Innotech Security Glass Demonstration – Defend Your Home Series

Innotech Security Glass Demonstration – Defend Your Home Series

Innotech offers a variety of glass
options for your new windows and doors in this demonstration we show the
difference between our standard glass and our three security glass options:
Security +, Security ++ and Security +++. Each security glass upgrade provides
additional defense against a casual break in attempt. Thieves don’t want to attract attention. If they can’t quickly enter a home, they’re likely to give up and move on. Don’t make it easy for thieves. Select windows and doors that provide you
with more security. For more information about our exclusive
defender system and window and door security visit

12 Replies to “Innotech Security Glass Demonstration – Defend Your Home Series”

  1. Detroit, Baltimore, DC, Inglewood, Compton, SF, SJ, LA, SD, Miami Dade, Houston, NC, SC…And even South Africa you'd sell a awful lot…"No doubt!

  2. Wouldn't a good thief pick the lock? Or drill the lock? Much easier than messing with that glass. Also, if the door is non-operable, how do you break your way out? Hmmmm………..

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