Installing 8 Camera Mobile Security System on RV

Installing 8 Camera Mobile Security System on RV

good morning everybody you ready for
this we’re gonna install a wireless security system on Miranda today ready we’re gonna try something a little
different this time with Miranda though a different brand and a different type
of system and it’s an NVR kit it comes with a three terabyte hard drive it is
network ready just like the other ones and you can watch on your computer your
phone remotely but you’ll see these cameras are a little different than
things I’ve used in the past and I know what you’re thinking Eric
that’s a lot of wires for a wireless system here well let me explain the
cameras themselves are wirelessly transmitted to the NVR hard drive they
still need power however so how does that help it actually helps in a big way
because for instance I will have two of these in the top right corner of my RV
outside the RV out there they’re going to come in here I will have a power
source to plug all these cameras in but not having to run the BNC cable
everywhere that has been the nightmare with previous RVs is routing the wires
up through the walls or underneath the chassis and having a mess of thousands
literally thousands of feet of wire running to all of these cameras so in my
own research of these and again this is an 8-channel it comes with eight of
these wireless cameras in my own research a lot of people have given bad
reviews to any kind of a wireless security system have you ever actually
read through the reviews the reason why they only get two or three out of five
stars on Amazon all of the negative reviews are the same complaining about
I’m in a warehouse and I’m trying to get four hundred five hundred feet away and
it doesn’t work yeah or I’m in a three-story mansion and I can’t get my
cameras on the third floor to work down in the basement it says right on the box
that it has a hundred and fifty foot range to keep these going all the time
like I’m baffled that people are still giving bad reviews because of that you
asking too much out of the system it promised this one particularly promises
150 foot range I’m in a 32 foot RV that means it’s impossible for any of these
to ever be more than 32 feet away from the NVR recorder right so I can weed out
some of those negative reviews and say this might work for me I’m not endorsing
this product I don’t know it might not work but let’s get it all set up here on
the table and make sure the system physically works because these are
supposed to come linked to the NBR from the factory all right so forgive me for
the power wiring mess here luckily I guess a good thing is the power cords
all eight of them they give you ten feet of cord for those so you’re going to be
able to hit the camera wherever it’s gonna be at but right now
yeah it looks disastrous but I want to test this system out before I install it
wouldn’t that be a good idea so I got the DVR plugged in I have wired up all
eight cameras to power they also have I don’t know what it looks like an
Ethernet thing so maybe you could run it power and everything over the over
Ethernet cords as well so we’re just not using that cord and I want to turn this
on I got it hooked up to my TV here and I want to see if it really does just
sync like they say it does so come over here hit power and power and I’m hearing
noise that’s a good thing there we go digital recording system so it’s supposed to be synced from the
factory and I’m just oh look at that all eight cameras are on system
initializing please wait well that is promising that all cameras work at least
network cable disconnected yeah I know we’re not quite to that step yet guys
can we just skip that so once you to set up a username and password make this
unique oh I forgot to say the system does come with a mouse plugged in so you
can navigate again wait till the end of the video guys I do want to show how to
set this up it has a setup wizard for Android iOS or cloud or a combination of
everything and I’m going to show this at the end but we’re not quite connected to
the network yet because that’s a little tricky in an RV most of us are not going
to have a dedicated Ethernet network internet right stick around till the end
of the video I’ll show you an awesome easy hack for getting around that and we
will have Ethernet connected to this so for right now that’s all I needed to see
was it all of these cameras work I also forgot to mention that these are now
1080p cameras so I have switched to digital all of my previous night owl’
versions of these have all been analog and they’ve been measured in TBL so I
had a 600 TBL system and then I had a 900 TBL system at the time I was always
thinking I wanted to upgrade to the 1200 TBL system well there’s something even
better than 1200 TTL and that’s 720p digital cameras or in this case 1080p
digital camera system so should be a much clearer crisper image and yes these
all have night vision up to 100 feet so well let’s just grab one and make sure
it works here okay so that’s that bottom screen and there we are awesome so let
me shut this down we’ll go outside first of all I have been thinking about this
for several weeks now because there are a couple complications with this RV the
first one is the slides not only do I not want to mount cameras to any slide
because of the wiring that it would have to give and play and that there’s a tree
if I do it over here on the driver’s side where I normally do
it a name that way all you’re gonna see is the side of the slide right there so
and that’ll work for driving in fact that is a very important camera driver’s
side shooting this way that way when people get to you’ll get some of you
have our side swipes me or hits me or something I’ll be able to show clearly
