Installing Ring Spotlight Cam Wired in 15 Minutes

Installing Ring Spotlight Cam Wired in 15 Minutes

Today, we’re here to set up
my Ring Spotlight Cam Wired. The Spotlight Cam with the cable and we have our instructions, and then the install kit. Let’s see what we’ve got here. We have our cable clips,
our security screws, our screw driver, screws, we have our drill bit, and then we have our own bracket. All right, let’s get to work. We have really good Wi-Fi inside so we’re gonna set it up
in here on the phone first. We’re gonna plug it into the wall. Now we’re gonna get out our phone. Okay, let’s start setting up the device. Security Cam, Spotlight Cam Wired. This is gonna go on the side of the house. (bright music) This is the wall we’re gonna use. It’s about nine feet up which will give us good coverage over here. I’m gonna screw the mount in and use the level to make
sure that it is level. Now we’re gonna mount the camera. We’re gonna line up the four
screws here and push down. There we go. And now we’re going to
screw in the security screw. Okay, now we’re gonna use the
cable clip to clip on the wire and then into the wall in order
to keep the wires straight. That looks nice and neat. We’re looking at live view. We’re gonna try and angle
the camera to get it perfect. Okay, that’s a good spot. And then now we’re going to tighten it and lock it in place with
this screw right here. Okay, good to go.

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  1. You will never install this camera in 15 minutes. Period. If someone wants to disable the camera, what's to keep them from unplugging it from the outlet? I was hoping for a video with instructions on how to mount the camera properly.

  2. I just bought a Ring Doorbel 2 love it. A couple of my buddies bought 1 also for their houses. I am looking at buying and installing one of these wired cams in this video. I will probably install one of these at my buddies also. So what i want to know if i cut off the plug and hardwired it to a junction box 8 feet away will it void the warranty. Thus the cord would be out of the reach and impossible for someone to unplug. Also i have no exterior electrical outlets like most homes. And if me cutting off the plug does void the warranty why dont you make a hard wired version without the plug

  3. I had 2 of these. They’re not waterproof. They stopped working after a day of heavy rain. They also had water/condensation behind the camera housing making it useless as you can’t see anything. Nothing more than expensive junk. I also cancelled my Ring subscription for the cameras. Ring products are the worst I’ve come across.

  4. how long is the cord? id like to have the camera mounted in a specific spot but the closes outlet is probably around 9-10 feet away.

  5. LOL, the power is ridiculously thick, what's the point of installing a security camera with power source outdoor? You need to make wire flat so we can guide it through the window without a need to drill into it.

  6. You cannot speak to them if they unplug it. They can put a mask on and walk up and unplug the camera. Then get on with the crime. This is not protection. This camera should only be used where the power cord cannot be tampered with, like high outside. But then you made the plug so large it cannot be fed through a hole to the inside without drilling a 1 inch plus hole in the wall. So I think this video shows how unaware Ring is of security. That does not bode well for comforting your customers. I am by the way a paying customer of yours. But I use you products wisely. This video is unwise. Remove it.

  7. Does anyone have an old original set of Ring Wired Camera Installation Instructions? I believe they stated that the wired camera plug can be run thru a drilled hole and plugged into a garage or other 3 prong outlet. Please reply with an attached image of the old directions. Thank you.

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