I Carve another Ostrich buttfruit filled with Resin (and it glows) duh

I Carve another Ostrich buttfruit filled with Resin (and it glows) duh

This video is sponsored by SimpliSafe you dingus *Sleep noises* *whistling* *cough* Wood Hey honey uhm I don’t feel very good, Ima go on a walk *distance* ok *moaning in sleep* *moaning in sleep x2* *he walks in dream* *chicken sounds* buh CAk bleh buh GAk mleh meeeeeehhhhhh *chickens clucking sound* ((wow breakin character)) *laying noises* *egg* *nightmare* Honey hoNEY !!THE EGG!! BLAUGHERAGUREG *HE WAKES* It was all a dream Polish my knife *whistling* wood OoOoOkay, what we’re going to do today is carve another ostrich egg. Yes We’re going to carve another one. Oh, what was that? But Bobby, where’s part three of the Bucket hands video, you know what to that? I would say Shh I ffft Promise you it’s coming Shhhhhhh This is me stroking your hair. Just hang on buddy. We’re gonna get there but in the meantime to entertain you I shall be carving the butt fruit of an ostrich and making it look wunderbar, I’m going to be incorporating another ostrich egg’s shell on to this and I’m gonna give it like You know a little flamy Merkin kind of like the essences coming out from within we’re just gonna jump right on in there whoa, whoa, whoa I’m sorry Whoa, I’m recording the camera with my phone, which is also a camera What is going on Okay So this little bit of Awesomeness came from my friend. Mr. Heath knuckles He makes all kinds of cool resin things and he’s a woodturner and does all kinds of good googly mooglies Remember the flaming resin ball of hand resin flame that initial piece was the one that I used but he sent me the little test bit as Well, and we’re gonna carve it so Let’s look at the tools. All right These are the tools that I’m going to be using they are called, well, rotary burs But they’re also known as structured tooth Tungsten carbide cutters and that’s the little aggressive guy you guys have seen before this is another one It’s just kind of a well that shape here’s another big boy dadgum. He’s thick With two C’s. I have this shaft, but I also have another one which accepts a quarter-inch Doohickey like this. I just got to switch it on out and then I can you know use it to carve stuff What do you say do you say? Okay, okay Okay ooooookaaaaay Check this out. So this is how we have it at the moment It’s basically done other than coating it in another layer of epoxy Which will happen later on, now that that’s then we can move on something else. Now, we’re going to use Another little egg to create sort of petals. Let me show you what I’m talking about I made like a little drawing of basically the design that I’m wanting So here’s the little Merkin Doohickey on top and there’s the carvings and such and then I’m gonna put petal looking things almost like a lotus flower That’s what these are right here These little guys right here those little guys what I’m gonna do to make those is I’m gonna use this smaller one Draw out some petal designs cut them out using this doohickey. See if I can balance it Dag gum. Okay now I think we should do it Not… you know what I mean? I know this is completely Unrelated to what I’m doing here. But check out these cool fruits and vegetables that I found at the local grocery store here Oh my goodness. It’s red celery, see this is when you don’t vaccinate your carrots. They don’t grow up to be big strong carrots Awww that one has an antenna. Yeah, can we get someone down here? We got a leak in the produce department In fact, we got a whole bunch of leaks. We need to get that taken care of. Yeah. Okay. Thanks Bye it is a tiny cabbage. Ooh pears. I think I’m just gonna get a couple. Wow look at that. It’s just a room full of mush. That’s a lot of fungus. That’s a humongous fungus You need to get that looked at buddy Dagon Oh ma’am, not all of them poor little guy and they put him right next to the normal ones How rude you know what you’re beautiful too on the inside. I’m sure of it. Look at him he’s so happy crying that milk Wehehe And now a quick word from our sponsor SimpliSafe SimpliSafe is a freaking easy-to-use Customizable home security system that is free from contracts and hidden costs. The system is monitored by professionals 24/7 who will call you in an emergency and send the police in the event of a break-in and if the system is attacked the Police are immediately notified. 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Thank you so much SimpliSafe for sponsoring today’s video guys Go check out their website by clicking the link down in the description of this video or go to SimpliSafe dot com /BobbyDukeArts No, no, no, no, no Freakin Jax Stop it, it’s supposed to be a surprise Ok, what we’re going to do is, I know I typically don’t show this part but a lot of times I’ll do test runs of Aspects of a piece before I actually commit and do it in the main piece We’re going to mix up a batch of resin this stuff again polyester clear polyester. Resin but I’ve got some dyes that are like legit resin dyes from Alumalite. So what I’m gonna do is first I’m gonna put on some gloves Do you think I’m a moron honey? Honey: often Like that I come in peace On there Gotta snap it it’s not official