In the Lab: Arlo Home Security.

In the Lab: Arlo Home Security.

[light music] Hi, everyone, my name is Roberto, I’m from Store 191, Chico, California, and welcome to The Lab. We’re talking about ways to keep
your house safe with the Arlo system. First up, guys, the Arlo Ultra
security camera system. What I like about the Arlo Ultra
is the amazing 4K video quality. The cool thing about the Ultra, you can
install the Ultra inside or outside. I will use this in my backyard, so I can be able to keep an eye on my dog. He’s a husky so a lot of energy. This is the Arlo Audio Doorbell. With this, you get a notification
on your phone, and someone is ringing at the doorbell. [dynamic ringing]
Ooh. Let me answer this really quick.
– Your deliver’s here. – Sounds good. Thank you.
[whispers] Sorry. Now let me talk about
the Arlo Q indoor camera. This little guy detects motion or sound. Shh. I like the Arlo Q because it has
an HD camera and two-way audio. You can see and communicate
in perfect detail using the Arlo Q.
– Hi, Roberto. – I can use it in The Lab to make sure
that everyone is doing a nice job. Arlo cameras keep your home safe
inside and outside. Thanks for stopping by The Lab.

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  1. Roberto’s accent makes me so wet 😩💦 Damn Papi, let’s make a video with those 4K cameras. 😍

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