Impractical Jokers – The Impractical Jokers at San Diego Comic Con 2019 | truTV

Impractical Jokers – The Impractical Jokers at San Diego Comic Con 2019 | truTV

Tom: Hey, guys.
How are you? [ Cheers and applause ] Yeah! I’m Tom Kenny! Hey! Assume the position! [ Cheers and applause ] Give it up! Jokers in
the house, y’all! Hi, everyone! Yeah! Tell the Jokers
“Hello”! Sal Vulcano, James Murray,
Joe Gatto, Brian Quinn — the Impractical Jokers! You know, Hall H
looks bigger on TV. That’s all I’ll say. -Yeah.
-Whoo. And how about
a big round of applause for Tom Kenny,
everybody! Hey, you guys! Holy [bleep] Okay. Who thought
this was gonna be the “Doctor Who” panel,
and they’re in the wrong place? Get out now. Man, nice to
see you guys. You guys are here
because you’re fans of the Jokers,
and who isn’t? That’s right. Are you gonna stand
the whole time? That’s a sin.
I feel bad about that. What do you mean?
No, I’m here. I would be
out there anyway. I would be
out there anyway. So, we’re just gonna
show some clips. We’re gonna talk about
some new stuff. We’re gonna have
some questions. You guys are gonna get
to ask some questions, because these guys want to hear
what you have to say. -That’s right.
-So, yeah. So — You guys got
your phones up, taping? Got your phones up?
Phones up? You got your Jokers masks up?
-That’s right. Oh, there’s a lot of Sals
looking at me. Oh! It’s so scary. I will tell you, that
never stops being creepy. -Yeah.
-Yep. Did — did you guys get to pick
who you have, or was it random? -Random!
-Okay, so this is how — this is what’s fun
about these things. Like,
they run out of people, ’cause people, like,
trade people in. So, do me a favor.
Everybody hold up your Murr. Let’s see how many Murrs
are out there. Okay.
-That’s it? No, no, that’s good.
That’s good. That means they
ran out of Murrs. Let’s hold up the Qs.
Who’s got the Qs? Okay.
Let’s hold up the Sals. Oh, a lot of Sal. Now, hold up the Joes. Alright.
-Wow. So, clearly, me and you
are not big sellers. These guys are great. You’re serious that they ran out of Murrs? -Rocking the merch.
-Yeah, I think so. I think they ran out
of ours. Is my mic even on?
Do you guys hear me? I’ve made some great jokes,
and nobody’s been laughing. Do we — can we turn these up
a bit or turn them in our — can we hear ourselves
a little more? Could you — wait, you guys can hear us? I sound like — You can? I sound like Eminem
at the beginning of a record. Like, “Can you turn up” —
-Mom’s spaghetti. [ Laughter ] We’re — we’re announcing season
35 of “Impractical Jokers.” Can you turn the mics up?
I can’t hear anything. I can’t hear them. I got the — Is the ear thing even on? I don’t know. There’s a lot of —
there’s a lot of — This is a great panel, by the way. We’ve talked
about nothing. We will continue to
talk about nothing. There are a lot
of kids here, and we are on high alert
to just, you know, make it a G thing.
No, no, no, no, no. O.G.
O.G. I need to at least
get one out. I had to say [bleep]
Just — I got to say it. I’m sorry.
I got to say it. I had to get it out, otherwise,
I might say worse expletives. Murr: Did you see —
as soon as you say it was G-rated, the 8-year-old
in the front seat said, “Oh, come on!” -“Darn.”
-And then, he flipped Sal off. Alright, go ahead, Tom.
Get this going. I don’t know. I’m gonna ask some questions. We’ll get it rolling,
and you guys think of your questions, okay? I’ve got to say, I got to know these guys because — I don’t know
how many years ago it was. It was early in
the Jokers saga. I was walking around
this convention, and these guys were walking
around going, “Nobody knows us. What are we even
doing here?” -Yeah.
-“What are we doing here?” And I said,
“Oh, my gosh. Hold on, it’s the
Impractical Jokers.” And I said,
“I love you guys.” They said, “You don’t know who we are.” I said, “Yes, I do. You’re Sal.
You’re Joe. You’re Q,
and the other guy. No, no, Murr.” And so — so — Q: Speaking of which,
by the way, Tom, do you know that,
the first year, that year we met,
we were so unknown, we had to sneak into the parties
behind Brandon Routh, who used to be “Superman”
in the movie, like, 20 years ago. Yeah. And then, like,
just a year or two later, I came back, and you guys were
on, like, double decker buses, and like, you know,
there was buildings in downtown painted with their faces. And I was, like, “I knew it!” You know? My son was
an early adapter. He’s the one who turned me on to you guys, so — and everybody
loves you guys. Like, you guys have such a bond with your fans that, I think, is really
unusual, and it’s honest, and it’s real — it’s not — it’s not bogus. Like, when did you guys
realize that you had a — Was there a moment
where you said, “Wow, this is really,
really a hit. It’s more than a little hit. It’s a big hit.” Uhh, I think, early on,
because we play just really — we just really are ourselves,
there is no filter, a lot of you feel like
you know us very well. And you know, the fact
of the matter is, you don’t. But —
-You feel like you do. No, you do, you do. I mean, really — and so,
there is this kind of bond — and we’ve all felt it —
that we have with you guys. And we see you
on the street. It’s almost like no words
even have to be exchanged. You kind of know us
a little bit. So, you know, it’s —
people — Q: What Sal is saying is don’t talk to him. Please don’t look me
in the eyes. -Talk to Murr.
-No words need to be exchanged. You guys, honestly, for the rest of our lives, if you just give me a nod,
I’ll know what you mean. It’s funny how comfortable
everyone is right away. ‘Cause they’re always, like, “Oh, wow,
you’re way fatter on TV. Thank you? I had a woman who
came up to me. She goes, “You’re on the show
with the other three assholes.” That was actually
the name of the pilot. Murr and Three Assholes. That was also my mother who said it, so… Tom: So, was there one of you guys
that had the idea first, like, “Hey, this stuff that
we’ve been doing forever — this relationship that we have with each other — this can be a show that
people might actually watch.” Was there one of you guys that
had that light bulb moment, or was it
kind of collective? Oh, it was kind of — we were
sitting around brainstorming, and it came up. We had so many failures before this. No, really,
we really did. And then, one day, we’re just
like, “What can we do that might utilize the strengths
that we think we have? And we came up
with this. Over one meal, really. We had sandwiches. It was over lunch at mine
and Murray’s apartment. I had pizza. -He had a pizza.
