I Made a Safe House in Minecraft

I Made a Safe House in Minecraft

I hate people, and today I plan on doing everything in my power to keep people as far away from my house as possible because we are going to be creating a safe house in Minecraft. Now for those of you who are very observant, you may notice that there isn’t- yeah, there currently isn’t a house here so far there’s just a flat piece of land, but let’s quickly do something about that And now we have a home and I’ve got to say it’s, it’s quite a homey little home, too We’ve got the bed, we’ve got the crafting bench, we’ve got the furnaces anvil, ender chest I even have a little balcony up at the top here Which I can use to have views of the village and some, some hay bales on that cliff Why are the hay bales on that cliff? [visible confusion] That’s actually quite cool. The village is kind of generated around this cliff top here anyway This is my adorable little home that we are now going to protect from any and all humans that plan on trying to get inside So the first thing that we’re going to create is the wall that is going to be surrounding this thing now I’m thinking I mean we could build some of it out of wood and then I guess some of them out of stone kind of mimicking the sort of build that we have going on here and then those stairs there are actually Well, they have sticky pistons underneath them. So we’re going to be doing some interesting bits with those. No. Okay. I’m no Builder All right, and I never do building stuff in my videos But I just wanted to take a moment to say that I actually, I’m quite liking this wall design here I’m trying my best to make it. So this safe house isn’t horrendously ugly and very red stoney and I would say this is a fairly good start now as mentioned earlier on each part of this wall or at least these stair segments here have got Pistons underneath them and those pistons are going to be extendable or Retractable using controls on the inside of the house and they’re going to reveal something that the player Probably doesn’t want to see those things are blazes. Now the first thing that I should probably do, is make sure that fire tick is off Yeah, that, that would probably be pretty bad news if they started shooting, then this entire thing burns downs, and now that that’s covered Let’s chuck ourselves into survival mode. And let’s see how powerful this is Most of them Missed! I mean seriously that was a pathetic shot by almost all of them I think a lot of them are getting stopped by those fence posts Alright, if I try again with this slightly better setup, maybe it might be more effective (classic bumbo laugh) It turns out actually blaze just have terrible aim. Oh, what on earth is this? Oh To be fair. It’s not too bad. Well, I guess after that relatively disappointing display by the blaze It just proves that we need a lot more defense if we truly want this house to be safe, so don’t worry I’ve got plenty more redstone contraptions in mind and weirdly enough This wasn’t actually one of them, but it came into my head and I thought I had to build it I love the idea of deploying creepers over the top of the walls. So let’s see if this thing actually works In theory it should if we hit this button right here (classic bumbo laugh #2 No! that has gone terribly Can you imagine if you hit that button So maybe we need I guess a few more glass blocks and maybe a few more immovable objects as well to ensure They don’t spill out all over the place. This could be a little bit more like it. Oh now that is exactly how I imagined the first one to go (sure you did) And that looked awesome Now there is another type of launcher that I’ve been messing around with Which is this once we flick the lever and these guys all bounce out and kind of explode Outwards a bit like how the creepers did earlier on I think it’s because there was too many in the area They kind of burst out. I thought I’d use that game mechanic in these corners to launch Evokers. Yeah, I mean I think I think if I was attacking a house and then Evokers burst out of the ground This would be me yah uh no anyway with all of those locked and loaded on all the corners I think now it’s time to move away from mobs for the time being and move into another defense strategy Which of course is the lava mode? “You can’t have a safe house without some form of lava moat going on the outside.” (Wise words of Mumbo.) It’s just they’re made for them. Now. This is looking very very cool already But with this lava moat, I don’t wanna have it deployed all of the time because of course You know if I want to actually get into my safe house There’s gonna be a lot more in the way. That’s gonna be a problem So we need to have some way to Reveal the lava moat and the way that we’re going to do that is making use of the Minecraft 1.14 scaffolding block so you can see I’ve kind of created a network of Scaffolding up at the top here obviously on top of this scaffolding. We’re going to have something like gravel and then down underneath We have got a few blocks with Pistons kind of running into them when we retract these blocks out of the way It will break all of the scaffolding revealing a pit of lava And now I have managed to make my way all the way around getting this fully setup. I am so hoping That I don’t mess up and break all of these because this is taking me a long time to work out but while I’m working on at this point is creating the channel that Circles all of the Pistons that is going to allow us to actually activate this thing upon the press of a button Here we go So the lava is going in everything is being filled in one thing that I have also made sure of is that underneath this lava We also have some slabs So when this gravel falls down, it’s not going to destroy all of the lava because that’ll be a little bit pointless It’s actually going to land on the slabs. Meaning it gets broken Which means that the lava is actually in place something to make about 40 backups because I really want to make sure that this doesn’t break yourself and Go I’m nervous Definitely feels- definitely fe- it doesn’t work (sad mustache noises) what has happened here Everything is still powered. Ah (classic bumbo laugh #3) Okay, let’s try that one again and go Oh Wow spike, but that has worked perfectly That is exactly how I imagined it and that would be an awful situation to be in right? Okay I’m going to fill in all of these books right here. Should we make these obsidian? Yeah, I feel like all the surrounding blocks would probably be obsidian to make sure the player has really hard time getting out of this place. It would say this is looking suitably evil. Yeah, I would not want to fall in here. I guess while we’re on it there’s a few other additions that we can make to make life a little bit more difficult for anyone trying to access number one is Berry bushes. I’m also thinking whether roses Don’t these things give you the wither effect they seem Let there be pretty good to have surrounding your base one detail that I have Somehow missed is the fact that we as the player who actually owns this house still needs people to