the Clement isfrom
time to heal thank you darling you I appreciate it yeah let’s get that scroll
in here tonight at balls Hall gonna check in you know so back to the phone
lines area code three four seven hey three four seven do they judge Mathis
spit on the valet three four seven oh hello
yes sir bleeding how are you what’s going on Commodore well I know well hang
on a second sir if you if you spend scrilla with me I’ll take the time I’ll
slow down the machine tonight can you put me on mute go watch it and I
want your opinion can we do that no Stacy I’m not gonna
hang up on you I’m oka I’ll come back hang on let me write your number down
I’m going a lot right now three four seven hang on
put your mute go watch it I’ll come back in two minutes all right yeah let’s get
to the bottom is judge Mathis shit managed nig out here oh yes you know we always say yes why are you still in New York oh are you on
the run keep it real right no more the gun I know more to gun live
right cool you don’t know is a comma on youth you know you don’t know
yes remember I used to go get a feelin right if I’m not trying to no feeding
tree but we about feeding tree when a yard man cook a table right
ah ah don’t charge at the peculiar gonna charge I know we need to have food hey
how’s the family families good sounds good no one from the good Mon yeah Mon
I’m good I’m good completely don’t know any family in shower posse keep it real
any family from bacne days young man respect love love any rocks that’s a buck wild still says till this
day he says any rocks till I drop I don’t got no time to stay in the
program star that’s what he said I kid you not he said star star may can stay
under the authority of the program some Oh crazy Steve this guy watched a
goddamn video yet hey three four seven okay I’m a man of my word
did you watch the video yet yeah dad nigga judge masters of the chambers do
with their like a Jeep Cherokee or a Jeep Liberty and look like a no like he
did it twice because the first time you look ahead and a lot my dude isn’t a bad
people sounds kind of tilted yeah and I’m like I noticed he hocked a
loogie but it Oh Dennis that’s one of the most
disrespectful things you could do to somebody and then shit oh man but well
yeah he’s nothing look at that yeah he’s gone they don’t hang with that nigga
wake up oh he’s dropping a lot of gems over the last few years so you know he’s
definitely given that make a wake-up call behind being in the boule who knows
what I thought ago well the Detroit Police are now they have an
investigation an active investigation okay but you know I mean the police work
for the same people so if I don’t do you know sort of down for a little bit but
I’m saying it will be not too harsh but I did notice like a lot of key niggas
getting taken out of power a lot of token nickels at that Bill Cosby are
Kelly now judge Mathis these are black men for the last I would say twenty
thirteen years but you know what you know I just want to see judge Mathis
with the steel bracelets on his wrist I want to see that no see you want to
everybody but still bracelets on it it’s very refreshing and I mean everything a
lot of stuff begin to explode now you can’t hide shit now yeah you know the
will people told you soon were you calling from me I’m 37 I’m calling from
granny and Brooklyn I bro yeah yeah but Brooklyn’s a real cutthroat conniving
backstabbing cesspool I’ve lived there since the early 80s yes yes yeah let’s
go my life to grow up for like eight years ago what a dumb became is maxing
out of my home but you know you know I don’t sit here and dump on Brooklyn to
sound cool I listen I was born I was born and raised in New Jersey I went to
private schools you know and I went to some public schools but you know I
became one of those cutthroat conniving Brooklyn niggas for the most part I was
the guy that was setting people up yeah if I needed a gram of blow and I knew
what time your mother was coming home she got if she got paid I told
niggas know where they could find your mom real talk
sadly super greedy bro i nevermind I’m no chicken by never la nobody have to
give love but god damn lady if you had a safe in your house in the bedroom we’re
coming to get it for him hashtag no fucks given you ever heard a chris kid
you Christian oh yeah yeah yeah I worked with police to take him down yeah that’s
my work you’re waiting on him I heard I worked with police to get him out of
here yes I’m telling you the truth sir I think they’re gonna give me a plaque
for helping I’ll give you the last word jay-z is the puppeteer mr. cool himself you know I PR people you know people
just better realize the fuck shit niggas don’t want to do anything for money they
don’t believe in another life and now that alright they want this shit now you
know you know thank you for the call sir keep your nose clean alright keep your
nose clean thank you okay I’m out of here
I started been working with police ain’t nothing new yeah Chris kid I was working
with a female detective on the Chris Kaede case I’m not gonna include anybody
else but let me just say that somebody assisted me hint hint hint yeah we got Chris get the
fuck out of here let me go to cash out good evening to a Christian Christian
says Dame – chillin with straight white bitches on IG you know that sounds hot
sir and and no disrespect to Dane – but you know Jake a man is it is is bouncing
in helicopters you know going down to the South of France you know three times
a year a year to get those little Tomatoes him a Leo Cohen fuck out of
here damn – or IG is this otário who’s a Citterio knife what knife wonder had her
sign to rock Okies took my rhapsody this is written horribly what is this some
type of fucking ghetto Ebonics folks I struggle with Ebonics please