-Oh, he had a pizza. You guys get it that
we were eating. We also — we also — the night
that we created the show, we also played
“Guitar Hero.” You remember? Actually,
I’ll correct you. It’s more douchey
than that. Google it — douche. Did you just call
the kid a “douche,” or you told him
to Google douche? I told him
to Google “douche.” Although, he’s so young,
I don’t know if he even know if he knows
what Google is. Bing it. So, we played “DJ Hero.” Oh, “DJ Hero.” It was not as popular. So great. And I just remembered
that little detail. I loved “DJ Hero.” Tom: That’s even — wow,
that is really dorky. Wow, for Tom Kenny
to tell us it’s dorky,
we know we’re doing it. I know. That hurts.
That stings. So, how has your approach
changed since the beginning? Like, are you guys —
like, I feel like it was “SpongeBob” 20 years in. We’re still
kind of making — 20 years.
My God. We’re still kind of making the
same show, you know what I mean? They’re, like, “Wow,
what’s different?” I go, “Kind of nothing.” We’re just being goofy,
and trying to, you know, there’s stuff that —
you’ve got to think harder to do stuff you haven’t done before, which, obviously, must be a
gigantic headache for you guys. I tell you what, we didn’t
know what the show was. We created it.
We shot the pilot. We still didn’t know
what we were shooting when we shot
the pilot, right? Like, we didn’t come up
with the idea of, like, Refuse, You Lose until —
the Costco challenge was the first time we realized
kind of what the show was. -Yeah.
-You say what to do, and the other guys just do it,
and then, you laugh. We didn’t know. So, when did it,
like, become — when did the Refuse, You Lose thing kick in? I think, if you look at
the earlier episodes, I think midway through season
two, we really locked in. We got, like, the idea of, like,
the scoreboard, the recap, like, how we’ll talk more
in the behind-the-scenes stuff. Like, you’ll see
our conversations. You won’t see it —
in the first season, there was barely a conversation
where we were just talking. And that’s how, basically,
people got to know us, is when we just
had discussions. In the first season,
there wasn’t really — the way the show was edited,
it wasn’t like that at all. There was no, like, getting
to know us conversations. In the middle of season two,
we had some really fun ones. We’re, like, “This is funny.
We should put it in.” And they’re, like, “Try it.”
So, I remember the first cut. Do you remember this?
We did a first cut. We had a long conversation about Sal borrowing
Murray’s chap– Murray borrowing
Sal’s Chap Stick. Q: Yeah. And it made us laugh really hard
how he was so — he went off on Murr
about why he can’t — how weird it is. And just Sal’s — I still don’t get it. The unmitigated gall to ask
to use someone’s Chap Stick. He broke,
like, 100 rules. Murr: I’m your friend for 30 years. You know where
my lips have been. Q: You should not be using his Chap Stick. Yeah. He’s seen where those lips have been. -Yeah.
-Come on. So, we — it was in
the challenge — Google it. So, we went — I think he knows
what Chap Stick is. But it was in —
it was in a — No, I meant, Google where
Murr’s lips have been. -Whoa.
-Kid, don’t Google that. Use a VPN if you do. He’s, like,
“I got VPN, buddy. VPN, I got it.” So, we… that challenge wasn’t
very funny, to be honest. And we were like, “The Chap
Stick thing is funnier. Let’s just put the Chap Stick
thing in for, like, half of Murr’s turn,
and see what happens.” And the network didn’t even,
like, give us a note on it. We’re, like,
“Ooh, this is interesting.” I’ll do a fun fact
for you — That challenge was the creation of Larry. The Chap Stick bit is where
Joe first shouted “Larry!” in the shoe store. And the end of season one. Tom: They love origin
stories here at Comic-Con. That’s right. So, that’s the interesting
thing about your show. It’s, like, kind of a reality show, prank show, call it what you will, but it’s also character-based, like a sitcom. People come back to you
the way they come back to, like, “Cheers” or “The Office,” or something, because they feel like they know you, and they want to hang out
with you guys, right? That’s very nice of you. So, eight seasons in, right? Is that where
we are now? -Yeah.
-Yes. And you guys are more confident,
obviously, in yourselves. Kind of. Well, for the most part,
right, buddy? Sal’s, like,
“Still working on it. It’ll happen.
It’ll happen.” We got Mr. Confidence
over here. So, have you ever been
so scared you thought you’d want to get
beat up or something? A lot of people told me to ask you this particular
question today. What’s the closest you ever came
to getting punched in the face? Oh, you know, the —
you ever see the punishment where I had to pull cigarettes
out of people’s mouths? I thought I was gonna get
my you-know-what hammered. Joe: Yeah, but you didn’t. You didn’t. That was all right. But Murray
did get assaulted when he tried to put a bra
on that big gentleman. Yeah. I got whacked in the face. Yeah, that was — that was probably the closest we came to fisticuffs. Tom: Murr getting chased around
the ballpark by an angry mob. Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah. What about when you didn’t give change? We did —
We did a punishment where Murray played
a hot dog vendor at a racetrack
in New Jersey. So, that’s a fun time
for people. All you people not holding up “Murr” signs, you better go out
and get them, ’cause I get
the worst of it, man. Yeah, yeah. He almost got killed because
he wouldn’t give his change back when people
got hot dogs. Tom: Well, you guys have a ton
of fans on the “SpongeBob” cast and crew,
and they’re like — We’re having a “SpongeBob” dinner tonight that I’m blowing off
to hang out with you guys. So, they said, “Okay. at least we want to ask
some questions that we have.” Oh, wow.
This is awesome. These are questions. I respectfully decline. We — We should do, like,
a comic book crossover between “Impractical Jokers” and “SpongeBob.” -Yeah.
-Wouldn’t that be amazing? Yeah. Like us in Bikini Bottoms
or something like that? What if we had SpongeBob
on the show? That would be —
oh, my God, animated? Yes. Let’s do it. Like when Superman
met Muhammad Ali. That’d be great. So, this one — this one is actually
from Bill Fagerbakke, Patrick. Hey says, “Who’s your favorite
Joker to be paired with in duo challenges?” Whoa, we — Anyone that’s not Sal,
I think, is the question. Yeah. We — we tend to break up
Sal and Murr from each other — not for the reasons
you think. It’s because they —
out of who — when we make the show,
they are the two longest. They’ll be out there on the
floor for, like, 45 minutes. Joe will do it in,
like, five minutes. He’ll go out there and be,
like, “Watch this. Blah, blah, blah,”
and then, it’s done. It’s hysterical.
