How we’ll earn money in a future without jobs | Martin Ford

How we’ll earn money in a future without jobs | Martin Ford

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  1. You can not buy,sell or eat or live without the mark of the beast.. it's coming.. wake up people it's a spiritual war and god is gonna win..

  2. People would have huge families so they could get more money. People would have more children to get more money.. this will not work at all.. they will have to thin the herd..

  3. One point not mentioned here is population decline. It is already happening in most of developed countries. Fertility rates are decreasing everywhere around first world countries. There are more single and underemployed young people living with parents than ever.

  4. UBI as implemented by government and business would be better called UBS. Universal Basic Serfdom. UBI needs to generous enough that people don't need to work unless they want to. In todays terms, about 60k a year or more.

  5. Personally, as a low income wage earner, i dont think Basic Income is the answer. However, when you consider basic household materials like paper, glass, tin and even plastic combined with 3D Printing, it makes even the homeless want to collect these items to generate Income.

  6. Capitalism has only existed for a tiny faction of world history and every era has an economic system unique to that era. There is no reason to think capitalism will be different or force it to work under a completely new situation. We will and must replace capitalism.

  7. I have an employee who doesn't work hard anymore ever since they started getting money from government. I need them because otherwise my business suffers.

  8. I keep hearing the phrase progress in relation to automation but I always wonder what the person using the phrase means by it ?

  9. People keep saying, there is not enough jobs. I think they are wrong, I think there are too many jobs and not enough families able to live off one income. Strengthen the family and we will not have any issues.

  10. We have gun violence not because of guns but because of the sickness of society. Technology is part of that.
    There are lots of random acts of violence done without guns, so the problem is with people and society, not the particular tool used.

  11. They are afraid the idiots can’t take on anymore debt somehow are we going to consume and make them rich if no one has jobs and debt is now so high. The pitchforks are coming out so who is going to buy anything?

  12. Most Jobs meant to destroy our planet. Quite meaning less. Jobs are meaning are taking care the planet. Create human run powered generators. Money and gold value rise and fall and fall and fall, but a healthy land retains it's value always.

  13. My god, do these propagandists all use the same script? Why is socialism the solution for every single problem?

    I am tired of hearing about freakn’ horses losing their jobs. They did not lose their job, they were the product. That’s like saying the typewriters lost their jobs to computers.

    It is true that this time it is “Different”. But it was different during the computer revolution of the ’80s, it was different during the industrial revolution of the 1800s.

    He is right that you don't need a job, but that doesn't mean you need Big Brother to take care of you. YouTubers, Etsy, eBay, Amazon stores, flipping houses… This is the future. Not somebody taking care of us, but us taking full advantage of that automation.

  14. The machines have already surpassed the best player of the game go (not sure if that's how you spell the game… I'm just a human). It must be true because I saw it on you tube! Ha ha ha

  15. If a high school drop out and a high school graduate both end up as recipients of basic income , what's the point in spending the resources required to educate the high graduate? It will cost more $ to educate the graduate plus you'll owe them more basic income, but they haven't contributed more if they're not working anyway, so they are more of a drain on the economy than the dropout.

  16. After reading the comments, I'm impressed with the large number of drones our liberal communists colleges have engendered via the NEA education system and mass media propaganda . You are all entitled to "your rights"…history repeats on about a 250-300 year cycle. Trying to pull you out of the watery depths of depression would likely pull me down as well so expect no life vest toss from Texas. Welcome to Venezuela in Mexifornia you Pelosi parasites.

  17. people will always have things to do that will pay them, mey it be entertainment like acting and being a youtuber, or creative stuff etc

  18. In the future, less humans will be needed, so population will decline. AI will increase to do most work that humans do now.

  19. There has never been a cognitive computer, until now. So yes it is different. We need to tax machines and the labour of machines, or live as surfs while a few rich men own everything. Not because of their ingenuity but rather the gulf of technological advantage. A technological advantage born by eons of human intellectual contribution and it will serve only a few rich men. They would have no need of your labour as they would have no need of your purchasing power because you will not be able to provide hardly anything worth trading. That is the sad reality.

  20. Yes look up the venus project aka resourced based economy this the final solution to all of this the universal basic income is just a step forward to a resourced based economy

  21. i can tell you this is foolishness – the extra people will be killed one way or another. You think they are just going to be supported when they have nothing to offer but yet claim a place at the table to make demands? beyond this basic fact of life and nature that vacuums are not tolerated, the USA is already totally bankrupt having nearly 200 trillion in unfunded liabilities and there is not enough money in the whole world to pay it.