just put it in the King’s English for God’s sakes I’m 54 years of age I didn’t
come this far in life to be you know changing the fucking way I read things
Cass good evening sir cat says supporting the Machine for the first
time hashtag fuck Mathis Thank You Kaz if I’m singing your name right see a Z
thank you so much you know hold on a second I think gene Richman’s on line
number nine let’s get to his punk ass IRA IRA says judge Mathis acting like
the thoughts he prosecutes facts facts thank you for that donation any finest
this nigga who’s never bought me a sandwich where are you hold on a second Jean Richmond is at you
dreama yeah hi yeah art what’s up punk nigger punk nigger who never bought a
fucking sandwich or a cup of coffee I got the t-shirts coming now how are you
when your life when the lights go out of mouth you just a mouth I got the cheese
Reds coming next week what’s poppin okay I’ll tell you what’s Papa what would you
like on your arm sandwich what kind of cheese also that’s a good thing that you
talk about that’s a good thing that’s happening you know I played it you know
I want to thank Jesus exactiy keep Sheila shielded me and stuff like that
from all kinds of demons man fuck all that where’s your show what happened you
in couch talk TV where’s your show I put a lot of work into you
I put work into you where’s your show at well you know I got so I got some things
I’m working on man but I gotta take care of my business first also also just are
blacking out tonight folks point me just being with me you won’t hear from my
attorney I don’t get my money off of that you won’t be hearing from some
legal people that’s it I listen I want you to take a picture in a white t-shirt
a plain white t-shirt and I’m gonna put on on on your chest when her mouth goes
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I’ll break you off anything you make that perfectly clear you know you are
nobody nothing nothing but I won’t say this when I was in Atlanta we sat at the
dinner table yeah and you didn’t even put down two dollars for the chimp I was
wearing a wire an investigation bureau knows everything we talked about yeah I
was wearing a wire so you’re not the only one I don’t know the folks I looked
at this nigga to see if he was even gonna put on a dollar fifty he didn’t
pull out nothing for the tip look at me I was I was having a conversation with
somebody I didn’t even know oh I wasn’t having a conversation with
somebody then next day I don’t know about the restaurant I don’t know what’s
going on hang out with you and run around and chase 400-pound bitches with
blonde wigs and a you black shot why not folks part me this isn’t this is an old
relationship this is how he and I talk there’s nothing you know left behind the
scenes you get the bed you had to go home nine o’clock get the bed how would
you bet cuz I wanted to get away from your broke ass your broke ass why didn’t
you pull out five dollars for the tip on the goddamn the dinner and fucking Papa
doze why not let me tell you something I was told next I was having a
conversation with one of the men at the table next thing I know it was all the
time a good time a good time to go I don’t know what was going on I was
rushed out it or the restaurant time I gotta go I don’t know what’s happening
what’s happening number nine listen you you and I are cool we’re cool
Melissa ma’am next week I have the t-shirt line coming or more t-shirts
when the lights go out a mouth is just a mouth lets you and I talk I don’t owe
you shit but I want to I want to involve you with that okay all right yes I wanna
I want to thank you for involving me for that I also want to thank you for that
but I hope you don’t do something wrong to
me you know it’s tell me gonna involve me
and then I get a check for $2 listen you know I’ve been good to you and everybody
else right or wrong oh jesus no and I keep receipts tower
literally keep receipts I’ll give you the last you last word that only Jesus
loved you tell them truth okay only only jesus knows our our hands guarded but to
protect me we share them buckling them all of this whatever happens I’m
protected by Jesus good2talk silence you know good to talk amen respect thank you
fuck you yes sir god bless you too sir thank you so much homie yeah you see
folks I say the same shit to a person that I say behind their back good nigga
but didn’t even pull out a fuckin – all two hours for the chip at the table
remember what I told you you know watch these niggas when they don’t even go
into their pocket to help with the tip on the table oh I paid for it
no way if ands or buts hang on a second uh is it Juran Jeru and hey gleaming
Tehran thank you for your cash app he says you thievin ass old nigga playing
both sides hang on a second 84 five where’s here he spent scroller Tehran
leaving Durrani pop I’ve fucker god damn it it’s Youngman going to check-in you
keep saying my name I hate you damn it and nothing I’m coolin but you know did
you just admit in front of all your friends that you were saying both
fucking sides like what is wrong with you what are you talking about we talk
much well just a couple of minutes ago like he was just like yo you was fucking
robbing fucking mothers and shit like that like come on bro like I’ve told
that before I’ve got no friends young nigga at that that’s a known fact
I set niggas up nicely i snitch on things i was a quintessential Brooklyn
nigger honey how do you think I know Brooklyn
niggas so good I was one of them I was on that Larry David shit back in the
fucking UH mid to late 80s I put a gun charge on a nigga like this nothing
nothing I get you up off the block there’s a problem
got a problem to block I really just want to tell you that but I don’t have
an opinion or judgment in that video so and spit in the car hey can you fix your