-If Sal and I were partners, it would be an hour
and a half long. Yeah. So, we kind of have
to break them up in that. -I like being partners with you.
-I like being partners with you. Oh, there you go. I’ll take Sal, and I’ll tell you why. It’s ’cause I know —
I like to watch — when they give us
something to do, I just know Sal’s
not gonna do it, but I’ll always go to him, “Go ahead.” So, he can go — and I’ll just watch him. And he’s, like, “Please,
could you just do it?” “You got it, buddy.
You got it.” Tom: Favorite location
to film challenges? -Air-conditioning.
-Air-conditioning. Supermarkets, ’cause there’s
ready available food, and they’re very
air-conditioned. You have no idea
how important air-conditioning
is to this show. Tom: Anywhere marshmallows can be thrown. Yes. Yeah, I mean, nowadays,
too, though, this — you know,
we go by the idea, and then, the idea, that dictates the location. And then, wherever we can get
that location, we do it. And so, a lot of times,
there is no room for us. We’re in a subbasement
sometimes, even, like — Black mold growing
all around. Yeah, there’s mold.
There’s, like, no A/C. And we’re just, like —
It’s smaller than, like, maybe all four of us
in a ten-foot space. Tom: It’s like
an FBI stakeout. Yeah, right.
It can be like that. And then, you get all
the little cameras in there, and everything. Sometimes, you know,
almost a decade in, we’re just, like,
“Why are we –” Why do we do the show? We should make some adjustments
so that we’re not — there’s not mold dripping
on us while we do this. You guys
remember this? It took three seasons
for us to get chairs. Oh, yeah. We had to stand the first three seasons. You need them now. Folding chairs. I’m not talking about anything special. It took us
two more seasons to get cushions
on the folding chairs. -Yeah.
-It was just steel chairs. Guys, what we’re saying is,
we’ve been through some [bleep] We have it pretty — Tom: Yeah, and you guys put each
other through [bleep] too. Do you guys — Do you guys have to go to, like, crazy lengths to keep the punishments
secret from each other? Like, are the —
is the other guy — Are they always trying
to find out what the challenge, the punishment is gonna be? Or do you guys good — I think that we respect
not trying to figure it out. Right?
-Well, yeah, for the most part. But some of them are long,
long burns. They take
a long time to do. Like, one of our longest,
I think, hands down, was probably yours, when we did
the FBI investigation. Oh, the Homeland security. That started from a real place,
which always makes it easy. So, we had gotten a letter
from — This is true. North South Productions
is the company that produces it. A letter came in from the mayor’s office, saying, hey, “We saw
a clip of your show where one of your people trespassed. You have to come,
and testify, and give your reasons why not to, or we’re gonna give you a fine,
and suspend your permits. Then, in that same — that came into the writer’s room the same — About a week later,
the showrunner — Pete McPartland, you guys might know him — he comes in the room,
and Sal wasn’t there. And he goes — And it was Sal’s turn. Sal had climbed up
on a statue, and did
“I got your nose.” So, when one — It was just a killer bit, guys. Yeah. So, Sal — Like I said, Sal wasn’t in, and a letter came in saying, “You know what,
don’t worry about it. We realize you had your permit, blah, blah, blah.” And Pete’s, like, “Oh, good,
Sal’s off the hook.” And I was, like… I said,
Sal’s not here, so let’s think about this
for a moment, shall we?” And I took that letter,
and I crumpled it up and burnt it,
and threw it away. Q: And I remember
saying, like, “Guys, there’s no way it’ll work. Sal’s on a
hidden camera show. He created a
hidden camera show. He’s not that stupid that
he’s gonna walk into a room, and not see hidden cameras
all over the place.” I was proven wrong. I’m sharp as a tack. Tom: I heard you have
a drinking problems. Guys, never underestimate how stupid Sal is. So, we were, like —
We had all these things that had to fall into place
to get Sal with this thing. So, we’re, like, “Alright,
well, we got to find –” We had the find
the perfection location. We had to find a courthouse
that is, whatever. And our location guys
were, like, “Hey, guys,
there’s a courthouse that they film… “Law and Order.” …’Law and Order’ at downtown.
it’s right –” He’s, like,
“it’s a legit courthouse. They have the upstairs, and
they’re not filming right now.” We’re, like, “Alright,
So, let’s just get some actors.” And we basically
cast a courthouse. And Sal went in, “Duh, duh, duh,
I don’t want to do this.” I didn’t go in
like that. You did.
I have the footage. My favorite part about
that punishment is, Sal went into
his court appearance on a day off
from work. So, we took up three days of his life. That’s why I didn’t think —
I really didn’t think anything, ’cause I was alone, and that had
never happened before. It was just me and Pete. Yeah. So, I was, like,
“We’re not filming.” I went into a functioning —
so I thought — courthouse. And I will say it,
you guys — and I didn’t even look for cameras. But, like, I know —
when we do something, you don’t know where the cameras
are, but we will ’cause it’s, like, we kind of know
where to look for them. So, they had to
fix the cameras in a way that I had never seen before. And they got, like, these pin-sized cameras. There was one, like,
in a full water bottle. I don’t know how they did it. Murr: It had water up here,
and water below, but in the label, unbeknownst
to Sal, there was no water. There was a camera
with a little teeny pinhole. He couldn’t see it staring
right at his watch. -Wow.
-And the lady that you hired… Tom: The guy was holding it like this, right? Joe: The cameraman
was very arty. He was, like, “Shh.” Sal: The woman that you hired
to give me the business, she really did give me
the business. And I — and I think
I maintained my composure because she was raking me over the coals with something
so ridiculous. She was talking about
a six-figure fine for me, possible jail time. All I did was, I told a statue, “I got your nose.” But it was, like,
a landmark, you know. I knew that the truth lied
somewhere in between there. I just figured they were
giving me a hard time. But I remember, like,
biting my tongue because she was
really, like… She was really — She did her part. Yeah, yeah. But we knew it worked
when Sal walked out, and he didn’t realize
he was being filmed outside the courthouse.
