Introducing the Konnected Alarm Panel – Kickstarter Video

The Konnected alarm panel is a perfect
solution for DIY home security because you can convert your existing wired
alarm system sensors into your home automation applications and there are
never any required monthly fees or contracts. My name is Nate Clark and I
created Konnected. All the big tech companies they’re really missing out
because they’re wanting you to buy all new systems, all new sensors, all new
wireless devices. But they aren’t really addressing all the homes out there that
are pre-wired for alarm systems and have been since the 1980s. The Konnected alarm
panel is a drop-in replacement for your existing alarm panel, but it reuses the
wiring that’s already in your home to connect all of your wired alarm system
sensors to the cloud. So now you can convert your home into a smart home with
one piece of hardware at a much lower cost than buying all new sensors. Now
with my smart things alarm system set up, I don’t have to worry about arming and
disarming the systems, because you always carry your phone with you, your phone
acts as a presence sensor so we just leave the house and the system is armed
and by the time we come home the system is disarmed. Best usability ever. My
daughter even has a key fob and an arrival sensor that allows her to come home and
disarm the system. If the door opens or there’s motion detected or the smoke
alarm goes off, I’ll get notified right away. With other third-party integrations
with professional monitoring service, you can even notify the police if there’s
breaking in your home. The Konnected alarm panel is easy to install and you
can do it all yourself. Disconnect those wires, remove the existing alarm panel
from your wall and then connect them to your Konnected alarm panel. Then open up
your app, configure it and you’ll have an internet connected smart home. You can
configure notifications when somebody comes home or when the door is open, you
can replace your keypads with tablets or our displays, you can even enable like
good night routine to turn off all the lights in the house and armed the
security system in stay mode with one button push or one automation. One of the
advantages of a smart home is that there thousands of devices that are compatible
with these smart home frameworks. So now you can augment your security system
with cameras, water leak sensors, Alexa, voice control. It’s really just added a
layer of convenience and security to our home. It’s just really great to be able
to close the door, leave with our cell phone in our pocket and know that our
home is being watched. If someone did break into our home, we would know right
away. You know we might leave the patio door open and then we drive away not
realizing but then the Konnected sensor would let us know as we left the house
that’s the door still open so we could go home and fix that. Now that we’ve done
it, we can begin to see the potential for other things that we can do whether
that’s automatically turning lights on and off. We’ve come so far,
five hundred homes around the world already used Konnected and the feedback
has been incredible. I need your support so I can make a minimum order to
manufacture our custom Konnected alarm panel device that makes it easier than
ever for you to convert your old wired alarm system into a smart home.

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