100 Replies to “Impeachment Will Distract Trump!”

  1. Trump wouldn't eve n know how to replace a light bulb if he had to. Led light makes him yellow? Probably jaundice from being pissed on.

  2. Why should Impeachment distract Pres. Trump? If he didn't do anything wrong, that's the Lefts propaganda along with the Fake Media!! They want you to believe he's wrong for the Country when since he's been in office all he's done is help the Country! Trump's done more in two years than most Presidents serving 2 terms (8yrs) had accomplished. Imagine what could get done if he had the Dems working with him to fix the problems instead of spending all there time trying to impeach him and waste more Tax Payers money!!! Trump is "Not" a Politician, He's a Business man who makes good choices and bad choices, but as President he probably has over 100 people in his daily routine giving him input. Now granted if someone gives him bad advice of course he'll take the blame. Trump 2020!!!

  3. Ya stay out trump the city is congested enough lol love that guy he tried to say it nice lol but the reporter wasn't having it

  4. Terrorists:lets use drone to attack Saudi oil refinery.
    Trump:we have just got word that it was Iran

  5. Criminal,evil,horrendous behaviour For a corrupt, rapist sex offender like Trump America must be an amazing country to live in.

  6. Youre all super screwed in the head. If i were you i would sit down and let some writters create something worthwhile and relevant to the world at large.

  7. Trump the dump comes town, wearing an orange 🍊 face, a hair style that’s defies physics, cares about light 💡 bulbs. Is this a Steven King novel.

  8. Every time I hear Donald Trump speak, I get dumber. I learned more about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness watching bevis and butthead than any one of his sorry ass tweets or speeches

  9. So sad to see these deluded, home and charter-schooled Evangelist-propagandized kids standing behind the current occupant. Sad and yet frustratingly dumb, since there's no censorship in America and they appear old enough to beat the locks the parents put on any phone/internet investigations most any curious and intelligent young people would want to explore..

  10. Great, I hope it distracts him we go into a recession, get nuked by Russia, Iran keeps depleting the worlds oil and people keep dying from the opioid crisis. I'm not political,but this is like rooting for a pilot to be distracted while he is navigating though a huge storm & we are on board.

  11. Hey Jimmy can we impeach your show. What happen? You used to be funny when drinking . Now that you are a libetard you really suck. Go back to drinking

  12. Ignorance here is incredible!! So many mindless human beings! Move out of your moms basement and become a productive citizen. If you think you want Socialism? Move your ignorant ass to China . Or better Venezuela. I know you can’t help it . You were paying close attention in your mind warping college classes by your professors . Lol

  13. I love that "I hate him " guy. I hope he is okay. It looks like he was going into oncoming traffic. I hope that Trump and his goons doesn't depress this man further.

  14. Kimmel must work for CNN. Not that funny cause it comes from a place of hate. CA has been broken for awhile make fun of his politicians. The housing prices are outrageous in Colorado and Oregon all due to CAs moving in. Thank you,

  15. I want to see him in a round table meeting with his own supporters. How long would he last? 10 minutes tops? Is the 25th amendment not an option you lap-dog republicans?

  16. Jimmy give it a break your the biggest idiot in the world this is why your show sucks your a complete loser the only people that don’t want a great country are fucken idiots like you

  17. If you are white, male and 'profess' to be rich, you can commit crimes in daylight and no one holds you accountable.

    So how is America better than a third world country?

  18. To the people behind Trump with the Latinos for trump signs and shirts I would like to ban them from the latino community all in agreement please say I

  19. I see all of these Trump hating comments, but no one actually has any facts to back them up. Stop with the name calling and just do your research.

  20. As an Australian, I’m enjoying watching what’s happening in the US, all the salty tears that are shed when trump dose anything. I’m looking forward to his re-election.

  21. Dems won't impeach him because they are impotent. Biden and Pelosi are status quo corporate chills and the party follows right behind them. We need more progressives to lead the party.

  22. I love how much you bash trump saying he dumb etc but he has more money then any off us. Jimmy if you don't like him drop your show and run for some kind of office.

  23. Impeachment in the House that goes nowhere in the Senate does not affect Trump one second, but stops all Democrat legislation for a year. Just as well.

  24. Did Trump really just compare a Hispanic with the same features of a White Anglo Saxon Protestant? Did he really just congratulate someone for have European features!? for looking white!? Thank God Impeachment is being discussed, what's even better is the power of the vote, his time is up and this is coming from a Republican who happens to be an Evangelical Christian.

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