When he walked out with Pete. And he just blew up,
and lost it. We were, like,
“Oh, we got him now.” But then,
think about it. Six months. And we just let it sit.
And then, six months later, we had the New York
state government raid our show
’cause our permits — and serve him papers
in the middle of the thing. It was great. A little fun fact — that building where
he grabbed the nose, you guys watch
“Ghostbusters 2,” the museum at the end, where they go in, where Viggo is, that’s that building. No kidding.
I didn’t know that. Yeah. Tom: That is positively diabolical. That is incredible. Are there — To that,
are there any punishments that you guys
have thought of, and then canned
for being too mean? Well, we go back to the one
from the pilot. We wrote it — This was written
in the treatment for “Impractical Jokers”
when we pitched at TruTV. The punishment would be that
the loser has to go to a stranger’s wedding,
stand up when they say, “Speak now or forever
hold your piece,” object to the wedding,
go into detail why he objects, realize he’s at the wrong
wedding, apologize, and leave. Yeah, Tom, we —
we can’t do that. I think that ended up
becoming me giving a best man speech, but when I didn’t
even know the couple. I just took the mic,
and was, like, “Let me give a speech
right now.” There was one that they wanted
to name my daughter. Oh, yeah. Oh, yes. There’s no way to get around it,
’cause the parents have to sign, and all that.
So, they had to tell me. And they were, like, “Listen,
we came up with a great — Joe, great punishment
for the show. We’re gonna name
your daughter.” All excited,
these three idiots. I’m, like, “Guys, there’s the
show, then there’s real life.” I was, like, so — It’d be hysterical to name
your daughter Murrgato. Yeah.
It was your son. Right,
it was your son. ’cause you were flip-flopping on names, and I remember what we wanted to call him. ‘Cause Joe’s Italian,
and your wife is Lebanese, and we wanted
to call him… Oh, God,
I forgot about this. We wanted to name —
if he would let us, and then he could
change it later on, at a later date
in the boy’s life. Tom:
When he’s 20. We wanted to name him
Hummus Luigi Gatto. Hummus Luigi. No, I thought it was
Hummus Parmesan. -It was Hummus Luigi.
-No, it was Hummus Luigi. So, they were, like,
“What do you think?” And then they were, like,
all going at it. I was, like, “Alright, guys,
no problem, just ask Bessy.” And no one asked Bessy.
-No one asked. Sal, do you know we did
the same thing to you? We asked your sister if we could
name her first child “Murr”? And she said “yes,”
but her husband said “no.” -True.
-Oh, my God. I didn’t like her
husband till now. Which was odd
with him. He was, like, “I have no problem with Hummus, but eff no to Luigi.” Luigi, no.
I’m a Mario guy. It was Hummus Mario. It’s not called
“The Luigi Brothers,” okay? Yeah, what is that? They’re both plumbers. I know. They both — Luigi’s the older brother. Google it. He’s like the Bette Midler
of the relationship. He’s always in the —
No, what was the other one? The friend of Bette Midler
in “Beaches,” who is it? [Bleep] Google it!
Google it! “Beaches” references
at Comic-Con? -I don’t know.
-He’s, like, “Guys, you know ‘Beaches.'”
Forget Marvel. Honestly, before — Luigi’s the friend of
Bette Midler, like in “Beaches.” Before “Beaches,” Google “Terms of Endearment” or “Kramer vs. Kramer.” “On Golden Pond” —
all those classics. We had a punishment for Joe
that Sal ruined once by opening
his big mouth. We had a show
in New Orleans, and we were gonna
tell the audience not to laugh at
anything Joe says. We’re, like — we were gonna come out, like, a half hour before and be, like, “Guys, you’re gonna be part of the show. Every joke Gatto makes you cannot laugh.” And then — and then
Sal said something. Oh, yeah, I “Beautiful Mind”
that [bleep] No, you said something,
and Gatto figured it out. We were sitting in the room,
and we were talking about New Orleans, and all of us
going, or whatever. And we were in the room talking
about our trip, or whatever, and then, we said something
about doing something, and Pete was in the room. And Sal says,
“Oh, you’ll be there” to Pete, and then, stopped.
And, like, I saw it on his face. And like, “oh, yeah,” and then, they
started talking, and whatever. And they did
the old switch, and started talking,
like, the weather. And I was, like, “Why is Pete
gonna be in New Orleans?” He was, like,
“What are you talking about?” I was, like, “Yeah.”
I was, like, “What was that?” He was, like, “Oh, no,
that’s not what I said.” I was, like, “What’d you do?”
And he just caved. And he went “[bleep]”
-It was gonna be so good. So, but you guys — you’re not
just popular in the U. S. You guys are
international now. You guys went from moping around San Diego to owning planet Earth. International sex symbols.
You said it, Tom Kenny. How many times did you guys sell out the — how many nights did you sell out
the O2 arena in London? Five nights.
Five nights. That’s like —
The Rolling Stones and Beyoncé play there. -Yeah.
-Yeah. Five nights,
that’s amazing. The Brits are
weird people. What’s the place furthest from Staten Island that you’ve ever
been recognized, where somebody said,
“Hey, it’s those guys”? Uh, Costa Rica. Costa Rica. Cool. Yeah, this was season two. It was very
early on. I got to Costa Rica,
and I went out, and the cab driver was, like,
“Hey, man, love your show, man.” He didn’t speak like that. But, “Hey! It’s a good show, man.” What? “Hey, what’s going –” He sounded like Watto
from [bleep] “Phantom Menace.” “Hey, you want the pod race sequel, no?” “Pod racing. I’m the second big racer.” -You said the “eff.”
-What? -You said the “f” word.
-Google it. -Google it.
-It’s all right. Yeah, no,
I apologized. I apologized immediately. I’m sorry. Doesn’t he curse
in “Star Wars.” “Hey!” Don’t apologize.
Thank you. “It’s fine,”
he says How old are you? How old are you? Sir, boy. -9. He’s 9 years old.
-You’re 8? He’s, like,
“8? I don’t know.” 9 years old.
I met you earlier today. Yeah, I met you today —
You’re badass, man. I liked you a lot.
What was your name? Shane. Is that right?
