How to use FOAM Hearing Protection and Ear Plugs – Proper Insertion Technique

How to use FOAM Hearing Protection and Ear Plugs – Proper Insertion Technique

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  1. Would earplugs from this material be good for exercising? If I use different pair every time. Or something of different material like smartfit earplugs?

  2. sir are foam earplugs good for people working in industries ?
    how much db of noise reduction do they provide ?

  3. hello dr
    can I wear them during take off and landing of airplane ?
    or I specifically need to buy earplanes plugs considering pressure issues?

  4. but what if i am afraid to put it so deep!!???:D remembering doctor always did auripuncture to me once i was child. i got it about 5times ! horrible experience

  5. Getting MRI to investigate increased hearing loss in ear. What can I use to protect the remaining hearing in this ear from the horrendous volumes of the MRI device?

  6. I'm using Honeywell's lazer lite plugs right now, do you think I should go to a softer one like the firm fit plugs or 3m Classic earplugs? Thank you Dr for your help

  7. HELP
    Is one suppose to hear some or absolutely nothing with the orange ones?

    Cause i have that design but from different brand and I can still hear with them in. It cancels out the loudness of sound, but I can still hear fans this guy in video talking just with a lot lower volume.

    I did get the Large, so i'm thinking maybe medium would have been the right size for me.

  8. I use them and i still can hear if i just tap my hand on the desk is there any way i can stop hearing? Its the only way i can study

  9. Hi Dr. Cliff! When it comes to barking dogs, do foam earplugs do the work or is a different type of earplug required to block that type of noise? Thanks!

  10. I bought some ear plugs that were 4 1/2 stars online. When I used them, I could still hear everything – it was b/c I wasn't using them properly, so thank you for this video!!

  11. Sir i am using ear plugs last few months and use 12hrs in a day. Now in my ears itching every time after use it.
    Pls guide me what i do for stop itching.

  12. Hi Doc, great info thanks! I was wondering what you thought about sleeping with earplugs?
    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
    Thanks again.

  13. Is using earplugs like this every night likely to cause existing tinnitus to worsen, or is it just temporarily perceived louder while wearing the earplugs due to the absence of other noise? I've had tinnitus a few years and am just starting to wear earplugs for sleeping (noisy neighbours!) but I'm worried about making it worse. While using the earplugs I'm also playing just-about audible white noise in the background so I'm not in complete silence if that makes a difference?

  14. I just cannot get an earplug to fit in my right ear! In the left one it goes in perfect like your video but the right one just gets vertically crushed any idea why? People looking in my ear say the canals look the same i.e. not curved

  15. Thanks! You should just listen to the sounds in India and that will blow you away. These are the best aids to block all sounds

  16. Do you have an opinion on Silicone ear plugs? Foam plugs hurt my ears after a while but my neighbors are ridiculously noisy so I have to use something. Been using Macks Pillow soft silicone earplugs to sleep in for a few weeks but have heard people say audiologists tell people to avoid silicone plugs? Is this just for people who use them wrong… like jamming them into the ear canal, rather than just covering them, or should they just in general be avoided for sleeping in?

  17. Thank god i found this video i have ligorophobia (fear of very loud noises ex fireworks, gunshots, etc) and since today is newyears eve i got the 3m earplugs at a shooting range so i wouldnt be startked by fireworks again

  18. I love ear plugs! I usually use them to concentrate on my work in noisy environments, and those plugs does indeed help me being productive! Thank you for the amazing video!

  19. I work night shift and my neighbors decided to remodel their home and yell over the drills and hammers, I couldn't figure out how to shove these little Orange things in my ears, thank you.

  20. How about waterproof protection? I have a perforated eardrum and if a single drop gets in there I get an ear infection. I've been getting ear infections my entire life.

    I like to swim and haven't been able to do so in a long time. Lately I can't even take a shower safely without using a combination of plugs/molds and a shower cap. I never used to need a shower cap.

    12 years ago I had some custom ear molds made by an audiologist after myringotomy. Those were great. I could even swim underwater, but they're not doing the job anymore even for showering.

    I recently wasted $100 on a new custom pair made (Westone Aquanots). The outer part is bulky and pushes my tragus forward widening the ear canal and completely defeating the purpose. I've tried the silicone putty type you can buy over the counter but it never really sticks to make an adequate seal.

    I want to go back to showering without a shower cap so I can wash the top of my head. I'm looking at the little plugs that just go in the ear canal but there are all kinds of designs and brands. Do you have any recommendations?

