Installing Ring Spotlight Cam Battery in 15 Minutes

Installing Ring Spotlight Cam Battery in 15 Minutes

Hi, my name is Brian and today we’re gonna install the
Spotlight Cam Battery in my backyard. Okay, let’s open up the
box and see what we’ve got. We have our Spotlight Cam. Battery pack with the instructions, tools, USB cable and a mount. Okay we’ve charged our battery so we’re gonna insert that
into our Spotlight Cam. Press this button. Slide it in. Click. Push it shut. I’ve downloaded the Ring app and we’re near my wifi router. We’re gonna go into the app, set up device, Security Cams. This is my Spotlight Cam Battery. So we go in the backyard. I’m gonna install it right here so that we can see directly
down the side of my house. We have the mount and we’re gonna screw this into this beam. Okay now we have a mount up. Now I’m gonna put one of
these tiny security screws in before I mount it. Okay we’re gonna put it up here. Gonna find where we want it. Let’s try it there. Looks pretty good. Let’s see if we can angle it. There we go. Okay, now it’s good to go and now I’ll always know what’s going on on this side of my house.

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  1. I purchased a wireless floodlight security cam and I love it. I just open the app and see what is happening in front of my property. At some point, I also want to buy one of these as well.

  2. I bought one of these cameras and installed it in an area just like this based on this video. If you notice in the video on his phone, there are lots of shadows. When you try Live View at night, forget it. All you see is a reflection off the beams. Everything beyond the beams is basically solid black. I originally bought and installed a doorbell cam and have been pleased with it. I bought two of the battery powered spotlight cams and have had nothing but problems.

  3. Hey Ring – I did call your customer service number today because I couldn’t get the battery out of my two week old Ring Spotlight Cam. Guess what I was told? Use a pair of pliers. Are you kidding me? I asked about a replacement and was told I would have to take it back to Home Depot. Great customer service!

  4. I have this spotlight cam and I just have to say that the motion sensors are horrible! Always have problems with it, now the ring doorbell in the other hand is great! But I do wish my ring spotlight cam had the same sensor motion quality as the ring doorbell does.

  5. I bought the cameras yesterday I'm trying to stall them tomorrow if you guys have any reviews good or bad let me know!

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