Husband caught crossdressing by security camera. crossdresser

Husband caught crossdressing by security camera.  crossdresser

Welcome to my channel and I hope you enjoy
this video Hey Diesel, come feel the water here, it’s
nice. No. I am busy with this weeding here.
But the water is nice. No, I need to finish this. I’ve got to show you something, come here. Come! Okay, I’m here. What do you want to show me. Look. Bend, look, it’s nice. I’ll show you What, what are you doing now? Oh my God. Whats That.
That’s uhm, it’s not nail polish, it’s anti-fungal stuff to… uhm, for atheletes foot.
Seriously? Yeah, but oh, uhm.
Oh, excuse me, and that? Well, they say it can spread to your hands
so I decided to put it on here, just to be safe.
R…i…g…h…t… Let me show you down here.
What? Oh my god! Oh my god! And the frilly panties? Is that also medical reasons? Oh, uhm, oh, I got dressed in the dark this morning, so uhm, honest mistake. It’s probably
one of yours. No, I don’t have panties like that.
I can’t explain that. Must be… a mistake. R i g h t Oh, did you enjoy your time in the pool this morning?
I was not in the pool this morning. I though you said you had a swim this morning.
No, I did not have time for that. Strange, the security camera, it caught you
in a nice little pretty bathing suite. Explain.
Uhm, maybe that was not me, it might have been the neighbour. Let’s go have a look. Diesel
Yes Come here a moment
I’ve got the perfect solution, you want to dress like a girl, go put it on then come
meet me in the kitchen. Okay
Off you go Yep, totally, totally pretty. Don’t you guys
agree? Totally pretty. If you agree that he looks pretty in a dress, comment below. Okay. So what is the apple for? Oh, did you enjoy your swim this morning? What swim? [laugh] [Discuss script] [laugh] It’s still sounding awkward, are you forgetting the lines or what?

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  1. Great video, I am transgender as well you should check out my page when you get a chance

  2. So pretty, but, where does it stop? Such a charge wearing women's clothes, looking like a girl. So one time this friend of mine needed
    a date and set me up with an out of town dude, and he was counting on having hot sex with my new vagina. Where does it stop? Maybe I like my new vagina being owned, pimped out for the horny men to drain their balls into. Don't you love feeling so feminine?!

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