I Didn’t Protect Mom From Dad, And Now It’s Too Late

I Didn’t Protect Mom From Dad, And Now It’s Too Late

Oh, hi guys. My name is Sam and I’m 14 years old. I lost both my parents, and I think it was
all my fault. From that moment on, I decided that I would
never hide anything in my life and not make deals with my conscience. That’s why I’m telling you my story. Two years ago, my life was wonderful. My parents had a great relationship and they
loved me very much. It was like a movie about a perfect family
with a big house and a dog named Roger. But our perfect life ended all of a sudden. My father came home from work looking like
someone had died. Dad’s company, which he worked for, and where
he had built a career for so long, went bankrupt. This meant that my father was now unemployed. We had some savings, but it was clear that
he had to find another job. This upset my father very much, and he was
depressed because no new position could bring him as much money as he made before. My mother and I supported him as best we could. Even Roger tried to cheer my dad up. A couple of months later we had to sell our
house and move to a smaller and cheaper apartment. It was the final blow for dad, and he completely
dropped his hands and started drinking. As time went on, things got worse and worse. My mother worked literally 24/7, and my dad
was constantly spending money on alcohol. One day, my mom’s patience ran out, and my
parents had a big argument. Oh, I remember hearing it all, and how scared
I was. Dad was already drunk that night, and my mom’s
accusations made him very angry. He was furious and started yelling like never
before. Then he got up abruptly and walked in the
direction of my mother. I thought he was going to do something terrible,
and I just closed my eyes in fear. But then I heard a loud bark. Roger barked and growled at my father, and
defended my mom. I guess that’s when my dad realized what he
was about to do. He could have hit his own wife. This thought made him cry like a child. It was clear that my father needed help. And thank goodness dad understood that himself. The next morning, my mother took my dad to
the hospital, and the long process for the treatment of addiction began. My father spent several weeks in rehab and
was receiving psychological help. Finally, my beloved dad was back. No matter what, my mother and I loved dad
very much, and we were always ready to forgive him and help. After my father returned, our lives began
to improve. He finally got a job and we had more money. So overall, we felt happier. Of course, we no longer lived in a big house
in a cool neighborhood, but still, mom and dad and I were together. And of course, our loyal and beloved friend
Roger was still with us. So we lived like this for about six months,
until one night there was a little incident. I woke up in the middle of the night very
thirsty, so I went to the kitchen to get some water. And I was very surprised when I saw that my
father was sitting in the kitchen in complete darkness. When he saw me, he motioned me to be quiet. And when I turned on the light, I figured
out what was going on. My father was drinking. Again. I wanted to tell my mother right away, but
my father begged me to not do it. He asked me to understand his feelings. Dad was working a job he hated, and he kept
thinking about the time when he could provide for the whole family, and now he thought he
was a loser, and it made him sad. My father said that a couple of drinks helped
him to numb the heartache, and be ready for a new day at work, and that’s how he maintained
stability at work and in the family. And if I told my mom, that balance would collapse,
and our family would get bogged down in fights again. These words touched me, and I agreed to keep
this secret for the sake of our family. But after a while, I regretted my decision. My mom was on a business trip, and my dad
and I were supposed to meet her at the airport. Her flight was delayed because of the weather,
and we had to spend several hours in the waiting area. I was playing on my phone, and suddenly I
noticed that my dad wasn’t around. I got up and looked around for him. And then I saw dad on the street. He had a flask in his hand and he was drinking
from it constantly. You don’t have to be Sherlock to guess what
was inside the flask. I ran to my father and started yelling at
him. How could he do this at such a crucial moment? He started making excuses and saying that
everything was fine. We would have continued to fight, but suddenly
there was an announcement that my mother’s flight had arrived, and we went to meet her. I have to say, the joy of meeting my mother
overcame all the emotions that I felt while arguing with my dad. Plus, she brought me a gift, so when we got
in the car, I was busy unwrapping it. And I had forgotten that my father was drunk
and that he shouldn’t be driving. It was the biggest mistake of my life. We were driving down the highway, and I kept
asking my mom a bunch of questions. She was glad to see me, too, and she chatted
with me. I remember her beautiful smile. And then I remember a loud car horn. And a metallic clang. Then I remember the top swapped with the bottom,
and I fell on the ceiling of the car. It was all like a slideshow. And then I passed out. It was total darkness. I don’t know if it was a dream or reality,
but I heard screams and sirens. Then all the sounds faded away as if someone
had just muted the radio. And just a second later I saw a very bright
light that literally blinded me. No, it wasn’t that light at the end of the
tunnel. It was a hospital lamp. I was lying in the ward with my arm bandaged. When I looked around I saw my father. He was sitting in the chair next to my bed,
crying. I wanted to calm him down and tell him I was
okay. But as it turned out, it wasn’t about me. Through tears, dad told me that my mother
was gone. At the same moment, I was just washed away
by a river of feelings, and I began to scream and cry. My pain was inconsolable and there was nothing
I could do about it. It was the worst day of my life. As I learned later, the accident was not my
father’s fault. Someone fell asleep at the wheel and flew
into the oncoming lane. But my father could easily have avoided the
accident if he hadn’t been under the influence of alcohol and his reaction time wasn’t slowed
down. But that didn’t change anything. Mom died. And that might not have happened if I’d told
her that my father was drinking again. Then we wouldn’t have gotten in the damn car
and had an accident. So I blamed myself for what had happened. Dad and I then turned into two zombies who
just walked around and tried to get over their grief. At this time, my father began to drink even
more heavily. Every day he drank himself to the point where
he just cried or screamed into the void. One night I was in my room, trying to take
my mind off of everything while watching a movie. Suddenly I heard a loud bark and a cry from
my father. Roger missed his mother, too, and he sat at
the front door whining all the time. My drunken father was tired of it and wanted
to do something about it. Thank God I stepped in and took Roger for
a walk before dad could do something bad. These walks with the dog were my only joy. I had the feeling that only Roger could understand
me. I mean, my father was my relative, too, and
I loved him. But the man who was constantly drunk was not
my father. He was out there somewhere, and I couldn’t
reach him. It’s been a long time, but our lives haven’t
changed. The grief subsided, but it was hard for us
to find a common language with each other. One day I caught a moment when my father was
sober and I suggested that we spend the day together as father and son. He agreed, so we took Roger and drove out
of town to the lake. We spent a long time there and talked a lot. We both needed it. I even had the hope that my father would give
up his bad habit, and that we could live normally. On the way home, we decided to stop at the
supermarket to go shopping. At one point, my dad said he heard Roger barking,
so he left me a credit card and went to check on him in the car. I calmly finished shopping and went outside. Roger continued to bark. And in a second I understood everything. The dog could smell the alcohol. Dad had another drink before I saw him, and
he was going to drive drunk again. Roger must have sensed danger and started
barking. I started shouting at my father and it pissed
him off. He was yelling and swearing at me. Then he told me to get into the car. Imagine how it looked from the outside. A man is yelling at a child, and a dog is
trying to protect him. Unfortunately, some passers-by saw this situation,
and one of them called the police, since he thought that something bad could happen. And that’s when our troubles just snowballed. When the police arrived, my father changed
his behavior and asked me to play along with him, and to not tell the police about his
alcoholism. But this time, I wasn’t going to make that
mistake again. I told the officers everything. After that, they turned to social services
and began a very unpleasant investigation. After several inspections, they found that
my dad had an alcohol addiction, and that he couldn’t care for his own child, and now
they are looking for guardians for me. It turns out that I lost my last loved one. And I cried when I realized it was the last
time I would see Roger. He’s so far away from me now… Everything happened because of that night
I agreed to keep dad’s secret. And this led to the fact that our family was
destroyed irretrievably. I’d like to have a second chance and change
everything. But that is impossible, and I have to struggle
with new difficulties now.