Stephen. Stephen, could you follow me around and justify every decision
I make in life? ‘Cause it’s really making me
feel good right now. Like, I should
curse more. Stephen, can you do me a favor? Just turn — stand up
for a second, turn around, and tell the audience
to go suck it. [ Cheers and applause ] Alright, now,
sit down, Stephen. No matter which panels you go to
for the rest of the con, none of them will have a 9-year-old telling you
to suck it. Were you the one that you
told me today you were good at two things,
that was you? Yeah, he comes up to me. -Yeah.
-Yeah. He goes,
“I’m good at two things, Joe, taking naps and taking craps,
and I did one today.” That’s what I said
on the show. I was, like,
“That’s a deep cut, man.” That’s great. I notice you did
a broad suck it, and then, you turned,
and you really gave two individual front row
“suck its”, there. They’ve been a problem
the whole time, yeah. Is there an issue in the front? They’ve been a problem. Okay. It’s nice that you have
such a positive influence on the youth of today. I love that you guys
must have felt great when you had reserved
front-row seats. These television things
are right in front of you. This is the first time
I knew someone was there. Yeah. I’m, like, making eye contact with this dude. People behind,
can you guys see? No, of course they can’t see. What are you doing? Listen to me. Take it up with Insignia, please. We have to keep moving. That was a joke about a low-end brand that Best Buy carries. The Best Buy joke. But really, nobody here —
it didn’t resonate. It did with me. Insignia. I had an Insignia,
open box. It was my first
42-inch HDTV. Oh, I remember that. 720p. We spent, like, an hour at
Best Buy debating over that. You remember? I remember that. I was, like, “Should I get
an open box? Should I not get
an open box? What are the pros?
What are the cons? What if I take it home,
it doesn’t work? Will they give me
the warranty?” $399, originally $599
suggested retail. Why don’t the Jokers
get a panel? You know who also owns an Insignia? Bette Midler.
check it out. Move on. We could have done this
in my living room, to be honest. You shouldn’t need a moderator,
I’ll tell you that much. You’re moderating? Tom. Get control of
this panel, dude. I’m just standing here
laughing at you guys. But we’ve got to start pimping
some stuff, so you got — Who — Cruise,
worldwide live tour, exhibit at the
Staten Island Museum, Cranjis McBasketball tour. Gee, is there anything else coming up that the people
should know about, that perhaps there’s
a film clip related to it? Oh, we got a new show.
We got a new show on TBS. -What is it?
-It’s a new show on TBS, right? -Yeah.
-It starts this fall. Tell me about
“Misery Index.” “Misery Index.” Yes. It’s a new game show
on TBS, and we’re on it,
and it starts soon. Do you know anything
about it? It’s — Jameela Jamil is the
host of the show, our friend. She’s on “The Good Place” on NBC, and we — we help contestants win money by
talking out terrible situations, and basically figuring out what’s worse. It was a lot of fun
to make that show. Are you guys
enjoying yourselves? We’re actually doing one at the Petco Park. We’re doing one with — Yeah, there’s a party
activation there on Saturday. Are you guys all coming
to the block party on Saturday? Petco Park. Did you just say “no”?
What the hell was that attitude? -That was a firm “no.”
-They’re, like, “You’re going?” She’s, like, “No, I’m not.”
-That’s new. Does anybody here not know
about the block party? [ Audience member
speaks indistinctly ] -Oh.
-Aww. Quit, done. -You should find out.
-It’s worth losing a job over. Noon to 9:00, Petco Park,
the activation is happening. Yep. Hey, do you guys want to ask
these guys some questions? They might even
answer them. I am told that there is a microphone over there
somewhere. Oh, there it is,
behind the thing. In the curtains. I see it. There you go. There’s one there, too. Blind as a bat. Go use them. Oh, yeah,
use those microphones. Anything you want to ask. She has a question. Go ahead. Hit it. Yeah, you. Yeah. Project. Do you have Venom —
are you dressed like Venom? That is awesome.
Nice work. Woman: So, ’cause your show
is so popular, I was curious
if it’s hard to film because people
recognize you all the time. What do you do
about that? It’s — it is something that we’re used — we deal with it
every time we shoot, but it’s something we’re very good at handling. People are not good
at faking not knowing us. They’re, like, “Ahh!”
and then, they’re, like, “I would like
some coffee.” You know what I mean,
something like that. We’re always able to, like, get it out. But really,
we have a crew. The show doesn’t work
if people know who we are, so we’ve gotten very good at seeing that, and just weeding it out. It’s not that bad. We’ve had to yell at fans
if they try to, like, talk to us,
and we throw them out. They’re, like, “Oh, my God,
I love your show.” I’m, like,
“Shh, get out of here. We’re filming
right now.” Would you guys ever get
radical plastic surgery before season nine? Just change your faces, so
you don’t look like you anymore? They talked about
doing that to me. Like “Face/Off.” No, between season,
like, seven and eight, they wanted me to go get
Bosley hair restoration. With no explanation,
I come back with a full, thick, luxurious
head of hair. So, we just decide to cut
Q’s hair and make a wig. It was cheaper. Yeah, I grew my hair for a year,
and I listened to people — ’cause he didn’t know we were doing it. No.
So, for a year, I grew my hair. For, like, the last six months,
people were looking at me, like “You look terrible.” He grabbed me. I pulled Joe aside on set
one day, toward the end, before I knew they were growing
his hair for the punishment. And I said, “Joe,
what do we do, man? We’ve got to
talk to Q. He’s falling apart
on television.” A lot of people said
I looked like Hagrid. I kept hearing
all this [bleep] I knew I was doing it for
a cause, but it was tough. The last six months
were tough. Your last six months,
or my six months with your hair. Yeah, that was Q’s real hair
for six months that he wore every day that we filmed,
and he was not allowed to wash. And it just kept giving, because
every time, before we filmed, he forgot he had to put it on. Yeah. And we’d get to turn to him,
“Okay, put the wig on.” “Son of a — I forgot.” Tom: Hey, Venom, I like the way
you think. We don’t need no stinking
microphones. We could project. Anybody else have a question?
Let’s see. Oh, gosh, I guess I got to
pick somebody, huh? Yeah, in the yellow —
the yellow shirt, there. You’re gonna
have to project! You forgot. Well, we’ll repeat
the question. Go ahead. What was the
worst question we’ve ever been asked at a panel? “What was the
worst punishment…” [ audience member
speaks indistinctly ] Ooh.
