Interlogix Concord 4: How to Install Cellular Communicator

Interlogix Concord 4: How to Install Cellular Communicator

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security today I’m gonna show you how to first wire up your Interlogix Concord 4 cellular communicator with z-wave radio built-in so of course the first thing you do is take the package
you’re going to go ahead and open it up you’re going to empty the contents it
should come with a package like so that to the side you’re gonna take out the
actual communicator itself the antenna will already be wired into it and last
but not least your instruction manual and your wiring diagram make sure to
seal the package up make sure you have all the original packaging in case for
whatever reason you need to ship it back alright you’re also going to need 22
gauge by 4 wire which I have prepped already all you need to do is just
expose the wires and the conduit you only need 3 of the wires the green the
black and the white wire here alright so put that aside and then from the package
you’re gonna need the red wire which is going to have a fuse in there as well
now go ahead and remove that pulse when there will be some mounting screws
anchors and a resistor for right now we’re not gonna need that so this is
everything that you’re gonna need for the time being
alright so first to open up the communicator to push down right here
you’re going to open up the cellular communicator be careful with it alright
you’re gonna place that to the side what I like to do is remove the antenna out
of the back like so in the instruction manual you’ll see it’ll give you two
different options I prefer this method alright so you’re going to remove that
out to the top exposing the rest of the community
here all right you’re going to take your installation manual go ahead and read
over the first page to get us assimilated all right as well as the
second page but really what we’re working with right now is the third page
or the wiring connections all right so I’m going to review this I’ll let you
get a brief look at it so this is the actual communicator GSM module this is
your actual panel this is the battery as well so I’m gonna go ahead and wire it
up as it says all right so I’m going to go ahead and take the wire with the fuse
in there all right and as you can see that’s going to be 12 volt all right so
if you follow it this is going to be wired into the communicator and then
that’s going to go directly into the battery all right
so you of course you want to run it through the back like so get yourself a
small little flathead screwdriver alright you’re well I have it unscrewed
already but go ahead and unscrew it and it’s gonna go into the first
terminal here 12 volts screw it in make sure no copper or anything like that’s
exposed get a nice clean job and then you’re going to take the one of the
edges of the wire with the three wires exposed it’s really 22 by 4 but I
clipped the other wire because it will not be in use all right so the first
thing I’m going to do is go to looks like they’re they want us to wire in the
keypad bus or data in and data out so if you look at a you want to get the green
wire which we have here so to start really it’s a good idea to just run the
wire through completely insert it into a like so and then go ahead and screw that
one in you want to get a nice clean install on that make sure nothing’s
exposed alright now we’re going to do the white wire put that in to data in data out so those
have both been taken care of and then lastly on this communicator you’re gonna
see ground which is going to be black of course all right so you can notice
everything is run out the back all right and continuing on I’m gonna show you
where this gets wired into in your Interlogix Concord 4 panel all right and now you go
ahead and seal this up what I like to do is do a little loop here and again it’ll
show you in your instruction manual I like to loop it out
like so put it to the right and then you’re going to seal that up so you’ll
see everything looks nice and neat so you can mount your antenna has a little
slack there you can mount that wherever you like
all right and that’s how you wire up the Interlogix Concord 4 Cellular communicator alright continuing on as you know we already have the communicator all a
while it wired up now we’re gonna go ahead and wire it up into the panel you
got your power which this is right here so your power again will go through the
knock out into your battery alright so it uses the fuse alright this will put
out when it is communicating about an amp and a half of power alright now as
far as the actual wiring you got your ground terminal a and Terminal B which
is data end data out which looks to be all wired alright I’ll go ahead and zoom
in for it a little bit alright just to recap you have your ground terminal a
which is green and white which is terminal B
that’s data end data out and that’s how you wire in your your Concord
4 cellular communicator with z-wave cellular communicator into your Interlgoix Concord 4 security system.

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  1. I have my touchpad connected to those terminals already. Do I need to change the connections or can I connect both the cellular module and the touchpad to the same terminals? How should I have them both connected? Thanks

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