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  1. Well mr sam you can't blame yourself for what your father did but you can blame the alcohol and also you can blame yourself for your mum's death don't feel so guilty after what happened until your parents Mr Sam and also I know you wouldn't miss Rodger a lot have one day your get Roger back👨🏻‍🦰👨🏻‍🦱👩🏻‍🦱/👨🏻‍🦱🍺🥃🚘/👨🏻‍🦰🤕🏣👩🏻‍🦱⚰/👨🏻‍🦰😭😢/👨🏻‍🦱🥃😡🐕/👨🏻‍🦱😡👨🏻‍🦰🗣🚘 🚔

  2. That dog is probably dead by his father living by himself. He needs to get that dog back before that ever happens.

  3. Wait so what happened to the dog? Did it go up for adoption or is it still living with the father?

    if it’s still with the father I swear-

  4. You did nothing wrong! Your dad hasn't learned from his mistakes and now he's paying for it. I hope you get your dog back.

  5. Damn I feel for you man don’t worry by the grace of God everything will be all right in your life
    Just know that you are not alone
    Our prayers are with you man 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  6. Don’t feel bad man if you told your mom that your dad start drinking again after he tried rehab she probably would have devoured him I’m not trying to make you feel bad but this is I think

  7. Alcohol ruins families it's not Sam's fault it's his fathers, he chose to drink instead of facing his issues which makes things worse, this perfect example, how sad.

  8. Its not you fault at all it is your dads fault for drinking all at beer or any other alcohol he was drinking and then driving he used have gone to jail drinking and driving big time


  10. It not your fault sam it your father fault he make you keep a secret for your mother..I am sorry that your parent diet …. because know that he can not drink … it bad for him … 👪 broke 🐶 a little broke … so sorry Sam about your mother

  11. Dear Sam! I am so very sorry about your losing your mother. My mom is gone too, but thankfully not from a car accident. She died from old age. I am also very sorry about your Dad. I too drink, but I'm not an alcoholic, thankfully. I hope that things go better for you and your pooch Roger. Please take care and hang in there!

  12. You did the right thing, I know you ended up in foster care, but your dad drank before he was supposed to drive, sorry it came out this way

  13. If he can’t care for a child what makes them think he can care for a pet dog. He should tell the people about his actions and feelings towards the dog

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