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  2. Pls don't use facebook. im realising how stupid i was using facebook, gmail windows and all those shits. just stop using it. and use open source gnu softwares and services.
    like mastodont instead of twiter.
    diaspora social instead oif facebook
    lineageos rooted instead of android
    f droid instead of google
    linux gnu distro instead of macos/window
    protonmail instead of gmail

    dont try to avoid the snifers, just boycott that compagny .

    sry for my english, thank you for your knowledge sharing

  3. I really like your information but due to your accent voice in donation I have hard time understanding . it would help if you slowed down a bit. thanks. craig

  4. I currently have Brave as my main browser but I am wondering if what you mean here is if I use for example Tor for Facebook and Brave for everything else, right?
    Edit: Can I have all my taps open on Tor with facebook and they still won't track me? And can I have Tor and Brave open at the same time and facebook still won't track me?

    P.S. I'm happy that I found this channel. I'm currently in a course at school about the mass media and pretty much the teacher tells us (in a unorthodox way from the school's point of view) that we need to think more critically instead of, as he put it, blowing sunshine into our assholes. Thus I have been more cynical when I view the world and I'm glad that I'm not the only one who feels that way. FUCK. THE. SYSTEM!

  5. tor/Tails pus Hardware ANONABOX PRO WIFI Tor END VPN ROUTER INERNET PRIVACY,Hardware VPN Virtual Private Network end VPN Virtual Private Network server end Firefox-Browser, ProtonVPN Public Key 4096 bit ,adpus end haven

  6. Very great tutorial! What about the FB app on Android ? Does it generates tracker too? On that case, how to proceed? Thanks for your help!

  7. you are suggesting using tor for facebook, but facebook needs Java to let you in. Why then bother with tor if java needs to be enabled?

  8. I don't use fb at all. I did a forced stop, then a disable. Removed the shortcut. I still don't trust it. There is still fb code all over my memory. How can I get rid of it? I would like a clean, professional uninstall. Any tips? Numerous other apps are rooted, and for no good reason. The problem seems insurmountable. 😭😢😭💩.

    If I root my phone, my provider will dump me. How do I get by this one?

  9. Buy prepaid SIM cards that doesn't require your name…
    Well, here in Thailand I is just impossible.

  10. Most of the thing you said is the truth but it is not only facebook, most of the social media chatting platform share the same challenges.I never put my real name or any sensitive information on any social media, even some dating site are guilty of this.i hope sentitive data can be saved and not trespassing by any Govt meddlers.

  11. If I can help someone there is a better way to use 2fa, a security key called yubico. It's used also by facebook and google employees to avoid phishing. It's cheap and very easy to use, you can make 2fa without 3rdy part services like sms.

  12. I'm very thankful for your efforts. Your accent, & fast speech make it difficult to understand you the first time around. Sometimes, it takes 2-3 views of the same video to understand content. Thank you.

  13. if Facebook and others know your ip, cellphone number, device ids, would it make sense to change your number or get a new sim card and buy new devices?

  14. 0:27 – "Anyone can buy your personal information"
    How? I want to buy the information of a business competitor. What are the steps?

  15. use a different mail especially for fb, no phone number, don't upload clear and perfect picture ever, and dont post every lil bit thing on status

  16. You're too talkative lol And that's too much hassle for nothing…. if you really care about your privacy, get a hammer and smash all your electronic devices.

  17. You want to stop Facebook from monitoring your activity!!!!! STOP USING FACEBOOK!!!!!! dont anonymously support their platform just stop using their platform all together we can make another platform that respects our rights more popular than Facebook I think they're forgetting that the people are the ones who made them popular and Rich

  18. If you want to learn how to be anonymous on the whole web, I made a tutorial that'll teach you how to use Tor, access dark net and leave no trace https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_393maHbHWc
    If you are looking for a good VPN service, you can support my channel by signing up for NordVPN at https://nordvpn.org/thehatedone or use my coupon code 'thehatedone' at the check out to get 66% off. Thank you for all the support!

  19. You cannot, CANNOT use Facebook anonymously. This is utter bullshit. Anyone in I.T. worth their salt will tell you remaining anonymous while using social media is impossible, the entire program is designed to track you, and Facebook is the worst offender. So much so that even after you log out it can tell which sites you visit.

  20. Hello, Facebook can't mine several tabs from browsers, unless your are browsing from the mobile app. Pages interacting with tabs would be a security risk, I don't know where you get that information but it's not accurate.

  21. 10:07 "No protection is 100% unbreakable."

    That especially goes for tin foil hats! I can easily rip one of them apart and disillusion the recipient in the process!

  22. Screw Facebook, I wouldn't touch it even with a VPN and a chain of twenty proxy servers.

    My family and friends know, if they encounter anyone on Facebook claiming to be me, to tell them to go straight to hell.

  23. Tor was made by the American military. So it's safe to assume they own the proxy servers…. maybe if we use Tor, then only the US can spy on us, and they can keep out the Russians and Chinese. But lets face it, who is most likely to mess with us….. most would say America.

  24. Your crypto currency #'s won't copy and paste; I've noticed this with most comments, nothing will. Perhaps you might like to have a Patreon account, and list your wallets there?

