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  1. Man that stinks!! I was an officer for approx. 8 years and no one can understand the feeling of being violated like this. The most important thing is that you all are safe.

    You cannot let this act steal your motivation….cause if you do, they’ve won twice!!

  2. Super sorry you were robbed. It's scary to feel violated. Get a better studio in high rise with beautiful vies to inspire you!!!

  3. Pat, I'm so sorry this happened to you. I experienced something similar back in 2010, but it was a home invasion. The robbers stole all the electronics (i.e., computer, cameras, binoculars, and even a roll of quarters). I could never live there safely again. I was always paranoid and after a while I ended up moving. It feels like a total violation, and I had many of the same questions your son had like, "are they going to come back." It really sucks! I'm happy no one got hurt at your studio. May you recover completely and keep pressing forward with wonderful content. 🙏🙏🙏

  4. @Pat Flynn, peace to you man. I felt bad and could relate to some extent when you said that you weren't a good father when you began being snappy to your kids as soon as you learned about this crappy incident. Respects to you – for being concerned about this awareness that our family needs love at ALL times, even during times such as this where there is stuff getting stolen, and we are not feeling secure.

  5. Pat, I love you brother. I'm sorry you had to experience this. You've built a great community of folks that love you. You'll overcome and we're here for you.

  6. Pat – I'm so sorry this happened to you! It broke my heart seeing you upset 🙁 Here's hoping you find a new space soon and that karma pays that guy a visit! #teamflynnforthewin

  7. Chill Man! Life is much worse here in my country. People don't have food to eat and water to drink. You are lucky!!

  8. Hang in there Pat. You're a good man and someone who cares about your family and about serving others. Life throws challenges our way so that we can grow. I'm glad that nobody got hurt. Keep moving forward. This incident will end up being a blessing for you and your team. Just you wait. 🙂

  9. I'm so sorry that happened, but I know you'll find a way to turn this into a positive situation. Keep your head up and thanks for all you do!

  10. DAMN YO! I get it. its like an intrusion not just on physical space but on an emotional space. Then all the wonder creeps in. Like was i a target? Will they be back? And all the other negative stuff.

    I don't think you were a target. It was a smash and grab.

    Find a new place.



  11. You show grace and love by extending an offer to help him, which is far more than what most people do in a situation like this.

    Hopefully you will find a better location for your studio that helps you feel secure and safe so you can get back to helping inspire others again.

  12. This sucks what happened to you. But this video…this is awesome…you are awesome. The world needs more people like you in it, Pat. This is real leadership…not weakness. Keep going, Pat.

  13. Argh. So sorry for the feelings of an unsafe work space and especially for the feelings of letting down your kiddo. Glad you are managing to look on the bright side — how kind to offer support to the thief. He's not a criminal because he had a great, supportive childhood. You are awesome. BTW, just THIS MORNING I recorded my very first podcast and will launch my website TODAY because of your service to us newbies. As we say in mountain biking… stay focused on the trail, not the rock. 🙂 Thanks for all you do.

  14. Oh, Pat, I'm so sorry to hear about this. I appreciate you sharing this in such a raw way. I was tearing up with you. Be gracious with yourself about how you responded to your children. It sounds like you are handling it well. Praying for a speedy resoulution and a new office space.

  15. Thanks for sharing so genuinely… your comment about being a bad dad touched me… i will remember it and it will definitely help me when something happens to me….
    Take care !

  16. Your office/studio was burgled. Saying "I was robbed" makes it sound like the more serious offence of robbery – stealing from you by force or threat of violence. Entering a building and stealing things is burglary.

  17. I am soooo sorry to hear about this! It's a horrible feeling of impotence, of almost betrayal (given that you have such a great heart and are always helping others) and the feeling of having been invaded. I know. I had a hair salon that was broken into three times within a period of 4 months. What hurt the most was the lack of sympathy on the part of most of my employees, whom I considered my friends and part of the team, most of them I had helped and supported in many ways. Their attitude was, it's ok, you have insurance. As if insurance was free and as if the stress and uncertainty of the situation didn't matter. And yes, Everyone knows that it comes with the territory. When you own a business and are successful, and even when it's only perceived to be successful you run all kinds of risks because the world is full of evil and envious people. Best wishes.

