Inside The Safest School In America | NBC Nightly News

Inside The Safest School In America | NBC Nightly News

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  1. "Oh yea, make a line with small chair and cuddle yourselfs with your textbooks inside it, it's not like the shooter can USE A GUN or something"

  2. In my school if there is a real shooter if we are on the first floor we will go out the fire escape window instead of sitting there for target practice

  3. This just shows how unsafe it is in the USA. So many school shootings. I’m living in Germany. Maybe 1 shooting per year

  4. I have a solution that could only cost around 100k… buy 45 handguns and give the teachers extensive training and checks to make sure they are mature enough to handle the responsibility.

  5. Bravo bravo 👏 give almost EVERY defense mechanism information you have out to the world. Great now you went from the “safest” school in the world to the most dangerous school. And they just have money. My school could barely afford band equipment

  6. Or you just can ban guns like in Australia And UK so no one will be hurt.
    Gun obsession is a serious mental illness is absolutely incurable when the Patient is a white american man.

  7. Well in Ireland we just go to school and don’t need to worry about someone with a gun that will shoot loads of people . School is supposed to be a safe place to learn that why we banned guns years ago and not a school shooting since

  8. 0:26 seriously, anyone logical would attack the school during a passing period or when it's full of kids in the hallways, there's no protection at all really, the hallways are a nice shooting ground

  9. The only drill I’ve ever done at my school was the earthquake drill in which they told us basically to run to open spaces and hoard small children

  10. So a shooter with an atomatic rifle is trying to open the door and get into your classroom, and you're trying to hold on for dear life along with 20 others. You have an abundant amount of metal desks, 1 entry way into the room, and an abundant amount of text book. What do you do?

    Don't block the door with desks obviously and instead make a pathetic barrier of desk that's low on the ground and hold textbooks that would supposedly protect/negate damage to your face.

    Cmon, I'm no expert but if I do end up inside the room with the doors being accidentally unlocked, the next thing I gonna do is spray n pray on all of your bodies.

  11. There was once a bomb that went off in my school, it shook the ground and the teachers just told us to stay calm and continue our work

  12. Just wait until an autistic white kid start whistling Pump Up Kicks and pulling something out of his bag

  13. Not gonna lie this is just asking for a shooter to challenge it. And thanks news, now they know how to prepare for it.

  14. My school had two people threaten to shoot up the school during 3rd or 4th lunch(we have 5 lunches)
    But one person got caught and then another got caught the next day

    My mom thinks it was probably someone seeking attention maybe since the person had actually planned it out and then posted it on their Snapchat story about it but they actually brought a gun to school

    So luckily yesterday and Wednesday our school wasn’t shot up by two idiotic kids

  15. They keep saying they have good countermeasures against Intruders, but aren't most school shooters students who keep their guns in their backpacks?

  16. america:
    everybody else: do something about the 12 dead people that died from ur lack of school security
    america: does this
    everybody else: smh my head HUGE waste of money

  17. The reel safest school is a school that has guns mounted on the gate of the school with barbed wire on the fence. Then that’s not all as the inside is worse as there’s a storage room full of pistols and ammo with deployable barricades then let’s see if the shooter makes it a few feet in school.

    School districts and police departments: take notes 📝

  18. I would 100% Donate for that system in every school coz im so tried of kids dying..But im European so Im good 🙂

  19. Years ago the only thing you had to worry about was high school girls and being popular. Now school shootings are the norm

  20. Compare the safest school in America to America's Most Dangerous School.

  21. So what happens when someone figures out how to take the security system offline? You know there are some people in high school with way too much time on their hands. Simply hack the network and prevent any of the "safety measures" from working. Or even worse, use cause them to go off in the middle of the day.

  22. My school should win most sporty school of the year, we do more sports, sponsored runs, walks, cross country stuff more than the actual learning

  23. Every freaking school in America should be armed like this while guns are legal, and our representatives should be ashamed that this is a rarity. Students at that school are very lucky.

  24. i go to this school , it’s a lot safer than you think , so honestly you can’t judge if you don’t know and if you don’t go to the school . and it’s really not a waste of money either . Everything is bullet resistant and you won’t get hurt no matter what trust me I know . I GO TO THE SCHOOL !

  25. This is the most painfully stupid thing i have ever seen for so many reasons, holding a book in front of your face in the corner is somehow even more rediculous than duck and cover in the 50s

  26. This is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen.
    The Sheriff's Department is "only 10 miles away"? If it's so safe, then let's have the NFL implement that kind of security and see how long the players last.

  27. Not really “safe “ . More like paranoid .

    People die everyday. You’re more likely to die from a shark attack than be in a school shooting just saying .

  28. Okay, all of this isn’t too necessary. Cuz I’ll be the first one to throw hands at the intruder. Kick em in the nose. NOW WHAT

  29. Why don't we just like, NOT treat children like they're worse than pond scum. Actually like, you know LISTEN to their worries and not dismiss them because they're young. Actually uh, I don't know, EDUCATE them about the world to feed their curiosity instead of assuming that they don't know diddly from squat. Maybe then they wouldn't have urges to shoot up schools.

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