100 Replies to “Ingraham: Boltin’ from the White House”

  1. I hope President Trump reconsiders Steve Bannon , this man knows his politics and would be an asset to Team Trump, however if President chooses another person please make sure they love our Country as he and Mr. Bannon does, America first.

  2. Keep beaking off racist. Comments loaded with the usual bots. Bolton was way down on anyone’s popularity list but still head and shoulders above the traitor in Chief, the majority of Americans want this national security risk, traitor and miserable excuse for a president gone.

  3. I think Trump is for no war and a better more prosperous life for anyone! Even if you were a former enemy. Your always welcome back to the table.

  4. Well said, we have a President that cares for the voters, not the other side of the fence. And, yes, it's an active fence with real sides. He's looking out for you and looking out for me. I'm thankful for a President who cares for the American people and who puts US first.

  5. Curiously, productive folks assign whomever to tasks, that is whomever will 'git er done'. DNC concerns itself with keeping their own lifer jobs in WDC, and being top power mongering. Of course DNC snd their msm poodles feel in disarray. Conservatives, who sock away 40+ weekly, are fine.

  6. It's like they still don't understand their words remain on the internet. Anything they say now is recorded and kept in a file and we can access it anytime and wave it at them. They are very disconnected from modern reality.

  7. Someone I was watching yesterday said this about Trump. "You may like Trump or you may hate him, but all I care about is that someone has the guts to come in and take a wrecking ball to the over due destruction of the establishment!" This says it all! Thank God this is exactly who we have in the white house. Drain the swamp!!!!!!

  8. Democrats ran Comey down like this too until Trump sacked him so it doesn’t surprise me at all what they say…anything to go against their President

  9. Hey Ignorant Ingram if you know of a circus that is in need of 🤡 Clowns you can add one more from the Clown house list !!!!!!! 😀😁😀🤗

  10. Loved it great as always would love to see you and Liz and Candace and Judge Jeannie debate any liberal progressive socialist hippocrates out there

  11. Bolton is excellent and has well thought out opinions, so as an adviser it's better he stays there – maybe it's best he goes away due to the elections, too. I'm certain he does well in that role, but he does have some politicians – Pompeo is more political and flexible, so those two won't mix well.

  12. Trump is doing what a CEO does by getting results…..if not…..your gone. This is business, not politics. This is how successful businesses work.

  13. Bolton is now considered a loser by Fox News as their Dear Leader has fired him in disgust. Bolton used to be a favorite at the Fox News propaganda channel.

  14. I thought Trump was only going to hire good people? Why does he keep hiring these people? He doesn't seem to have a good judge of character. Sure hindsight is 20/20 but as the president he's supposed to know better.

  15. Why is it that these MSM media are always there to criticise the President whenever he removes any of his advisers and/or employees of the White House! If Amb. Bolton cannot see eye to eye with the President, then he shd just resign or be fired by the President. By the way, who is the Boss in the White House? He is for peace and not for war!

  16. Tillerson was NOT a failure at the State Department. He got rid of a lot of dead weight around there in terms of paid cabalistic loafers with a big globalist agenda. (see Ukraine regime change, among many others) The actions made him rather unpopular among said cabalistic loafers, and it seems convenient from a political standpoint to SAY his stint was a failure, though I don't recall Trump ever saying it himself.

  17. Trump is very smart when he thinks one of his people has been compromised he gets rid of them keep people moving in and out you don't have to worry about turncoats quite so much

  18. Very well put Laura! Trump is running his Administration like a business rather than like a politician who lets his cabinet run him. I say it’s been long overdue! More power to America.

  19. Agree with you on a couple of points one Trump did the right thing and fired Bolton two the liberals are now the war hawks marching in step with all the other neocons that want more wars and never wanted to bring our troops home. Bolton should invite Tulsi Gabbard back to the white house to get her opinion on what we need to do to save face with the citizens of the US and bring our troops home and end these never ending wars that are costing trillions of dollars and millions of lives.

  20. I am glad Trump threw him out. As a member of his cabinet, you work for the President. And if you are hostile to the President's agenda you will find yourself out of a job. Good riddance. John Bolton, you're fired.

  21. Mr President please hire John Marshall to be your national security advisor! You will find not onlt he's wise and coolheaded but a great fun to work with.

  22. You put it so nice and truthfully sweetheart. There is no room for Self Esteem when working for the American people! Bolton was just one of a bunch of power crazed control freaks! In all honesty, who could possibly speak seriously to some one with half his head under his nose?

  23. Good trump . Bolton was a scumbag who loved sending our sons to war (unlike him).if he could make it so I didn't get taxraped he would be the goat president

  24. I’m really proud of American business leaders lately, who are stepping up to the plate demanding the senate move on climate action, and gun violence. Hundreds of the nation’s top business leaders are coming together over these issues in the vacuum of leadership our President has created.

  25. Now the loyalty question Trump demands come into view. Patriots know about the GIP … greater israel project … and how Bolton is there to push for it in zionist controlled D.C.
    Patriots are to the point where they don't trust suits. That should be very disturbing to fake news anchors.

  26. There is only one reason America has such a big presence in Afghanistan; to support huge profits for the industrial military complex, period.

  27. March 6th 2018, "The Expert Class". Well, Laura, where has all the expert class disappeared to since the last half decade? I know there was the KEY-EYE individual somewhere on this earth who Trump already must of known to take him past all those "expert class" individuals who don't seem to be making any appearances any longer. The expert class has faded into the shadows of their own manufactured darkness.

  28. excellent job President. You just make the best decision to clean up the white house swamp. Bolton is your worst enemy and he is working against you.

  29. What a bunch of fakes the Democrats are, at least the ones who initially criticized the appointment of John Bolten and are now criticizing Trump for firing Bolten.

  30. Wow, Baby, This is Nuclear in a Nutshell.
    Ingraham analyzed it and nailed it.
    Everyone should see this short and sweet video, especially the Dems.

  31. If I were her, and Hannity, and Carlson, I'd cancel my shows on Fox News and switch them over to One America. That's where I feel they may be needed the most.

  32. How stupid are these demonic baby killing liberal Democrats really are…… Bolton was a turd. It's not bad that the President changes things around in his house. The unemployment, Americans that are working, getting deals done with other countries and NO war since in office. Yeah these are things that are being conducted by our President. So who cares who comes and goes. Sometimes change is good. As long as America is in power and our economy is going Great we don't care who President Trump fires or hires……….. That's the truth. Results

  33. Too bad the President couldn't fire most of these politicans. That's the truth. We the Americans want the house cleaned out. No more free loading for these idiot and crazy politicians. If you dont show results then you should GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Was probably a mistake to hire Bolton in the first place – he obviously wasn't a fit. But the magical thing about President Trump is whoever deals with him eventually has to show their true color – be it Kim Jung un, Nancy Pelosi, Ilham or Bolton; it doesn't matter! That's what I like about Trump the most.

  35. The most convincing evidence that the Left is brainless and insane, is… just listen then talking for 2 minutes! anything that comes out of their mouth should be more than enough of "convincing evidence" of their insanity.

  36. The marxist they lie cheat being critical on ANYTHING Pr. Trump does no matter what but I think he provides LEADERSHIP and is not afraid to use it….

  37. Laura Ingraham tells it like it is. She's tough as nails and nails it everytime. She's sarcastic in a lady way and funny too. Brilliant. Beats the living hell out of Megan Kelly. ….uh, Megan Who? LOLOLOL

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