  18. Pat no one was killed or hurt are taken as a hostage… materialistic things can be… replace a life canʻt… this didnʻt just happen 2 you thousands of people has been burglarized/home invasion/rob at gunpoint/ carjacked/etc…Some people donʻt think it can happen 2 them until it happens 2 them. My homes had been broken in 2 throughout the years I had a car almost was stolen n my driveway … another time my son car was stolen parked n front of our home and we live n a nice area this is a… watch up call for u and your family 2 become more alert of all your surroundings at home and out and about…

  19. Pat,

    I am happy to hear that you, your family, and everyone in your immediate team is safe after the robbery. There is nothing that can compare to the overwhelming sense of loss, violation, and uncertainty that comes from a violent act like that.

    I personally wanted to thank you for honestly and openly sharing that extremely difficult experience with us. Your ability to share the good, bad and sometimes ugly experiences have helped countless people, including myself, in their own business. I am sincerely grateful. 🙏

    Let’s recap for just a second on all the individual people you have helped over the course of the last 10 years. Now let’s expand that to the families of the people you have helped. Now just think for a moment about the communities that have been affected positively by your actions, courses, podcasts, videos, and other educational materials.

    Your efforts have created jobs in markets where few jobs existed. You shared a life of freedom for families…no more 9 to 5. You also educated people on how they can be business owners and still contribute to the greater good and betterment of their community.

    You taught us how to “Serve First”.

    Pat, don’t be too hard on yourself and think that you should’ve had better security. Hindsight is always 20/20. Circumstances have changed recently in the world and unless you’ve been in a law enforcement career and lived within that world, you’re probably not going to look things from that perspective.

    That also goes for your feelings of being the “worst father”. You are definitely not. No one knows how they will respond to a situation like that until they experience the pressure, loss, anger, and fear for loved ones. We all like to think that we will act in our perceived ideal manner. This experience can show your children that their father experiences stress sometimes but that he still does the right thing (whether that is apologizing, acknowledging imperfection or fears, or just allowing them to share their feelings about the situation -kids need time and ability to process their fears and questions too.)😉

    Lastly, you have support from all of us in #TeamFlynn. If there is anything you need, feel free to reach out.

    We are here for you.

    One team.

    #TeamFlynn for the win!

  20. I fucking hate thieves .. like you work so hard to earn something , and those bastards take it away in seconds.. if I had a gun I’d shoot him in the knees, tie him up, and torture him.

  21. Very sorry this happened. Yes, it could have been worse, but it's still upsetting to have had such a sacred space invaded like that. Good on you for being forthright with your children about it.

  22. Pat so sorry to hear that this happened to you. Glad that you and your family are safe. Your kids will forgive you if you weren't acting on your best that day. You are a great person and have helped a lot of people over the years, including myself. 10:33 you say it best, Let's Keep Going. In the words of Walt Disney "We keep moving forward."

  23. Pat !! I send love and blessings to you , your family & your staff. I'm so greatful your family is safe💜 thank you for sharing your life intelligence amazing content that has changed lives all over the world be blessed brother as you have blessed so many. 💜💜💜

  24. Please give yourself compassion ! everybody has a bad day and that day was your day. it's probably one out of 365 days in a year that you've ever been like that with your children.. they'understand & you have unconditional love from them .they love you as we all do 💜 all. Things are replaceable as you said. your life your family's life everybody safe

  25. That's a good way to think about it, that they need help otherwise they wouldn't have done this. BUT like you said, improved security and a fresh start, maybe it's a blessing in disguise for SPI <3

  26. Dude I'm so sorry this happened. Can't imagine how that feels. My studio is also in San Diego, so if you need to borrow equipment or need a temporary place to film while you figure things out, my doors are open.

  27. So sorry that happened to you 😞 I’ve been in that situation before and it feels AWFUL! It plays on the mind as well. Remember to “Cast your cares upon on him because he cares for you “ 1 Peter 5.7
    As for the footage, it looks like this guy was somewhat familiar with the place which is unfortunate. His gait is also a little different than most peoples gait and not because he’s in a rush..toward the beginning of the video you can see where he carries himself in a particular way. Anyway, aid do hope they catch him quickly. Sending prayers your way 💕

  28. So sorry my dude, this absolutely stinks and I can’t even imagine the way you feel brother. Definitely hoping and praying this person is caught and yes he probably needs help.

    Hurt people, hurt people.

    Best of luck finding a new spot! I know a few realtors down that way.

  29. Make sure future office has a secuirty gate over windows and doors. How about a audible alarm!? Sorry to hear Pat.

  30. I am so sorry to hear this! There is nothing worse than feeling violated, unsafe, and not protected. Take the time to process and stay focused. Your children will forgive you. They love you. You can get through this. Thank you for sharing and being vulnerable.