Worst punishment? Me, when I had to steal the autographed baseballs at
the Mets game was hands down one of
the low points of my life. But thank you for bringing it up, little girl. That mom
laced into you. That mom was what we call “not happy.” We would call her
Mrs. Blur, because there was no way she
was gonna put her face on TV. She lost her [bleep] Tom:
That was some intense rage. One of my favorite things
just that made me laugh so hard happened in that one,
because we just — Noah Syndergaard is a —
I mean, an amazing pitcher — a starting pitcher
for the Mets, and then, we had Joe from
the stands calling him Jeter. In New York — if you’re from New York, Jeter is, you know, like…
So, it’s just so funny to me. And he helped us. He was in on it, was nice enough to do this with us, and we start yelling,
“Jeter, over here! Jeter!” “Throw me a ball, Jeter!” And one guy’s like, “You know
that’s not Derek Jeter, right?” I’m, like, “Who is he?”
-“It’s not Jeter, you idiot.” Tom: I love that.
Anybody else? Yeah, wait.
Let’s see. How about guy in the red shit, with your two fingers
in the air, yeah. Man: So, I was wondering,
has there ever been a time where you’ve been just
absolutely mad at each other? Also, I wanted to say
something to you, Joe. Suck it! [ Laughter ] Both great questions. Tom: The kid in front is going,
“That’s my line.” “That’s my line, buddy.
Get your own [bleep]” You could have pivoted.
‘Cause he did three “suck its.” It would have had
more of a pop. Yeah. That one’s better.
Triple down on it. I already forgot
your first question. Tom: Have you ever been really,
unrelentingly angry? Yeah, oh, absolutely. We’re friends, of course,
but we secretly hate each other. Yeah. No, I mean, you know,
people fight, and we’ve gotten
through it all, though, because, at the end of the day,
you know, love conquers all. Why are you only rubbing my back, buddy? I think people
would be surprised at how well
we work together, and how little
we disagree to that. It happens, like, once every three years, we’ll have a little blow-up,
But it’s over in the same hour that it started. You know what’s funny? -When — when —
-Who’s the cause of it, usually? No, no.
No, no, no. Tom: Sorry, Murr.
Go on. No, I just see things
the right way, and they don’t. No, you don’t understand. Literally,
it always happens. We get into the fight. We have some kind of
blow-out or something, and literally, after tempers cool down, temperatures cool, we look at each other. We’re, like, “Well,
that one’s done for this year. We’re done for
this year. We’re not gonna fight
for another year.” And we don’t.
-It’s like jury duty. Well, actually, from one
of our biggest blow ups, we have a line
that helps us always break the tension
and laugh. Because one time, Sal and Murr
got into it in a park. And Murray was working a three-quarter — Murray was wearing
a three-quarter coat. -Why?
-And he got into it with Sal. They got into a little argument,
whatever, and it got a little heated,
and Murray — Sal pushed me. I was on the side, and they
bumped chests or whatever, and Sal’s a little bit bigger
than Murray. No, Sal starts
bumping my chest, like we’re in
a tailgating party. Murray comes around… Like, I’m a grown man. What tailgating party
have you been to? Seriously. You know, you see a couple drunk guys brawling at a
tailgating party. It was, like, “I’m your friend, you jerk.” So, Murr comes over — They’re bumping
chests, right, and people are commenting
on it around us, right? And I’m trying to
get them apart, but I’m laughing, because it’s so funny. And I’m, like, “Guys, come on.
Settle down. Settle down.” So, I’m on the side
with production, talking about something,
and here comes Murr out of the park,
and he goes, “I’m going home. Your friend
just assaulted me.” And he whipped his three-quarter
jacket and leaves. I did not say that! He whipped the jacket. He whipped the jacket
like he’s, like, Dick Tracy. Listen to this. This is, like — “Your best friend assaulted me.” And I [bleep] I didn’t curse. The place in Arizona —
Tempe, Arizona —
where we left — No, they abandoned me
in the desert all day. Stop. There’s a place in Arizona where you drive around on the golf carts. They abandoned me in the desert. It starts with an “S.” Scottsdale! That’s what the fight
was about. We were in Scottsdale, and we had to go somewhere,
and we left him at one place. And he texted us, mad,
and he’s, like, “You leave me alone
in a strange city?” I was cold, and alone,
in a foreign land — a desert. I didn’t know where I was. It was Scottsdale, Arizona. It wasn’t even
midnight yet. [ Indistinct talking ] Go ahead, Murr. The four of us walk
into a place. I go into a back room
for a few minutes. No, we never fight! Tom:
Look at the raw nerve. You come out of a place,
and your friends are gone. They have left you. We went to a different Denny’s. There was two Denny’s. There was too long of a wait at the one Denny’s. One guy was, like, “I bet
the Denny’s across town doesn’t have as long
as a wait.” We’ll go there.
We didn’t tell Murr. He walks into
the wrong Denny’s. He’s, like, “Where are my friends?” Guys, I mean,
wrap your head around it. Can you imagine
that [bleep] Two Denny’s. In Scottsdale? The less — the takeaway here is
your best friend assaulted me. Yes, that’s right. So, that’ll be the line — That’ll be the line,
whenever we get in a fight. It’s, like, did your best friend assault you? Thank you for uncovering
that incredibly raw nerve, sir. Now look — They’re gonna be
fighting about this all night. Oh, it’s great. Don’t go to bed mad,
guys, okay? That’s not good
for the relationship. Anybody else? Yeah, how about — you in
the back with the glasses. Yeah, gray shirt. Man #2: Hi. I was just wondering,
it’s my sister’s birthday today. I was wondering if
you guys would say “happy birthday” to her. Sure. Happy birthday. Next question. I mean, you don’t have the phone ready. Now everyone’s got to wait while
you’re putting it together. Also, pretty ballsy
to continue with it before we
gave our answer. -What’s her name?
-Cheyenne. Okay, so everybody —
say “Happy birthday, Cheryl.” Cheryl, happy birthday,
Cheryl. -Cheryl!
-Cheryl, we love you! You’re great, Cheryl. Cheryl,
happy graduation and — Yes, congratulations
on the baptism, Cheryl. I hope you get well
soon, Cheryl. -Quinceañera.