that I am in between my lane and you came over into me right that is a very
important camera so it’s still gonna get mounted there in the corner it’s just
when the slides out that’ll be an obstructed view right there hence in the
back here there will be a redundancy there will be another camera in this
corner covering this angle that will be blocked when the slide is out so and
also I want to keep three cameras here in the corner where they’re easy to plug
into power right there I know it’s not gonna look as good as putting one in the
middle where my backup camera is but I just don’t I want to keep drilling the
holes to a minimum inside for power right now right it’s bad enough that I
have to drill a half inch hole for the wires and the cameras it’s not that bad
like it has to get done it’s it’s very important so and then on this back
corner here on the passenger side there doesn’t need to be any cameras I’m not
gonna have any blank spots because I’m gonna have one up at that corner
shooting this way in the back going this way therefore they’re gonna intersect
them I don’t need to drill holes into this corner right here which I’m really
happy about so I’m gonna get out my telescoping ladder climb up here and I’m
gonna install the first of two cameras here on the corner him I’ll get back to
you alright I got my first two holes drilled I know it’s a little
cringe-worthy even if it’s yours it still just makes you go are you sure are
you sure you know I’m sure this these are not pointless holes this is for a
very good thing that in my opinion just has to happen so that in case there’s
ever an accident or something I can always just give an SD card or a
harddrive to somebody and say look what happened and that’s what I want to do I
may have forgot to mention these are fully articulating there’s little allen
wrenches at all three spots so that’ll sit on there like that so yeah
I’m gonna clean this area up and I’m gonna
all the first two cameras we’re getting rain showers for like 15 minutes and the
Sun comes out and back and forth and I’m not a professional installer by any
means so this is gonna take me all day to make this work let me show you one
other thing I thought the first two cameras installed here you do not
actually seal silicone around this base even though there’s a hole drilled into
it just like the light fixtures there’s a hole at the bottom of these right
there just in case Moisture ever does get in there it has a way to escape and
not go into the RV just escapes down the side of the RV so that’s why you don’t
silicone nose up also I want to talk about the pivot points so once you get
these set the allen wrench I definitely trust that those are gonna be locked in
but because this is not I guess meant for the road it’s meant for the house
under the garage or something like that the antenna ports and the part that goes
in here I’m gonna use a little bit of Loctite on the threads it’s not gonna
superglue the connection it’ll still be removable but it will keep it so that
when I go off-road or over bumps or bounces it will keep those threads from
jarring loose a little bit just like you might do on your lug nuts for your tires
a little bit just to keep them secure a little bit of Loctite it’s not gonna
hurt and it’s gonna make sure that the antennas and everything stays secure all
the time I like the way that looks you might say the antennas are an eyesore I
think it’s I think it’s well worth running all that extra BNC wire all
throughout the RV though so ya got these two installed gonna move on to the other
side now all right got the driver’s side done now I do need to clean up a little
bit of a foam that’s come down and obviously again this camera won’t work
when the slides out won’t be much of a view but it’ll work while I’m driving
and I will have that angle covered but I kind of like this how this installations
going so far next we’ll work on the back corner and then we just got to worry
about running the wires inside for power all righty so all the cameras are done
the last three on the back side here are done and this one that will aim towards
the back all hooked up all tightened good to go on the outside let’s go
inside believe it or not that was actually the easy part of this entire
installation because I want to do this the right way the first way so now what
we got going on is cord sticking out of random places I have to
can the tv down I’ve got cords over there and then I’ve got three more cords
in the back bedroom corner that all need power so and as I said the outlet that
is behind this TV is disabled when the engine is running so that means power
needs to be brought over from my solar system this way to power the DVR and and
I’m gonna put a power strip up there for the five cameras I don’t know if I
showed you this one I also put the last eight one inside to kind of show the RV
but I want this TV to have well two jobs right now one is going to be for the
over-the-air free channels and the second one is going to be HDMI have been
to this from the DVR so that I can watch TV and still have access to this
sometimes if I’m in the shady area and it’s dark and I got all the curtains
closed I’ll just flip this on so they can see what’s going on make sure –
nobody’s messing with anything outside the RV right this is gonna take a little
bit of time I will show you what I come up with once I get the front part done
and then we’ll power up the rear cameras first of all the the clean up and make
this look good part of it that is gonna take an extra day just setting up the
cameras and making this work is one day alone by me but I don’t mind at all I’m
actually having a lot of fun with this so I have all of the cameras powered be
mindful I am NOT happy with how it looks okay so this stained wood this color I
