“If We Don’t Protect Nature We Can’t Protect Ourselves” Harrison Ford | Extinction Rebellion

“If We Don’t Protect Nature We Can’t Protect Ourselves” Harrison Ford | Extinction Rebellion

Transcribed by [email protected] You’re here, I’m here, because we care. Not just for today but we care passionately for the future we know that we only have the possibility of avoiding a looming climate catastrophe if people like us refuse to give up. the future of humanity is at stake. While you work to meet the challenge of climate change I beg of you don’t forget nature. The destruction of nature accounts for more global emissions than all the cars and trucks in the world. We can put solar panels on every house. We can turn every car into an electric vehicle. But as long as Sumatra burns we will have failed. So long as the Amazon’s great forests are slashed and burned So long as the protected lands of tribal people, indigenous people are allowed to be encroached upon. So long as wetlands and bog peats are destroyed. our our climate goals will remain out of reach and we will be shit out of time! If we don’t stop the destruction of our natural world, nothing else will matter. Why? Because protecting and restoring forests, mangroves, wetlands, these huge dense carbon sinks represents at least 30 percent of what needs to be done to avoid catastrophic warming. It is, at this time, the only feasible solution for absorbing carbon on a global scale simply put, if we don’t protect nature we can’t protect ourselves. This is what we need to do. We need to include nature in every corporate, state and national climate goal. Put in place the plans, the timetables to meet those goals. Invest in mangroves and tropical forests In the same way, invest in renewable energy. work to end the destruction of these ecosystems. commit to the effort, in the next decade, to secure them for the future. Pursue research in reforestation like we pursue research in carbon capture and storage. Set of goal, to cut costs and increase scale dramatically. Empower indigenous communities to use their knowledge, their history, their imaginations, our science, to save their heritage and their lands. Respect and ensure their rights. Stop, for God’s sake, the denigration of science stop giving power to people who don’t believe in science or worse than that, pretend they don’t believe in science for their own self-interest. They know who they are, we know who they are. we are all ,rich or poor, powerful or powerless, we will all suffer the effects of climate change and ecosystem destruction and we are facing what is quickly becoming the greatest moral crisis of our time that those least responsible will bear the greatest costs. so never forget who you’re fighting for it’s the fisherman in Colombia. The fisherman in Somalia, who wonders where their next catch is coming from and wonders why that government can’t protect them from factory fishing from across the world. It’s the mother in the Philippines who’s worried that the next big storm is gonna rip her infant out of her arms. People in California who are fleeing from unprecedented fires People on the East Coast are facing the worst storms in in recorded history It’s our own country, our own community our own families. This is the core truth. if we are to survive on this planet, the only home any of us will ever know, for our climate, for our security, for our future, we need nature. Now more than ever. Nature doesn’t need people, people need nature. Let’s turn off our phones. Let’s roll up our sleeves and… Lets kick this monsters ass. PLEASE MAKE A DONATION AND JOIN US DONATION LINK BELOW

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  1. I have a valid point. Making assumptions on a public platform I do nothing, and mocked because your own literature your handing out by a faction of your group is unenvironmentally friendly. Then, asked what do I propose. I propose this: address these issues I have pointed out, with ALL members of your group, so noone is undermining the message you are trying to send to the masses, and teach some of your representatives to not assume or presume about anything members of the public do and don't do environmentally, particularly when your own reps can't grasp the basics of recycling, etc etc, and creating flyers that are downright taking the sheer and utter urine out of environmental issues because the flyers themselves are not environmentally friendly not only in their production but in the long-term too.

  2. My first impression upon viewing this video was , wow, that climate scientist looks so much like Harrison Ford…LOL. Good for him, Han Solo and Indiana Jones to the rescue.

  3. We need to tax the wealthy like Harrison Ford to pay for climate change mitigation. That group never sacrifices. They call for others to do the work.

  4. I appreciate his emotion and his passion to save the earth but what he doesnt understand is that earth is fighting against its inhabitants. For men's hearts shall fail when the see the destruction coming upon the earth!! God is preparing the earth for a renewing but it wont come until those with God destroys those who fight against them let me clarify further not until we have taken all the resources from the elite and destroy them you get it. It will come when our hands are on thier necks

  5. Tackle the problem at its root. Go vegan. The vast majority of deforestation is due to animal agriculture. Best way to reduce animal agriculture is to reduce demand for animal products. I'm a bit disappointed that XR does not emphasise this more and I question their sense of perspective

  6. I cant watch this whole video. Touching a part of nature destroying it. Do they have any idea how much medicine and shit is out there! Rich, greedy pricks.