  31. Oh Pat, I am heartbroken. I am SO sorry, don't lose faith! You are the best. Big HUG to you and your family!

  32. I'm terribly sorry this happened to you, Pat.

    Nobody deserves this kind of violation, but I'm grateful that nobody was physically harmed.

    God bless you, your family, your crew, and the guy who committed the crime.

    – Guy

  33. This is so sad, we can't even leave our home. you are a sweet guy no 1 deserve this, we work hard for what we have and for someone invades your privacy and steal things i can't stand. keep your head up plz dont loose your faith ok things happen for a reason sorry its was a theif but be strong. this maybe someone you know because he knew where to go and what he wanted and to drive to your place and only rob you no it maybe someone you know

  34. I’m so sorry to hear about this, Pat. I’m a relatively recent subscriber but I wanted to say good on you for being resilient during this really crummy time. It’s super important when things like this happen to focus on your why, and I think you’re doing just that. Kudos to you for taking the high road. Wishing you and your family a sense of safety, security, and peace.

  35. What the actual heck?! Getting robbed is a horrible feeling of violation. So sorry that happened. Hang in there man – we all need you!

  36. My studio was broken into last year while I was on my honeymoon. We had built the entire wedding on the soundstage and carried it through to the offices. Luckily, the decor hid everything and I didn't lose much in the way of gear. Like you, it was the fact that my "happy place" had been forcefully breached was more of a blow to me than anything – especially after having one of the happiest nights of my life there.
    I wanted to shut it all down and figure out where or what next. I'm personally glad I didn't. The process of reclaiming what I built, securing it better, "rebuilding from the ashes" so to speak was healing for me. But you do what you feel is best for you – starting anew is perfectly valid also. It'san opportunity to take your vision of your new space with your new team to a new level.
    It takes a while to process it. Remember, very few people will actually do this kind of thing, and they don't represent humanity as a whole. Like you've said before… Hurt people, hurt people. It's completely okay to feel how you feel. The part of you that makes you want to hold the thief underwater until the bubbles stop will subside and you will regain full faith in the good people that make up the majority of us. Thank you for sharing so honestly.

  37. Pat. You are a big man for posting this. Thank you for your raw candor, your openness, and your willingness to be emotional here. Keep pushing forward, brother.

  38. Pat I’m sorry for your experience. Sometimes what seems like the biggest upset in our lives is the universe clearing way for our next greatest triumph. You have my support for whatever it’s worth. ✌️🙏

  39. Pat, I am so sorry to hear about this. That absolutely sucks. As a dad to three boys, I can understand how quickly something like this can change the dynamic of your family trip. I know you felt like you failed your kids that day but don’t be too hard on yourself. If it had happened to me, I probably would have done the same thing. It’s what makes us human. Even if it isn’t the best part of us. I’m sure that once you explained the situation, they understood where you were and could empathize with you.

    The most amazing part of this video is how you want to help. I hope the person who did this hears this message and does reach out to you. It would make for a tremendous redemption story. I’ll say a special prayer for you today…and I’m not just saying that as a courtesy. I mean it. I’ll pray for you, your family, your business, and the thief. God will intervene and what the enemy meant for harm, God will tranform into something better.

    God bless you, Pat.

    -Jason Smith, PetCorps

  40. I feel your pain brother. It sucks to get robbed. Try getting jacked on the street with your wife and 6-month-old child, with a shotgun pointed at your face as they demand the keys to your car, and you have to show them which car is yours or they'll kill your child. Suck it up buttercup! I love you man. You'll be alright. Peace.

  41. Hay Pat, I know it a tough time but all you followers are wishing you the best but keep your mind focused, your safe, your staff are safe and your family is safe. There are people in this world that try to put us down, they try to stop sharing, aspire to do more and to help others but they can not stop us.

  42. Fire yourself up again bro, get back in there and get producing! I'm from South Africa so we're really used to breakins and the likes, but honestly, take control of your space again mate, don't let the evil win this!