phone young nigga keeps going in and out your phone seems to know I don’t know he
were yeah What’s Up nigga he was he weren’t spill on the road there’s a bra
excuse me angstrom he won’t spit on he won’t spit on a real person like that
he wearing gold he wouldn’t do that to a person that that’s out there like say
for instance Chris Brown let him do that to somebody like that where’s Kalifa let
him do some that meek Millz let him do some some of them do that to
somebody like that why he have to spit on the female for who are you sir how
are you it’s Adi boom on the checker okay you
sound like a backup dancer proposed Malone to fuck you from nigga fuck you
from you over here big and other people up I’m just saying judge Matthews man
I’m just saying I can do that sir MLM do that sir a real person let him do
that sir damn step in front of them you bust your gun nigga never mind all that
should you bust your gun huh hey Dad can you bust your gun definitely get off the
line I’ll believe you get off the line get off the fucking line lyin ass nigga
light lying on your gun fuck out of here young nigga we got y’all right here okay
don’t don’t put niggas on the line like that no more with me now I don’t I don’t
trust niggas like that man okay listen good to talk to you man thank you for
the cash yep right yeah holla uh-huh yeah play me tonight man
fuckin Aggie Oh Aggie half-breed tonight no co-host I just want a blackout folks
I’m working on my cigar line with boss chick Ronnie just bear with me I don’t
mean to put her name into anything you know just yet but I got I got the
the cigar line coming soon I don’t even want to promote it until it’s ready but
right now we’re getting the t-shirts you know pop in the hoodies you know I got
some crazy you should come in oh you know what I need if there’s an artist
who can draw I need someone who can draw or or a computer what do you call it
computer-generated graphics if I’m saying that right shoot me an email the
hater one 964 yeah who comm if you have time if not you know don’t worry about
it who is this here uh no Lex no Lex sends
in a cash app thank you no Lex want to say no Lex loves Nadine like popeyes
chicken okay okay no Lexus simple thank you no Lex for
your cash yeah mr. Schuyler Saunders good evening sir listen I’ll get you
that the analytics right after the show I’m it’s on a different computer
I got you sir thank you so much okay okay all right give me a second guys I’m
coming back to the phone lines and super chet let me just put a little respect on
my beautiful troll babies huh they do what they do you guys okay in there making threats as you should be everyone
smile people send me emails yo can I be an admin no fuck ass nigga no I love to
see the hate in that live chat Sean sh á ñ hey you sugar
Sean for TV what’s poppin girl I got a Ring Pop for you Sean how old are you
send me an email Oh somebody talk my 145th and Lennox who
is that nigga spider-man sir my sister I want to catch people I did what are you
talking about wanna catch people I keep it real with you lady came massage hey
sugar how will you all what a pretty pretty picture okay give me a second
guys I’m just Stacy Renee hey Stacy hey sugar looking
good looking like she might have some fire coochie possibly someone says why
you upset tonight I spoke about that earlier fuckwad um the was at Bojangles
restaurant I went through the drive-thru and the food was shit and I threw it out
I took a couple of bites I said this she shit
and I didn’t even feel like taking it back you know my usual I can I always
keep the receipt I’m gonna petty shit I always go back to UM Walmart and other
places but I just you know this shit I just threw it out right in the fucking
Street drove off and that’s why Maggie all right kid you not I’m just
Aggie because the foolish other night I had a great fucking day hey good evening
seven eight green we’re talking about judge Mathis allegedly spitting on the
valet did you see the video step one eight hello
that one ain’t gonna matter that’s very cool 249 good evening 249
judge Mathis did you see the video on TMZ yep come on your spell watch I wanna
rest over yeah hi oh I won what way is that rule boy
well we’re jet boat come on we don’t see in the video bye occupy I’m calling from
your crib your bar to our salon okay fake your the accent it’s a fake accent
come on were you calling from please Yamaha team
I don’t have to clap or so I ABAB all right I gotta take another call you
wanna finish up your impression is horrible it’s horrible man can you fit
that nigut number 10 pounds Hey okay bitch boy where have you been that’s a
horrible impersonation have you been bitch boy number 10 yeah black bike rack
are you okay you can’t say those words can’t do that slow down I want to talk
to you about this list I want to talk to you I’m not – stop using the vulgar
terminology you – doesn’t play that can you slow down you saw that I think I’d
like to make you food okay where are you calling from number 10 okay will you
come for and stop using vulgar I’m number 10 where you calling from
I’m not using your vulgar language I’m coming a car from your mother’s house
okay now you’re out crystal meth you’ve sent me emails before this we know yes
have you gonna rehab yet what I’ve been to rehab
okay wait father okay slow down slow down slow down let’s talk about that
let’s focus have you been slow down slow down okay he can’t have a conversation
they put him on hold I enjoy a troll but you know just
and I’m not into shouting I don’t shout with a bitch
much less a bitch nigga all right I’m gonna put you on hold
I’ll come right back to you stay right there stay right there Joe with you
let’s go to area code 843 clipping 843 are you there 843 hey yeah me three me sir how are you
oh yeah one thing I’m all right ma’am just smoking one okay as you should be