-Yeah. We’re hoping. Feliz Navidad. Rest in peace, Cheryl. Yes. Tom: Anybody else have
a question that’s not a personal
pain-in-the-ass request? Anyone? Yes, ma’am,
you there in the stripes. Woman #2: So, I was wondering if
there’s anything that you guys do that actually gets
on your nerves? Like, maybe, Q,
does it really bother you when they get your firefighter
friends involved? Or Sal, does it really
bother you when they get
your sister involved? Yes. I have made a — an actual request to stop using my family. Yeah.
They — I mean, I actually had to sit down
with my own family, too, like, “Stop obliging
these people.” Yeah, yeah. You’re hurting me. He literally said, “You’re
my family” to his sister. I think he talked —
we had to really talk his mother into giving us the key
to Sal’s house. She had the extra key
to when we made that video. We made a video. We invaded Sal’s house when
he was away on vacation, and we made a video of how
to make your life better — tips and tricks to alleviate
stress in your home. To which Sal didn’t know, and he
was giving the presentation, and then, it was
his house with us. And we were doing things like eating the peanut butter
with our finger. I rolled around naked
on his couch. Anyway, so, he didn’t know that.
But we told his mother. And she was, like, “He won’t talk to me anymore.” And we’re, like,
“Mom, don’t worry. I’ll tell him that
we made you do it. He’ll get it. He’ll get
the joke,” or whatever. So, when it finished,
he came up to me. He goes, “Who gave you the key?” Like, dead serious. And I was like,
“I can’t tell you. She made me promise.”
Because his sister
and his mother. He was like “It was one of the
two, and I’m gonna find out.” And that was it. I’ll tell you
a funny story, too. Do you remember when I legally
married Sal’s sister as a joke? I’ll tell you how that came about, right? So, we’re in
the office talking — the three of us —
and we said, “Wouldn’t it be funny if we put Sal at the top of a ski mountain with no skis? And at the bottom is his sister and I with, like, a 20-foot piece of spaghetti between our lips, slowly eating toward
the middle,” you know? And he’s got to race to the
bottom to stop us from kissing. Then, we said,
“Wait. What if we’re getting married at the bottom of the mountain, and he’s got to race down to stop us. Then we said, “Wait, screw the mountain. I’m just gonna
marry his sister.” Yeah, I don’t think I have
any rules like that, though —
any weird rules. I like when the firehouse guys are involved. I like it.
-Yeah. We know each other’s
boundaries. Tom: Great, let’s see.
Let’s see. Yeah, ma’am.
Yeah. Yeah, you there with
the white — the white top. Yes. Hold up the Joe head.
There you go. Woman #3: Do you guys have any
ideas for a four-way punishment? -We do.
-Oh, we do. -That sounds kinky.
-We do. We just got the results
on one of the episodes, and it was a four-way tie, so we had to start
thinking about it. Own it, kid, own it. So, we had to start thinking about it, and we have a couple — we have a couple that are — Can we — We did one in season one — a haircut. We know it.
Wouldn’t we know it all? Yeah, I would hate
if it didn’t happen, though,
and then we told them. I’m not sure I remember
what it was, the idea we had. Oh, yes. Oh, yeah, we won’t tell you. It’s gonna be great. We can’t tell you. The only other time we did
a four-way punishment was season one, when we
shaved each other’s hair — which was actually
the pilot episode of “Jokers.” That’s what got us
the series order. Tom: We got time for
a couple more. Let’s see. Yeah, sir, in the red cap — which, thank God,
doesn’t have — -Alvin.
-Alvin. [ Tom Kenny imitating Alvin ]
Okay! What was that? Man #3: I got an idea
for a three-way loser. Okay, thankfully,
he said “loser tie.” He like, “First,
you dress like –” “I got an idea
for a three-way. She looks good,
and what about her?” “Are you here for
the threesome?” I need some Chipettes. Chipettes. I don’t know
what that means. Tom: Does this mean
anything to you? Alvin’s freaking out. You want us to be
the counter — Oh, the Chipettes, the girls,
the girl chipmunks that sing. What are their names? Brittany and — Are you a big Alvin — Are you
a big chipmunk fan, then? It’s Comic Con, buddy. He doesn’t dress
like that normally. You know what?
I don’t know that. I apologize.
He probably does. No, that’s interesting. How did you earn
the scarlet letter A? Are you a big — Are you a big Chipmunks fan? Are you, like,
a big Chipmunks fan? Man #3:
My name is Alvin. Were you named
after the chipmunk? This is so… My immigrant parents didn’t know
about American culture. So, no. Okay. Thanks so much
for coming, Simon. You’ve come to love
the Chipmunks because your namesake is
the same as the main chipmunk? I’m just trying to get
some information out of you. If you don’t want to have the
conversation, we can drop it. Tom:
Sir, I think Simon and Theodore
are waiting for you outside. -How was your sister —
-Hey, Tom. How is your sister
Moana doing? Your parents — Tom, this guy — I got to hear what this guy
in the white shirt says. Oh, yes, yes,
okay, sorry. Sorry, over here.
-Thank you. I thought —
I thought your head was gonna burst if you didn’t ask a question. You look so enthusiastic. I got to know. I hope it’s not
about the chipmunks. Please don’t be
a video. Man #4:
My question is this. Who determines the number
of challenges? The episodes are decided
by the time. They have to be — 20,
30 minutes, 24 minutes exactly? So, that’s how we determine
whether there’s two or three challenges
and a punishment in the episode. Sure, but I think but what
you’re getting at is that, the way we do it is we can’t
shoot episodes in order, right? So, what we’ll do is, we’ll
shoot a bunch of challenges over a couple of weeks, and take a tally. And then, we know,
coming down the pike, who is owed
a punishment or not. And sometimes, if they have that information, and someone else doesn’t,
they plan something on the fly that the other person
is not aware about — which is when we say, well,
and we throw a curve right in the middle
of the episode. But really, they’re educated
on it, production-wise, and the person who’s
getting duped probably isn’t, so they’re not expecting it.