unless you snap it. I’m not just gonna mix the dyes in Oh, no I’m going to mix it up pour a little in there put some dye in put some fairy dust in there Then I’m going to draw some up in these big blunted syringes and then Squirt it in there We’re gonna try to make some little squiggly lines and stuff also do this in a well ventilated area because this stuff is a stinky So we’re gonna loop in about ten because I want this to kind of represent To the ostrich egg and we’re gonna add in the catalyst like we did last time. Okay one two *fast counting* dagumit lost count honey: babe, we can always go back and look Little extra there, okay, and just you know, don’t get carried away you want to stir gently This is how I stirred, how do you stir? scrape the sides Scrape it. So it’s all homogenous and such. I didn’t know little Bowl. All right, we’re gonna put one drop I’m sure this is gonna be plenty and then I’m gonna add a little bit of the blue and it’s like a powder I’m just gonna scoop up. Ooh That’s cool. It’s like what do you call it? Kind of a pearlescent? Okay, and here’s the purple. Well, that’s really purple. Now. Here’s where it gets crazy. I’m gonna suck up some of this stuff Hopefully it will draw up in here That’s probably plenty Yeah, see how it’s like iridescent. Let’s start with the purple Like that that’s cool now, we’ll try to do the same with this That’s kind of what I’m going for now We wait and see what happens. Oh Hey check this out well, this is why I do test runs on stuff because look it’s like the color it just Disappeared. I’m not sure I mean there’s a little bit left, but you know what? It doesn’t matter, okay? Now let’s go ahead and pour the resin into the egg I’m not gonna do any testing just gonna do it because I went ahead and bought some alumalite resin Which is actually the same brand as the dye, so I shouldn’t see any issues. Let’s do it Well That’s what it looks like inside and no cracks. Yay That’s the main thing. I really didn’t want this to crack. Well, it cracked Poop. All is not lost because we can still carve this and I still think it’ll look ok And this time it wasn’t due to the expansion of the epoxy it was due to its shrinkage I could actually even hear it cracking. I was like Dadgum next step is to well carve all these shapes I’m also going to try to remove some of this epoxy from the outside and then we’re gonna glue on the little petals and such Yeah, that’s the next step. So let’s Do that Okay, this is not going as I planned exactly Since it cracked and this didn’t happen with the last one. It’s like shattering all throughout here and what I’m having to do is reinforce this and I’m using super thin super glue to basically squirt in all the cracks and it’ll kind of absorb in there and Stabilize that the shell because if I didn’t do that, it would just turn into a big mass So this is not ideal but that’s part of well, like I’ve said before that’s part of what makes art Interesting is rolling with the punches. And Trying to come up with solutions to fix the problem because I don’t want to trash this egg and start over I still think I can make it work even though right now it looks a little bit like Dookie so that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna carve and I’m a squirt in a little bit of superglue We’ll see how it goes because I don’t know how this is gonna go and then in the end We’ll just see how it goes, okay Okay the carvings pretty much down but we still have some work to do since the resin spilled over and Kind of sealed in all these marks What I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna go ahead and just paint this whole thing ostrich egg color that seems slightly redundant so that way it’ll cover up all these marks and Cracks and I don’t think it’ll take away from it because I’m gonna try to match the color as closely as possible Sorry, I’m kind of a dingus at the moment. I’m fighting off a cold and it sucks Nichole, feel sorry for me The next step after that is to well glue all of these on glue the little fire doohickey on top coated in resin puta light underneath and then It’s fINISHED Oh My goodness, that was really fun, I hope you guys had fun too as much fun as I did making this Okay a couple quick things First thing is remember guys, please go check out SimpliSafe links in description It always helps me when you guys go and check them out. Also another reminder I will be at maker central this year in May in Birmingham UK please go get tickets and come see me it would be amazing to meet some of you guys Also go give my buddy Nick Zammeti some love He’s actually the one who puts on makers central go check out his channel if you like my channel Then you’ll probably like his and if you haven’t already subscribed to me then go ahead and do that also I post stuff on Twitter and Instagram go check that out if you want a little bit more Dookie in your life Once again, thank you guys. Really? Thank you so much for watching my videos It means so much to me part. Three of the bucket hands video is coming soon. I promise Alright, love you guys and until next time Me Stan Champ Pah Chewie chomp pah chewy Chomp *SQUEAKY TOY NOISES* aVERY

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