how old are you sir oh yeah I want to comment on the I’m 31
say okay I called it another night about the DFL thing okay
I don’t remember but then what I yeah all right I want to come on the judge
Mathis thing I’m starting to see problems with even within these black
people that you know are propped up on TV and whatnot like with Judge Joe Brown
is this thing I’m always that got out of control but alleged alcoholic we don’t
know for certain slow down please yeah like one show provoked other black
man into shit and then he was just like dwarf on them and then just you know
like in favor of the complaint of which is usually a female and I was noticed
and they’re like these news Dona Paula trip and then when I saw that video in
like 30 minutes ago I was like this is the same shit like there are a lot of
things like in these high positions no matter what their age is and they do
shit like that anything people don’t know about it and now it’s all coming
out yeah can I ask what state you’re calling area
code 843 where is that Oh South Carolina shut down Charleston okay ok with the
kid shut up the church mm-hmm Wow Dylan roof yes Dylan roof
oh yeah yeah yeah that guy not now hang on respectfully are you part of the
hip-hop genre or culture as you say that you know promotes respective shooter promoting things they try to denounce um
when somebody of another white boy came in the church and he was sitting there
you know smiling and pray with people you know yeah you know he
aired that shit out like yeah but that’s the shit niggas rap about though he just
did it sadly sadly yeah yeah thank you sir
Thank You Man have a go yes sir okay that’s not even joke around about Dylan
roof you know let me see if number 10 can have a conversation number 10 are
you there can you have a conversation without being vulgar you sent me an
email you said you were dealing with some issues if you’re gonna get bulgur I
gotta get you up the line I don’t own YouTube are you there hello he hung up
okay I don’t mind talking to anybody you know
you call and get your troll on but just I don’t own YouTube I’m not fighting a
war against censorship I’m a businessman inspired by David Sarnoff once upon a
time not melly-mel the rapper hang on a second who is this
somebody here sending me email what is this
okay Justin can you send me a link to some of your work thank you so much he’s
responding Justin he says my son can draw Thank You Mikey now can you send me
a link to your son’s art I would appreciate that thank you so much sir
and make sure you get that cash happen all right this way I’ll know that you
know I’m not dealing with you just somebody who’s broke I don’t do well
with broke people all right so the area code 708
good evening 7:00 wait judge Mathis did you see the video allegedly spinning on
the ballet separately so where’s judge Mathis hey how’s it goin
yes sir okay judge Mathis from Chicago uh hang on a second I’ve got the
Wikipedia I thought he was from Detroit long time runnin Daytime Emmy winning
syndicated yadda yadda yadda ah first judge Mathis star hey did you see
did you see a mess Hoffa fall off the children
press conference again serious Joan no what happened didn’t a battle I didn’t
see the battle hilarious he the battle no the battle starts tomorrow so they’re
doing a Presque Isle of all the battle rapper hi okay yeah and yeah mascot
heated obviously it’s very fucking heated and even his hat fell off as
bedlam when he slapped the fucking table he got up the chair fell shit mess fell
with the chairs shit was fucking hilarious it’s about to be fired
tomorrow anyway anyway I’ll call you keep me posted I mean like I still love
battle rap but I just you know it’s right it became a money pit you know
what I’m saying but hey listen right now we’re talking my judge Mathis is he from
Detroit you said Chicago Detroit man no I’m from Chicago’s one nice one to be
biased just in case he was from Chicago okay oh yes sorry also draw but uh do
you want me to just send you my shit through your email well so that’s a good
that’s up to use right you know I can’t tell you what to do third thing don’t
you are you got it no can you tell us what it is that you draw can you give us
a little insider you know insight lead role oh I draw on it paint like half
half the fucking time so yeah I’ll just send you some of my work and then we’ll
see if we can grow from there okay okay guys is judge Mathis from from Detroit
yeah he’s from Detroit not Chicago need to Troy will 79 page says Detroit
yeah Detroit hey I pulled myself up by the bootstraps yada yada yeah you know
little little slick nigga bullshit slick nigga bullshit today is the
greatest day I’ve ever known can’t live for tomorrow you know that
song Smashing Pumpkins so area code seven five seven including seven five
seven judge Mathis did you see the video him allegedly spitting Damon maintaining
man yeah yeah see matters man you know Mathis Mathis baptism you know be
wretched man Wow yeah you know watch the show all you talk about is a crackhead
this crackhead yeah you know oh that’s so Freitas bullshit actually yeah yeah
then you know allegedly uh no King with mony you know allegedly like to hit the
blood Cerie now and again math is off the chain yeah yeah i watch the show so
i know i watch all the repeats man he’s definitely he he did it you know a
taint 20 seasons from that lady i 20 seasons each speaker he spit right on
him yeah 20 seasons he didn’t alleged we don’t know it’s alleged look yeah right
legit but you know after a while who else went out like that Judge Joe Brown
Jojo Brown went out just like that though you know after after about 10 20
seasons you know they start getting a little C now sitting itself and just you
know let the world he would live there’s Joe Brown you see he number the drunk so