  43. He will be caught. The guy look like he had a rented vehicle and cut himself on the glass like a dumbie. I'm sorry you had to deal with this. 😞

  44. I’m sorry that this happened to you. As bad as it seems now, just remember that at some point, you’ll get all your stuff back and this will be nothing but a memory. Thanks for providing great content over the years 👍🏽

  45. I completely understand the feeling of no longer feeling safe in a place after something like that. I've had several experiences that have, unfortunately, been similar. When I was a kid my house was broken into and the people who robbed us completely wrecked the place. We moved out almost immediately, but there's still always a little fear of break-ins no matter where I live now. It does time to feel safe again. And it changes how you approach security. I'm sorry to hear this happened, and I hope you find a new space soon.

  46. Really sorry to hear that this happened to you. I've had things stolen before, and it is an awful experience way beyond the loss of stuff…

  47. Hey Pat. Man that sucks! I really hope they catch the….. guy! Keep safe! Thinking of you all. I once had a load of music equipment stolen from my home whilst I was home asleep and until it happens there’s no way to describe the feeling. Over 20 years later it still makes me sick thinking about it. Thank you for not letting it hold you back, that’s real strength.

  48. John 10:10 New International Version (NIV)
    The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

  49. So sorry this happened to you, it was probably some useless druggie. All the best to you Pat and I hope they get caught quick.

  50. I’m sure you feel violated. So sorry this happened to you. You are such a kind and generous person. I am so glad no one was hurt and hope you find a safe and inspiring space for you and your crew. Peace to you…

  51. Sorry to hear that… I can definitely relate not being a good dad when i come home after having a bad day at work. It’s something we all as humans go through so don’t beat yourself up for it.

  52. Be strong.. don't let someone elses actions break the positivity you have created… I know what it feels like when someone breaks in.

    Come back stronger.. it seems to have affected you deeply.. I live in south Africa where things are so bad that you see things like on a daily basis.

    I have followed your career.. I know that you are bigger than this. Team pat will be here till the end.. keep your head up..

    New spot.. new energy.. will be great

  53. I’m so sorry you had this happened. It feels horrible. I had a vehicle stolen and that freaked me out. Then couple of years ago someone broke in while we were asleep. We luckily didn’t know until the next morning. I still find it hits me from time to time. I was early weeks of pregnancy and now we have the small human at home. This is the first place that’s truly felt like home. I refuse to let some robber ruin this home for us. I had to remove and move things around in house. Sending love and prayers xx

  54. Sorry to hear about this Pat. It is a horrible feeling, I had my car broken into once and taken for a joy ride for a few days. When I got it back I felt strange driving it knowing someone had been in there. Yes, you do feel violated. Hope you feel better in your new premises. I remember going to the parking space and another car was in its place, I thought I actually forgot where I put it. Sadly, that guy probably won't want help and will keep doing what he does. Glad everyone is okay. 👍👍

  55. So sorry Pat. As you're the "Crash Dummie" maybe there's to be learned here…that home security cameras give us a false sense of security and they should include loud alarm sirens?

  56. Pat, we love you man💚 Personally, I've gained so much courage from watching you in battling my own fears, doing my startup thing. It pains me to see the injustice of this and you being so sad about that incident with your kids. Yeah it freaking sucks, but you gotta take your time and bounce back stronger and better and I know you will! Love you bro, fight on! #youcanstealmycamerabutyoucanneverstealmycreativity ❤️

  57. Very sorry to hear, Pat. Such a violation. Unfortunately the assholes out there erode our trust of everyone. So appreciate you keeping it so real. Know you'll find a better place, less expensive with awesome, supportive people around you. Make it so, #1. xo

  58. Hi Pat, I just watched this video. To tell you that I can relate would be an understatement. In 2014 Easter weekend I was literally held up at gunpoint getting out of my car in front of my home. They took my iPad, phone and wallet. nothing like that had ever happened to me in my life.

    This was totally unexpected and completely messed me up mentally. I would get up at all hours of the night and look out the windows to see if someone was trying to break in. This was after the police officer assured me that this was simply somebody who was trying to get cash by holding me up. Eventually, I had to move (residence) because it was just eating at me. Come to find out I had PTSD from what had occurred. When I would go back to my old house to pick things up I literally had to look in the windows before entering to make sure no one was there.

    This person had my wallet, my phone, knew who I was, where I lived etc. And I had no idea who this person was or why it happened. Ultimately, I healed mentally 100%. But took me about 1 yea total to forget about it. I hardly think about it anymore. But it was very heavy and all consuming at the time.