access it So I’ve created this pathway out of the front where everything splits which actually means that Increases the chances of the player actually coming through this error, which means that we can put more defenses up here but the way that I want to have access to this place is by using a slime block launcher that then launches us up and over the wall But the way that we’re going to activate that is of course by using some form of key card reader and that’s it Turns out it’s far easier said than done you see there is actually quite a few redstone contraptions around in this area here So what I’ve had to do is have the key card get placed inside this dropper the dropper then shoots it out Into this hopper right here And then this is the circuit that works out if it’s the correct key card and all that sort of thing and then it will retract and re-extend our piston now the reason that I want the piston to retract and then re-extend is So that a player doesn’t run up placing a button hit it and be launched Immediately over our wall because that would be a bit of a security flaw. So let’s give this a go This is our extremely cryptic key card and if we just place it in there stand on top of the slime block (classic bumbo laugh #4) Okay, I might need to work on the timings quickly it should be a tiny bit better So we hit the button and we drop down and then we pop back up. Perfect So that is the way that I want to get into my real-life house (no it isn’t mumbo, no it isn’t) you know will be perfect for up here on this area a Minecart dispenser. Imagine how cool it would be if we can have minecart dispensers in Minecraft So you have a minecart going around like this. The dispenser would be pointed outwards. It will be shooting arrows as it circles around That’ll be sweet Why? Isn’t that thing if mine can’t furnaces are a thing then minecart? Dispensers can definitely be a thing but considering we don’t have those these little strategically placed enchanted bows To do the trick. It’s just a really good bow It’s up here so that if we ever landed on the balcony We see people come in we can pick it up and start firing not exactly exciting from a redstone or technical perspective But hey, it’ll come in handy. So I would say that’s enough defense for the outside of this thing So now we’re working on worst case scenario situations where a player has managed to get on the inside of here I thought we’d do is start throwing in some Obstacles that if they stand on them they’re going to die and we’re going to make use of this game mechanic right here so we have a piston we’re going to redirect that redstone signal and then when this piston gets Updated using string It will instantly retract. Then we’re going to use this piston to move that piston out the way so they drop through into lava It’s just working out how to do it This could actually be a smart way to do it if it functions So if we place in this lever right here and then we update this piston making use of string (non-classic bumbo laugh, just a more weird one) Maybe not a small amount of head-scratching later. I think this could be the way to do it It’s a tiny bit bulkier that I was expecting. But if we stand on this string I Mean everything happens pretty fast you’re gonna have to react quickly to that one and now with all of them placed in there’s plenty of Opportunities to make a mistake. You just have to jump over this wall slightly incorrectly Land on one of those and you’re gonna be in trouble now I think one thing that all safe houses need is a nuclear button. Okay, you need a button that you can press That’s kind of if I get camicazi button. It’s that you know what there’s people in here. They’re destroying the place They’ve managed to get into my house if I press this button right here. I’m taking myself Everything in the house and everyone in it with me now, do we use lava? where you will definitely lose all your items or do you use something like I Guess if you just had a big drop full and then hoppers down at the bottom You can actually connect all of their stuff. You can actually work out quite well Yeah this is much much better and I’m thinking I’m thinking that actually The house up at the top is sort of a dummy house. Like we have some good things in there, but nothing too crazy I actually think the house should be somewhere down here and you have a bed down on the bottom here [sneak 100] So you’re gonna respawn down here immediately pick up the stuff and probably head off into the distance and You could have you could have your back and I think I’ve had a bit of a revelation here because you can have a bed And actually a small base down here that house up at the top is kind of like a dummy house It’s like it’s a decoy. Where is your actual base is down here So when you die you respawn pick up all their stuff and just run off into the distance and I’m taking this idea Very very seriously. So I’ve just placed in a redstone torch key right here, and we’re going to run the output of that Into this piston so that if we’re walking past and we place in a redstone torch That will open up this little system and then we can drop through onto this ladder that ladder then drops us down into this corridor Which takes us into this Tiny little base area here. So this is where we keep all of our valuables and we even have a Glass window so we can see where the players have dropped through Oh, and of course if we want to get out of this place Then we have to do is hit this button right here and we can pop out onto the surface and then of course Everything is completely hidden away. So there we go I would say we’ve got ourselves a pretty decent safe house set up right here We have got a fully functioning blazed turret system. We’ve got creepers that get shot out over the walls We also have Vindicators or evokers to pop out of the ground and explode all over the place we’ve got a toggleable lava moat which let’s be honest looks Absolutely fantastic When it all activates, we’ve got little areas that you can’t stand on that will drop a player into lava we also have tactically deployed bows around the top normally redstone related, but definitely helpful to have and then we also have A destruction button. Oh my words (classic bumbo laugh #5) That is worse than I was expecting of course the blazes escaped So now if you haven’t fallen into the hole You’re quickly going to get shot at by those blades and eventually probably make your way into it You’re going to die the player who owns the safehouse is then going to pick up all your stuff because it’s ended up in these Hoppers he’s gonna take it run off into the sunset. Never to be seen again. It’s it’s perfect. So let me have it guys I hope that you’ve enjoyed this video if you did Please order that like button and if you really loved it and make sure to subscribe, but thanks for watching guys This is been mumbo and I’m out. I’ll see you later Oh, and if you can’t tell throughout this entire video I’ve been getting progressively iller to the point that my throat is basically the size of a pea it I don’t know what happened to it is really bad [big oof]

