Installing Ring Spotlight Cam Mount in 15 Minutes

Installing Ring Spotlight Cam Mount in 15 Minutes

Today, we’re here to set up my Ring Spotlight Cam Mount. All right, here’s our Spotlight Cam. Set that here. You have a rectangular gasket, our box cover with another gasket, and another box cover. One more box cover. Our instructions. And the install kit. All right, let’s get to work. Since we’re working with
live electrical wires, we’re gonna turn off the main power to the unit. This is the light I’m looking to replace. It has a round base, so I’m gonna put on our round box cover. We don’t need the camera yet, so we’re gonna take it out of here in order to make it a
little bit easier to wire. But now we’re ready to mount it. We’re gonna take our box cover, and hook it in, and rest it up there. Okay, now we’re gonna
stuff the wires back in. We’re gonna take our screw, and we put the rubber washer, then the metal washer, so it’ll be water tight. And then now we will screw this into the wall here. Okay we’re gonna put the camera in. (click) And now, screw in the security screw. Okay. Okay, we’ve turned power
back on on the breaker, now it’s time to set it up on the app. So we’re gonna go to Set Up Device, Security Cams, Spotlight Cam Mount. All right, we’re all
set up and good to go. And now we’re all covered
on this side of the house.

8 Replies to “Installing Ring Spotlight Cam Mount in 15 Minutes”

  1. Can I install this to replace an existing light that is on a switch? The switch must be turned on for the light to work, so do I need to keep the switch in the on position for the camera and light to get power and work?

  2. Can install these ring camera cable through wall into the roof/attic? I would like the eliminate having the wires seen from the outside.

  3. I thought to be effective the camera needed to be mounted 9’ off the ground? That’s what’s stopping me from mounting mine, because I need to use a hammer drill to attach the mounting plate and I don’t feel comfortable doing so that high off the ground.

  4. I have an existing wired spotlight (two bulbs) mounted on one of the corners of my house (on the facia). I'm thinking of purchasing the Spotlight Cam Mount. The existing wiring isn't connected to a switch. Would the (single bulb) Spotlight Cam Mount work in this situation? If I purchased a double-camera mount instead, would I be able to control each spotlight separately in the mount? Lastly, if I were to purchase the Spotlight Cam Mount powered by Battery, what are the recommendations regarding the height of placement, and is there a setting that lets you determine how long the light stays on, and how bright it is? I'm trying to protect my neighbors from excessive light, since the cameras are on the bedroom-side of their home. Thanks for your timely reply.

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