    Like mine was, your brain is trying to process the situation and get its own closure. Our minds hate uncertainty and when it comes to our personal safety it's just that much more magnified. Hang in there and just give yourself time. It will get better. Feel free to reach out anytime if you want to talk. Mike

  59. Just heard on your office hours (which are always way wonderful, btw), that you were robbed. Thank you so much for this video. Thank you for sharing your vulnerability with us. Thank you for saying that the worse thing that happened was that you were not the best dad in the moment that you found out. Thank you for showing me in that moment that it's the people who matter. You are amazing Pat, and by reading all of these wonderful comments from people you have served, including me, you continue to make the world a kinder softer place. Even flippin reaching out to the dude who did all of that. Wow. That left me breathless. Someone that does that thinking that that's their only possibility. Wow. Just Wow. Thank you for continuing to make the world a better place for all of us, including your beautiful family. "Team Flynn for the Win" has a way deeper message in this moment.

  60. I’m just watching this now. I’m so sorry this happened to you. Even though you have insurance, it’s still very upsetting. Although you can buy the equipment again, those certain equipment do have some sentimental value because you’ve used them for your work a long time. Maybe install some cameras at a lower angle because all the camera footage is only catching the top views. I will always be watching your videos now matter when you put them online. Through the videos I can see you’re such a genuine and humble person. Thank you Pat I’ve learned so much from you. Take care and be safe.

  61. It looks like they knew exactly where to go in your offices. They didn’t hunt around at all. Shame on you, thiefbags! I’m glad everyone is ok!

  62. So sad😢 he made more of a mess than what he took when are people going to start respecting others peoples property

  63. How you reacted is perfectly normal Pat. Even if you think you did not react the way you wanted to. We are not perfect. That thief guy is not. You are not. I am not. But THE difference is that you are growing from this and it makes you want to do good even more. This is what differentiates you from stupid or mean people: you think and then you act. I bet your kiddos have already forgiven you. Now it's been a couple of months, I can see you're back on the tracks and rocking that life!

  64. That is why! I thought that you have not posted because your videos are enough. I am so sorry. I am a filipino and I know you are married to a filipino. My sympathy for what happened! I hope that you still continue to create more videos.

  65. wow I am so sorry Pat, looks like I haven't watched your videos in a while but you are an awesome guy and love your positive outcome on that person that did this.
    Keep strong! This just reminds me I so need to put all my stuff under insurance! 🙁

  66. This is the reason why you NEVER let people know where you live, or where your business is at. You give them a mailbox address. And your right. it could have been worse. They could have NOT come for the equipment. They could have come….for YOU!

    Living here in NYC I have FAR too much experience with what you have experienced here. I have been robbed here in NYC MULTIPLE times. Imagine getting all of your equipment back…only for it to be robbed from you aqain….and again…..and again. Try keeping your sanity through that. NOT….an easy thing to do let me tell you.

    And the people who have done this to me…they did it JUST to hurt me. JUST to enjoy laughing at my pain. And how did I deal with it? Simple… I forgave them. I HAD to. Why? Because if I didn't, I would have most certainly gotten myself a luger, silenced it and put every last one of them OUT of their misery…permanently.

    I knew that I was at a crossroad in my life. I HAD to choose. Live by the sword and die by it, or choose forgiveness, and live by it. I chose the latter of the two. And let me tell you, it has literally saved my life AND my sanity.

    But the most important thing I have learned from these experiences is to STOP LETTING MY GUARD DOWN….. FOR ANYONE. And stop wasting my time around THE WRONG PEOPLE. And when it comes to security cameras, that simply NOT ENOUGH! What do I mean? YOU got to LIVE through this. Nipsey Hussle… DID NOT! I'm just saying…#perrylduff

  67. Let's. Keep. Going. Love ya Pat Flynn and hoping for the best as you stretch your battered wings and fly again, only higher this time!

  68. I cried. 😢 I'm so sorry this happened to you. Please keep up your amazing work!! 💪
    I'm sure if this person had any idea of the caring person that you are, they would never have done this.

    (I was reading Let Go on page 1616 and clicked the link to your youtube page when I came across this.)

  69. What an horrible theft :'( At least you and your family are well and nobody was injured. I hope the police catch the criminals. I watched today your video with Gillian Perkins and it's amazing to know the books you have written. I wanted to make a comment in a positive video, but when I saw this I had to show my (late sorry) support. I will watch your next videos, best luck to you and your family.

  70. https://youtu.be/uw4_8PV82OE?t=437 My heart broke for you. I was robbed nearly 15 years ago. That feeling of violation took me counseling to get over. Thank you for sharing your raw and true emotions. Blessings of peace to you and yours.

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