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  1. I built this as a fun project, just like all things in Minecraft, it can be defeated by a determined kid with a pickaxe! That's what makes this game great! 😂

  2. If I was attacking you I could just build over all that that's the thing about fences they are never high enough for protection 🙁

  3. thats a lot of resources to spend to prank some invader and take all their stuff. i hope they have something good.

  4. Great video! i was first intrested in redstone now with command blocks and now both! #mumbojumboredstoneking

  5. another fun one is making a 4 block thick toggleable moat around the lava moat with magma blocks i think, and then water over it, so they get sucked down by bubbles and drown.

  6. Mumbo could have used detector rails next to dispensers instead of the bows and then when he wants to activate it he could just place the minecart with powered rails and when the minecart hits the activator rail it then shoots the arrow but the video was great and it was a fun project to try out myself.

  7. I can just imagine: "Ha! I've got you now!" Hits a button that flings creepers all over himself and instantly dies

  8. My safe house design. I build it in the sky, whether left floating, floating above a beacon to look like it's supported by magic, or setting atop a giant pillar of stone and colored glass blocks surrounding a pylon of redstone lamps with Redstone torches atop each, the bottom-most one receiving current from a repeating timed circuit, creating the appearance of some kind of giant power conduit sending pulsing ripples of energy upward.

    The house itself sets beyond a long dark hallway. Dark, because the darkness makes the tripwire trigger easy to miss. A separate control inside the house allows me to arm or disarm the tripwire. When armed, there is a few seconds delay to ensure the intruder is in the middle of the hallway, before the floor retracts and drops them out of the sky. The opposite end of this hallway is a Nether Portal. In the Nether, this connects to a long hallway to another portal down at ground level with no actual defenses. As for the house itself. The roof is three-thick Obsidian, with a pool of lava on top, and two-high a ring of Obsidian around that with a one-block wide space to let the lava flow down the sides. Into a recessed moat around the house.

    Inside the roof there's sticky pistons and black stained glass blocks that when powered cuts off the lava flow, and allows me to see out the windows. At the bottom level a sticky pistons and glass block door stays shut while the lava is flowing outside of it. On the hallway side, though hidden out of view, and controlled from inside the house an archway can be extended into the lava flow with spaces left to allow any left over to drain out, and provide sheltered access to the hallway. So no… not even flying is a safe way in.

  9. I made a 21 by 2 piston door and it worked taller than my house lol I did not need it Can you make a 21 by 2 piston door if you can hit the like button

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  12. Makes the safest house ever with secret traps, and cool redstone networks.

    Shows everyone how to get into the actually house with a redstone torch*

    Posts on YouTube for millions to see*

    Me: 😈

  13. People made the biggest and safest structures in minecraft

    Trollers and Griefers: “ok guys Half of the team will make a tunnel and the other will make a skybridge on top of the safe house. Then the griefers will drop tnts and fly down with elytras…”

    “Got it? Good, First target Mumbo Jumbo.”

  14. Mumbo: I hate people
    Me: why would you start a video like that!? You're a person, do you hate yourself then?

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    A try hard can come and to
    /tp @player name and the coordinates inside.
    Anyway Great video!

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