  7. Because the world needs the Amazon forest, the world needs to do 2 things:
    1) consume less of what the forest is burned for
    2) financially compensate e.g. Brazil for agreeing to keep its forests for the world when our economies long benefitted from having cut down the forests in our countries

  8. Brilliant words, its a shame that more people who others look up to do not comment on this matter. Its worth a try at the end of the day!!!!

  9. What about those blood diamonds you put around your harlots necks? What about the gold around your finger? Did the earth give it to you? Or did you allow it to be raped from the earth? Answer me that smart ass. How many trees did you chop down to build your 5 homes with 20 bathrooms? TALK TO THE HAND HARRISON🤚 excuse me, I gotta go throw up..🤢😵

  10. Wormwood the Destroyer is causing "Climate change"😂. The poles are moving quickly. It's so dam arrogant to think that man can move the poles. We are headed for a Grand Solar Minimum. (Harrison has a bunker, and a Golden Ticket) Expect famine, crop losses, pestilence, and intense weather patterns. Oh wait. WEATHER HAS CYCLES🤤? 😂😂 no kidding!!???

  11. Has anyone seen the gold in the Queens own Fort Knox? The Popes Fort Knox? How about all of those Golden Oscars awards you people sold your souls for? Hollywood how much poison did you leave behind for those Golden Oscars? How many mountains were ripped away, so you could feel proud of yourself? There is nothing I hate more, than a BOLD FACED LIAR AND DECIEVER

  12. Climate rebellion is cool, but isn’t going to accomplish shit most likely unless radical
    action is taken now. AKA mobs of angry humans swarming the homes of CEOs and profiteers in the industries doing most of the damage and pulling FFVII Avalanche style attacks on heavy emission facilities. Going down and taking out logging industry personnel. Sounds violent and awful, I agree, but there’s only 1 earth, and pretty soon it will too far gone to save.

  13. His words hold much weight….

    But no one of power will listen, until they experience the truth…

    We are already too late.

    Love your neighbor, learn useful skills… and make more friends…

  14. Szívesen kijavítanám önkéntesként a helyesírási hibákat a magyar feliratban, ha valaki megkeres, hogy hogy tudok hozzáférni. 🙂

  15. Too much music why the fuck can't it be lowered or removed so we can hear and understand the voice without being emotionally manipulated?! We have to choose how to understand the words!!

  16. I honestly don’t get how people can deny climate change. I mean, it’s absolutely unquestionable that a nuclear explosion scars wide stretches of land with radiation leaving it uninhabitable for generations. Why is it so hard to connect the dots to other resources causing similar, lasting effects, just over longer periods of time.

  17. Invest in nature? Please. Nature is property waiting to happen. Land not exploited is land not producing profit. If every square inch of the Earth isn’t producing plastic trinkets and baubles to entertain us and make us feel better about the size or capacity of our genitalia, then Jeff Bezos can’t buy another 300,000 acres in Texas. Let’s raze all the mangroves and build more shit-windmills, mine the Atacama desert for more lithium for batteries, and pump out more lakes of toxic sludge to build some solar panels to feel better about ourselves and how we’ve bent over Mother Earth and ass-raped her without lube.

  18. Average exhaust of C02 per vehicle is 4 tons per year.
    1.1 billion cars & trucks worldwide.

    1, 100,000,000 × 4 tons =
    4,400,000,000 billions of tons of C02 yearly, just via cars and trucks.
    Buy electric & do your part !

  19. Beautiful speech, we need to build cities with more plant life life the upcoming mega projects in Asia

  20. Why am i being punished for the crimes of others? I don't have a car, don't over consume, didn't reproduce, I Plant trees, garden, pick up rubbish and only use the bare minimum of electricity. My town is beautiful with lush vegetation all year round. I can't surrender anything else apart from my life but still you want more.
    The real environmental terrorists live in other countries but you look at me like I am the devil.

  21. Hopefully we keep eliminating nature and then nature will finally have enough and take action to eliminate the horrible sociopathic creature that is the human being. The problem is the human being can't see their own inner dark subconscious energy and most lightly never will, so they keep repeating their own selfish actions……..the sooner we're eliminated the better.