do you not slander people we don’t know if that man is a drunk you’ve never seen
him drunk just please take it easy right III will he a little off
yeah I’m saying and and Anglesey he be looking so glum and a half of the time
no I’m gonna keep it all right judge math is born in Detroit Michigan was the
fourth of four boys seventh-day adventists family okay is it Detroit
nigga Oh seven day Adventists Oh oh yeah yeah he was a wild sheep oh yeah
yeah yeah he caught a free quarter some charges too right that’s what I’m saying
he no lottery he know of the left hand he no other left-handed shit stop you
know and you know get that knowledge this by you know uh you know Lane
you know imma keep that will he know you know about the hustlers you know about
the tranching about the crackhead you know every angle of the game you know
and and he showed he show you what time it is that time to watch the show you
show yeah yeah yeah man I love your show to start now long love the show nobody
owes nobody yo no became wild man yo get him back on the line that’s real Oh sir
number Ten’s gotta learn learn the fucking rules of YouTube
anybody can call in but if you don’t know the rules I don’t need you I’ll let
the welfare feed you you feel me yeah yeah he was losing his mind after a
while I knew you was bill coverage I knew you know come and check him though
cuz I’m like yeah hold on listen anybody can call it intro I’m the father
trolling but if you can’t play by the rules and eat a dick thank you sir gotta
go guys get him out of here yeah play by the rules man man I’m not fighting no
fucking war yeah Detroit are the home of some of the best battle rappers in case
you guys don’t know Midwest miles used to be called young miles calico my nigga
x-factor huh that’s where judge Mathis is from allegedly spit on the valet
Gemini 209 all day good evening for whatever happened to Sean chaos I don’t
know I don’t know he went to jail he had some issue thank you you’re a day one
clearly you know I listen I’m not perfect but
I’ve tried to help a lot of people over the years and that will be a part of my
legacy that store tried to help people I promote people I offer my platform to
them I pay people I’ve got receipts to prove that as well
but Shawn Kaos is a guy who I got him a deal a single deal up at Interscope
years ago and he started hating on me just it got weird
hope he’s okay I know he went to jail haven’t seen nor heard from him thank you for your donation right okay
let me just leave this here somebody talk them out but never sending in a
goddamn what is this okay listen whoever you are do not send me links to
someone’s website who draws let that person reach out to me I’m not going
through a third party and I’m sorry I’m just I’m gonna delete this I apologize
but you know let that person reach out to me that’s the way I do business you
know someone has to reach out to me and say hey I’m the person who can do what
it is that you need then we have a conversation
fabien good evening sir Fabian sends in a cash at area code seven six zero where
are you Fabian gleaming is that you seven six so
you wanna make on the second or hey how you meant pretty good yourself
I’m good news Friday night little Aggie you know I I just thought that fucking
video I’m driving almost like about to kill myself wasn’t that fucked it
doesn’t matter this video but anyway we’ve seen that regular shit you know
nigga shit Neil yeah slow slow news day you know there’s
mattress fitting that mortgage oh that’s about it
no actually it’s a very intense news day but I don’t like sitting here talking
about all the news I Maggie I’m doing me tonight you built right yeah I feel you
I’ll show you you know just support the Machine and
shit I just had a little joke for you before I get off come on yeah why aren’t
they in puerto ricans on Star Trek why aren’t any Puerto Ricans on Star Trek I
don’t know sir they don’t work in the future either Wow good night Ms hang
hang on are you Puerto Rican you wanna make o
star come on I knew you with some type of Hispanic or Latino you’re taking
shots of Puerto Ricans but thank you for your calling thank you all right yes sir
thank you okay today is the greatest day I’ve ever known Lord Jamar issues a
response to Eminem’s mysterious tweet really did I miss that hold on hold on
pace to the homie Lord Jamar is he getting in the studio Lord Jamar can
someone keep me up to speed via email oh shit okay Eminem said people think they
want this problem till they get it now respectfully Eminem already pulled out I
don’t say the cannon but he gave Lord Jamar oh my homie a quick low tune-up
What did he say Chad didn’t he say something about fetch me the remote he
said fetch fetch hold on as Lord Jamar gonna bring
out some bars and GoFundMe said Machine Gun Kelly ether Eminem fax yeah Machine
Gun Kelly sat him down let me go to super jet gem star hey good evening gem
star says star keep it real you sent the dark-skinned nigga in a wig to entrap
Chris kid in that hotel then he then he had the nerve then had the nerve to
interview him about it afterwards I don’t know who that was in a hotel with
Chris kid but I’ll make it a plaque from the from the Brooklyn FBI division all
you have to do is just go to snitch snitch I don’t
lie upon his motherfucking microphone it’s right there it’s a 501c3 a
non-profit snitch but some a speck on my fucking name FBI called me
about Chris kid ice I said I said hey hey hey what’s going on they said do you
know what is his government name something Lloyd I silently no but I’ve
got some you know some files you may want to you know listen to cut that
nigga the fuck out of here oh wow the show’s over good night
hustle greeny hustle says when the story broke about Dame Dash being paid 500 by
