I Had To Protect My Little Bro From Our Criminal Dad

I Had To Protect My Little Bro From Our Criminal Dad

Hello, my name is Fiona, I’m 19 and the
life of my family changed because of my father. In the end, I had to testify against him in
court… and to be honest, I don’t regret it. My Father had always been a great man. He treated my Mom like a queen and spent a
lot of time with me and my brother, Jeffrey. He always took pride in his work, so when
he lost his job, it was like he also lost a big part of himself. He began to drink a lot, and it was painful
to see him like that, but it became even worse when he started to gamble all of our money
away, hoping to win big. All of us tried to help him, especially Mom
– he never wanted her to work, because he wanted her to just enjoy life, but she was
forced to find a job. Dad was making promises to us every day, but,
of course, he always broke them and went straight back to drinking and gambling. Because of this, we went almost completely
broke and we desperately needed money. So my Dad did something horrible – he found
his old pals from school, who were involved in some… shady business. I can’t say what it was exactly, but needless
to say, it was illegal. As soon as money started coming in, Dad changed
back to his old confident self, but of course Mom wasn’t happy about it at all, she tried
to talk with him, but Dad wouldn’t listen, because he thought that it was a good solution
to our problems. We tolerated it and, of course, I didn’t
know that much at first, but it all changed once Dad tried to make Jeffrey a part of it. You see, Jeffrey has always looked up to Dad. He taught Jeffrey everything he knew and he
was a great friend to him. So of course when Dad asked Jeffrey to help,
Jeffrey instantly agreed. He simply couldn’t even imagine that Dad
could do anything wrong. Often Dad or Jeffrey would come home incredibly
late, and the worst part was that they were enjoying whatever they’d been doing. All those late evenings I was listening to
how Mom was sobbing silently, and she could barely look at Dad or Jeffrey when they got
home. She tried to act like everything was normal
between them, but she had this sickly and worried facial expression all the time. I was begging my Father to stop, because at
this point, he didn’t even try to find a normal job, but he was always saying that
everything would be fine and that I shouldn’t worry. I was incredibly scared for Mom, and especially
Jeffrey, because he was only fifteen and didn’t even understand what he was doing. He could have ruined his whole life. I loved my Dad but he was a different man
now. So I did something drastic – I went to the
police and told them everything I knew – the names of my Father’s “friends” and what
they were doing. I didn’t say anything about Jeffrey because
I wanted to protect him. I really didn’t want to do that – I still
loved Dad, but I was simply afraid of what would happen next. After a long trial, which I didn’t play a
big part in, because the police had already been making a case against them for a long
time, my Father was put in jail. It wasn’t a long time, less than a year,
but needless to say it shook our family to the core. Mom didn’t get better in any way, in fact,
she got worse. She was thinking about leaving Dad for good. She spent a lot of time working so our family
would have just enough money to get by, even with me finding a part time job. But the worst thing happened to Jeffrey. He hated me for betraying Dad. He didn’t even consider me his sister anymore. He thought that everything my Father did was
right, so…(sigh) he continued to do what he did with our Father. This basically meant that everything I’d
done to save our family was completely meaningless. I tried to talk with him but he refused to
answer. He would ignore me or look at me like I was
the worst human in history. There was only one person who could help – my
Father, so I actually had to go and visit him. I hadn’t done that yet, and I don’t know
why – was it because I hated him or because I was scared he would hate me. Especially because nobody else visited him. Mom couldn’t force herself to see his face
and Jeffrey was underage, but they talked on the phone often. So I made an appointment and after a few days
I was there. My heart was beating like crazy and I was
sweating. And then I saw my Father. He was looking at me with a smile, but at
the same time there were tears in his eyes. At first we just sat there silently, unable
to say a single word to each other. Finally Dad started talking, and he was apologizing
for everything he had done. I couldn’t say much because it was so incredibly
hard to say anything, so long story short, I explained to him what was happening and
asked if Dad could talk some sense into Jeffrey. I almost begged him to do it. Dad agreed, but then Jeffrey would have to
come in because dad couldn’t talk about this on the phone. Jeffrey would refuse to come with me, even
if it meant that he would see Dad, so I had to ask Mom to do it. She went pale and refused almost immediately. I explained to her that it was the only way