  23. Livestock provide just 18% of calories but take up 83% of farmland: avoiding meat and dairy is ‘single biggest way’ to reduce your impact on Earth. Without meat and dairy consumption, global farmland use could be reduced by more than 75% – an area equivalent to the US, China, European Union and Australia combined – and still feed the world. Loss of wild areas to agriculture is the leading cause of the current mass extinction of wildlife. "VEGAN VEGAN VEGAN"

  24. I know, let's spray chemicals into the sky right around the whole wide world. Oh, wait a minute, they are already doing it. Look up.

  25. Harrison Ford who flys his personal jet from one state to another polluting the atmosphere with jet fuel just to by the cheese burger that he loves is a typical hypocrite.

  26. Does a human need the plethora of different microorganisms to live? Is not most of our immunity in our gut, what exists there? On our skin, nose, eyes? Should ask yourself this before consideration of the planet not needing us.

  27. We do need to protect the rainforests but we equally need to protect and restore the world's grasslands. The desertification is rapidly occurring and rising temperatures are accelerating. We have a blueprint for solutions and can make a real difference.

  28. This 'actor' has been burning up thousands of gallons of CO2 producing aviation fuel in his private plane for decades! BS!

  29. It is comforting to know that the planet and the adaptable species on it will go on for long… that may not include humans… for nature it is just a ":missed take" and a mistake is only that…nature will try again😊

  30. "“It’s only on the brink that people find the will to change. Only at the precipice do we evolve.” – John Cleese – The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008).

  31. I'm a Survivor of Hurricane Harvey that hit Texas in 2017.

    I watched as my Streets turned into Rivers. I've heard the Engines of BOTH Military Trucks, Air Boats AND Helicopters as they evacuated my Neighbors down the street. My Mother, Step Father and I had an Inflatable Air Raft… and WE helped evacuate people ourselves. I helped evacuate around 9 people and 9 dogs… it's not a lot,.. but those days, I saw everyone helping eachother…

    …If we can Unite to end the Destruction of our World, and start Working towards the Repairing of it… we just might stand a chance…

  32. COMMIT NOW, the next decade WILL BE too late!! The RICH & POWERFUL ELITE are the only ones who can PUT THEIR MONEY where their mouth is & ACT NOW for ALL LIVING THINGS!! Get RID of the government who acts for themselves, NOT the people's of the WORLD & bring in the SCIENCE & KNOWLEDGE of people around the WORLD & ACT NOW!! May GOD have MERCY on us ALL!! ♡♡♡

  33. Better stop chem trailing to protect nature because this is doing more damage to our Eco- system, Than all the industry in the entire world, Prince tried to warn us and it cost him his life. Global Warming is a Farce brought on by Chem trailing Carbon does not cause Climate Change because it has never been about Climate but about Population Reduction and the truth is coming out they cannot hide it for much longer. and to think i used to have respect for this nincompoop. When are these Hypocrites spouting this nonsense going to put there actions to there words. They talk a big talk but they do not listen to there own words, and do what they expecting us to do.

  34. Now is that not a kicker A moral crisis? 30 million babies slaughtered every year in the USA alone. Homo sexuality and other immoral relationships are out of control and God is Blasphemed at every other word. and Promiscuity is running rampant. Yes we are having a moral crisis alright but it a spiritual moral crisis that is causing all our problems, because the wages of sin is death. if we are to survive on this planet we best have a spiritual revival real soon because Jesus is coming soon and most of us will not survive his coming. Mr Ford is blowing smoke up you backside and you all swallow his BS hook, line, and sinker

  35. damn fucking right when toxic get's filled in the air. We all are gonna die and watch this great world come's to a end. And watch it reborn again like it did with the dinosaur's died. And then the new world would dig up our shit like we dug up the dinosaur's. So kill your faith now before it's to late.

  36. So in the 70's when I was a lad it was Global Cooling now it;s Global Warming . This man is an actor , he pretends for a living he is a professional liar . It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled .

  37. The planet is a living thing , therefore everything that lives eventually dies ! The reason to save the planet ultimately is so that the human race can go on . When you take a look at what mankind is doing, is it really worth saving ?

  38. What he is saying is true people…we actually need to do something about these massive problems right now and right here on our planet…

  39. Carbon dioxide is not, and never has been, pollution. CO2 is at historic LOWS as is global average temperature. That said, I 100% agree that we need nature, permaculture, regenerative farming, etc., etc. True climate science has been perverted, as have many other fields of science.
    Educational institutions are teaching people WHAT to think, Not HOW to think. Stop being sheeple. Wake up.