Adam 20 to academics post the villain IG and Adam 22 wrote under
it saying he made 10,000 from it okay I’m confused
Dame Dash made 10,000 I don’t know what you’re saying thank you for your
donation hustle okay the game is rigged says yo that
decapitated rat on your I G crazy FYI you name another one of your pets with a
Latino name your food Killa keV voice old nikka listen I hate
to use the word old-school but technically I’m old school so you know
and again you know King King tone and I were friends we worked together in the
MTV Mel room together King tone former leader of the Latin Kings and I think it
was 1982 I used to call myself oh one of my alias names was angel so you know
history thank you for your donation Mac give me Mac Mac says I wonder if Jay had
to remind me k– and rhapsody of the gun line and to never cross it judge Mathis
did the Lord’s work should have been quicker valet okay thank you okay red
guerrillas Oh keen hunter Woods clematis I see be okay got all those okay a few
more phone calls how we doing on time guys that’s it’s still kind of early
shit I’m gonna shut it down Jason where are you man Jason uh he’s
okay Jason are you on the line man this is a long-ass email I can’t do all that
man let me see if this is Jason right here Jason is that you 561 Jason salute
hater salute hey how white listen now can you break down your email I just I
can’t read that whole fucking wooden one just please absolutely no it’s just
sending alerts of M&Ms uh paragraph his bars against Lord Jamar and the fall
song office album kamikaze use Eminem found myself oh do you spin it for us
please give us the lyrics thank you gentlemen absolutely so pretty
much he goes and as far as Lord Jamar you better leave me the hell alone I’ll
show you an or else I’ll show you an Elvis clone walk up in this house you
own thrust my pelvic bone you should telephone and go fetch me the remote put
my feet up and make myself at home I belong here clown don’t tell me about
the culture I inspire the Hobson the logics the Cole’s the Sean’s but you
dodge the five nines and I brought the world 50 cent you did squad piss and
moan but I’m not gonna fall okay try to say this clearly white boy Jason has
called in and spit the M&M bars verbatim I was reading them as you said them yeah
ladies say take notes absolutely okay good so stay with me so that is Lord
Jamar responding what is this on hotnewhiphop calm what is this I haven’t
looked at what I’m about to looking for about Lord Jamar but pretty much it’s
just he’s taunting and nobody wants it I’m I kind of agree with you by Machine
Gun Kelly ether and but Eminem they were very equal but I think
machines on the reason and I think you you’re the degrees law the reason why we
both think he kind of won he won really fucking Savage he went wrong at this you
went at him with his daughter everything listen stay with me don’t rush off the
line can I ask you to go to hotnewhiphop calm do you have a laptop in front of
your phone or something absolutely absolutely okay go to harder
right now okay folks hold on a second I got white boy Jason on the line
hotnewhiphop calm Lord Jamar issues Everest
– Eminem’s mysterious tweet take your time I’ll come right back – okay stay
right there okay today is the greatest day I’ve ever known
can’t live for tomorrow tomorrow is much too long hey folks also on my IG page I posted a
video earlier of my old Wildcats in Toms River New Jersey that’s from 2017 for
those of you who know your saying was this New York you know it was New Jersey
for God’s sakes I put hashtag New Jersey Toms River New Jersey that was – is that
2017 those were the cats that I had you know Abraham mama Hitler I Hitler was a
problem he was a problem and the video it’s a little graphic I wasn’t sure if I
wanted to post it or not but I did until my ig page Froy terrain okay okay give
me a second we just take this down here I’ll come back to Jason a minute let me
go to every code two four eight hey two four eight are you there good evening weirdo
yeah I saw another Cathy Becker Detroit hey what’s up man let’s talk about a big
ninja yeah George Matthews he was the Earl Flynt not too familiar with the
Earl friends yeah and now he also has that old-school gang shit whole school
gang shit yes sir Gang Gang he also put while I own at home okay history man I’m
not trying to talk shit drop the bloody up have to stand on they own but I’m
just doing history out there no stay with me stay with me okay so now
do you did you see the video we’re talking about judgment
this no sir not it’s not interested in for you there’s nothing whatever happen
come on come on come on Elysee Europe you’re from Detroit you know you’re not
gonna watch it up right check it out a little bit later I’m watching I’m
watching started watching hater okay No can I put you on hold you watch the
video and come back and talk to us Detroit can we do that okay Thank You
Man salut thank you yeah peace um but there’s no such thing as blessings but
thank you so much sir area code for zero for
good evening 404 judge Mathis parking up loogies allegedly spit in people’s faces
what say you okay they hung up hung on four one five good evening four one five
judge Mathis when a gang gang shit oh man you caught up today how many seven
men screaming another day in paradise another day in paradise I got Jason
online are you guys okay God still get issues of attention all right I already
told you that man’s a fraud bro I’m done talking to you
he’s a fraud he’s been a fraud actually matter of fact you know what chase Jason
you on the line hold on Jason on the line Jason don’t get quiet now can you
hear me I think he’s watching I can hear you he’s watching a video or something
okay Nick you want a song no no no no I did my research respectfully to my
research you want to ask a question good no no no you say you say you are a
