Indoor Dome IR Security Camera Infrared Video Surveillance Demo

In this video I’m going to demonstrate the
day and night video surveillance quality of the DPRO-9620VF, which is an indoor dome CCTV
camera. Let’s get started. We start out the test with all of the lights on in the office.
I started out about 20 feet away from the camera. This room is 21 feet long by about
14 feet wide. I’m going to turn the lights off now so we go into night mode. You’ll see
the IR cut filter engage and the IRs come on right there. Right now, all the lights
are off in the room. There’s 1 computer monitor on, so it’s providing some ambient light,
just so I can see where I’m walking, but it’s very dark in the room right now. Again, I’ll
just walk the length of the room starting at about 20 feet away. You can see the infrared
mode does a good job of illuminating me and really the entire room.
I’m going to turn off the monitor that’s on right now so you can see it’s not even really
helping illuminate at all. The camera works great in zero light. It’s completely dark
in the room right now. There’s no light at all. I’ll turn the monitor back on just so
I can, again, see what I’m doing and go back over to the light switch. I’ll turn the lights
on in a sec. Now the IR cut filter will disengage and it’ll go back to color mode.
This dome camera comes in 3 different models which have only slight differences. All the
models use the exact same image sensor, firmware, lens, and infrared LEDs. They are essentially
the exact same camera except the DPRO-9620VF has a black base, the 9620VFW has a white
base and the DPRO-520MVF has a white base and is dual voltage, which means that installers
can use either a 12 volt DC or 24 volt AC power supply with this model. These 2 models
can only use a DC power supply. Either way, CCTV Camera Pros always includes
the required power supply with all cameras that we sell. For more information and pricing
on the DPRO-9620 and the other 2 models, please There are links
to all 3 camera models on that page. Thank you for watching.

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