  40. Its simple, we need 50 more years to figure out nuclear fusion, but the planet is dead in 20 years. So good luck, you couldnt hold off destroying the planet in maximum possible speed.

  41. This planet has Surpassed its Tipping Point – Our Collective Reward is On the Way…
    No, Wait! – I Think ONE More Protest with Pretty, Colourful Signs is gonna Turn this Ship Around – because Protest REALLY WORK…
    I Think the Earth should Probably be Healed in about 2 Weeks from Now – so Keep Up the Good Work!
    I mean, isn't it Abundantly Clear to Everyone that the Whole World has Changed into a Much Much Better Place Since Extinction Rebellion Started Up?
    Also, Stopping Traffic & Pissing People Off is the BEST Way to Convince People to Join your Moment.

  42. C bien de ça dont il est question ! En voulant "sauver la terre" c'est nous que nous sauvons. Parce que la terre n'a pas besoin de nous et en fait elle est juste en train de se nettoyer de tous ceux qui ne la respectent pas à sa juste valeur (je parle de catastrophes naturelles, pas des complotistes qui foutent le feu pour nous faire chialer puisque tout ce qu'il veulent c'est qu'on émette en abondance des énergies basses : peur, tristesse, colère, frustration, ennui, colere, jalousie….) sachez que le terre a essuyé des cataclysmes, et contrairement à la plupart d'entre nous, elle a survécu et elle évolue en fréquences , donc soit on suit les hautes frequences, soit on reste dans les basses et on va vers l'involution où on y laissera notre âme . C'est un choix.

    Mots clés pour trouver des solutions :
    Résonance de schumman. 432hz. Dimensions et chakras. Dimensions et état d'esprit. Dictionnaire des malaises et des maladies. Metaphysique. Physique quantique. Les Lois universelles. Loi du libre arbitre. Loi de l'un. Loi d'attraction. Loi de résonance ou loi de cause à effet. Loi du changement. Loi de la famille…… Haarp. Cern. Chemtrails. Compteur linky. Dangers énergétiques de la 5g.

    Renseignez vous po ur trouver un thérapeute en énergétique, il vous aidera à vous débarrasser de vieux schémas, de vieilles croyances et vous aidera à aller mieux en rapport avec tout ça. Si on veut un monde meilleur, soyons le nous en 1er. Et le monde vibrera bien mieux grâce à nous. La à l'heure actuelle si il vibre mal c entièrement de notre faute car on se pose pas assez de questions en ville sur ce qui se passe réellement, sur "est ce que m'a vie c'est être esclave, ne pas profiter de mon argent, de ma famille, pour être malade à force de fatigue et finir encore esclave et mourir ?" VOYONS…

  43. We are not killing the Earth only ourselves, even if we nuked the world it would come back in millions of years. It's very vain to think we are all important, we won't be here much longer, enjoy what you have left of your life you are not going to stop the corporations with your little protests.

  44. That's rich coming from a guy that lives in a mansion, has more money then most people and lives a rich life, flying all over the world. It's easy for the rich to tell the poor and middle class to "consume less" yet the rich control everything and consume much more then we do.

    Don't be fooled, the planet is fine, if you really believe the rich will change their ways, you're a fool. Every normal person is forced to work hard for the crumbs we get. While you have corporations cutting people to give higher up larger salaries, you have these millionaire actors telling us how we should live our lives yet they travel in private jets and on yachts which is worse then you driving your car every day to work for a year. The last thing I need is for some fuckwit who contributed to the environmental problem a hell of a lot more then I ever could tell me what I should do.

    I don't live a life of excess, I don't even own a cellular phone. I own a vehicle, rent an apartment, feed myself and my family twice a day, and watch youtube and play some games every now and then.

    They want you to live a minimalist life and once we do, watch the prices sore so they can make even more money with less.

  45. I know, Harrison…
    I know. And it's been a primary driving force of mine for 52 years, trying to show it and teach it to others: we must always put nature first.

  46. In 1972 it was the ice age that was coming..then the same scientists that promoted that lie started the climate change/warming thing!..there are hundreds of scientists out there that dispute the hoax of climate "change"..I had no idea that our atmosphere is actually carbon dioxide poor..it's lacking carbon! …carbon that is needed to grow trees and plants!!
    People don't and did not cause, or will cause any change in the climate..the sun, volcanoes, cosmic rays, cosmic x rays, the changing in earth's position and the solar system in our galaxy…all these things cause change in the climate…
    I like Harrison, he should stick to acting..

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