  21. I use these for railfanning sessions since I'm a noob and can get scared easily from noise like trains passing and airhorns

  22. You know why I wanna buy ear plugs. It's because there are always every single the neighbor's dog will start to bark at night for 3 to 4 hrs and I can't sleep. I've class in the morning; but I don't get proper sleep because my sleep is already ruined. Then, they will some big mini truck, car will come nearby and turn on some loud music. I really hate the place where I live. My people around me never complains. I don't think they are humans, if they were, they would say something about this noises. How do they even sleep with these loud noise?

  23. My ear canals become very narrow after 1cm and ear plugs hurt me. Also my ear drums hurts and feels full for hours after I take them out. What could be wrong?

  24. This scares me, because of how deep you put the first earplug in, and that i won't be able to take it out 🙁

  25. Doctor, why does my right ear's earplug keep being extremely removable while I do all of the steps? Thank you – a person who really need help due to annoying classmates and movies

  26. how to wake someone up with earplugs: stroke or tap or scratch the earplug. It's loud as hell. Scratching appears to be the most effective.

  27. A quick question. Can I use the foam NRR 33 ear plugs to view an airshow, with a lot of jets flying near you. Can i use them on infants.

  28. If I could give you 100 LIKES I would. I have been using earplugs for years and years and just now learned how to properly insert them now. HOLDING YOUR FINGER ON THEM UNTIL THEY EXPAND IN EAR makes all the difference in the world 🙂 Thank You

  29. Thank you so much Doctor for the information.. I would like to ask you is it healthy to use during sleeping?

  30. I'm glad i see this video before the earplug package came, LOL. You got 1 Like from Indonesia. Thanks

  31. I have tried foam earplugs previously, for a next doors barking dog, outside my bedroom, and also them slamming shut external doors all day, and evening. I had no luck with foam, so went on to wax…now I'm hardly getting any protection, would it be ok to use foam and wax?

  32. I have tried and tried again, going on your instructions, but it's as though there's no noise cancelling at all, consequently I've had to go back to the wax ones.

  33. I think I may have small ears or something cause I can't get the whole cylinder in. Almost half of it remains out no matter how hard I push it in, it just doesn't go in any further in the canal. I need to get this right though because it's either the ear plug solution or the murder solution for my next door neighbour. The guy just doesn't understand human language.

  34. Absolutely wonderful!!! The best lesson from the best Teacher. Enjoyed and appreciated it from the onset.

  35. I tried both of these when I was working in factories
    Did exactly what you explain. My ear canal swell up close in 2 days.
    I had to have custom ear molds the only one my skin could tolerate.

  36. My roomate snoors a lot, so I bought some foam earplugs, and at the first didn't help at all. I'd just put them in my ear and could hear everything. Didn't know I had to shape them and put them deep in my ear. Last night is the first time in a while I got some good sleep. Thanks, bless ya

  37. i recently tried using the second type of earplug shown in this video. after rolling the plug into a thin form, the person that was teaching me how to insert them told me to "insert it in my ear canal and then push AS HARD AS I CAN for about a minute." DO NOT MAKE THIS MISTAKE. pushing AS HARD AS I CAN removed ALL the air from my ear canal, and as soon as i removed my finger from the plug, the resulting expansion created negative pressure on my ear drum and my ear drum ruptured (in other words, my eardrum got "sucked" outwards" and made an extremely painful pop). i've had severe hearing loss in my left ear for the last 2 weeks. i thought it would come back but it's still the same and i'm worried that the damage caused is irreversible. so, learn from my mistake people. only need to apply a bit of pressure when holding the plug to your ear after inserting.

  38. Used a couple techniques here for my in ear monitor ear buds, worked like a charm. I'll listen on moderate volume for your sake though, doc.

  39. So that's why ear plugs never stayed in my ear. They always slipped out because I wasn't even putting them in right!

  40. I started wearing earplugs a couple of nights ago to stop noise waking me up as I am a light sleeper. I bought the orange type. I wear them exactly as you showed (inserted all the way in) but now it is not the noise that wakes me up but how itchy my ears feel. Would you know why and what can I do? Thanks.

  41. Wow, I work around airlines all day and my company provides the foam ear protection but never should me how to use them. I thought they were crap. This video may have saved my hearing.

  42. I’m glad the classic was shown, I purchased a softer type at the shooting range and could not leave the shooting room fast enough for the 3m type. Thanks for the info I can buy a box of a hundred.

  43. Thank you for this. I have sensitive hearing and I wear ear plugs. I recently got the foam ones but I realized I was wearing them wrong. Thanks for sharing. It really helped.

  44. Okay doc, but what about forcing ear wax deep in your ear channel? I have read in several places that if you push the ear bud too far it will accumulate ear wax in your channel and if you do it often, like if you use the ear plugs to sleep, you will have to see a doctor to remove it. Please comment on this.

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