53 Replies to “How to use mobile camera as IP Web camera without internet connection (LAN Camera)?”

  1. how can I view my IP cameras without an internet connection. they're connected to the NVR which is connected to an HDMI monitor

  2. ip cam means internet ip 🙂 how u can connect such app without net ??? is it possible next u pplz can see his cell phone wifi signals are on

  3. what is the range of phone to pc mean that is it work only same network

    means if my am 10 km far from my house and if i open this on at phone and my brother open url at pc at my house than this will work or not

  4. bhai jan mujhe pta karna tha ke hum apne mobile me password lga ke bhol gye hai wo kesy pata chaly ga plz tell me, mobile me password laga hua hai

  5. fake, You said no need of internet connection while you are using the internet and internet is mandatory for this app.

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  7. if I connect usb web cam to android via otg cable, then use this webcam as ip cam, is it possible? any apps available in play store?

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