IMOU Ranger Pro Wifi Camera Review + IMOU App Connection

So we paid a lot of attention to a Hikvision
consumer brand Ezviz at a one time in past and it’s finally the time for us to widen
the list with more consumer-focused divisions of a big companies, like Dahua’s Imou. And we got a lot of stuff upcoming for you,
but this time we have IMOU Ranger Pro indoor security cam. We’ll tell you what is it, the specifications,
we’ll compare it to the brands standing in line with this one, like Ezviz, and show you
a video recording quality, shot on this cam, we’re going to connect it and show you how
that is done, and answer the most required question – is it worth buying? And about the “buying part”, by the way – we
have all this stuff best priced available on the Pipl Systems Store Website officially
within a worldwide delivery for you – so really, go check that out. I’m Daniel, breaking in And now straight to the unboxing. Let’s open this IMOU box up. And here’s the box components, but we need
a camera specifically, and here it is, ow, what a beauty. An awesome-looking sphere-form camera, of
course because this is a Pan Tilt type with a three fifty five degrees pan, so the body
here is circling and made entirely from the plastic, the camera module inside tilts ninety
degrees tilt up and down, no optical zoom included. Here’s a hole for microphone, here’s, up there
and LED-indicator. On the back we have speaker, LAN-cable input
if you want, even though this is a Wi-fi camera, reset button, microSD input, and the power
micro-usb input. And due to the body consctruction, we’re able
to mount this camera on a ceiling, and this is exactly that type of mounting that I would
advise you to use with this camera. I mean, yet, you still can use, you still
can just put it on the table, but if we talk about the use effeciency, well… you heard
what I just said. So, within the package we also have a power
brick, a quick start guide, some regulatory information, micro-usb power cable and what’s
this, a this is a mounting plate, along with a screews, mounting plate, to mount it on
maybe flat surface, on a ceilling, on a wall, it doesn’t matter. There is a mapping sticket, so you just attach
this to the wall, just stick it to the wall, and then you have a few screws and a dowells
to mount this thing up So the recording resolution of an IMOU Ranger
Pro camera is 1080p, being recorded via 2 megapixel three point six fixed lens within
eighty nine degrees view angle, in thirty frames per second maximum. And wreally makes this one stand out from
other home PT cams is H two hundreeds sixty five codec compression rate support, that
saves us a lot of space on the microSD that we can input in here. And also, what’s cool, is up to a hundreed
and twenty eight gigabytes microSD card support, because well, I know how much do you guys
hate the manufacturer’s cloud drive subscription fee. Common for this Pan Tilt type home cameras,
we got three fifty five degrees pan body due to a circling body, and a ninety degrees up
and down tilt. A built-in infrared sensor allows us to see
legibly within a distance of 10 meters or a 33 feet and we are always awared about things
happening thanks to the motion detection inside of this beauty. Thanks to a microphone and a speaker built-in,
we are always able to speak to our visitors or the kids through thos camera. The wi-fi module is built in here, and we
also have LAN-input on body for the fans of the wired connection. There’s, there is also such function as a
privacy mask, and I’m going to show you what is it on the next block. Else, we have here a smart tracking technology,
allowing the camera to automatically track moving objects in sight. Along with that, we have twenty five Pan Tilt
moving pre-sets, and the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support. And Now you are going to see the image shot
on the camera and written on the inputted microSD. Hey guys, and this is a view quality of the
IMOU Ranger Pro cam. Now let’s connect IMOU Ranger Pro to the IMOU
App and see how is that happening and test it out a bit. Such an identical cameras specifications on
the market require companies to create something bigger behind just a product, and IMOU specifically
is respected for it’s service. To activate any IMOU camera – download free
Imou app from the App Store, or the Google Play, it doesn’t matter. And actually, to be fair, I got IMOU camera
installed in my house and what I can tell – I love this app, I love to use it, and I
love how smooth it’s done. And I’m gonna add this camera up here and
see, and well, show you the use convenience. And there is also such feature as a privacy
mask, that hides a lens in the body with the ease of touch, and I don’t know, to me it
looks like that classical sticker on that laptop’s webcamera, you remember? I mean, sometimes it’s a surprise for people,
that the data from your camera is being processed on a Chinese servers. But afterall, your data, your videos are always
processed on some servers. The question is – on a which, and who owns
them? And do you trust that company? And now let’s skip my talking part, first
thing you do – yeah, you download the app from the App Store, well in my case, sign
up, get the verification code on the email, paste it here, and now what we do – we get
into this screen with a device and pressind the Add, my camera is already powered on with
a micro usb cable, that was in box, and we got a little QR-code in here, so we press
the scan QR and scan the QR located on the camera’s back. And yeah, and now we’re going to device adding
screen, whaty wee do – creating a password, whatever you like, doesn’t matter. My’ll be Pipl2018, my standard password for
every… Next. I’m going in, adn it was added successfully,
great! Thank you. Ow, I’m not going to activate this right now. And so the thing I told you about – now watch
this, you’re gonna like it. Pressing the camera shielding, and here we
go – the lens is hidden in the body. Sticker? Remember, sticker on a laptop webcamera. [laughs] and going back. And anyways, I love IMOU. And now to access, well the view, the control
functions as this is a PT camera, we’re just pressing and we are in. Got a little guide-in, but hey! Hey everyone. Aha, ow, it’s an HD, cool, now let’s, ow yes,
great, amen. And here’s the PT control. Ow, hey guys. And here’s the studio we have. Ow yes, this is a Val, Hey Val, how are you
doing? He’s doing pretty well, this is my camera
guy. And here’s, Oh my, Pipl Systems [laughs].We
can split the screen, we got the recorder, we got a multiple cameras, get back to our
camera with a double tap. Can change the video recording quality, and
this is a PTZ contols sticker of course, what else do we have? Ow, hey. Okay, this is aspeaker and I can also speak
through the camera and ow, O can’t. I cannot do that while I’m recording my screen,
so we can access my video history, and this pretty much like done. Here we got some settings, camera’s shield
again, I told you about, but that is it, it is. I mean, that’s how simple it is. So, let’s conclude. Alright, som it’s good regarding it’s feature
set, it’s type, market segment and a price. Comparing to a many other cameras, I can highlight
a microSD support up to a hundred and twenty eight gigabytes, along with the H two hundreed
and sixty five codec compression rate, that saves us some memory on that microSD. And there also is a smart tracking technology,
and I like the app, I do, I like the service, so it’s a yes to me. Anyways, we got a lot of videos featuring
home security cameras, so you can select any. And we got a lot of stuff to compare on a
Pipl Systems Store within a special offers and worldwide delivery for our subscribers. So subscribe, come to our store by the link
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