software developer right no I’m a development support I work with software
developers at a gaming company okay all right
oh the credit your custody you call me consider your dream lately you’ve been
getting you been spitting your game lately so but other than that other than
a Mike Tyson gasps couple like weeks back other than that make you think
on my own so yeah there’s really no beast like you haven’t fucked up
especially maximum so this donkey fucking London be good we be Gucci hater
I checked out the suite pretty much pretty much and Nick can you hold on one
second Jason’s giving me a update okay so you you check that load Jamar’s
tweets on hotnewhiphop what does it say Jason exactly I read that story and I
got another one so pretty much Eminem tweeted that everybody you don’t want
this problem and pretty much larger marks we do back said every problem has
a solution dot dot peas did a god okay he’s not
sitting down on this one okay that was pretty much that hater breaking news I
would love to break some news on yourself Paul Mooney hospitalized after
Richard Pryor jr. Atlanta show canceled twenty minutes ago that was yesterday’s
news Jason he was hospitalized yesterday because he was he was scheduled to
perform up upon me to a host a comedy show in Atlanta on Wednesday that’s old
news okay twenty minutes ago on how to use
hip-hop maybe the Atlantis show yeah he’s got one foot in the grave I said no
man Nick you had something you want to say to Jason or walk in Nick I don’t
like to do night in Chantal I mean I still want to slap the fire out of them I’m trying to fly you I country I’ve
caught you slipping so many times respectfully how many I owe you on the
show developer now your company house but manager customer support issues you
know Nick request yeah I’ve ever known start did he manage another software
developer at one point with me talking about at me never lot of data per net
harder that I gave up I gave him the quote other software’s a new garage and
you would know that if you are an imbecile
you’re fraudulent bro so much Nick I’ve talked you off the
show multiple Eastern energy on gas since your square even China don’t make
me take you off to argue which I mean how many oh man Nick are you there
are you out there cuz I popped off the show white boy tension on a Friday night
pay attention Meek Mill shut up fucking around phonemic I don’t you toggle from
the company talk to you you you a real Mushmouth and quiet alright and I’m
talking to you what smoke you were never in Memorial you and your weight hola
pull up exactly who I said you were man you’re soft
bro you an appendage border your parents are disappointed in you bro I can tell
you were never had your night horrible parents probably only want to invite you
over for Thanksgiving and Christmas I can’t afford I didn’t wanna hurt
addition it’s public fora mom who sends in a catch-up he says judge Mathis and
Earl Flynn now that’s gangster he’s old school new from Detroit blue label
multimedia greeting thank you for your super chat salute at Star classic
episodes with Lord Jamar on flat yeah I own those I own those episodes they’re
coming back with a new deal but thank you so much for your cash app gem
starting to read this one harder okay hold on a second Jason alright
so hey Nick is there any million and then made that we should know about
no man Nick yeah if Jason Takes this flight out here I’ll show you what a
real beatdown a Brahman a hurricane coming along fucking her example if you
really wanted to come to Florida bro what you got no party right guys if we
can’t you know just have a civil conversation I’m gonna use shift gears
anything coming up by way of MMA action no man Nick why you talk to this loser
why do you turn to the man a massive star question why you talk to this
weirdo loser brother he’s my son to be honest with you Nick he’s my son I’d
sure like rolling you a bitch Nick I talk you off the show now answer the
man’s question money off the show I just know exactly who you are you you hear
typical reddit troll typical 4chan loser I’d like to talk shit over the internet
but when you when you get in front of yeah I’ve ever known what if snitch one
truck died all right guys thank you so much good night thank you guys yes there
is no hate like white on white hate don’t be fooled black on black crime
does not compare to white on white hate they those two can’t even have a
conversation can’t even have a civil conversation the game is rigged good
evening sir he says Mathis a hole a snicker let’s not forget ben carson
stabbed him allegedly i’m not at speed really hmm can I google that hold on can
I tell you guys what I’m gonna do tonight when the show’s over I’m gonna fix a sandwich not a sammich
but a sandwich I may get in the bed I’m gonna pull I’m gonna play an album by do
di Oh Ronnie James Dio and the album is called Holy Diver and I’m gonna fall
asleep okay whoo we have Ben Carson’s former colleague heard
stabbing story in 1987 before Fame no shit okay I didn’t know about this thank
you so much for your super chat the game is rigged hey by the live chat know
about DL the album Holy Diver you want to talk about being high on some shit
when that album came out who is this Holy Diver by do Ronnie James Dio yeah
Vivian Campbell on guitar there you go they know what I’m talking about
Ben tremie was poppin bet remya house no Billy doin keep me up to speed man I
want to know about all the monkey shits no Billy’s going hard in the paint Mike s he says excellent guitar yeah man
oh he was a motherfuck I never saw him live I saw a deal in Madison Square
Garden with a Craig Goldy on guitar I never saw a Vivian Campbell live somebody said I was gonna play trippy
red and go to sleep no not tonight I meant tonight we do Holy Diver all