  22. All these automations and basic income ideas will oly concentrate even more the wealth of the world into fewer hands. The mega corporations of the future will be exponentially bigger than the largest mergers you have ever seen. That alone will drive all the rest of society, and thus the powers that be will "strongly recommend" you have fewer and fewer children. Also, the governments of the future will be BASICALLY corporations; social engineering will be forceful engineering.

  23. Only way is to revolt and surprise the government and the LGBT on auto correct is LGBT. I hate the government and would love for as trump puts it "billions and bullions" support it.

  24. Rich and powerful people are promoting this because they are scared of revolution and losing their status. They want more control. Which is also why they want to disarm the public. The alternative is no income tax and no mandatory education, but more access to information so people can educate themselves. There needs to be less control, not more control. More Yeoman farmer and less industrial slave.

  25. My only question is why on the Earth you guys want damn more money?….for expensive dress,car,cosmetics,etc…..human being need oxygen to breath don't fucking cut the trees,ocean to survive so don't polluted it,fresh foods and veggies which can be easily grow by ourself…..why on the fucking earth you want to be slave to those fucking corporations and governmet you stupid humans?…..don't you have any fucking sense……..😡…..just be more consious about our environment and health and mind for damn it…..we (human being) only need peaceful mind and life……atleast use yours brain now….wake up damn it😠😡😬😤……sorry for my outburst😊……love❤and peace✌

  26. There will eventually be a revolution against all this and that is why the so called rich people are so adament in taking away our guns! Glad I am rich in faith and not money.

  27. Just remember we dont know whats it like to have slavery today and all the weird things from the past. Tomorrows children wont know whats its like to get up at dawn and go to a place of work for a third of your life. Star Trek always hinted at a world where you dont have money anymore and everyone just "betters themselves" haha. Yet we see so many episodes of capitalism and stealing and even Picard is gathering up things.
    You could have a central govt with massive robots system doing all the work but will require the AI we dont have right now and then you have robots running around without any real controls even with all the safeguards built in, what about morality to not harm if the program breaks down of killer robots running around hacked by bad guys. none of this stuff will appear overnight so it should all work out ok. The future will be very diff and even now we are seeing job losses in mundane jobs and that will really increase especially with better AI even if artificial AI is not possible, you can simulate it with enough memory and fuzzy logic. So maybe only really smart jobs will be available in 50 years. So what about "simple" workers who cant train at these levels? Yes it all is bad and will need to be gradually managed or it will be a mess and possible anarchy. BUT as i said with any luck it will be very gradual.

  28. Considering the pieces and available positions on a 'Go Board Game' are finite, then so are the available potential outcomes. I'm sorry but AI ain't all it's cracked up to be. Just part of an inevitably failing agenda.

  29. this guy says we will have lots of unemployed people. the democrats say we need immigrants to work in the convalescent homes . in my town we have tons of people living off of family/spouse. some are junkies who would like this basic income.

  30. We are brought up with a program that was schooled into us only when you look back in history of man kind isn't so complicated bit fearing the unknown seems to me artificially inducted into the abis of politics .
    Food water shelter is the most importantly it of all.

  31. We have lost millions of jobs in Detroit and other cities. Youngstown Ohio is a shadow of what it was in the days that the US was making steel in this country. This report would have been coming out in advance of these jobs being lost in the 80 and afterwards. They were correct. It is not that huge job losses did not happen, they did it just that many of the people commenting on these losses are not where the losses happened. I do agree that AI and robot that think at some rudamentry level will cause job losses lots of them. The War on Normal People by Andrew Yang is really good about talking about these problems.

  32. it has been recorded& written in an ancient book that in the future humanity will nol onger use money to buy or sell and go about their daily business in life all that is needed to live life is a microchip called radio frequency identification ( RFID) the size of a grain of rice injected under the loose skin of the thumb& index finger it carries including but not limited to bank accounts sss number driving license travel ticket/ travel permits entrance tickets to hotels movies clubs etc if you dont have it gov forces wil hunt you down & force you to have one so they can control you RFID video nicely done in YT. scary stuff really

  33. In the military, everyone gets a basic rate depending on rank. Did not matter what occupation you had. Pay is simply based on rank. However, if you volunteered (and qualified) for special duty, there is what's called "bonus pay".

  34. The problem is that you think inside the box. Market economy is the problem that generate, value, prices, etc. If we have another type of society and we produce according our needs, work would have a different meaning. Let the machine works with the boring and we with the indelectual….

  35. I cannot believe what I am hearing. In this model, the government would forces its values on each person by choosing the incentives. This has been tried and doesn't work. It is scary to see so many people agree with this.

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