to make Jeffrey stop was he was doing and she finally agreed, but she didn’t want
to talk with Dad. As I later found out, Dad was even more emotional
than the first time, and of course it was painful to see Mom being so cold and distant. He talked some sense into Jeffrey and soon
enough, my brother cut all his ties with the illegal stuff. After this, everything got a bit more stable. Mom and I were working and Jeffrey concentrated
on his studies. Sadly, he still refused to talk with me and
sometimes even with Mom, and he was still out a lot, hanging out with his friends because
he didn’t want to be at home with us. Mom started opening up to me more and I found
out that she was almost 100% sure that she wanted a divorce almost immediately when my
Father gets released from jail. She was tired and exhausted, but somehow stronger. She tried to make her relationship with Jeffrey
better and sometimes even took him to visit Dad. I… stopped visiting him after that because
it was just too hard for me. I was an emotional wreck by this point, losing
interest in my friends and in my life, not even being able to plan my future life and
education. After another 6 months my Father was released
from jail. Jeffrey was happy and, well, I was too, but
soon he and my mom told us that they were separating. They were still married, but as soon as my
Father found a job he moved out and started to live separately. Of course he didn’t get much, so he lived
in a really run-down apartment and he tried to give as much as he could to us. After a while, Jeffrey moved in with him. This was the moment when our family separated
completely – me and my Mother and Jeffrey with our Father, and none of us communicated
much. Me and my Mother were getting by, we even
started to rent a few rooms in our house on Airbnb. We were always exhausted, but at least we
were talking. She missed Jeffrey a lot, and she didn’t
say it directly, but I could tell she missed Dad as well. I was constantly exhausted from work. I missed them too, and one day when Jeffrey
reached out to me, I felt happy. It didn’t last long, though, because there
was a reason why he reached out. Turns out, our Father was working a lot during
the daytime and every evening he would drink his sorrows away. He tried to appear strong in front of Jeffrey,
but it was clear that he was depressed because his actions had destroyed our family. A few times during the weekends Jeffrey even
had to drag our Father home from bars, that he went to alone, because most of his friends
bailed on him after everything that happened. Dad blamed himself for destroying our family,
although Jeffrey tried to persuade him that for almost our entire life, he was the one
who kept all of us together. But that didn’t help at all. This made Jeffrey realize that, most of all,
our Dad wanted me and Jeffrey to be friends again, or at least to talk. So we said sorry to each other and hugged,
although we had never done that before in our whole entire life. I guess it’s true that tough times can make
family ties stronger. After a while, I found the courage to visit
my Dad. His apartment looked horrible, but he was
happy to see me and more importantly, to see me and Jeffrey talking again. We tried to spend as much time with him as
possible to stop him from drinking, and it paid off. He became much more confident and optimistic,
just like he was before, and he promised that once he got the chance, he would try to help
me with my college studies by providing some money for me. At first I wanted to refuse his offer, but
I knew that he needed to do that to feel important. And well, I needed it as well. Jeffrey was spending a lot of time with Mom,
even helping a lot with chores at the house. It was clear that it was something our Dad
put him up to. Dad was asking a lot about Mom and how she
was. He was always telling us stories about how
they met and how she was the only woman he ever loved. Mom, on the other hand, was just scared and
not sure what to do next. I know she wanted to reconnect with Dad, but
her friends and relatives were saying how she should leave him and that he was a bad
man. Those were the same people who were more than
happy to take my Father’s money and gifts in the past. Me and Jeffrey cut off all contact with them
because they were such horrible hypocrites. And then finally, one day as I was getting
home from work, I noticed that my Mom was talking on the phone, smiling, and laughing. It was clear that she was talking with our
Father. Even if they wouldn’t be together anymore,
at least they would be friends. At this moment, I realized that our family
had survived and was stronger than ever. Please share this story with your friends
and family, so they will know that nothing can destroy a family as long as you stick

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  1. This is when you know that one of the loud house characters are in this story.

    Dad: Lynn senior

    Mom: Rita Loud

    Older Sister: Lori Loud

    Younger Brother: Lincoln Loud

    Isn’t he supposed to know what he is doing if he is fifteen.😐😐😄

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