right let me a few more calls here on the me call it a night
area code 862 good evening 862 judge Mathis did you see him
parking up a loogie allegedly paintings to let’s go star yesterday evening yeah
yeah I’m here he’s brought down a note shutout hey
listen I’ve seen that I think I’m good bro I’m gonna both look to you mine
Thank You Man um I seen I’ve seen the little thing on with TMZ I see I see
Judge matters with the glasses on they talking about somebody came to the
restaurant tried to pay them all y’all he did that he did that word that boys
look sound scared yeah he was scary show up for the interview unless they’re
saying that’s the same yo yo he great nothing is terrible but you know I saw
child get down you felony eat he did some boss there’s some boss up and you
know I mean he’s a Detroit nigga so problem it’s right not to come yeah I
hope he came back I hope he get his back that’s always about get that back you
talking about the ballet get about a mile a yeah yeah oh yeah the valley
about to get the bag he don’t want and got he get another state you getting the
DNA off of that anything is right I saw a story that the valet is he’s got the
DNA on his shirt yeah you wanna call it whiskey but I put that nigga in the
steel bracelets I want to see it yeah you think masters will go to jail you
think you don’t go to jail I hope so thanks Matt thaiss if if he got go to
jail for anything to jail fuck about him like that man I give the last word
though yeah sure sure it’s one set of precedent though it’s gonna set a
precedent he’s a judge if anybody should know better
he should know better if me you did that shooting we get 30 days right or wrong
right or wrong I mean you better just right well I’m something about like
first of all why do you just spit that closer so I spit on one spray fucking
you’re pretty man listen I hear you man but I think the valet played it smart
you know I’m just listen judge I’m just I’m stuck in your fucking roles man you
know come on but this time something oh wow why would you read math is knowing
that all cameras out there rah like that they said they got the evidence they got
Kerry was the backup in their story he didn’t know that cameras were on it he
didn’t know he was pitchy he came out of that Bart’s wrong you like you know
where’s my car or you probably have some daddy with him I’m gonna be all right
right you throw me out of that fancy restaurant sitting around all the way
people he was probably eating a sauteed spinach and the big-ass prongs you know
when a highfalutin bullshit I give it a last word man we shut it down you last
word yo yo nan 7-3 up yes sir salut thank you the high schoo check
that out yes sir okay shit hold that it is they got they had a real issue with
water out there now you know people drinking the water would fucking let in
it it’s a real hellhole it used to be the capital of um carjacking today is
the Greatest Dad where’s number nines banner oh did I put a lot of work into
him huh a lot of work over the years now and I want some money I want I want some
type of return from him you know all the goddamn people I’ve promoted and and
helped and supported moulton people’s goddamn cash apps PayPal’s GoFundMe can
somebody just go get a bag and just bring me back $20 please I’ve been promote promoting people who
didn’t even have brands have a brand I’m promoting you let me get these banners
rate so I can close the show down Shelby where you at girl Shelby GT I’m repping
Toronto tonight let me get Shelby’s banner ready first huh
put some respect on this snowflake right here on a second black race is cleaning
it’s where he sends in a super Chad star how you doing man just want to tell you
I hate your fucking guts sir have a good night oh thank you man thank
you black racist you are appreciated sir you see that’s what I want to hear I
don’t hear nobody talking man I’m a fan fuck a fan either dick I got no fans I
told you that when I came in the game in 1999 fuck a fan
my fans are fanatic I give you people more credit than that you either hate me
or support me Lou hey darlin Lulu says keep it grinding all Thank You sugar
nice hairstyle makeup hair done nails done everything did thank you darling
love Lulu looking good girl season coochie looks
like you know this broadcast is gonna be deleted I was talking reckless
oh is this Waco Texas where’s your donation Oh send me email talking about
pick up the line with your donation fuck out of here that’s like going into
creflo dollar’s Church and saying hey I want to speak incredible-looking she say
the fuck are you did you pay your time pay your ties Oh Andre grieving it’s a
Vauxhall New Jersey worked for Wells and they’re dirty yeah Wells Fargo is
talking I thank you man salute Thank You Wells Vauxhall New Jersey mom of a good
evening last when he says Norka is a great place to catch an NHL game that’s
a fact yeah I saw two dead games there but but on the outskirts
it’s still a shithole you know what’s that black mare they had there for years
all that goddamn stealing he did was it sharp James I’m black son of a bitch
I think it was sharp James all that stealing I didn’t go to the penitentiary anyway hey guys I’ll see you uh what’s
tomorrow tomorrow Saturday I’m not sure about tomorrow tomorrow I’m supposedly
going to the Dragon Con something like that and Sunday I’ve got a date it’s
gonna be a short date but I should see you Sunday for some type of show okay
thank you for your support I hope that you’ve been entertained and somewhat
enlightened and parting I sometimes say we see if I can remember may all of your
children speak proper English and made the gates that surrounds your property
keep you safe from common ghetto trash thank you good night you you

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