How to use Keys for Self Defense

How to use Keys for Self Defense

Would you put your keys in between
your as well as a weapon? Humm, anybody has keys? Can somebody
give me a pair of keys, right now? since we’re asked the question. We’ll cover
the key self-defense right now. Keys are good, the only thing is that you
have to have them out and ready and prepared. If the person attacks me don’t
go shit where’s my keys, then you won’t have time. But if you have them in your hands
I personally don’t hold them this way, because I can’t strike like this.
So’ i’ll hold them this way, okay. Because, I can hammer fist into the face. But that also comes down to You know, and I did a self-defense
seminar a long time ago And a girl goes like… I’m going use my keys. I’m like okay great
come up… She puts the keys between her hands I have a pad, “Can you hit it?” and I
move. It doesn’t matter, because you put your keys that you know how to throw a
proper strike. It doesn’t mean you’re going to land the strike because you have been
keys. If you don’t know how to throw a proper punch, a weapon is the extension
of your arms, you’re going to miss the target. You might… Now it doesn’t mean it’s
not good, but don’t also get attached to the weapon saying, shit I need my keys
where are my keys? The best weapons you have are your hands. They’re ready to eat and ready to
come up and strike. Now that doesn’t mean that if he does get close and I do have
my keys in my hand so put the knife down say you’re talking to me. Gio, he’s here
I take out my keys and I do this. I’m going to whack him with it. If I decide to strike
him with it, if he grabs me. Grab me, I’ll just start hammering and I’ll rip
it in, this way okay. Just this like, I’ll carv, like to think about it same thing I
did, Eva can you throw me, can somebody throw me the pen please? Okay yeah, same thing with how
to use a pen as an improvised weapon right? So here I’ll put here,
If I decide to strike Gio, Gio don’t move If I decide to strike Gio,
whack, boom, boom. So even if I have something something and I’m here to grabs me grab,
Grab me Gio… he does this just hammer,
hammer, hammer and don’t stop okay. Same thing again you got your keys that’s
what I’ll do. But, don’t don’t be like shit where’s my keys? I need my purse.
Where’s my purse? You have them, great. If you’re walking to your car and you feel comfortable with them,
you know it’s 10 o’clock at night move them here, make a nice tight grip, you hold them,
the person attacks you, start using hammer fist okay. If you drop them, don’t be right?
Because you get emotional attached, you get dependent of the weapon. So if I
have the weapon and I drop it and he attacks me, fuck it, bam ,bam bam, I go straight into
my strikes okay. Visit

17 Replies to “How to use Keys for Self Defense”

  1. I have seen so many people talk about the wolverine way of holding keys in between your fingers. So nice to see someone explain the better more practical option.

  2. Another good option. I always have my keys in my hand with the car key being the weapon of choice when executed right. Thanks.

  3. Good advice Nick!! People should have keys in hand and their head in a swivel almost at all times, especially when leaving an establishment. Hey, what area are you in ?

  4. Anything can be used as a improvise weapon
    8) newspapers
    11) wooden hair brush
    12) women high heel shoe
    13) phone
    14) hot tea or any hot drink
    16) suitcase

  5. What to do yesterday I got jumped with two guys at the same time they both like 6 footer and I'm only 5'5 all I did is avoid the punching and try to get away but they chase me

  6. Very practical demo as well as an easy tool to use for self-defense and to counter an attack. Before coming across your video I have been doing this for some time now. It just adds another layer of self-defense to your toolbox. Thanks for the reminder.

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