Does that make sense to you? Cool. Our first well was
Murray sky diving. Yeah. Yeah. Shout-out to Michael Ian Black
and Michael Showalter, too. That’s where we got —
They did a show called “Michael and Michael
Have Issues,” and there’s this bit in it
where they’re, like, “Well…” We loved it so much that we kind of just — We told them, though. We didn’t just steal it. Tom: Cool. Yeah, the little guy there next
to the cat in the red shirt. Yeah, there you go,
with your hand up. Woman #4:
Yeah, so, I was wondering,
from episode about the… “Are You Smarter Than A…”
-“Fifth grader.” Does that kid still — That son of a [bleep] still has my — He sent a picture
of his bedroom. He’s got a picture
of — Murray’s Georgetown diploma
is hanging in his bedroom. He has my real
diploma, still. I had to order a duplicate from Georgetown, that son of a [bleep] If you guys don’t know the episode, Murray always talks
about how smart he is, so we put him up against
a fourth-grade genius to do a trivia thing. And whatever Murray lost, the kid won, and we just stole stuff
from Murray’s apartment. That’s — that punishment, for real — ’cause we would only do it if it was real — cost me 3 grand,
’cause I rent — I don’t own
my apartment. So, I had to pay a penalty fee
to get my door knob replaced, my shower head replaced. We were trying
to get his toilet. The building wouldn’t
let us do it. Wouldn’t let us do it. Our favorite — We wanted to do
was his refrigerator, ’cause he didn’t own it.
It’s a rental. And we wanted to go —
and then, he would have to live without a refrigerator
for a little bit. But the biggest thing
we wanted to do — the first thing
we thought was, like, “Oh, we’ll just
take his mattress so he has to sleep
on the floor.” Tom: Yeah. Man #5:
Do you happen to have a prank that you would love
to do for the show, but it’s probably too bad
to be on TV? Hmm. We have one, but I can’t
tell you because Q’s here. I’m still
working on it. I think I have it. Tom:
Season nine, baby. I think you should
answer the question. No, no, no. We’ve also, for three years,
had what I think will be the greatest punishment in show
history that we’re planning, and the guy
does not know. Well, that must be me, ’cause I have no clue
what he’s talking about. But we usually don’t start from
a place of, “We can’t do it.” Usually, we always say, like,
“We will do it,” and then — and then we just
get disappointed when we can’t after that. Tom: Great.
Got time for a couple more. How about the boy
next to Superman, there? Boy: What was your guys’
favorite episode? -205.
-105. That’s hard to say. I will tell you. I think this season had
the best episode — 803, it was. It was us as a receptionist,
where Joe wears the VR goggles, you know, and the ladies
are coming in to hit on Q inappropriately
in the workplace. And it ends with Sal
as the delivery guy, but no tip
is good enough. I think it’s the best episode of the show. Tom: Yes, let’s see.
Let’s go female. Let’s go female
for a question, here. Oh, yes. Woman #5: Have any of you gotten
your tattoos covered up? I have not, no. No. No, they couldn’t. I like mine.
I like my tattoo. I’m down with it. The only thing I don’t like
about it is it’s counting out how old
I’m getting, now. It’s 38. Now, you know, I’m 43. So, I look at it,
and I was, like, “oh, my God, it’s been five years.” That’s terrible, Q. It’s just an ongoing
countdown to my death. Yeah. I have a 15-year-old child on my thigh 3 inches from my testicles, so, no biggie. He just turned 21, though,
it’s fine. Yeah, it’s legal now. [ Laughter ] Yeah!
Finally. I wasn’t sure where you were
going with that. -Tell us more about your age.
-I thought you might be a, “‘Cause if you want
to cover your tattoo, I’ll give some of my skin,
cover it up with. I’m a big fan —
a really big fan.” Hey, let’s take
one more question, and then, we’re gonna
get out of here. Let’s see,
final question. Yeah, how about you
in the yellow hat? Woman #6: So, a lot of times,
there are punishments that the Jokers will, like,
say they’re not gonna do, like the skydiving. But I did it. Well, like,
really didn’t want it. No, I didn’t. Tom: No, that’s one of the most
incredible screams of all time. Woman #6: So, are there any —
any punishments that a Joker has actually
refused to do? I feel bad for Q. I always feel bad
about this one, buddy, but one that comes to mind is when I had to climb the fire truck ladder
with your thing. Oh, yeah. I knew you weren’t
gonna do it, though. I had a backup
in place. What he’s talking about,
it was a fire department punishment, and it’s
a 75-foot ladder, yeah. You had no problem doing that,
but Sal couldn’t climb a ladder. But I knew he wasn’t
gonna do it, so I had the hose at the ready to hose him down. We can’t say “no.” I tried to do it,
but my legs locked. And that was one of
the biggest failures I thought of myself
of the whole show. And then, he knew —
he anticipated that. But I tried,
you know? You can’t just be, like, “I’m not doing it.” But at the end of the day,
we’re friends, too, so we don’t really want to —
we have to — we actually care
for each other. They had a backup
for sky diving, too, ’cause I locked myself in the bathroom for a half hour
on set, crying. I wouldn’t come out.
And they were gonna have Sal do it as a backup
in case I said “no.” The craziest look I ever saw on Q’s face was when they shaved
my eyebrows off. Oh. He had a look on his face,
when we were about to film the intro, he stepped back,
and stopped filming, and said, “I don’t think
we can do this.” I didn’t know what
they were gonna do. That was — That was also
because they wanted to tell you before it was gonna happen.
So, the guy’s sitting there, and he’s like,
“We’re gonna do it.” And they were, like, “Wait,
wait, wait, we got to ask him. We got to tell him.”
I’m, like, “No, he’ll be fine.” It’s, like, just out of
curiosity, “Guys, it grows back. He’s gonna be fine. Trust me, he’ll be fine.” And they were literally
on the side, like, before — it felt like their punishment
than it did Murray’s. They were, like,
“Oh, my God.” Yeah. I could say something
very specific about each guy up here — their strengths
and weaknesses for the show — but I got to say,
like, that — your willingness to do anything, to take any abuse we throw your way in service
of a laugh is unparalleled. It really is. I tell you what. I tell you what. I wouldn’t take it
from anybody else except from my three best
friends, who I love to death. Tom:
I love it. Well, I can’t think
of any better sentiment to get out of here
before they kick us out. Let’s hear it
for these guys, the Impractical Jokers! Thank you for
your support, guys. We love you guys.
Thank you. -Thank you for being here, guys.
-Not a problem. -Tom Kenny, everybody.
-Thank you. It is an honor to have Tom
do this for us. He’s done it
in the past. He’s so busy. He takes time
out of his schedule. He’s running ragged
all day and night. We love you.
We appreciate you so much, Tom. I’m a total fan. October 22nd, it is “The Misery Index,” and we will see you
at Petco Park tomorrow for party activation
at noon. Goodnight, everybody!

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