guess you’d call this cheery I’m going to get some from the RV salvage place
that runs a strip down here to hide those holes and the wires as well as the
ones over here and everywhere else all the way so ignore all of my wiring
exposed right now because that doesn’t matter
it’s working so what we’re seeing on my screen right here and there I am right
there in the bottom right hi everybody a little bit of a delay less than a
second less than a second but I got all eight cameras on and working you can
display this any way you want I like to keep the big frame this is my front door
okay yes the audience is kind of in the way it’s still usable but yeah awning
then in the front there’s another size so and then here’s the inside and you
know it’ll if I move here over here you can see that I can see Jack’s on the
couch right there so I think this system is going to be
perfect for me we are still full bars on every single camera has a full signal oh
that one has three out of four right now but yep
I’m really happy with how it turned out and I’m really thankful that I did not
have to run BNC cable for eight cameras all around this RV because that would
not have been fun but this is only part of it
my next process my next project is to get all of these cameras onto my phone
so in your home that would be easy you have an Ethernet in the back of the
device the recorder that Ethernet goes into your Ethernet at home of your
router well how are you gonna do that in an RV well I and many other our beers
use a hotspot device like this although it could also be your hotspot on your
phone I just happen to buy this outright this is an AT&T one that I rent on eBay
and it gives me unlimited so this is giving me cellular Wi-Fi internet with
no ethernet cord okay so what I do and what y’all can do is go buy an Internet
booster a Wi-Fi booster this is made by Netgear I don’t think it matters
specifically but what you need to do is look at the bottom and make sure that it
has that Ethernet port so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna plug this guy in and I’m
going to sync this with my hotspot device so this is called nomadic fanatic
I’m gonna call this nomadic fanatic booster I’m not going to be using it for
the booster as much as just getting that Ethernet we have to have to put it on
the computer there’s some directions in there that tell you how to open up
device manager and have a new password for it and everything and then once
that’s on and as long as my hotspot device is on anytime I go outside this
is gonna be connected to the network so let me hook this up first and then we
will set up the wizard for the IC oh my gosh
did I really just get that wait wait a minute here I knew it was a Chinese
knockoff version of like night owl or Swan but I just hadn’t been pronouncing
it I just looked at it and I would pronounce that I see you
it’s probably hitting you or something but I see you isn’t that funny for oh my
gosh I kill myself sometimes that is
hilarious if that was intentional nice job guys Wow all right so I got it
I’ll connect that you’ll see my phone is still listed up here but you got a
nomadic fanatic and then nomadic fanatic booster it actually does broadcast a lot
farther than you’d think I’ve had a lot of viewers actually find out that I’m in
their campground by finding the nomadic fanatic booster in the past so it does
kind of let people know from the entire campground that I’m in the area which is
kind of funny just waiting for the green lights there on my net gear booster
there we go she was good I got the ethernet plugged into the back going to
the NVR I’m just going to turn off and reset the system and then it should pop
up our wizard there’s the app they want us to use IP pro all right and while
this boots up here there it goes actually cool beans we’re all there
we’re configuring the network please wait all right there’s those barcodes
again so let me get my app open oh isn’t that a pretty app type you Pro would
like to access the camera yes iOS link look at that there we go
there’s me in the top right corner there is I walk a little closer to the camera
Wow even on the phone we’re only delayed about a second or so that’s fantastic
there are multiple views I could swipe probably and there’s the other four or
there’s a way to put all eight on one screen and you know what this is pretty
sweet this way anytime I’m outside the RV no
matter where I’m at in the country or even out of the country
I can always pull up my iPhone and see how Jax is doing inside the RV see the
condition of outside the RV as well as I can still hang a little thermometer here
off to the side on the side so that I can physically see the temperature in
here I am amazed at the fact that there are no tailored RV security systems yet
on the market this is definitely an untapped area for
video NBR units and stuff like this but I am still happy with this hi see you
version just as I was with night I just want to test it a little more
certainly I want to drive a little bit and make sure that the Loctite on all
the threads held up I have no doubt that all the allen wrench tightenings are
gonna work just fine and you could physically still go a wider angle camera
there are quite a bit more expensive about a hundred dollars apiece and you
can sink those wirelessly through here or if I don’t like the system later I
already have the holes drilled I could still then put in a different type of
system but this is the best way I know how to how to keep the RV safe and in
case anything crazy happens like you reek at California four or five years
ago I’ll have it on video to share at least so anyway guys hope you enjoyed
I’ll see you soon

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