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  1. The audio is killing me!!!! LOL!
    If I had a flood light to replace I'm make a video you could be proud of! 😄

  2. Good review! I am looking to buy this floodlight unit this week. Looks like I will need an electrician because the front of my brick garage does not have any existing wires to connect the floodlight wires to. Does the floodlight send signal, beep or something to your cellphone to alert you that someone is in your yard or zone? How long does it take to receive the alarm?

  3. Hello, I have a question. Are you able to add pre-recorded audio files to play if someone get's close? Would I be able to add my own audio files to it to play instead of having to actually talk to them if I am out and about? I have many people come to our house, and I am very often out with people, and I wouldn't feel comfortable talking to someone in that regard if I am out in public. Thanks in advanced.

  4. Do you know what causes an occasional black screen when you try to view live and motion alerts? Its hit or miss. Sometimes it picks up and sometimes just shows a black screen.

  5. UPDATE on my Ring Floodlight. Got off the phone with customer service and my floodlight cam is NOW functioning properly. A few tips for ppl on what i encountered. If it is placed on anything metal, you will definitely need the chime pro. Also, my chime pro had to be as close to the cam as possible to get it to work properly. You can try both, but it would not work when i had it half way between the router and cam. Installed on metal could have had that effect on it as well with the chime needing to be close. Last tip, if you are trying to set up install and your light will not blink, but just remains solid, even after pressing the button at the top and also resetting by holding down the button for 15 seconds. Turn your light switch on and off and it somehow resets it to where it will blink again. That one i figured out myself after being on hold with the Rep while she was trying to figure out why it now would not blink or reset. I just turned the light switch on and off and it worked again. That was it, works like a charm now and no more black screens. I will say this, their customer service was amazing and worked hard trying to help me.

  6. Clarification please! In this video it says to connect the black (hot) wires first, followed by the white (neutral) wires. In my Floodlight Cam's instruction booklet (page 22), it addresses the white wires first, then the black wires. Which order is truly correct? Does it really matter which wires connect first if the power is disconnected?

  7. Only problem i have along with other people…it works well with wifi …but as soon as u leave away from your wifi and use your phone data..it does not work very well…kinda defeats the purpose of monitoring your home when away.

  8. Are you able to pivot the camera so it faces either left or right. I want to put one on the side of my house and turn the camera all the way to one side. Is that possible ? Looks like it may move. Thanks

  9. Do these floodlights work well when installed at a height of proximately 18 feet? And how resistant are they to hail?

  10. Too bad the piece of shit starts glitching just after the one year warranty and completely breaks down after 2 years forcing you to buy another system. Oh…. and they don’t refund you for their fucking app either if you can’t use it!

  11. This was mounted not using a 4 inch round weatherproof junction box. Is a box required ? what about moisture getting in between the flood light and the siding?

  12. Any monkey can install this with an existing light fixture and bracket. I'm looking for a camera to install with several much smaller holes. I will not drill a 4 inch hole above the garage door except for mounting screws and smaller wire hole. Ring did not make this overpriced product for me I guess.

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