  25. To be honest, if you want to be online, you have to understand that you are constantly spied on by business and government. I have tried the various cookie blockers, ad blockers, script blockers, TOR etc. but in reality most of these applications make trying to use many sites too difficult if not impossible. For most people, protecting themselves effectively online simply isn't practical. If you are online you have to remember that whatever you do is tracked and recorded. If you can't accept that, stop using the net. Microsoft and Google both run processes in the background that track what you do even when you are logged out of your accounts. Good luck to the ordinary mum and dad users who use the net and want to stay anonymous.

  26. I just cancelled my facebook account. Facebook also black lists people who's opinions or political beliefs they don't happen to like. My personal opinion is that facebook has a large contingent of Republican Conservative operatives who systematically block people they don't like. It's a joke, and facebook should be avoided by everyone.

  27. I googled cases for a phone that I don't even own on my phone's browser. They I opened the Facebook app and all the ads were for cases for the phone I just googled. And I never login to Facebook in the browser. So if you have any of the Facebook apps they see everything you do in your phone.

  28. I want to go off the grid, I don't know where to start… =/ it all feels so overwhelming… I would like to be anonymous, to have open source everything in my computer, from the OS to every possible app I can use. This seems all so difficult… I have little knowledge on computer informatics, even though I'd be willing to learn and do some research. I feel like there are so many things I'd need to do, it feels like any misstep may be a major error! One time I tried downloading Tor, but the warning messages that I had to not use a lot of services I don't even remember which actually discouraged me from doing so. I feel like if I just start doing something, I'm actually more likely not to cover myself well enough, and just leave a big breach exposed. Am I overthinking this? What Linux-based OS could I use that would be safe, but easy enough to transition from current Windows 10? Given that I built my own pc and installed Windows on my own, I have a little bit of knowledge, but it feels like it's far, far from acceptable. If we were to start a new computer from scratch, which would be the best programs to install that would allow a generic Windows user to have better protection, and still do all he needs to do? For example, I recently downloaded and installed Open Office, and was amazed as how light yet functioning it is. Other couple of things I do frequently is to play games on Steam, Battle.net, other assorted standalone clients, and to browse YouTube and Facebook. Also, Google, Maps, Drive… all sorts of products from Google. It'd be hard, but I'd like to get off all of it… better said, to transition to safer choices. But it seems like an unsurmountable obstacle from my point of view. =(

  29. Maybe it's better to use a vpn. Using TOR automatically puts a red flag on your connection. And because the government does control a lot of exit nodes, it's not all that safe for the average Internet user, because the are less carefully than pro's, like journalist / activists.

  30. Mann thank you i feel like now i know the truth man so really thank you cause i guess this is whats bothering me for a long time lack of privacy. wow thank you bro you really helped me a lot

  31. Already got fake Facebook account settings have been sorted VPN sorted. Nowt on my Facebook real rarely use Google apart from YouTube then I use VPN. My search engine is (duckduckgo) most of my settings on Google turn off. Just trying to get rid of my digital footprint. Iearning more every day this video helped thanks.

  32. What if I have given a phone number related to my ID? I have removed the number from Facebook but it still shows up on its timeline. How likely is it, that they now know my real identity and should I worry? Should I make a new acc?

  33. Question: What if I USED to have a phone number tied to my fb account that I removed? What does that mean? Do they still have it? Do they still track me with it? I haven't connected a new number so what does that benefit me?

  34. I, Annelies Bakker, forbid facebook to sell any of my data, now and forever, in Jesus Chirst his name and by Jesus Christ his blood: amen!

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  36. Simple make a facebook account with a super long password and NEVER sign in! Just saved you 11:02 in video time 😉 your welcome!

  37. Thanks for such an informative video. One suggestion: please speak a bit slowly so that everyone can understand all that u are trying to say. Otherwise your content is of very high quality.

  38. Thank you for telling me what had happened ,my F.B account can it be erased ,cause I. haven't even had a f.b app on my device for at least a year or so now?

  39. What do you do if a well-meaning but woefully ignorant family member actually made a Facebook account for you with everything they know about you? Is there any good way to delete that information without giving up Facebook entirely? Because that's the situation my grandma is in.

  40. READ THIS ARTICLE ABOUT CREATING INTERNET NOISE: https://lifehacker.com/generating-a-bunch-of-internet-noise-isnt-going-to-hi-1793898833


  41. If our info is already out there, what real life dangers do we face? Also, if it's already out there and/or sold or waiting to be sold, what benefit is there for someone to make the effort into become anonymous today? Isn't it already too late?

  42. If I take as many precautions as possible (and not have a Facebook account) but still use Facebook to find people who belong in r/insanepeoplefacebook, how safe is it?

  43. There are 0 reasons to use Facebook if you are trying to be “anonymous”. Don’t use Facebook.

  44. Um? It's like typing your name on Google. Find your name is out there….because of Google.✌" Link ing to your information to the public

  45. Facebook Moderators are POS i had been banned 13 times for 30 days now for this so called "hate speech" 😂

  46. I have a question about browser tabs. So, if I'm logged in to Facebook in my main browser window and I open a new tab to access some other site, can Facebook's trackers still access the browsing activity going on in the other tab?

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