I SETUP CAM in my room for CAUGHT MY PARENTS doing this

I SETUP CAM in my room for CAUGHT MY PARENTS doing this

Hi, my name is Samantha, and when I was 17,
I caught my parents playing my oh-so-terribly violent video games. Games that they claimed to hate. Here’s how it happened. It all goes back to when I turned 16 and got
my first job. My parents said that I could spend my money
however I wanted, so long as it was legal. Cigarettes not included. My parents were also very against violent
movies, or violent music, or violent violence. Naturally, this meant the only videogames
I could play were in the realms of sports, pong, and Angry Birds. Even Angry Birds was pushing it – all those
poor animals. It’s like PETA always said, “think about
the pigs, man!”. And at 17, I had enough money gathered in
my bank account, to purchase a Playstation 3. And a few games as well. I told my parents about the plan, they asked
if I had any in mind. I told them I did. They asked which ones? I informed them of my selections: First off,
Grand Theft Auto 5. A very wild game about murder, robbery, prostitition,
and so on. Next was Call of Duty, a game based around
being a soldier, and shooting others. And lastly, worst of all, was Sims 3. Now, Sims may not be a violent game, but my
parents felt that the whole idea of it, was that you were playing God – the worst thing
a person can do. Yes, they were all too disappointed with my
carefully crafted selections. Selections I had made based on reading an
accumulation of reviews and so on. Their disappointment did mean a lot to me,
but getting these games meant even more. So I went through with my plan. A couple weeks pass, and my parents become
more and more vocal of their distaste. Every time they pass my room and see me throwing
a grenade, they chime in about how my brain must’ve been turning to grey mush. Of course, they were only partially wrong,
as brains do indeed generally do have the characteristics of grey mush. Smart, amazing, incomparable, grey mush – but
grey mush nonetheless. And so the weeks continue passing, when I
notice something strange. Games weren’t being stored properly. The cases would be arranged differently than
I had been arranging them. The Playstation would be pushed back ever
so slightly. I became curious, were my parents playing
games? Or were invisible aliens living amongst us
and using our entertainment when we weren’t looking? These 2 explanations felt equally possible. I went to Best Buy, a store known for its
many aisles of unnecessary gadgets and overpriced contractions. Yes, it was here that I found the next item
to consume my life savings. I bought, a security camera. Then, I went home, set the camera up in my
room, and left it on record for me to watch later. And after a few days, I skimmed through the
recordings, and sure enough. My parents had been playing my games when
I left for school or work. They were shootings people like it was nothing,
so that night, I confronted them. I set up the footage on our living room TV,
and as my parents entered the room, they saw themselves indulging in a virtual killing
spree. And they saw that I knew. “Don’t get the wrong idea, we just wanted
to see what kind of crap was rotting your brain!” said Dad. “Then, if that’s the case, why do you
two keep playing them, for weeks?” I replied. There was a momentary silence, then Mom broke. “Because they’re fun!” she regretfully
admitted. Dad fell to his knees, painfully chiming in,
“They’re a real hoot and a half.” I told them it was okay, because they had
raised me smart enough to understand the difference between a game, and real life. Then they agreed, and we played Sims as a
family. It was lovely. From this experience, I learned that people
can learn from their ways, and I was able to make some great memories in the process.

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  1. “I became curius are my parents playing my gamer or were invisible aliens living with us for thier entertainment”

    These 2 explainations seemed equally possible lol😂😂😂😂😂

  2. OMG!
    Why did you get a ps3?!
    There are only like 10 games on that thing!
    Get an Xbox 360!
    Or a Switch!
    Also, there are games that are not so violent, but are still fun!
    Like Mario and Sonic and Crash!

  3. Wow Grand Theft Auto super violent Ayr people playing Grand Theft Auto but in Uno YouTuber name redhatter yeah is that YouTubers old videos he was playing violent video games like yandere simulator which is a violent video game where first you want your crush back the other girls want him and then suddenly you kill them all to win your crush and he was swearing in his old videos but yeah but in his new videos he now plays Grand Theft Auto which has violence in it in this game but in Grand Theft Auto yeah they have guns and robbery murder and everything but in red hatters is all the videos he now doesn't cuss anymore so yeah

  4. PARENT : “We don’t want you playing The Sims because your playing God”
    CHILD : “What’s the big deal? I’m just playing as a fictional character!”


    My mom when I start making money from YouTube: ya you can do whatever the f*ck you want

  6. Yeah, some people don't know the difference between the two. That's probably why most of them be in or on the news doing bad things to good and innocent people.

  7. Her: Now, "Sims" may not be a violent game.

    Me: Shhh, don't tell her about all of the fucked up things that are possible for the PC version.

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